Roster No.3, New York Soldiers

by the Organization of New York Soldiers Living in Michigan

July 1891

Heavy Artillery 9th - 10th

Extra Special Thanks to Jeanne Taylor, who has tirelessly transcribed the data for this book. We thank you Jeanne. Without you this online work would not be possible.

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Name & Unit Co. Residence Name & Unit Co. Residence
Heavy Artillery 9th
Allen, A.H.  (B) Charlotte Alexander, R. (F) Rice Creek
Burch, Albert (I) Thornville Burch, J.H. (I) Thornville
Breed, Harrison (E) Mason Bowman, Walter (K) Popple
Brooks, Wm G. (G) Nashville Basteds, Chas (E) Eaton Rapids
Bas-on, T.T. (K) Dewitt B-e-d, Chauncy   Farwell
Burdick, Ira (K) Brooklyn Benton, Grifford (C) (E) Fair Grove
Baldwin, W.H. (K) Decatur Bellman, M. (C) Detroit
Barton, L. (D) Grand Ledge Wall, Alonzo (B) Holly
Worthington, R.C. Lt (M) Fowlerville Waldron, E. (I) Alcona
Williams, L.R. Capt (D) Ostego Wiley, Geo Sgt (H) Grand Rapids
Wells, Samuel (_) Cass City Wilcox, S. (_) Grand Rapids
Warren, R. (B) Homer Wells, E.D. (D) Montague
Wing, S.P. (M) Flint Ware, C.S. (D) Port Huron

Heavy Artillery 10th

Butler, F.A. (B) Decatur Cornwell, Hiram (L) Lake View
Conklin, H.G. (H) Hartford Conklin, S.A. (I) Hartford
Chase, Wm (G) Deer Lake Canright, L.J. (G) Battle Creek
Cole, W.H. (I) Corunna Challens, C. (E) Hartford
Evans, Delos (H) Mt Pleasant Ervin, D. (H) Mt Pleasant
Fillmore, W.F. (E) Standish Fuller, Geo A. (L) Adrian
Gould, C.E. (C) 166 William st G R Gunn, C.L. 2Lt (A) Muskegon
Geroy, Wm Corp (B) Campbell's Corners Geroy, Jos (B) Churchill
Gross, John (B) Hartford Gleason, W.D. (E) Greenville
Grass, J. (D) Hartford Huntley, S.D. (C) Hubbardston
Henry, A.J. (G) Lapeer Hawkins, G.C. (F) Rockford
Hicking, Wm (G) Ionia Jenne, B.M. 2Lt (A) Lamb
Kiesling, J.G. (L) St Johns Lockard, Wm (A) Grand Rapids
McCue, Chas (M) Cass City Morrison, D.A. (E) Marshall
Monteney, Jos (G) Memphis Moorman, A.C. (E) Wayne
Murphy, N.W. (I) Bay City Martin, C. (B) Saginaw
Noddins, T. (G) Ionia Nutting, A. (E) Hartford
O'Connor, John (M) St Ignace Parker, H.A. (F) Englewood
Pritchard, F.D. (A) Paw Paw Perkins, J.W. (H) Crystal Valley
Richardson, G.G. (H) Midland Rilley, H.B. Corp (B) Kalamazoo
Ranney, Dan'l Lt (L) Lowell Rundllet, A.D. (F) Clio
Reynolds, N.A. (A) Coldwater Rot-iers, V.B. (G) Birch Run
Snell, Calvin (_) Fulton Schnell, C. (G) Fulton
Slaughter, Geo (L) Ludington Smith, S.A. (F) Dushville
Saunders, C.H. (B) Grand Rapids Simpson, W.H. (E) Au Sable
Spalsbury, H.E. (B) Leonidas See, S.M. (H) Charlevoix
Wetmore, S.
(M) Palo Williams, Gleason (F) Greenville
Warner, Hiram (G) East Jordan Wilcox, A.J. (E) Mecosta
Weaver, H. (D) Lawrence Walker, J.M. (G) Saranac

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