Inhabitants of Southampton

 Part II




Nehemiah Howell

Jonathan Burnot

Joseph more

Henry Howell

Samiel Burnot

Joseph more

Ensn Joseph ffordham

Isaac Burnot

Benjn more

Joseph ffordham Jur

Thomas ffoster

Elisha Howell

Ffellatia ffordham

Benjn ffoster

Lemuel Howell

John Willman

David ffoster

Martine Rose

Mr. jacob fordham

Jonathan ffoster

Jacob Wood

Jonah fordham Jur

Isaac ffoster

Lenard Hasy

Mr. Joseph Whitin

Nathaniel Hasey

William Tarbill

Samuell Whitin

Jonnathan Howell

Will Tarbill Jur

Joseph whitin Jur

Joanthan HowellJur

John michill

Benjn whitin

Isaa howell

John michill Jur

Will Blyeth

David Howell

Jermiah Halsey

Benjn Hildrith

Josiah Halsey

Jere: Halsey Jur

Job Sayre

Josiah Halsey Jur

Benony nutton

Benjn Sayre

Joanthan Halsey

Benjn nuton

John maltby

Benjn ffoster Jur

Isaac nuton

Ephrm whit

Henry Ludlom

Jonathan nuton

Stephen White

Will Ludlom

John nuton

Charles White

Henry ludlom Jur

James Hildrith

Isaac Halsey

Jeremiah ludlom

James Hildrith Jur

Isaac Halsey Jur

Aibiell Cook

Joshua Hildrith

Isaac Halsey Ters

Abiell Cook Jur

Ezekill Sanford

Joshua Halsey

Josiah Cooke

Ezekill Sanford Jur

Thomas Halsey

Thomas Rose

Thomas Sanford

Samuell Halsey

Israell Rose

Samuell Barbur

Samell Johnes

Humphyrey Huse

Jonathan Stricklling

Samuell Johnes Jur

John Parker

Nathaniell Resco Jay

Nathan Howell

Abner Huse

Josiah hand

Israell Howell

William Rose

Natha: Resco

Ezekiel Howell

Uriah Huse

Amji Resco

John Jager

John masen

Peregrin Stenbrough

John Jager Jur

Jededia Huse

James Stanbrough

Samuell Jager

James ffoster

Doct. Nath. Wade

Jonathan Jager

John Huse

Simon wade

Benjn Jagger

David Halsey

Alexander Wilmot

Josiah Howell

Abraham Halsey

Joseph Wickham

Daniell howell

David Rose

Joseph wickham Jur

Thomas Diamond

Elnath white

Cilley Howell

Capt. Elnathan Topping

Lift Coll Henry Peirson

Theoder Peirson

Stephen Topping

John Peirson

Theodor Peirson

Sillvanus Topping

David Peirson

John Stanbrough

Edward Petty

Theophilus Person

John Stanbrough Jur

Ellnathan Petty

Abraham Peirson

Daniell Sayre Jur

Edward Petty Jur

Josiah Peirson

Daniell Sayre terts

Josiah Topping

Bennony flint

Dan Burnot

Josiah Topping Jur

John fflint

Ichabod Burnot

Hezekia Topping

John morehouse

Dan Butnot Jur

Robert Noris

John morehouse Jur


Robert noris Jur

Peter noris------

The number of male Chsitians 389

Oliver noris

Lift Theophilus Howell

Mr. Ebenezer white

Pheoph: Howell Jur




Ann Peirkins

Mary Post Jur

Mary Peirson

Hannah Haines

Patience Sayers

Rebeika Parvin

Lidia Haines

Mary Davis

Elisabeth Steevens

Mary Haines

Sarah Sayre

Phebe Steephens

Mary Shaw

Mary Sayre

Susanah Stevens

Susanah Shaw

Mary Sayre

Susan Willman

Jeane Shaw

An halsey

Hanah willmans

Sarah Clark

Abigaile Reeves

Elisbeth willmans

Mary Clark

Ellisbeth gilbord

Mahitable hericke

Ester Calrk

Cethia Gilbord

Ireniah Hericke

Sarah Clark

Mary Gilbord

Phebe Hericke

Mary Scott

Hanah Sayre

Mahitable Herick

Sarah Haris

Mary Bishop

Martha Herick

Eunice Haris

Susanah Bishope

Debro Toping

Mary Davis

Susanah Bishop Jur

Hanah reeves

Mary Davis

Sarah Bishop

Temprance wick

Mary lupton

Mary Bishop

Temprance Wick

Mary Lupton

Patience Barns

Lidia Howell

Hanah luptons

Sarah Barns

Bothia Howell

Abigail luptons

Ann Woolly

Ffreelove Howell

Abigail Rose

Ann Woolly

Ellisabeth ware

Hanah Rose

Elisabeth woolly

Elisabeth Jesup

Abigaile Rose Jur

Hanah woolly

Mary Jessup

Sarah Rose:

Phebe wooly

Hanah jessup

Hanah Rose

Mary woolly

Martha Davis

Martha Rose

Hanah travely

Sarah Jussup

Debro Rose

Susanah Beswik

Mary Howell

Hanah Jager

Ruth bower

Mary Howell

Sarah Jager

Mahitabell Bower

Ireniah Roggers

Hanah Jager

Sarah Erle

Mindwell Erle

Elizabeth Davis

Sarah ffoster

Mrs. mary Howell

Mahitable davis

Phebe foster

Sibell Howell

----------- Jager

Hanah foster

Elisabeth Simpkins

Source: "Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York," by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1860.

Transcribed by Holice Young,
original webpage creation by Debbie Axtman

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