Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

Infantry 155th - 160th

Extra Special Thanks to Jeanne Taylor, who has tirelessly transcribed the data for this book. We thank you Jeanne. Without you this online work would not be possible.

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Infantry 155th
Redman, M. (K) Decatur Harbine, G. (K) Bangor
Infantry 156th
Owens, Thos (I) Kalamazoo Moore, A.D. (E) Carson City
Harper, J.W. (F) Bangor      
Infantry 157th
Goodrich, S. (E) Rockford Meeker, N. Sgt (I) Grand Rapids
Pratt, Geo T. (D) Tekonsha Smith, Geo P. (D) Tekonsha
Avery, G. (B) Forest Grove Foley, J.W. (B) Hastings
Bisbe, John (F) Print Stewart, N.J. (G) Dewitt
Boynton, A.L. (K) Fife Lake Thedgar, John (E) St. Louis
Clark, J.W. (F) Alma Ackland, Rob't (H) Ossego
Cooper, W.S. (C) Lansing Pratt, John (K) Portland
Hill, H.L. (A) Mt. Pleasant Burk, P.H. Corp (E) Kalamazoo
Finn, A.C. (A) Lake City Harris, Geo (D) Gowen
Fuller, D.N. 1 Sgt (E) Chelsea Conrod, Jerome (C) Smith Creek
Lawcock, Thos (A) Corunna Loncks, Luther (G) Vernon
Coon, R.H. (I) Evart Corl, R. (H) Sidney
Johnson, J.J. (_) East Lake Weeks, Jas (B)  
Shirts, H.O. (C) Traverse City      
Infantry 159th
Van Valkenburg, C. (C) Battle Creek Loin, John L. (A) Frontier
Stickles, Fred'k (C) Dearborn      
Infantry 160th
Richards, Geo (A) May Prosper, G. (G) Soldiers Home
Williams, Theo (A) Grand Rapids Carey, Jesse Sgt (I) Marshall
Brown, M. Corp (H) Luzerne Rens, F.W. (D) Holland
Lentz, Jacob (B) Nashville Marion, Eli D. (I) Maple Ridge
Thompson, W.H. (B) Coldwater Goodwin, Fred'k (B) Algansee
Allen, Lorenzo (G) Summerville Ben-ent, C. Corp (D) Ovid
Putman, Wm. Chap ( ) Frederick Ridley, W. (A) Otisville
Rush, Jos (A) Clio Wellman, R. Sgt (G) Shepard
Edwards, C. Capt (F) Lyons Ford, Wm H. (H) Farwell
Calder, John (E) Kalamazoo Devall, Chas (_) Galesburg
Sherman, W. Sgt (F) Cooper Pollock, J.G. (D) Madison
Blin, Alonzo (A) Richmond Foster, Chas (F) Midland
Crandall, Stephen (G) Sheridan Brewer, Charles (A) Lambs
Lee, Truman (D) Bancroft Miller, John J. (A) Saginaw
Bement, C. (D) Ovid Clark, Edwin (I) Battle Creek

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