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Well known and popular as a citizen of Gloversville,

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Howard Milton Pedrick has built his career in this community. Through ability, directness of purpose, and industry, he ha attained to a position of substantial financial success, winning his way against hardships.

Mr. Pedrick as born at Pine Lake, New York, in 1887, son of Frank and Amy (Spencer) Pedrick, his father having been by trade a glove cutter. Both parents died when Mr.. Pedrick was thirteen years of age. He had proceeded with his education in the public schools of Line Lake, but the death of his father and mother made it necessary to effect other arrangements, and he was placed in an orphanage at Albany. There he continued his studies, and did farm work. He was twenty years of age when he came to Gloversville, an upstanding young man, ready to make his own way in the world.

For two years, Mr. Pedrick served on the Gloversville police force, as motorcycle patrolman, then became interest in business as restaurant proprietor. For twenty years (19280 he has followed his enterprise, with prosperous outcome, and since 1922 has been located with a lunchroom at No. 50 North Main Street. Previous to that year he occupied quarters in the building directly north of the present location, which structure he owned, and disposed of a few years ago. The Pedrick lunchroom ha a large clientele, and is headquarters for the sporting fraternity of the city and county. Here one may be sure to meet figures in the world of athletics, and discussions are of special interest to those who follow sporting events in this community and centers nearby. Mr. Pedrick himself is responsible for the popularity of the lunchroom, for he has always encouraged discussions and analysis of sporting features there, and now maintains a baseball team of no little reputation.

As a citizen of Gloversville Mr. Pedrick concerns himself in all worthwhile movements designed for the community's welfare. A Republican loyal to the party principles of government, he holds a considerable influence politically in municipal affairs. For seven and one-half years he was a member of the National Guard of New York State, with the rank of sergeant at the expiration of that period. During the World War he supported the campaigns of the Red Cross and Liberty Loan to the fullest extent of his means and influence. Fraternally, he is affiliated with the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the Knights of Pythias, and the Macabees; and in religious adherence is a communicant of St. James' Lutheran church.

Mr. Pedrick married, in Gloversville, May 2, 1914, Bertha Clifford, daughter of William and Katherine (Hines) Clifford, her father having been for many years a farmer and business man. Of this union was born a son, Robert C. Pedrick, January 25, 1917.


In Johnstown, new York, there is a well-known establishment which through the activity of its owner and proprietor, Guy Clifford, has maintained a reputation for good food and service since it opening. Mr. Clifford has been in the lunch business practically all of his life and therefore knows every phase of it. And furthermore, he has been brought up on this community and is known by almost every one here, having a host of friends. He is the son of William Clifford and Katherine (Hines) Clifford, both of whom were born at Bleecker, New York, and made their home in Broadalbin, Fulton County, where Mr. Clifford was engaged in the lumber and sawmill business for a number of years before his death.

Guy Clifford was born at Broadalbin, New York, on September 2, 1894, and attended the public schools of Gloversville, and had one year in the Gloversville High School. He began learning the lunch business when a very young man, and finding he liked it and had aptitude for it, he has continued until he has made splendid success of it. for eight years he was connect with the Pedrick Lunch, and after that experience he was for five years with the Hallenbeck Lunch. Then seeing the possibilities of the business, he branched out for himself and giving his place the name of the De Luxe diner, has carried on his business at the present location for about five years. His trade has constantly increased and is still increasing, until at this time he contemplates enlarging his quarters in order to better accommodate his customers. Mr. Clifford takes much interest in civic affairs, but his business has required all of his attention and that has consumed his whole time, leaving no place for holding public office. He was active during the World War with the Liberty Loan drives and the Red Cross, and in his political affiliation he leans toward the Republican Party, but is what is termed as Independent Republican. His fraternal organization is the Eagles, and he is a member of the Lutheran church of Johnstown.

