The History of New York State
Book XI, Chapter II
Part XIV

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January 17

Kings Bridge skirmish

January 25

West Farms skirmish

March 16

Ward's House (Westchester County) skirmish

March 20

General Charles lee wrote his "plan" for destroying "Congress government"

March 22

British landed at Peekskill to destroy military stores

April 20

First State Constitution was voted by the Convention

April 20

First State Constitution proclaimed at Kingston

May 3

A "temporary form of government" created

May 6

General Burgoyne landed at Quebec to command British forces in Canada

May 23

Colonel Meigs captured ninety prisoners; a gunship, and military stores at Sag Harbor, L. I.

June 1

Burgoyne invaded northern New York

June 16

Crown Point evacuated

June 30

British returned to Staten Island from New Jersey

July 1

First session of the State legislature at Kingston called or meet but delayed election returns made that impossible

July 3

John Jay appointed Chief Justice and Robert R. Livingston Chancellor

July 6

Ticonderoga evacuated by General St. Clair and 3,000 men

July 7

Skenesborough seized

July 8

Battle of Fort Ann. Americans under Livingston drive out, losing 128 cannon and stores

July 9

George Clinton declared elected first State Governor

July 12

General St. Clair arrived at Fort Edward

July 27

Jane McCrea murdered

July 30

Burgoyne reached Fort Edward

July 30

Governor Clinton took oath of office

August 4-22

Fort Stanwix (Fort Schuyler). Barry St. Leger attacked fort under Colonels Gansevoort and Willett

August 6

Battle of Oriskany. General Herkimer checked and mortally wounded in an ambuscade of Tories and Indians

August 12

General Benedict Arnold marched to relief of Fort Stanwix

August 16

Battle of Bennington. Colonel Baum defeated by General John Stark at Walloomsac

August 19

General Schuyler superseded by General Gates

August 21-22

Staten Island raided by General Sullivan and Colonel Ogden taking stores and 130 prisoners

August 23

Sir William Howe issued a proclamation of pardon

September 10

State legislature met at Kingston

September 18

Colonel Brown attacked British at Ticonderoga and on Lake George

September 19

First battle of Saratoga

September 20

Burgoyne fortified his camp

September 23

Battle of Diamond Island

October 3

General Clinton ascended Hudson to cooperate with Burgoyne

October 3

Five delegates chosen to Continental Congress

October 6

Forts Clinton and Montgomery captured by Sir Henry Clinton

October 7

Second battle of Saratoga; British defeated

October 13

Esopus attacked

October 13

Kingston burned

October 17

Saratoga; surrender of General Burgoyne



February 5

Commissioners for detecting and defeating conspiracies

February 6

New York approved Articles of Confederation

March 14

Embargo on flour, meal and grain

March 27

Act to regulate elections

April 1

Act to appoint a State Treasurer

April 3

Wages and prices regulated by law

May 24

Sir Henry Clinton took command of British Army in America

June 1

Cobleskill massacre by Brant

July 15

Washington at Haverstraw, White Plains, Fishkill Fredericksburg

July 18

Andruston massacre

July 21-31

Washington with Army at White Plains

August 31

Indian Field (Westchester County). Indians engaged with patriot forces

September 16

Westchester skirmish

September 28

Tappan skirmish

November 10

Cherry Valley massacre by Tories and Indians

December 3

Washington left New York for New Jersey

December 10

John Jay elected president of Continental Congress

December 25

Young's house skirmish



March 13

1,000 men raised for frontier defense

April 20

Expedition against Onondagas

June 1

Stony Point, Verplanck's Point (Fayette)

June 8

Washington at West Point, New Windsor, Stony Point, Peekskill

July 2

Poundridge skirmish

July 2

Bedford skirmish

July 16

Stony Point captured by General Wayne

July 19

West Point fortified by Americans

July 22

Minisink attacked by Indians under Brant

July 31

General Sullivan started his invasion of Indian country

August 5

Morrisania skirmish

August 22

Military expedition against Indians by colonel Brodhead

August 29

Newtown (Elmira); Tories and Indians defeated

August 30

Tarrytown skirmish

September 5

Lloyd's Neck skirmish

September 10

Indian village at Canadaigua burnt

September 14

Genesco, farther point reached by Sullivan's expedition

September 15

General Sullivan began his return from Indian country

September 23

State clothier appointed by law

September 28

John Jay chosen as commissioner to Spain

October 15

Act to prevent robberies in the State

October 22

Law of forfeiture of estates of Loyalists

October 23

Temporary government of Southern New York created

October 23

Commissioners named to pacify Indians

November 1

Washington left New York for New Jersey

November 7

Jefferds Neck skirmish

November 21

3,000 British troops departed from New York for Georgia

December 26

General Clinton with 8,500 men sailed for Savannah



January 18

Eastchester skirmish

February 3

Young's house (Four Corners) skirmish

February 14

Courts of common pleas revived

February 19

New York ceded her right to western lands to United States. Transfer made March 1st.

February 21

Act to regulate inns and taverns

February 26

Act to prevent profiteering

March 10

Sale of forfeited estates authorized

March 13

An act to repaid public highways

April 3

Riemensnyder's Bush destroyed by Indians

April 5

Harpersfield sacked

May 22

Caughnawaga attacked

May 22

Johnstown burned by Tories

June 23

Act to erect a fort at Schenectady

June 23

Act to pay for care of poor in five counties

June 24

Act to prevent monopoly in cattle

June 27

Washington at Ramapo

June 30

Act to grant exclusive right to make and sell "blubber and oyl"

July 1

Removal of families of Loyalists

July 30

Washington in Highlands, Peekskill

August 2

Mohawk Valley (Fort Plain) ravaged by Indians and Tories

August 3

General Benedict Arnold took command of fortress at West Point

September 18

Washington at Peekskill, Fishkill, Highlands, Tappan

September 21

Major Andre met General Arnold

September 23

Andre captured at Tarrytown

September 26

General Arnold fled to British sloop of war


Ann Lee organized Shakers at New Lebanon

October 2

Major Andre, after trial by court martial, hanged as spy at Tappan


Americans raided Staten Island

October 7

Act to expedite the payment of taxes

October 11

Fort George taken

October 15

Middleburg, Indian raid

October 17

Schoharie Indian raid

October 19

Fort Keyser (Palatine or Stone Arabia) attacked

October 29

German Flats, Indian raid

November 21

Coram (Fort George), L. I., attacked

November 23

Fort St. George (Smith Point), L. I., attacked


Indians made attacks in Hudson Valley and in Champlain County

December 6

Washington at New Windsor, West Point, Dobbs Ferry, Kingsbridge



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