The History of New York State
Book XI, Chapter I

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#1  - 1689, Hostilities raged on the Eastern frontiers (Of New England); mainly the work of the French and their Indian allies of Canada. It was deemed an important object to retain the goodwill of the Five nations, especially the Maquas. And In August, this year, three agents from Massachusetts and one from Connecticut, with Major Pynchon at the head, were sent to Albany, to make presents to the Maquas and to the River Indians or Skagkooks, living in the neighborhood. The deputation left Westfield August 27, escorted by ten troopers, and were absent for four weeks. . . ."History of North Brookfield," Massachusetts, by Temple, P. 142.

#2 - The white settlers at Albany in turn became alarmed, and sent to New England for help. Connecticut gathered about sixty-six men and twenty-four were drafted from Hampshire County (Massachusetts) and the company, under Capt., Jonathan Bull, marched from Westfield, November 18. On reaching Albany they found a deadly feud raging among the white inhabitants, and that the people of Schenectady had neglected even the ordinary means of defence. Part of Captain Bull's men were station at S.; and on the might of February 8, 17690, the place was assaulted by a large body of French and Indians, and about sixty-two were barbarously murdered, and twenty-eight made prisoners. . . . .Ibid.

#3 - One of the anomalies of history is that the call for the first Colonial Congress in America proceeded from this Governor (Leisler). . . . .the immediate suggestion was presented by the convention held in Albany in February, 1690, and was inspired by the Five nations as the teaching of their experience. The Colonial Congress met in New York, May 1, 1690. . . . . "New York: the Planting and Growth of the Empire State." (Ellis, H. Roberts), I, 207.

#4 - "New York: The Planting and Growth of the Empire State," by Ellis H. Roberts, Vol. 1, p. 298

#5 - "Canada: The Story of the dominion," by J. Castell Hopkins, p. 102.

#6 - "History of France," by Guizot, Vol. V., p. 128


The History of New York State, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., 1927

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