Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

Infantry 161st - 174th

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Infantry 161st
Landon, John (G) Kalkaska Vroman, Wm H. (H) Grandville
Davis, Wm E. Sgt (A) Labarge Eaton, Nathan L. (I) East Jordan
Lane, J.H. (F) Wayland Dart, Byron H. (F) Aral
Dunning, Geo B. (_) Quincy Peck, Wallace (B) Niles
Dally, John (E) Shepardsville Wyckoff, Elias (H) Pere Cheney
Tyler, John B. (H) Breckenridge Merritt, Reynolds (H) Wheeler
Sibley, Samuel (A) Wheeler McKinney, Geo (G) Perrinton
Peterson, O.J. (K) Eaton Rapids Waight, Geo W. (H) Caldwell
Matson, Hiram (D) Lapeer Weigher, Alpheus (K) Arkdele
Guerin, William (_) Adrian Jackson, John L. (H) Macon
Prindle, Wm H. (F) Britton Davis, James F. (C) Lucas
Mitchell, Alonzo (I) Dundee Blackrick, G. (I) Carson City
Wix, Volney (I) Carson City Perry,
(B) Lake View
Clark, E. Wm (A) Trufant Clark, Henry T. (B) Langston
Corbin, Nathaniel (I) Sullivan Ward, T.A. Sgt (B) Pontiac
Beckwith, Wm (B) Corunna Boynton, E. (B) Griswold
Simons, N.A. (A) St. Louis Weeks, V. (_) Howard City
Cornell, Stephens S. (B) Lansing Walling, S.A. Capt (I) 57 State St G R
Infantry 162nd
Bresnehan, John (H) Alabaster      
Infantry 163rd
Goble, Jas E. 2 Lt (K) Bay City Laden, Oliver C. (C) Pequaming
Ziessie, Adolph (A) Detroit      
Infantry 164th
Foster, N.L. Sgt (D) Mill Grove Stetson, Reuben E. (B) Osborne
Gleason, Wm (B) Eaton Rapids Streeter, C.J. (C) Onondago
Bushey, Joseph (C) Detroit      
Infantry 165th
Mettler, Samuel B. (_) Jackson Dill, Soloman (D) Kalamazoo
Borst, John (D) Kalamazoo      
Infantry 166th
Barlow, F.N. Lieut (K) Harrisville      
Infantry 167th
Teall, Wm N. Sgt (C) Bay City      
Infantry 168th
Sweezey, Morris (A) Nashville Grover, Hines (H) Wales
Benten, Wm H. (H) Evart      
Infantry 169th
Myers, Wm I. (G) Caro Green, Harvey Sgt (B) Vassar
Hydorn, E. Capt (K) Grand Rapids Mishier, Gideon S. (K) Grand Rapids
Brockway, A.W. (A) Hopkins Station Rand, Charles C. (G) Otsego
Germain, Edward (I) Bay City Stewart, Stanley (G) Dowagiac
Richardson, H.H. (K) Clio Clasbrook, John H. (D) Meridian
Brokan, Sylvester (G) Stearns Fritz, Henry (A) Inkster
Coy, J. (B) Chadwick      
No 170th
Infantry 171st
Covert, Squire S. (D) Chelsea      
No 172
Infantry 173rd
Schloendorf, W.H. (F) Centerville Smith, Wm H. (F) Centerville
Infantry 174th
Carey, Jerome S. (D) Sand Lake Rider, Charles Sgt (A) Flint
Edwards, Jesse (K) Olivet      

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