Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

Heavy Artillery 1st - 5th

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Name & Unit Co. Residence Name & Unit Co. Residence
Heavy Artillery 1st
Bero, J. (D) Grand Rapids Lewis, P. (B) Grand Rapids
Robinson, W.S. Sgt (L) Milan Taggart, M.O. (G) Perthville
Heavy Artillery 2nd
Bush, N.A. (M) Ionia Clark, H.C. (L) Vernon
Campbell, J.A. (B) Van Decar Doubleday, A.D. Lt (L) Kalamazoo
Evans, E.E. (A) Fair Grove Etts, W.H. (I) Battle Creek
Henson, Wm (E) Manchester House, A.P. (L) Fostoria
Harris, W.H. (_) Harbor Springs Henson, William (B) Manchester
Jones, F.J.  Sgt (C) Morrice Kingsiyer, John (G) Bay City
Kelsey, M.W. (G) Lakeview McDonald, James (A) Brighton
Nichols, W. (_) Gaylord Nichols, D. (_) Gaylord
Nichols, E. (_) Gaylord Nelson, Horace (C) Lawrence
Pond, Edson H. (M) Greenville Stickles, G.L. (I) Au Sable
Smith, Sheldon (K) Bangor Spiers, T. (_) Benton Harbor
Shutts, G.W. (A) South Boardman Shepard, C.D. (M) Traverse City
Shepard, A.C. (M) Traverse City Wells, James (G) Bay City
Heavy Artillery 3rd
Adams, B.F. (E) Marcel-us Clark, V.E. (D) Cob Moo Sa
Cristman, Geo (G) Jackson De Due, Thos S. (G) Carson City
Ervins, Moses (A) Olivet Moffit, L. (H) Sylvester
Stout, Nicholas (E) Ryerson Short, N.J.   Ryerson
Topliff, Amos (I) Eaton Rapids      
Heavy Artillery 4th
Boyde, Wm H. (K) Owosso Butler, S.B. (F) Hamilton
Brownell, G.W. Sgt (H) Marshall Blackwell, G.W. (C) Coldwater
Ballard, Hiram (C) North Lansing Cross, George M. (_) Creel
Campbell, W.A. (M) Jackson Dyes, Wm. (G) Saginaw
Coombs, C.E. (_) Carson City Church, W. (I) St Joseph
Cline, W.H. (H) Grand Rapids Devoe, P.H. (L) Ypsilanti
Downing, A.J. (D) Vermontville Ellis, Silas (H) Hastings
Francisco, H. (G) Dushville Fulton, Rob't (A) Bad Axe
Gunnie, ---- (G) Detroit Grieves, J. (L) Brown Center
Glendall, Jas. (G) Lamont Ketchum, H. (K) Gangers
Littlefield, B.F. (M & C) Stanton Lynden, E.H.
(C) Albion
Mash, Vergil (F) Battle Creek McDonald, Lyman (A) Gaines Station
Miller, A. (_) Hart McPhillips, F. (C) Saginaw
Murphy, Thos (M) Muskegon
Manzon , Patrick (B) Muskegon
McClary, Jas (L) Manistee Murphy, Thos (E) Eden
Nixon, Aaron (C) Fenton Nelson, W.J. (H) Lawrence
Oreser, A.W.
(I) Sunfield Price, Theo Capt (H) St Johns
Phillips, D. (C) Osseo Parker, Albert (L) South Haven
Preston, Jos (G) Burr Oak Russell, Wm A. (D) Willis
Snyder, Emerson (D) Marilla Stinberg, Wm (H) Twin Lake
Smith, M.H. (K) Owosso Turrill, A. Corp (H) Fennville
Vawness, D.H. (C) Constantine Watson, Chas (F) Reed City
Warner, Jasper (H) Carlton Center Whalen, Jeremiah (H) Watervliet
Heavy Artillery 5th
Allen, Leander (I) Millington Bush, O.M. (B) Evart
Brown, W.C. (_) Morris Brown, G.W. (C) Coleman
Gran-, W.H. (G) Detroit Goltry, F.M. (C) Harbor Springs
Holler, P.H. (I) Howell Haggarty, John (I) Lincoln
Hazen, H.D. (D) Muskegon Hawkins, E.R. (C) Clay Banks
Jaquish, M.B. (A) Ortonville Jeffries, A.L. (L) Grand Haven
Klett, John S. (F) Keeler Keet, John (F) Keeler
Lane, L.M.
(I) Leoni McDougal, Neil (C) Pleasant Valley
Ostrander, A.J. (C) Mt. Pleasant Peck, Alond (C) Alamo
Ryan, Wm (I) Galt Sawyer, J.B. (C) Luther
Thomas, H.H.
(M) Manton Weatherhead, C. (M) White Hall

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