The History of New York State
Book XI, Chapter II
Part XV

Editor, Dr. James Sullivan

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January 22

Morrisania skirmish

March 26

Act to restrain peddlers and hawkers

March 30

Punishment for adherence to King

March 31

Sale of forfeited estates facilitated

May 14

Croton River skirmish

June 27

Embargo laws repealed

July 1

Repeal of laws making paper money legal tender

July 3

Kingsbridge skirmish

July 6

French army joined Washington on Hudson

July 9

Currytown destroyed

July 10

Battle of Sharon Springs

July 15

Tarrytown skirmish

August 14

Washington decided to transfer army from New York to Virginia

August 22

Warwarsing skirmish

September 7

Fort Plain Indian Raid

October 10

Threadwells Neck skirmish

October 20

Mohawk Valley invaded by Indians

October 24

Battle of Johnstown. Last battle of the Revolution

October 30

Jerseyfield (West Canada Creek) Last skirmish of Revolution in New York

November 1

Tax on grain levied in Ulster county

November 20

County treasurers required to make returns of taxes



March 4

Morrisania. Captain Honeywell attacked De Lancey's loyalists

March 20

Order for census of white inhabitants

March 31

Washington at Newburgh, West Point, Highlands, Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga

April 1-30

Washington headquarters located at Newburgh

April 11

Incorporation of Bank of North America

April 13

Act to prevent illicit trading with enemy

April 14

Relief to tenants of forfeited lands


Sir Guy Carlton arrived to make terms of peace

July 12

Abolition of entails

July 22

Act to allow United States to apportion State's share of expense of war

July 24

Act to compel payment of back taxes

August 6-1783, August 19

Washington at Newburgh, Verplanck's Point, Dobbs ferry, Orangetown, Poughkeepsie, Albany



January 15

Lord Stirling died at Albany

February 14

Private lotteries forbidden

March 4

Act to encourage destruction of wolves and panthers

March 24

Offices of State agent and commissioners of prisoners abolished

March 25

Commissioners of Indian Affairs appointed

March 27

Commissioner for detecting and defeating conspiracies discharged

March 27

Temporary government for New York City provided

March 30

Law of naturalization passed

May 13

Order of Cincinnati founded near Fishkill

September 3

Ann Lee, founder of shakers in New York, died

September 7

Army disbanded

October 6

First Protestant Episcopal convention in New York

November 3

Thomas Coke arrived as first Methodist bishop

November 25

British evacuated New York City; Washington entered

November 26

Dr. Rodgers began to restore Presbyterian Churches

December 4

Dr. Rodgers Active on Long island and Staten Island

December 4

Washington bade farewell to officers at Fraunce's Tavern, New York City

November 18-December 16

Washington at West Point, Harlem, New York City



January 14

Congress ratified the definitive treaty of peace

May 1

University of State of New York established by Legislature



April 19

New York State executed deed of western lands to French government



July 26

New York ratified Constitution of United States



March 22

Duties levied on imported goods

April 6

Congress met in New York City as first national capital

April 30

Washington took oath as first president of the Federal Republic

October 22

Fort Stanwix treaty with Indians



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