A List of Names in the
Township of Southold

 Part III




Daniel Pattay

John Bond

Abigall Wells

James Reeue

Sarah Rodman

Ann Wells

Deborah Reeue

John Barnes

Mary Martin

Mary Reeue

Joseph Reeue

John Owen

Isaac Reeue

Abilgall Reeue

Thomas Booth

Thomas Reeue

Joseph Reeue Junjr

Mary Booth

Mary Reeue

Benjamen Reeue

John Booth

Richard Brown

David Reeue

Thomas Booth Junjr

Dorithy Brown

Ezikias Reeue

James Booth

Richard Brown Junjr

Solomon Reeue

Giles Booth

Samuel Brown

Abigaill Reeue

Mary Booth Junjr

Dorathy Brown

Mary Reeue

Abraham Ozmond

Abigall Brown

Margarett Hallock widdow

Rebecca Ozmond

Mehitobel Brown

Dorathy Ozmon

Joseph Ozmond

Henry Brown

Barnabas Windes

John Ozmond

Samuel Hutcheson

Mary Windes

Damarass Terrell

Elizabeth Hutcheson

Barnabas Windes Junjr

John Allowbin

Samuel Hutcheson Junjr

Samuel Windes

Hannah Allowbin Junjr

Gersham Terry

Bathia Windes

Mary Allowbin

Deborah Terry

Peanellope Windes

Tabitha Allowbin

Gerhsam Terry Junjr

Sussanna Willman

John Goldsmith

Deborah Terry junjr

Bathia Horton

Eliza Goldsmith

Abigall Terry

Susanna Windes

John Goldsmith Junjr

Richard Terry

Martha Hutcheson widdow

Thomas Goldsmith

Barsheba Terry

Thomas Hutcheson

Richard Goldsmith

Mehitobel Terry

Mathias Hutcheson

Nathaniel Goldsmith

Eliza Cleaues

Martha Hutcheson Junjr

Mary Goldsmith

Jeredian Cleaues

Hanna. Case

Henry Wells

John Cleaues

John Terry

Mary Wells

Eliza Cleaues Junjr

Hannah Terry

Martha Carr

Mary Cleaues

John Terry Junjr

Samuel Glouer

Hannah Cleaues

Nathaniel Moor

Sarah Glouer

John Cleaues Junjr

Jacob Cory

Sameul Glouer Junjr

Abigall Cleaues

Ann Cory

Martha Glouer

Thomas Tusten

Jacob Corey Junjr

Hanna. Glouer

Priscilla Tuston, Widdow

Ann Corey Junjr

Hester Glouer

Eliza Tusten

Abigall Cory

William Glouer

Merelam Tusten

Jehoada Corey

Charles Glouer

Grace Tusten

John Corey

Martha Glouer

Carterett Gillam

Bejamn Corey

Euan Davis

Mary Gillam

Christopher Merrick

Hannah Merrick

Thomas Moor

Ann Carter Junjr

Jeremiah Veale

John Moor

Mary Carter

Anne Veale

Nathaniel Moor

Joseph Mapes

Thomas Veale

Martha Moor

Ruth Mapes

Jeremiah Veale Junjr

Eliza Moor

Joseph Mapes Junjr

Mary Veale

Symon Grouer

William Mapes

Mary Moor

Eliza Grouer

Hannah Mapes

Joshua Sylvester

Martha Veale

David Youngs

Joseph Moor

Benjamin Barns

Mary Youngs

Martha Moor

Barnabas Horton

John Loring

Joseph Moor Junjr

Samuel Bodman

Richard Loring

Sarah Solmon widdow

Benjamen Moor

Samuel Loring

William Solmon

Abigall Moor

Jno Loring Junjr

Sarah Solmon Junjr

John Horton

Wm Loring

Mary Solmon

Mary Hutson

Thomas Loring

Amy Solmon

John Pain

John Veale

Elizabeth Youngs widdow

Jemima Pain

Grace Veale

John Youngs

Mary Pain

John Veale Junjr

Benjamen Youngs Junjr

Martha Pain

Daniel Veale

Eliza Youngs Junjr

Jemima Pain

Samuel Veale

Christian Youngs

Eliza Pain

Obadiah Veale

Jno. Coleman

John Pain Junjr

Mary Veale

Mary Harwood

John Corwin

Abigall Veale

William Allobon

Benjamen Bedwell

Irene Veale

Andrew Miller

Thomas Longworth

Tabitha Veale

Margarett Miller

Deborah Longworth

Joyce Veale

David Miller

Joshiah Youngs

Mercy Pattay widdow

Eliza Miller

Mary Youngs

Ralph Pattay

Margarett Miller Junjr

Mary Youngs Junjr

Lucas Pattay

Hannah Miller

Daniel Corwin

Moses Pattay

Gersham Tincker

William Hallocke

Margery Pattay

Samuel Youngs

Mary Hallock

Ann Pattay

Mary Youngs

William Hallock Junjr

Symon Rumsey

Margarett Youngs

Ruth Howell

Mary Rumsey

Nathan Youngs

Prudence Hallock

Mary Rumsey Junjr

Zerobabel Youngs

Zebulon Hallock

Peter Symons

Bathia Corwin

Mary Hallock Jun'r

Peter Symons

Joseph Youngs

Mary Corwin

-------- Symons

Eliza Youngs

Jabez Mapes


Mary Youngs

Eliza Mapes

John Tutthill Junjr

Thomas Youngs

Sarah Mapes

Mehitobell Tutthill

Abigall Pain widdow

Eliza Mapes Junjr

Waite Benjamen widdow

Abigall Pain Junjr

Hannah Mapes

William Benjamen

Mary Pain

Ealse Mapes

Waite Benjamen Junjr

Sarah Pain

John Carter

Anna Benjamen

John Daines

Ann Carter

Hannah Benjamen

Sarah Moor, widdow

Gesia Carter

John Benjamen

Abigall Moor

Hester Carter

William Rosebash

Patience Moor

Eliza Rackett

Ann Rosebash

Deborah Moor

John Rackett



Source: "Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York," by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 1860.

Transcribed by Holice Young,
original webpage creation by Debbie Axtman

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