On August 15, 1913, at Plattsburg, New

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York, Guy Clifford married Margaret Freeman, daughter of F. Herbert and Jane (Willoughby) Freeman. Mr. Freeman was born at Gloversville, New York, and his wife was of English parentage. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Clifford have two children: 1. Westel, born June 15, 1915. 2. Marion, born January 15, 1917. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford make their home at Johnstown, New York.


A native of Brooklyn, New York, and a member of a prominent family of Copenhagen, Denmark, Mr. Clausen is a graduate of the Technical Institute of Copenhagen, where he pursued a course in mechanical engineering and from which he was graduated with the degree of Mechanical Engineer. He was born March 9, 1872, a son of John S. and Emilie (Christensen) Clausen, of Copenhagen, Denmark, the former for many yeas, previous to his death, which occurred in 1900, having been engaged in the building supply business; Mrs. Clausen having passed away in 1887.

Nicolas C. Clausen was educated ina private Latin school and then took the course at Copenhagen, subsequently traveling through Germany where he obtained considerable practical knowledge pertaining to his previous studies. He then returned to the United States and engaged in the practice of his profession at Brooklyn, New York City, and Albany, until 1916. Since then he has been devoted to the N. C. Clausen Architectural iron Works, of which he was one of the founders and of which he is the president. Among the more important buildings for which this firm has furnished the structural steel and iron work are the Albany building of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad, one of the finest structures of its type in the world; the Albany Journal Corporation building, forming one unit with the above; the Vincentian Institute in Madison Avenue and the Albany High School. A list of the many buildings in various eastern States for which the N. C. Clausen Architectural Iron Works has supplied the structural steel and ironwork would include many of the largest and most important public and private buildings erected in various sections of this part of the country. Upward of seventy-five people are employed by the company, which is a prominent industrial establishment of Albany. Mr. Clausen is a member of the Fort Orange Club, and the Albany Chamber of Commerce. In politics he is a supporter of the Republican party and its principles, while his religious affiliations are with the Old Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, still known as the Henry Ward Beecher Church.

Nicolas C. Clausen married in 1894, Louise C. Stilling, of Denmark, a daughter of Julius and Marianne Stilling. The Stillings were for four generations printers and publishers, and Julius Stillings was owner of a newspaper. Mr. and Mrs. Clausen are the parents of one son, Holger S., who married Dorothy Heustis, and to them has been born a son Nicolas C. (4).


One of the well-known popular and respected citizens of Johnstown is peter Joyce, who, since 1913, has served the community with integrity, strength and intelligence as chief of the police department. He is a native of Johnstown, having been born here on July 11, 1876, son of Ulick Joyce. Ulick Joyce was born in Ireland, and came to the United States about 1865, as a young man. He took up residence in Johnstown and in due course became a manufacturer of leather, under the style of Ulick Joyce, Tanner. Both he and his good wife early inculcated in their son, peter, those principles of thought and conduct that have remained with him through manhood, and have assisted him in the fulfillment of duty with honor and dispatch.

Peter Joyce attended the public schools of Johnstown, and though he left school behind him at the age of thirteen years, he has read widely of good books through the years since, constantly, and has, properly speaking, a broad education. He was thirteen when he went to work with the firm of Richard Evans & Son, of Johnstown, and with this organization he remained in all just twenty-one years, leaving it only to accept appointment from the mayor of the city to the office of chief of police, after he had spent two years on the force as patrolman, appointed by Mayor Harrison, amply justifying Mayor Borden D. Smith's selection for chief. Inasmuch as the charter pertaining to his office specifies that the incumbent is to continue as chief "during good behavior," Mr. Joyce is thought to be permanently installed in the position which he fills so commendably, though selection of a Democratic Mayor might take away the value of the charter. Mr. Joyce has consistently and loyally supported the principles of the Republican Party. During the World War, though somewhat above the age called for active duty in the military, he did serve his country, and well, on the boards and committees of war work, with the American Red Cross enterprises, and in the several cam-

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paigns of the Liberty Loan. Fraternally, he is affiliated with the Order of Eagles and Knight of Columbus. He is a communicant of St. Patrick's Catholic Church.


Should one ask one living in Whitehall, to name the most prominent and successful farmer of that town, he would invariably designate Assemblyman Herbert S. Bartholomew. From boyhood he has been a leading breeder and importer of registered Guernsey cattle and has taken herd and individual prizes year after year in the fairs of five of the Eastern States. Today he owns and actively manages several large farms.

Mr. Bartholomew is the youngest of the three sons of Heman Almon and Alice Lanta (Douglas) Bartholomew and was born on a farm in East Whitehall, Washington County, New York, on November 3, 1871, in the town where the Bartholomew family settled about 1770, and on the next farm to the on settled and cleared by his Douglass ancestors in 1796. One ancestor, Thomas Rogers, came in the "Mayflower," and another, William Bartholomew, was a member of the Massachusetts General Court in 1636. His family and kinsmen have been officers in command of troops in every war of this country from the Narragansett Swamp Fight to the World War. He was instrumental in securing the incorporation of the Brick church Cemetery Association of East Whitehall under a special act of the Legislature, has always been its treasurer; and in that cemetery, in sight of his home, sleep seven generations of his ancestors and immediate family.

Mr. Bartholomew attended district school and Whitehall High School, and graduated at Troy Confederate Academy, at Poultney, Vermont, in 1890. He inherited his Republicanism, as his father and both grandfathers voted for John C. Fremont, in 1856. He has served as Inspector of Elections, two terms as justice of the peace, three terms as supervisor of Whitehall, and in 1920 was chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Washington County, and that year was elected member of Assembly, and on November 8, 1927, was elected for the eighth consecutive term, which is the record for Washington County. While supervisor, he organized the Washington County Farm Bureau and served as one of the first directors. He is a member of the Masonic Orders from the Lodge to the Shrine; and is a member of the Grange, Modern Woodmen and Elks.

In 1896, Mr. Bartholomew was married to Harriet G. Douglass, and to them have been born four sons: 1. Emerson Franklin. 2. Harry Douglass. 3. Bennett Benjamin. 4. Herbert A., Jr. Their three grandchildren, Lloyd, Emerson and Jane are the eighth generation of Bartholomew's who have lived on the farms of Whitehall.


Thomas Coughlin, grandfather of Thomas Francis Coughlin, was the founder of the family in America, emigrating with his young son, Thomas Coughlin, to these shores from Ireland. His son married Catherine Powers, and was engaged as a barge captain on the Hudson river until his death in 1917, at the age of fifty-eight. To Thomas and Catherine (Powers) Coughlin a son, Thomas Franklin Coughlin, was born at Kingston, New York, on November 17, 1895. Completing his preparatory course at Kingston Academy with the class of 1913, Mr. Coughlin matriculated at Fordham University as a law student, and graduated as a Bachelor of Laws in 1916.

When the call to arms was sounded, Mr. Coughlin enlisted, on May 10, 1917, in Company M, Tenth New York National Guard. He was sent to Camp Wadsworth, Staten Island, and there was transferred to the 51st. Pioneers. He embarked on June 1, 1918, and landing at Brest, France, was dispatched to the front. With the rank of corporal, he took an active part in the engagements at St. Mihiel and the Argonne, and after the signing of the Armistice became a member of the Army of Occupation, located at Coblenz, Germany. He received his honorable discharge at Mitchel Field, Long Island, on July 222, 1919, and, free to return to civil life, he turned once more to his interrupted professional career. During his stay in France, he had improved the opportunity to do some special work in law at the University of Lyon, for which he holds a certificate. In September, 1919, Mr. Coughlin was admitted to the bar of new York State and at once opened offices at Kingston under his own name, carrying on a general practice. He is now retained as an attorney for the State Tax Commission, in Ulster County. In politics, Mr. Coughlin gives his support tot he Democratic Party, and his religious affiliation is with the Roman Catholic Church. He is also associated with the Knights of Columbus, the Kingston Post of the American Legion, of which he is a past commander; the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and local lodge, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

On November 8, 1922, Thomas Francis Coughlin married Jane Black, daughter of the late Lewis D. Black, of Kingston. A son, Thomas B. Coughlin, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Coughlin on May 11, 1926.


