A List of Names in the
Township of Southold

 Part I




Isaac Arnold

Thomas Mapes

Ebenezer Way

Sarah Arnold

Mary Mapes

Irene Way

Rachel Arnold

Abigail Mapes

Eliezer Way

Sarah Arnold Junjr

Margaret Edwards

Jonathan Horton

Susannah Arnold

Joshua Hobart

Bathia Horton

Susannah Washbourn

Peter Hobart

Jonathan Horton Junjr

John Washbourn

John Hobart

William Horton

James Horton

Joseph Terry

Elisha Reeue

Mehitobel Horton

Abigail Terry

Abigail Reeue

Mary Horton

Hannah martin

Bathis Reeue

Abigail Horton

John Rogers

Margarett Giles

Patience Horton

John Conckline

Peter Dickerson

Stephen Bouyer

Sarah Concklin

Naomy Dickerson

Jonas Holdsworth

Sarah Conckline Junjr

Philemon Dickerson

Joshua Horton

John Conckline Junjr

John Dickerson

Mary Horton

Henry Conckline

Mary Dickerson Junjr

Ephraim Horton

Rachell Concklin

Naomy Dickerson

Mary Horton Junjr

Thomas Concklin

Thomas Dickerson

Bathia Horton

Mary Concklin

Mary Dickerson

Elizabeth Horton

Joseph Concklin

Mary Monjoy

Zerviah Horton

Abigail Concklin

Jonathan Reeue

Jasper Griffling

Joseph Concklin Junjr

Martha Reeue

Hannah Griffling

John Concklin

Margarett Reeue

Robert Griffling

Phillip Gooding

Mary Reeue

Susanna Griffling

Sarah Gooding

Martha Reeue Junjr

Edward Griffling

Amos Gooding

Mathew Reeue

Robert Griffling Junjr

Philip Gooding Junjr

Jonathan Mapes

Samuel Griffling

Ffreeloue Gooding

Hester Mapes

John Griffling

Christopher Youngs

Benjamen Youngs

John Youngs

Mercy Youngs

Mary Youngs

Wm Walter

Abraham Youngs

Grover Youngs

Theodor Ballens

Nathaniel Youngs

John Bailey

Mary Griffling

John Youngs

Lott Johnson

Prudence Smith

Charity Nashbourne

Gideon Youngs

John Booth

Thomas Terrell

Sarah Youngs

Hannah Booth

John Terrell

Joseph Youngs

Mehitaphel Booth

Richard Terrell

Jonathan Youngs

John Booth Junjr

Abigail Terrell

David Youngs

Obadiah Booth

Nicholas Terrell

Gidion Youngs

Daniel Booth

Catharine Terrell

Sarah Youngs

Hannah Booth Junjr

Peter Hallock

Hannah Youngs

Patience Booth

Eliza Hallock

Margarett Youngs

Thomas Emmons

Bathia Hallock

Mary Youngs

Mary Emmons

Abigail Hallock

Hannah Wiggin widdow

Obadiah Emmons

Peter Hallock Junjr

James Wiggin

Elizth. Emmons

William Hallock

Annis Wiggin

Thomas Paine

Noah Hallock

Eliza Wiggin

John Tutthill

Richard Benjamen

Patience Ryder

Sarah tutthill

Eliza Benjamen

Thomas Hallock

Daniel Tutthiull

Anna Benjamen

Hope Hallock

Nathaniel tutthill

John Benjamen

Thomas Hallock

Ephraim Youngs

Richard Benjamen Junjr

Kingsland Hallock

Mary Youngs

Jonathan Benjamen

Ichabod Hallock

Ruth Terry

David Benjamen

Zerobabel Hallock

Thomas Youngs

Joshua Benjamen

Anna Hallock

Mary Youngs

Joseph Benjamen

Patience Hallock

Christopher Bradly

Daniel Terry

Richard Hallock

John Edwards

Sarah Terry

Richard Howell

William Barnes

Daniel Terry Junjr

David Howell

Mary Mayhew

Samuel Terry

Jonathan Howell

Benjamen Lhommedieu

Eliza Terry

Richard Howell Junjr

Patience Lhommedieu

James Terry

Isaac Howell

Benjamen Lhommedieu Junjr

Isaac Quenton

Jacob Howell

John Quenton

Eliza Howell

Hosea Lhommedieu

Thomas Quenton

Dorathy Howell

Eliza Sylvester

Thomas Goldsmith

Mary Youngs Junjr widdow

William Booth

Bathia Goldsmith

Christopher Youngs Junjr

Hannah Booth

Joshua Goldsmith

Anna Youngs

Wm Booth Junjr

Richard Terry

Phebe Youngs

Samuel Booth

Prudence Terry

Eliza Youngs

George Booth

Abigaill Coleman

John Gattin

Hannah Booth Junjr

Caleb Horton

Sarah Gattin

Thomas Terry

John Reeue

Anna Gattin

Eliza Terry

Hannah Reeue

Jonathan Brown

Thomas Terry Junjrjm

Walter Reeue

Eliza Brown

Daniel Terry

John Reeue Junjr

Jonathan Brown junjr

Eliza Brown Junjr

Sarah Martin

Ruth Griffling

Hannah Brown

John Corwin

Jasper Griffling

Rachel Brown

Mattias Corwin

Ruth Griffling

Mary Giles

Samuel Corwin

Abraham Corey

Edward Gattin

Anna Corwin

Margarett Corey

Mary Youngs widdow

Abigail Corwin

Mary Corey

Daniel Youngs

John Corwin Junjr

Abraham Corey Junjr

William Youngs

Source: "Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York," by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1860.

Transcribed by Holice Young,
original webpage creation by Debbie Axtman

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