Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

Infantry 175th - 185th

Extra Special Thanks to Jeanne Taylor, who has tirelessly transcribed the data for this book. We thank you Jeanne. Without you this online work would not be possible.

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Infantry 175th
Woodward, Geo (E) Grand Rapids Gavett, Willis (C) Frontier
Northup, Joseph (B) Shepard Northup, I.B. (B) Salt River
Infantry 176th
Wentworth, E. (B) Plainwell Bishop, Jerome (A) Maple Rapids
Loomis, Henry P. (F) Wacousta      
Infantry 177th
Dupuy, Harvey (I) Vandalia Young, O.H. Asst Surg ( ) Constantine
Lynd, Jas (A) 217 Mich Ave Detroit Wood, Rich (G) Bay City
Infantry 178th
Butrick, R.P. (H) Tipton Peters, A.C. (G) Henderson
O'Brien, H. Sgt (A) Fort Wayne      
Infantry 179th
Linkletter, E. (A) Elmira Healey, R.L. (C) Dowagiac
Wilken, Wilson (C) St. Johns Hicks, Geo W. (C) Eaton Rapids
Coon, Sam'l A. (B) Ionia Lynch, C.H. (B) Chadwick
Roberts, G.S. (H) Oscoda Beals, Harvey (_) Climax
Adams, G.W. (G) Bristol Littell, Jas
(F) Lapeer
Dean, T.E. Sgt (K) Muskegon Mills, A.E. (A) Clyde
Housen, J.F. (D) Detroit Hyatt, S.B. Sgt (C) Gobleville
Nelson, Sam'l (_) Riley Center Hill, C.A. Corp (B) Three Rivers
Smith, Elijah (I) Meanwataka Mills, Geo W. Sgt (A) Detroit
Noyes, Geo (B) Leroy Hill, C.O. (B) Parkville
Thomas, B.H. (I) Plainwell      
Infantry 180th
Powers, Wm H. (E) Owosso      
Infantry 181st
Sacket, Jas P. (_) Vermontville      
Infantry 182nd
Sharpe, J.H. (G) Bay City      
No 183
Infantry 184th
Galloway, Wm H. (C) Grandville Morse, O.M. Lieut (_) Jackson
Bishop, Squire (G) Monterey Redhead, Richard (B) Zeeland
Heald, Zachary (C) Alpena Lapham, G. (G) Bay City
Dorris, James (E) Coldwater Rice, Joseph (A) Clio
Back, Ephraim (E) Rogersville Ramsey, H.W. Capt (H) Eaton Rapids
Wright, J.D. (D) De-lwood Bryant, Miles (H) Fife Lake
Davis, Henry E. (H) Fife Lake Sherman, J. (I) Frontier
Heath, Myron (F) Kalamazoo Jessup, Bertrand (K) Kalamazoo
Clapp, Ashley (H) Vicksburg Badgley, Wm H. (K) Sugar Grove
Murphy, S.W. (H) Midland Bullock, John (A) Howard City
Pulcipher, Geo W. (C) McBride Mabboy, Jerry (E) Vestaburg
Bartholomew, C.G. (I) White Hall Pierce, Daniel (K) Pontiac
Scott, David Sgt (A) Pontiac Hall, Geo Sgt (B) Battle Run
Satterlee, Dewitt (E) Cadillac Woods, Thomas M. (B) Detroit
Grooms, Edward (F) Clare Parkhurst, J.W. (C) Augusta
Chapman, John (E) East Saginaw      
Infantry 185th
Peckham, A.H. (F) Lowell
Bolton, A.B.
Corp (F) Jackson
Bamfield, Wm H. (K) Oscoda Williams, T.J. (A) Coldwater
Lampson, R.
Musi (_) Elsie Nostrant, James (A) Grand Ledge
Brown, H.H. (A) Vermontville Jones, James E. (A) Hoytville
Cockins, Wm H. (A) Prattville Olmstead, A.J. (D) Clare
Albro, Truman B. (I) Brighton Powers, Ebe- A. (I) Stanton
Austin, Andrew N. (E) Milford Smith, James A. (K) Traverse City
Kinney, Geo M. (G) Laingsburg Morse, Freeman (B) Leroy
Maybe, F.J. (F) Grand Rapids Crowell, F.C. (F) Courtland
Bennett, L. (E) Litchfield Hastler, J.T. (C) Kalamazoo
Castle, F.F.
(I) Lansing Storms, Gilbert (D) East Saginaw

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