Inhabitants of Southampton

 Part I




William Jennings

Gershun Culver

Samil Woodrufe

Sanuell Jennings

Jerimiah Culver

Joseph Woodrufe

Bejn Haines

David Culver

Beja Woodrufe

Benjn Haines Jur

Jonathan Culver

Nathanl Woodrufe

John Haines

Moses: Culver

Jonathan Woodrufe

James Haines Jur

Nahum Culver

Isaac Woodrufe

Thomas Shaw

John bishope Jur

John Burnat

David frances

Joseph Poast

Samuel Butler

Frances Shaw

Will Mason

Gidian Butler

John Shaw

John Poast

Nathaniell Butler

Samuell Clark

Richard Poast

Obedia Roggers

Samuell Clark Jur

Thomas Sayre

Obadiah Johnson

Elish Clark

Will ffoster

Ensn Joseph Peirson

Eliphelett Clark

Charles Topping

Henry Peirson

------------ Clark

Ffrancis Sayre

Joseph Peirson


Ichabod Sayre

Ephraim Peirson

Jerhamiah Scott

Caleb Sayre

Samll Peirson

John Scott

Caleb Gilbord

Thomas Parvine

George Haris

Daniell Sayre

Thomas Pervine Jur

George Haris Jur

Ephraim Sayre

Lift Thomas Steephens

Joseph Smith

Nathan Sayre

Isaack Willman

Will Smith

John Bishop

James Willman

Thomas Smith

Samuell Bishop

Daniell David

Abiell Davis

Josiah Bishope

And Will Hericke

Balhariah Davis

John Bishope

Will Herick Jur

John Davis Jur

Joshew Barns

John Herick

Eldad Davis

Samuell Barns


John Davis

Robert Wooly

Thomas Hericke

Thomas Lupton

John Wooly

Robert Patin

Joseph Lupton

Wooly Joseph

Ephraim Topping

Richard minthorn

Isaac Bower

Thomas Toping

Jeremiah Jager

Jonah Bower

Thomas Toping

Jeremiah Jager Jur

David Bower

Mr. William Barker Esq.

John Jager Jur

Daniell Bower

Mr. John Wick

John Erle

John foster

Job Wick

David Erle

John foster Jur

Arther Davis

Samuell Cooper

David ffoster

John Carwith

James white

Jonathan foster

Joseph Howell

Ichabod Cooper

John ffoster Terts

Zebulon Howell

Peeter White

Jermiah foster

Jsoeph Howell Jur

James Cooper

Joseph Hildrith

James Howell

James Cooper Jur

James Hildrith Jur

John Ware

John Cooper

Nathan Hildrith

Jacob Ware

Nathan Cooper

Isaak Hildrith

John Ware Jur

Abraham Cooper

Ephraim Hildrith

John Jessup

John Reeves

Daniell Hildrith

Isaac Jessup:

John Reeves Jur

Jonathan Hildrith

Jer: Jessup

Thomas Reeves

John Woodrufe

Henry Jessup

Thomas Jessup

Timoth: Hileurd

James Rose

Mr. Edward Howell

Thomas Hongson

David Rose Jur

Samuell Howell

John Mowbry

Anthony Indiom

Jonah Howell

Anning Mowbry

James herick

Edward Howell Jur

Samuell Clark

Aron Burnot

Benjn Howell

Jermiah Clark

Aaron Burnot Jur

Tho: Howell

Charles Clark

Moses Burnat

Joseph foster

Will Clark

Jonah Rogers

Christopher ffoster

Richard Rounesfield

Jonah Rogers

Joseph foster

Richard Rounesfield

--------- rogers

Daniell ffoster

David Howell

James Haines

Nathan ffoster

John Rayne

Samuell Haines

John Howell

Ephraim Howell

Ellis Cook

Manassa Kompton

Eohraim Howell

Charles fordham

Richard Howell

Samuell Howell

John Cook

Richard Howell Jur

Isaac Rayner

John Cook Jur

Hezecjia Howell

Daniell Halsey

Ellias Cook

Edward Howell

Richard halsey

Obadia Cook

Obadiah Howell

Daniell Hallsey Jur

Ellijah Cook

Chris: Howell

Lift abraham Howell

Ensn John lupton

Joseph Coodale

Abraham Howell

Christpher Lupton

Joanthan Goodale

Charles Howell

Benj lupton

Joseph Goodale

Philip Howell

Samuell Loome

Will goodale

Ebenezer Howell

Mathew Loome

Benjn marshall

John Sayre

Samuell Loome


John Sayre

Isaac Mills

Jonathan Rayner Jur

Thomas Sayre

Isaac Mills Jur

Richard wood

Lott Burnot

Thomas Cooper

Isaac Halsey:

Joseph burnott

Thomas Cooper Jur

Ephraim halsey

Davuid Burnott

Jonathan miles

Nathaniell Howell

Nathan Burnott

Richard Cooper

Source: "Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York," by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1860.

Transcribed by Holice Young,
original webpage creation by Debbie Axtman

Completed July 2001

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