Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

Infantry 151st - 154th

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Infantry 151st
Matson, C.L. (G) East Dayton Leichman, Geo (H) Kingston
Heddon, C.P. (C) Otter Lake Pratt, D.E. Sgt (D) Lowell
Todd, John Sgt (_) Cascade Nellest, John B. (K) East Paris
Hind, John (D) Soldiers Home Pennell, L.A. (A) Albion
Pennell, O.S. (A) Parnia Canwright, J. (A) Battle Creek
Reed, A.O. Corp (C) Allegan Spaulding, S. (A) Woodville
Armstrong, C. Sgt (A) Carlton Center Kester, J.S. (H) Carlton Center
Senter, Mahlon (A) Carlton Center Gibbs, Isaac (D) Middleville
Rowley, Wm Lt (G) Woodland Randall, Harvey (K) Clare
Braddock, C.M. (B) Harrison Widrig, Simon (H) Cheboygan
Freer, S. Corp (D) Wolverine Travis, Parker (G) St. Johns
Hill, Wm (C) Otter Lake Beals, A.B. Capt (F) Grand Blanc
Cole, M.N.
(H) Swartz Creek Warner, Stephen (A) Swartz Creek
Heigle, Andrew (B) Goodrich Morrison, D.F. (D) Diamondale
Morrison, C. (D) Diamondale Roberts, Henry C. (C) Elm Hall
Boots, Chas H. (H) Bridgeville Arnold, D.W. Lt (A) Moscow
Crownover, Jas (A) Waldron Lockwood, Chas (D) Williamston
King, I.N. (C) Sebewa Sallsbury, Wm H. (A) Mt. Pleasant
Hyde, C.H. Sgt (I) Imlay City Scutt, E.A. (I) Imlay City
Furse, C.T. Sgt (F) Adrian Knapp, H.J. (_) Adrian
Frantz, Ezra F. (H) Armada Reynolds, I.J. (K) McBride
Morton, A. (C) Muskegon Ockuly, Edmund (B) Muskegon
Odiarn, Warren F. (C) Twin Lakes Henning, Fred (G) Dennison
Giles, S.H. Corp (C) Pontiac Jacobs, A.R. (E) Pentwater
Dikeman, E. Corp (A) Hart Brumfield, Edwin (D) Union City
Cole, John T. (D) Hartford Root, D.F. (G) Bloomingdale
Allen, A.
(I) West Haven Bellmore, James (G) Venice
Worden, O.H. (F) Bancroft Murdock, John (I) Northville
Russel, Ransom (A) Reed City Kelly, J. Corp (B) Leroy
Cummins, S.B. (H) Stanton Church, S.H. (I) Flint
Weeks, Z.G. (G) Fulton Hawley, R. (A) Otisville
Wright, Datus (_) Har Bisbe, J. (F) Print    
Wellman, R. (G) Salt River Morrison, O.A. (D) Bannister
Infantry 152nd
House, Levi (H) Charlevoix Gayton, E.B. (F) Pompeii
Ball, W.S. (E) Saranac Crego, Paul (B) Whitemore
Nestle, Wm (B) Howell Nestle, Geo (B) Howell
Mason, O.F. (F) Stanton Minard, Geo H. (C) Sheridan
Lawton, Z. (B) Lawrence Kellogg, H.J. (H) Marcellus
Smith, J.B. (D) Columbiaville      
Infantry 153rd
Spies, J.E. Sgt (A) Grandville Calkins, J. (G) Soldiers Home
Ritter, S. (E) Wayland Smith, F. (E) Iron Mountain
Bristan, Henry (G) Wilson Hazzard, Wm (C) Alpena
Blow, Peter E. (K) Atwood Smith, Harvey (I) Mt. Pleasant
Panghorn, Benj (C) Midland Earl, Alfred Sgt (A) Greenville
Phen-s, John (E) Manistique Moak, Geo W. (E) White Pigeon
Infantry 154th
Cole, H.H. (E) Athens Curtis, A. Sgt (B) Big Rapids
Pinney, C.S. Corp (D) Chestonia Bassett, Geo (D) Middleville
Barnhart, C.L. Lt (E) Charlotte Cummings, J. (B) St. Louis
Harding, G.B. (K) Jonesville Andrews, H.E. (D) Leslie
Galbraith, Wm (H) Leslie Miller, Chas (C) Kalamazoo
Miller, F.H. (C) Brighton Hall, A.E. (C) Sanford
Furman, C. (H) Lakeview Griswold, M.J. (F) Sheridan
Kelley, H. (H) Pentwater Kelley, S.E. (_) Pentwater
Wicks, J.
(B) Fulton Burk, Wm C. (G) Leroy

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