Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

157th - 195th Additional Infantry

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Tennant, W.F. (I) Hesperia Brown, J. O. (D) Hesperia
Wright, J.R. (B) Cambridge Miller, L. (D) Good Hart
Rinn, W.E. (G) Spring Lake Heard, J. (D) Grand Rapids
No 158 - 159
Finley, A. (E) Battle Creek Hudson, G. (I) Webberville
Jones, J.H. (C) Jackson Lake, S. (A) Elk
Rawson, R.J. (H) Decatur Spade, G. (D) Williamston
Schort, J.P. (H) Big Rapids      
Baker, S. (A) Stockbridge Batterson, W. (I) Gaylord
Cure, D. (B) Sebewa Empris, I. (G) Grand Rapids
Goff, L.D. (F) Deerfield McCord, A. (G) Henderson
Talbot, D. (D) Wheatland Cen Shorts, D.W. ( ) Owosso
Warren, D. (F) Three Oaks      
No 162 - 167
Clickner, J. (C) Harbor Springs Jenne, L.A. (C) Cedar Run
Sheary, M. (A) Nashville      
No 169 - 175
Lemaire, J. (B) Detroit O'Dell, R.D. (_) Hudson
No 177 - 178
Dalehautz, D. (E) Greenville Hyatt, S.B. (F) Otsego
Purdy, I. (D) Luzerne Townsend, G.W. (H) Maple Grove
No 180 - 183
Dean, G. (G) West Bay City Face, J.K. (E) New Lathrop
Gaspar, J.S. (A) Grand Haven Gillett, A. (C) Union
Hombustle, G.W. (I) Marine City Puri, E. (F) Saginaw
Tripp, G.M. (I) Cadillac Wilson, C.H. (I) Morenci
Harris, D. (D) Smith's Creek Stokes, J.N. (H) Cadillac
Green, B.S. (C) Royalton Hafford, G.T. (C) Milan
Lamphere, O.P. (A) Batavia Wilcox, C. (A) Hesperia
Kyser, T. (A) Fife Lake Rosenbeck, W. (C) Cheboygan
Chapman, J. (K) Colon Putnam, (C) Lexington
Armstrong, J. (E) Marshall Briggs, S.D. (G) Kalamazoo
Herrick, J.M. (E) Marshall Kyser, F. (A) Fife Lake
Shawbut, F. (I) Charlevoix Wilcox, J.S. (E) Owosso
No 190-191
Delonzey, O. (A) Cheboygan Englehardt, H. (H) Hastings
Wait, R.L. (B) Flint White, G. (G) Lamb
Corey, C.J. (E) Galesburg Davis, G.B. (D) South Haven
Judd, S.H. (D) Morenci White, G. (G) Wales

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The New York Association

The organization of the New York soldiers living in Michigan was first accomplished at Battle Creek on the 20th of August, 1884, M.H. Bumphry of Three Rivers being first President of the association. Through his efforts a roster containing 2500 names was compiled and published in the early spring of 1886.

At the State Encampment held in Muskegon, in March 1891, a meeting of the New York association was called and comrades Norm G. Cooper and Monroe Evans of Sturgis, Mich., were elected respectively president and secretary for the present year.

This roster contains over 6000 names. Copies can be procured by addressing the publisher, comrade J.W. Hallack, at Sparta, Mich., and enclosing 25 cents.

Comrades are urgently asked to note mistakes in this roster and send corrections to the president or secretary of the association, or to comrade Hallack, the publisher; also send names that should be added to the list

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