Among the younger generation of attorneys who are aiding in no small way to promote legal advance in the capital district of New York State is Thomas F. O'Neil, of Albany. Since engaging in the practice of his chosen profession in 1920 he has attained a success which might well be the envy of a much older man, a fact of which Albany may well be proud, as she numbers Mr. O'Neil among her native sons.

Thomas F. O'Neil was born in Albany, August 8, 1897, the son of John J. and Catherine (Gibbons) O'Neil, since deceased. He attended the public schools of his native place and, after graduating from the local high school in 1914, entered Albany Law School, from which he received the degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1917. Upon completing his law course he was associated with F. C. Dugan, of the firm of Resendale, Hessberg, Dugan & Haines. He took a special course for one year at Cornell University, and was subsequently admitted to the bar in September, 1919, following which he established himself in general practice with offices at No. 109 State Street, Albany.

Mr. O'Neil is a member of the new York State Bar Association; the Albany County Bar association; the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge No. 49; Albany Club; Savage Club of Ithaca, a students' organization at Cornell; and Phi Sigma Kappa national fraternity. Mr. O'Neil is a Roman Catholic in his religious affiliation. He is well known in musical circles, having been a teacher of violin at the Academy of the Holy Name, Albany; and concert master and violin soloist of Cornell University Symphony Orchestra, and Cornell Musical clubs in 1919.


Among the progressive young men of Kingston is Kenneth E. Archer, a partner in the clothing firm of S. Cohen's sons, in which business Mr. Archer became interested in 1924. He is the son of Robert A. and Kitty (Polley) Archer. His father was a cigar manufacturer at Binghamton, New York, and previously had been in the clothing business at Rosendale, New York. Kenneth E. Archer is the only child. His father is now deceased.

Kenneth E. Archer was born at Rosendale, New York, on September 15, 1891. He was educated in the public schools of Kingston and then attended the New York Military Academy, and Eastman's Business College. In the autumn of 1918, he enlisted in the United States Army, in an equipment division of the Signal Corps, because of his experience in business, and was in charge of inspection of Signal Corps equipment until mustered out, in January, 1919. He is a member of the Benevolent and protective Order of Elks, the Aurila Club of Poughkeepsie, and the Twaalfskill Gold Club. He is a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.

On April 29, 1924, at Auburn, New York, Kenneth E. Archer married Marie E. Cullen, daughter of M. J. Cullen, a retired farmer of Auburn


One of the prominent young men of the political life of New York State, Fred C. Schiebelhuth, of Clarkstown, has been active in public affairs for some time, and was elected on the Republican ticket as supervisor of Clarkstown to serve two years, 1928-29. Mr. Schiebelhuth has been associated with civic matters and the administration of the law in Rockland County since 1917, acting as secretary and county court stenographer under Hon. William McCauley, then county judge, and after his death remaining in this same capacity under the present county judge, Hon. Mortimer B. Patterson. His zealous efforts for community welfare and advancement have earned him the respect and admiration of all his fellow-citizens, and, in his successful campaign for the office of supervisor, one of his principal platforms was the construction of new and improved roads in Clarkstown. Mr. Schiebelhuth brought to the attention of the voters the necessity for modern and progressive highways if this town wished to advance, and his popularity and ability were attested by his overwhelming election to his present office.

Mr. Schiebelhuth was born in Haverstraw, January 6, 1895, son of David and Elizabeth (Roth) Schiebelhuth. Fred C. Schiebelhuth was educated in the public schools of Haverstraw, graduating from high school in 1910, after which he attended the commercial department of the same school, graduating in 1912. He then entered the employ of the Peoples Bank of Haverstraw as clerk and stenographer, remaining with that financial institution for five years, grounding himself thoroughly in the essential details of banking and achieving a splendid reputation or his thorough knowledge of the business and for his courteous and affable manner to all with whom he came in contact.

