The History of New York State
Book XI, Chapter II

Editor, Dr. James Sullivan

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"The American Revolution in New York: Its Political, Social and Economic Significance," prepared by the division of Archives and History, State of New York (Univ. State of New York, 1926), is the most recent, the most carefully compiled, the most comprehensive, and the most authoritative work on New York's part in the American Revolution. Some of the National sources are:

"Letters of members of Continental Congress," E. C. Burnett, ED.

"American Archives," by Peter Force.

"Documentary Source Book of American History," by Wm. MacDonald (N. Y., 1916).

"Diary of the American Revolution, 1764-88"(Oxford, 1923)

"Sources and Documents Illustrating the American Revolution, 1764-88" (Oxford, 1923)

"Journals of the Continental Congress" (Washington, 1904-22)

"The Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States," edited Francis Wharton (Wash., 1889)


General works include:

"The Colonial Background of the American Revolution." By C. M. Andrews (New Haven, 1924)

"A History of the United States and Its People," by E. M. Avery.

"The Eve of the Revolution," by C. L. Becker, in Vol. II, "Chronicles of America."

"The First American Civil War: First Period, 1775-78," by Henry Belcher (London, 1911)

"A History of the United States," by Edward Channing (N. Y. 1912)

"The Causes and Character of the American Revolution." By H. E. Egerton (Oxford, 1923)

"The Struggle for American Independence," S. G. Fisher

"The American Revolution," & "The Critical Period of American History," both by John Fiske.

"The Spirit of the Revolution," by J. C. Fitzpatrick (1924)

"The Rise of the Republic of the United States," by Richard Frothingham *1872)

"The Rise of the American People," Roland Green Usher (N. Y., 1916)

"The Foundation of American Nationality," by E. B. Greene, (N. Y., 1922)

"The American Nation." Series, Vols. 8, 9, and 10.

"Our Struggle for the Fourteenth Colony: Canada and the American Revolution," by J. H. Smith, N. Y., 1907.

"The American Revolution," by G. O. Trevelyn (N. Y. 1909-14)

"History of the American Revolution," by David Ramsay (1789)

"A Short History of the English People," by John Richard Green

"History of France," by Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot

"Minutes of Albany Committee of Correspondence, 1775-78," edited by James Sullivan

"Public Papers of George Clinton," By Hasting and Holden

"Messages of the Governors," by Lincoln

"Journals of Colonial Council and Colonial Assembly"

"Colonial Laws of New York, 1664 to the Revolution"

"Journals of New York Provincial Congress, 1775-77"

"Proceedings of the Assembly of the State of New York"

"Minutes of the Commissioners for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies," V. H. Paltsits, ed.

"Minutes of Council of Appointments, 17778-79" (N. Y. Hist. Soc. Coll., Vol. 48)

"Laws of the State of New York," Vol. 1

"New York Colonial Documents," by O'Callaghan

Vol XV of same, by Berthold Fernow

"Calendar of Historical Manuscripts" (2 vols., N. Y. Sec. Of State, 1868)

"Proceedings of State Senate".

Collections of N. Y. Hist. oc., Vols 1-5

Second series, Vols 1-4

Publication Series. 1-58

Jones Fund Series, Vols 1-4 (N. Y., 1811-1925)

"Minutes of Committee of Safety of Tryon county, N. Y.

"Hist. Reg. Of Officers of Cont. Army, 1775-83," by F. B. Heitman

New York in the Revolution as colony and State (State Comptroller, Albany, 1897, and supplement)

Balloting Book and Military Bounty Lands in N. Y. (Office Secretary of State, Albany, 1825)

"The New York Continental Line in the Army of the Revolution," by A. B. Gardiner (Mag Am Hist., 1881, Long Island)

"Campaign of 1776: Battle of Long Island," by T. W. Field (1869), L. I. Hist. Soc. Memoirs, Vol 2)

"Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut," by F. G. Mather

"Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County" (1846), by Henry Onderdonk, also his "Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk and Kings Counties" (1849)

"History of the County of Kings and City of Brooklyn," by H. R. Stiles (1884)

"History of Long Island," by H. I. Hazelton (1925)

New York City and Westchester County: the Battle of Pell's Point," by Wm. Abbott, (1901)

"Relics of the Revolution," (1916) and "Washington Heights," 1924), by R. P. Bolton

"The sons of Liberty in New York," by H. B. Dawson (1859)

"Battle of Harlem Heights," by H. P. Johnston (1897), also his :Campaign of 1776 Around New York and Brooklyn" (1878 Long Island Hist. Soc. Memoirs, Vol 3)

"Papers of N. Y. Mercantile Library Assn." (1861)

"The Iconography of Manhattan Island," by I. N. P. Stokes (1915-22)

"Landmarks of New York," by A. E. Peterson

'New York" by Theodore Roosevelt (1895)

"Memorial History of New York," J. G. Wilson (1893)

"History of New York City," by Martha Lamb

Hudson river Campaigns:

"History of West Point," E. C. Boynton (1863)

"The Struggle for the Hudson," by G. W. Cullum (in Winsor's "Narrative and Critical History," Vol VI)

"The Storming of Stony Point," by H. P. Johnston

"Obstructions to the Navigation of Hudson's River," E. M. Ruttenber (Albany, 1860)

"The Centennial of the United States Military Academy," (2 vols. By U. S. Military Academy, 1904)

Northern New York, 1775-76

"Memoirs of an American Lady," Mrs. Anne Grant (London, 1808)

"History of the Campaign for the Conquest of Canada," by C. H. Jones (1882)

"The Major operations of the Navies," by A. A. Mahan (1913)

"Lake George and Lake Champlain," by W. M. Reid (1910) Burgoyne Invasion, 1777

"Travels through the Interior Part of America," by Aubrey Thomas (1789)

"The Sexagenary," S. D. Bloodgood, ed. (Albany, 1833)

"Orderly Book of Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne," Ed. By E. B. O'Callaghan

"A State of the Expedition from Canada as Laid Before the House of Commons," by Gen. Burgoyne (London, 1780)

"Authentic Journal of Occurrences," by Roger lamb (Dublin, 1809)

"Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War," by James Thatcher (Boston, 1823)


The following is a list of Albany Publications:

"Old Saratoga and the Burgoyne Campaign," by J. H. Brandow

"The British Invasion of the North," by Wm. Digby

"Riedesel Memoirs," by Max Von Eelking

"Hadden's Journal of Canadian Operations and Saratoga Campaigns," by H. Roger s (1884)

"Burgoyne's Campaign," by Chas. Neilson (1926)

"Mme. Riedesel's Letters and Journals," trans. by W. L. Stone (1867)

"Burgoyne St. Leger Campaigns," by W. L. Stone (1877), also his "Letters of Brunswick and Hessian Officers," (1891)

"Battles of Saratoga," by Ellen H. Wadsworth (1891)

"Life of Philip Schuyler," by Philip Tuckerman

Battle of Bennington, 1777: "Centennial history," by F. W. Coburn

"Stark's Independent Command at Bennington," (N. Y. State Hist. Assn., Proc., 1905) by Foster and Streeter

"History of Western Mass.," by J. G. Holland

"History of Pittsfield, Mass.," by J. E. A. Smith

Mohawk Valley--Battle of Oriskany, 1777

"Annals of Tryon County," by W. W. