Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

112th - 115th Light Infantry

Extra Special Thanks to Jeanne Taylor, who has tirelessly transcribed the data for this book. We thank you Jeanne. Without you this online work would not be possible.

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Name & Unit

Co. Residence

Name & Unit



Infantry 112th
Quick, Theo (_) 7 Hodjson Place G R Quick, I.L. (_) 7 Hodjson Place G R
Dorrance, G.T. (A) Jackson Woodard, L.E. (A) Jackson
Firman, T.K. (F) Blanchard Nichols, Dan'l (K) Mancelona
Hobert, Jos (F) Atlas Buffum, Jos (G) Clio
Morehouse, Silas (E) Hillsdale Partridge, J.A. (F) Kalamazoo
Clark, W.S. (G) Somerset Center Fox, G.W. (A) Bay City
Adams, Erwin (E) Saginaw      
No 113th
Infantry 114th
Edmonds, S.F. (_) Lowell Robbins, L. (I) Alleyton
Drew, E.A. (D) Woodville Buell, D.L. (I) Elmira
Colburn, A.B. (A) Union Smith, O.F. Musi (K) Wolverine
Patrick, Wm (E) Portland Kellogg, Chas (H) St. Louis
Stone, P.I. (G) Lansing Jenks, H.S. (D) Scottville
Allen, R.R. (B) Carson City McLaughlin, W.H. (A) Vestaburg
Blakeman, M.J. (G) Goblesville Hinman, P. (G) Manton
Sayles, J.C. Jr. (H) Manton Knap, Wm D. (F) Detroit
St John, E. (_) Saginaw Brand, J.T. (_) Saginaw
Kinney, D.W. 1 Sgt (G) Saginaw Turner, J.W. (_) Kalamazoo
Lampson, N. (G) Flint Vaughn, B.F. (I) Paris
Infantry 115th
Bemis, Chas E. (G) Bockford Willis, David (D) Advance
Herrick, J.M. (C) Battle Creek Hodges, T. Corp (F) Climax
Hirnor, John (G) Sangatuck Wherry, W.M. (A) Banks
Crittenden, D.H. (C) Gresham Frazer, Daniel (F) Bay Port
Shultz, N. (A) Lake City Alback, Philip (C) Vernon
Powers, J. (B) Byron Elum, Wm (D) Detroit
Collier, J.A. (B) Hart Herrick, J.M. (C) Nashville
Hilabrant, A. (E) Petersburg Burt, John (C) Ortonville
Kurthbergh, G.H. (H) Detroit      

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