A List of Names in the
Township of Southold

 Part II




Sarah Corwin

Jno Corey

Joshua Youngs

Sarah Corwin Junjr

Dorathy Corey

Samuel Turner

Eliza Corwin

Patience Mayhew

Mary Wiggins

Hester Corwin

Isaac Corey

Nathan Langdon

Jacob Ozmond

Sarah Corey

Hannah Langdon

Sarah Ozmond

Isaac Corey Junjr

Eliza Langdon

Mary Ozmond

David Corey

Nathan Langdon Junjr

Sarah Ozmond Junjr

Jonathan Corey

James Langdon

Eliza Ozmond

Sarah Corey Junjr

Samuel Youngs

Hester Ozmond

Phebe Corey

Joseph Sweazy

Pinnina Ozmond

Deborah Corey

Mary Sweazy

Hannah Ozmond

Peter Aldridge

Johanna Sweazy

Martha Ozmond widdow

Annis Reeue widdow

Joseph Sweazy Junjr

Sarah Ozmond

Walter Brown

Mary Swazy

Dinah Blyth

Joseph Brown

Sarah Swazy

Jno. Howel

Daniel Brown

Samuel Swazy

Thomas Clark

Gersham Aldridge

Richard Swazy

Mary Clark

Stephen Swazy

James Pattay

Thomas Clark Junjr

Experience Pattay

Bathia Swazy

Elixabeth Clark

James Pattay Junjr

Thomas Moor Junjr

Mary Ozmond widdow

Mary Pattay

Jean Moor

Deborah Ozmond

Nymon Pattay

Mary Moor

Phebe Ozmond

Experience Pattay

Rachel Moor

Johanna Ozmond

Thomas Ryder

Isaac Osmond

Mercy Ozmond

Joseph Ryder

Chaterine Osmond

Samuel Ozmond

Providence Ryder

Martha Osmond

William King

Jeremiah Ryder

Prudence Osmond

Abigail King

Hester Ryder

Isaac Osmond

Wm. King Junjr

Mehitobel Ryder

William Downs

Hannah King

John Budd

Abigail Downs

David King

Hester Budd

Abijah Downs Junjr

Sarah Youngs

John Budd Junjr

Samuel King Junjr

Daniel King

Joseph Budd

Hannah King

Robert Labe

Susannah Budd

Samuel King

Caleb Curtjes

Mary Budd

Zacharias King

Eliza Curtjes

Martha Moor widdow

John Swazy

Joshua Curtjes

John Trusteen

Mary Swazy

Mary Curtjes

Jonathan Moor

Jno Swazy Junjr

Samuel Curtjes

William Moor

Susan Swazy

Sarah Curtjes

Mary Trusteen

Mary Swazy Junjr

Hannah Curtjes

John Pain Junjr

Joshua & Phebe Swazy

Richard Curtjes

Sarah Pain

Jacov Conckline

Stephen Baily

Nathaniel Pain

Mary Conckline

Mary Baily

John Pain

Jacob Conckline Junjr

Hannah Bailey

Samuel Crook

Samuel Conckline

Israel Baily

Joseph Crook

John Conckline

Temperance Baily

Sussannnah Crook

Gideon Conckline

Jonathan Baily

John ffrancklin

Mary Conckline Junjr

Chrsitian Baily

Philla: ffraancklin

Jospeh Conckline

David Gardiner

Jno ffrancklin Junjr

Joseph Conckline Junjr

Martha Gardiner

Mary ffrancklin

Mary Baily

Mary Gardiner

Samuel ffrancklin

Theophilus Corwin

Mehitober Corwin

Marhta ffrancklin

John Norwood

Samuel Kin

Ffrancis Noise

William Brown

Abigall King

Perrsha Noice

Catharine Brown

Theophilus Case

Catharine Noise

Wm Brown Junjr

Hannah Case

Eliza Lewis

John Brown

William Case

Mary Reeue widdow

Walter Brown

Icabod Case

Wm Reeue

Silvanus Brown

John Case

Abigall Reeue

David Brown

Eliza Robertson

Margaret Reeue

Mary Brown

Jasper Griffling Junjr

Sarah Reeue

Thomas Reeue

Mary Davis

Anna Gilliam

Henry Tutthill

Mordecai Hoaman

Arnold Gilliam

Batthia Tutthill

William Coleman

James Gilliam

Henry Tutthill Junjr

Mary Coleman

John Wiggam

Jonathan Tutthill

Sarah Coleman

James Pershall

Nathaniel Tutthill

William Coleman Junjr

Margaret Pershall

Barnabas Tutthill

Mary Coleman Junjr

Mary Pershall

Abigail Martin

Sarah Coleman Junjr

Israel Pershall

Hester Hoaman widdow

Charles Booth

David Pershall

Jester Hoaman Junjr

Abigail Booth

Benjamin Pershall

John Joanes

Mary Norton widdow

Margarett Pershall Junjr

Thomas Hunter

Jean Mappon

Thomas Terrell Junjr

Eliza Hunter

Charles Booth Junjr

Sarah Terrell

Eliza Hunter Junjr

Abigail Booth Junjr

Thomas Terrell

Zervia Hunter

David Booth

Sarah Terrell Junjr

Hannah Hunter

Jacob Aldridge

Joshua Horton Junjr

Sarah Horton Widdw

Caleb Horton

Eliza Horton

Peanellope Horton

Jonathan Horton

Eliza Horton Junjr

John Pattay

David Horton

Patience Horton

Mary Pattay

Barnabas Horton

Deborah Horton

Edward Pattay

Phebe Horton

Martha Horton

David Pattay

Samuel Windes

Henry Case

Mary Pattay

Mary Windes

Tabitha Case

Joshua Wells

Wm Coe

Henry Case Junjr

Hannah Wells

Charley Edwards

Samuel Case

William Wells

Lott Johnson

Benjamin Case

Jno. Wells

Joseph Pattay

Tabitha Case Junjr

Joshua Wells

Mary Pattay

Mary Case

Deliverance Wells

Source: "Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York," by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1860.

Transcribed by Holice Young,
original webpage creation by Debbie Axtman

Completed July 2001

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