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He then accepted his present position as county court stenographer, being associated for a while with Major William A. Welch, chief engineer of the Palisades Interstate Park and an eminent road builder. It was during his connection with Major Welch that Mr. Schiebelhuth became so thoroughly conversant with road building and maintenance, which proved to be of much value in his recent election to the post of supervisor of Clarkstown. In fraternal circles, he is a prominent member of the Free and Accepted Masons, Stony Point Lodge, No. 313, of Haverstraw, while he is active in the affairs of the New City Fire Department. .

Fred C. Schiebelhuth married, October 22, 1916, in new York City, Marie C. Stork, daughter of Joseph J. and Mary Jane (Gibbons) Stork, and they have one daughter, Marie Jane, born March 31, 1920


As a man of many interests in the development of this community, Matthew H. Herzog is prominent in business, and financial circles and a member of numerous social clubs in which he also takes active interest. He is a son of Jacob and Mary (Eihman) Herzog, of Albany, where his father is a retired police officer.

Matthew H. Herzog was born in Albany, New York, on august 31, 1879. He was educated in the schools of Albany and graduated from the Albany High School. In 1909 he came to Kingston, where he has conducted a wholesale and retail paint and auto accessory business. He is a director in the State of New York National Bank; president of the Ulster Finance Corporation; president of the Kingstown Oil company; president of the Cayuga Oil Company; treasurer of the Kingston Fairgrounds, Incorporated, and trustee of the Kingston Club. He is a member of the Free and Accepted Masons; a Knight Templar; a member of Cyprus Temple, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; the United Commercial Travelers; the Twaalfskill Gold Club, and of the Second Reformed Church.

At Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, on October 20, 1905, Matthew H. Herzog, married Grace Haigis, a daughter of Louis Haigis, of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. They have two children; !. Robert Haigis, sophomore at Yale College. 2. Ann Elizabeth, student at Kingston High School.


A native and a resident of Steuben County throughout his entire lifetime, except for the twenty-two months that he spent in the Untied States Marine Corps, Lynn W. Kellogg, numbered among the youngest and sheriffs in New York State, already has proven to the people of his county that youth is no obstacle of fulfilling the duties of his office, for after having served one term he was again elected to serve in the same capacity in the fall of 1927, and is continuing to meet with the success that places him among the outstanding figures of the State among peace officers.

Lynn W. Kellogg was born in Kanona, Steuben County, New York, August 20, 1893, a son of Charles and Dora (Sillenback) Kellogg, both natives of Steuben County. He received his education in the public schools of Avoca and Bath, after which he attended Colgate and Syracuse universities. Subsequently, upon completing his school days, he worked in a bank for a short time and then entered the insurance business, in which he attained considerable success, and which he followed until June, 1917, when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He was stationed first in Philadelphia, after which be was order to Camp Reed, Virginia, and it was here that he rounded out his twenty-one months of service. Upon receiving his honorable discharge, he returned to Bath and resumed his insurance work until the fall of 1919, when he was elected to the office of town clerk and, three years later, to the office of sheriff. It is worthy to note, and speaks profoundly for his ability and popularity, that, although he is a staunch Democrat and Steuben County has had but two Democratic sheriffs in fifty years, he was elected by an overwhelming majority of votes and is the only man in either political party that has had the honor of being elected to the office of sheriff twice in this county.

Along with his political career, Lynn W. Kellogg has always taken a keen and active interest in very movement advanced for the welfare of the community, and has never failed to support all measures tending toward this end. He is a Free and Accepted Mason, in which he has attained the thirty-second degree. He helped organize and was first commander of American Legion Post, No. 173, of Bath. He also holds membership in the "Forty and Eight," Local Voiture No. 95.

On January 7, 1928, Lynn W. Kellogg married Alice Taggart, daughter of John and Adaline (Southerland) Taggart, of Bath. Although young in years, the success that Sheriff Kellogg has attained might well be the envy of a much older man and in consequence of this his past record gives promise of a far more brilliant future.


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