Inhabitants of Southampton

 Part III




Mary Erle

Hanah foster

Johanah Howell

Mary Cooper

Hanah foster

Abigaile ffoster

Sarah Cooper

Hana ffoster

Sarah ffoster

Mary Cooper Jur

Hanah Hildrith

Mahitabell foster

Elisabeth Cooper

Hanah woodrufe

Damary ffoster

Elisabeth Cooper Jur

Sarah Wwoodrufe

Penellopie ffoster

Jerash Cooper

Hanah Woodrufe

Ellisabeth Howell

Phebe Cooper

Abigaile woodrufe

Dorkis Howell

Elisabeth Cooper Jur

Elisabeth woodrufe

Sary Howell

Johana Cooper

Ellisabeth Butler

Sarah Howell

Mahitable Cooper

Martha Buler

Abigaile Howell

Mary Culver

Sarah Butler

Elisabeth goodale

Mary Culver Jur

Amy Butler

Mary goodale

Rachell Reeves

Mary butler

Hanah goodale

Lidia Bishop

Mary Rogers

Sarah Rayner

Abigaile Bishop

Mary Rogers Jur

Debrah Rayner

Marey Bishop

Mary Rogers Ter

Hanah Rayner

Eunis Bishop

Sary Roegers

Sarah ffeild

Sarah Poast

Debro Rogers

Mary halsey

Mary Poast

Patience Rogers

Mahitable Halsey

Mary Halsey

Phebe Burnatt

Elliner Howell

Sarah minthorn

Lidia foster

Penellope Howell

Mrs. Susanah Howell

Elisabeth white

Ablecah Howell

Prudence Howell

Debro foster

Mary Tarbill

Hanah Howell

Zeruiah foster

Mary Tarbill

Mahite Howell

Annah Halsey

Mary Haris

Mahite Howell

Hanah Howell

Mary Haris

Mary fordham

Zerusah Howell

Deborah Hildrith

Mary fordham Jur

Mary Howell

Deborah Hildrith

Mary fordham 3d

Temprance Halsey

Hanah Sanford

Phebe fordham

Sarah Halsey

Hanah Sanford

Allath fordham

Temprance Halsey

Elisabeth nuton

Deborah Whiting

Abigaile Halsey

Phebe nuton

Rebecca Whiting

Martha foster

Annah Halsey

Hanah Whiting

Bothy foster

annah Halsey

Ellisabeth whiting

Martha foster

Johanah Resco

Susannah Maltbey

Sarah foster

Mary barbur

Susanah Sayre

Rachell Ludlom

Deliverance priest

Ester fordham

Jane Ludlom

Mary barbur

Keziah fordham

Abigaile ludlom

Mary Strickland

Hanah fordham

Rachell Ludlom Jur

Mary hand


Ffrances Cooke

Abigaile wade

Sarah white

Ffrances Cooke Jur

Sarah Stanbrough

Mary Halsey

Hanah Rose

Ollive Stanbrough

Elisabeth Halsey

Hanah Rose

Eunis Stanbrough

Pheby Erle

Elisabeth Burnot

Mary Willmott

Mary Poast

Elisabeth Burnott

Sarah Wickham

Sarah Poast

Hanah Burnot

Mary Topping

Dorithee Post

Mary parker

Mary Baylee

Martha Poast

Ester Rose

Hannah Topping

Deborah Poast

Hanah halsey

Hanah Toping

Ester Johnes

Hanah Halsey

Temprance Toping

Phebe Johnes

Prudence Halsey


Mrs. mary howell

Patience Ludlom

Martha huse

Eunis Howell

Patience Ludlom

Hanah noris

Jerusha Howell

Phebe Rogers

Hanah noris

Hanah Jager

Phebe Rogers

Mary noris

Lidia Jagger

Sarah Haines

Sarah noris

Hanah Melvine

Sarah Haines

Hanah leeming

Margret Hilyard

Sarah nichill

Mrs. mahitable white

Mary Howell

Elisabeth Cook

Elisabeth langton

Mistris anning

Susanah Cook

Mrs Susanah Peirson

Hanah Clark

Hanah Shaw

Abigaile toping

Pheebe Clark

Ellisabeth cook

Hanah Peirson

Hanah Rounsifield

Martha Cook

Sarah Peirson

Martha Roundsifield

Hanah Lupton

Mary Flint

Abigail wilson

Hanah Lupton

Mary flint

Hanah Howell

Lidia Lupton

Hanah fflintt

Sarah Howell

Mary laughton

Sarah noris

Hanah Howell

Hanah Lome

Hanah noris

Judith Howell

Abigaile Lome

Elisabeth noris

Ann Howell

Hanah Loome


Grisell Howell

Johanah nuton

Debro Howell

Amy Halsey

Johanah nuton

Phebee Howell

Hulda Erle

Ester leeming

Hanah noris

Ellisabeth Halsey

Hannah Cooper

Ffrances Peirson

Debro Halsey

Sarah taping

Ann Peirson

Mary Ranr

Sarah more

Marthe Stanbrough

Phebe Raynr

Elisabeth more

Martha Stanbrough

Hanah Raynr

Sarah more Jur

Sarah Sayre

Sarah Sayre

Mary more

Hanah Sayre

Sarah Sayre

Hanah Sayre

Sarah Sayre

Damorus Sayre

Damones Howell

Abigaile burnot



Female Christian 34

Source: "Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York," by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1860.

Transcribed by Holice Young,
original webpage creation by Debbie Axtman

Completed July 2001

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