Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

Heavy Artillery 11th - Regiment Unknown

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Name & Unit Co. Residence Name & Unit Co. Residence

Heavy Artillery 11th

Campbell, W.A. (A) Jackson Snell, Calvin (G) Fulton

Heavy Artillery 12th

Davis, J.B. (A) Standish Sims, W.A. (B) Detroit

Heavy Artillery 13th

Daton, J.J. (B) Albion DeFaye, John (M) Cadillac
Gregory, George (F) Bangor Gabrion, G.G. (H) Elmira
Hayes, E. (H) Paw Paw Hickok, Alvah (F) Crystal Valley
Holmes, H.H. (D) 170 Ottawa Street Albion Lamphere, Oscar (H) Paw Paw
Miller, Smith (H) Lawton Mosher, S.D. (A) Holly
Newbegin, G.R. (G) North Branch Saunders, C.H. (_) Coldwater
Showers, Sidney (L) Muskegon VanSickles, T.J. (M) Marcellus
Wilber, A.A. (F) Sturgis Wing, A.E. (B) Perry

Heavy Artillery 14th

Adams, Ezra (E) Dexter Brown, R.S. (I) Flushing
Booth, James (M) Lawton Brown, Herbert (A) Ryerson
Bennett, J.S. (C) Walton Beesman, I. (M) Cadillac
Cleveland, L.K. (K) Traverse City Campbell, J.H. (F) McClure
Crawford, Wm (A) Dover Curtis, Geo W. (H) Grand Rapids
Cargill, David (H) Cedar Springs Carroll, P. (E) Grand Rapids
Draper, Richard (K) Otter Lake Dorman, A. (H) Cedar Springs
Davis, Geo (G) Sand Lake Danforth, Jas (H) West Bay City
Filmore, J.F. (_) Carson City Flagg, O.B. Capt (E) Kalamazoo
Fox, N.B. (C) Coopersville Fowler, Wm (G) Cedar Springs
Goodfellow, R. (K) Oscoda Hurley, Richard (F) Butman
Hewitt, Geo W. (B) Kalamazoo Hale, R. (K) Hartford
Hodge, E.B. (G) Ironton Hodges, D.H. (H) Elbridge
Jerrells, E.H. Sgt (F) Greenville Keech, Hiram (F) Ferry
King, D. (C) Morley McQueen, S. (A) Solon
Montague, J.L. (G) Comstock Minges, M. (L) Freeland
McCombs, (L) Bay City Montney, B. (_) Memphis
Nutting, Lyman (F) Hartford N-lson, W. (C) Lawrence
Paris, Chas L. (G) Owosso Rosebush, J.S. (L) West Bay City
Smith, Eli B. (D) Fostoria Sherwood, Frank (I) South Haven
Sharpsteen, M.M. (C) Jackson Sheridan, N.B. (K) Glen Harbor
Stevens, H. (A) Mecosta City Tyron, M.M. (I) Sheridan
Vandelinder, John (A) Port Huron      
Wilson, J.D. Corp (C) Kalamazoo Wilcox, J.B. (C) Mecosta

Heavy Artillery 15th

Childs, E.D. Lt (F) Stanton Frees, H.J. Sgt (A) Detroit
Laird, Henry (M) Laird Lozaw, S. (_) Bangor
Spinny, Herman (A) Soldiers Home Wendall, Victor (E) Detroit

Heavy Artillery 16th

Brown, Calvin (M) Burlington Bearnun, Justus (L) Martin
Broadwell, W.H. (A) Alpena Chamberlin, S.G. (H) Davison
Dundle, W. (M) St Charles Darby, M.E. (A) Kalkaska
Fry, Geo Sgt (F) Paw Paw Galey, Albert (M) Dansville
Gifford, A.L. (C) Cadillac Gibson, J. (I) Charlevoix
Hulbert, Wm H. (C) Montague Hulbert, I.A. (C) Montague
Huntley, H.H. (_) Cadillac Jewitt, J.H. (_) Orona
Lirchard, M.J. (E) Paw Paw Minthine, F.L. (L) Bay City
Marshall, W.L. (_) Morenci McKay, Robt (D) Detroit
Phillips, Geo (L) Eaton Rapids Peters, H. (B) Greenville
Pausley, N. (I) Casnovia Ryan, John (M) Galt
Richardson, N.D. (F) Paw Paw Smith, T.P. (D) Grand Rapids
Stevens, Dan'l (L) Wakelee Smallshaw, John (F) Adrian
Ulrich, Herman (C) Detroit VanDecar, W. (G) Van Decar
Webb, Allison (G) Kalkaska White, Carter (L) Maple Rapids
White, George (K) Linden West, Wm E. (H) North Adams
Wilkenson, R.D. (M) Midland Woodcar, W. (A) Charlotte
Wilkenson, K.D. (M) South Saginaw      
No 17th or 18th
Heavy Artillery 19th
Green, Rush (F) Che'sa      
Reg. Not Known
Buskey, Joel Sgt (K) Fowlerville Blunt, Peter (L) East Saginaw
Furguson, E.L. (H) New Hudson Manning, M.H. (D) Leetsville

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