Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

21st - 59th Additional Infantry

Extra Special Thanks to Jeanne Taylor, who has tirelessly transcribed the data for this book. We thank you Jeanne. Without you this online work would not be possible.

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Additional Infantry

[The following names appeared in a formerly published list and were supposed to have been incorporated in the present complication - but after the lists were printed it was discovered that the compiler had stopped short and left these lists unfinished - Pub.]
Porter, A. (G) Corunna      
Fisher, S.G.
(C) Decatur Lansing, A.J. (F) Greenville
Buckley, C. (I) Hancock Harrington, W.E. (E) Cadillac
Brown, W.N. (B) Swartz Creek Schrader, L. (F) Dushville
Newberry, W. (F) Columbiaville      
Wightman, J.W. (I) Morenci Smith, S.A. (I) Cadillac
Halliday, C.G. (B) St. Louis Gould, I.A. (C) Fentonville
Begole, L.N. (A) Flint -nscho, I. (D) Sherwood
Orser, A.W. (A) Sunfield Barstone, S. (C) Big Rapids
Perry, T.N. (I) Benton Harbor FitzGibbons, M. (B) Saranac
Moody, D. (D) Otisville Holly, E. (D) Midland
Metcalf, T.G. (B) Bay City Reamer, W.H. (G) Shelby
Spencer, S. (H) Stet-on Bromley, B. (D) East Saginaw
No 25th
Roberts, E.C. (B) Flint Daily, T. (I) Hortons Bay
Wait, E. (D) Wolverine      
Dorrance, W.H. (K) Ann Arbor Blackwell, G.W. (K) Coldwater
Hopkins, H. (I) Alpena Thorn, S. (B) Jackson
Phillips, P.D. (G) Flint Williams, G.W. (B) Grand Rapids
Sears, C.C. (F) Paw Paw Fellows, T.D. (C) Bronson
Holzheimer, C. (C) East Saginaw Kempter, J. (C) East Saginaw
Davidson, J. (C) Freeland Hayden, H. (C) Flushing
Taylor, E. (_) Reed City Bradley, N. (H) Riverdale
Sherwood, G.W. (F) Horton Coddington, E. (H) Edgerton
Haynes, L. (D) Milan Beebe, N.H. (H) Big Rapids
Brookey, Wm (I) Elm Hall Lawton, W.L. (K) Petoskey
No 29th
Goslow, E. (K) Gaylord Wood, G. (E) McBride
Behrens, A. (I) Detroit Griffin, L.J. (_) Hudson
Hurley, W. (H) Bay City Scott, C.M. (I) Grand Rapids
Leslie, C.H. (C) North Muskegon Perry, J. (A) New Lothrop
Palmer, G.W. (G) Union City J.T. (E) Bloomingdale
Hazelton, Wallace, J. (D) St. Joseph Ryan, S. (_) Quincy
Nash, C.F. (I) Otisville Eddy, G.H. (D) Shelby
Brundage, G.F. (H) Pontiac Merithew, P. (F) Hartland
Barras, E.P. (B) Escanaba      
Nelson, W. (C) Lawrence Stone, J.B. (I) Wacousta
Hicks, J.S. (_) South Haven Osborn, N. (D) Lakeview
Jillson, A. (G) South Haven See, B. (K) Charlevoix
Price, A.H. (G) Cadillac McDonald, W.H. (F) Palmyra
Smithe, G.C. (H) Ypsilanti Sperry, M. (A) Smith's Creek
Gould, W. (_) Lexington Hathaway, H. (_) Clifford
Duff, C.C. (B) Owosso Vaughn, L. (C) Lavitt
Wood, S. (E) Saginaw      
Ray, J.B. (C) Hartford Doremus, P. (A) Parshallville
Butler, J.D. (A) Arenac      
No 37th
Probasco, A.B. (H) Spencer Creek Lagro, L. (E) White Pigeon
Stephens, T.W. (G) Alpena Cuny, F. (B) Detroit
Gorham, E.L. (D) Lyons      
Herrick, H.
(K) Albion Nachbauer, A. (C) Coldwater
No 41
Case, S.W. (C) Luther Brussels, J. (A) Union City
Strewing, C. (H) Flat Rock      
No 43
Ferner, C.B. (C) Battle Creek Ingalls, F. (_) Quincy
Balch, H.R. (A) Bloomingdale Wilson, D.J. (D) Jackson
Ha-l, W. (H) Orangeville      
No 45-47
Johnson, W.
(K) Bloomingdale Beard, O.F. (_) Detroit
Prouty, E. (F) Lyons Moenson, W. (C) Saginaw
Greenman, J.W. (D) Mecosta Leroy, C. (A) Romeo
Boneman, H. (D) Brooklyn Dyer, D. (E) Otesgo
Trichler, C. (B) Cheboygan Springstead, H.P. (H) Grand Rapids
No 50
Germain, J.W. (D) East Saginaw Wilson, W.J. (C) South Haven
No 52-57
Densmore, D.L. (B) Stanton Newberger, A. (C) Chelsea
Babcock, E.D. (E) Harbor Springs Hodge, G. (C) Horton

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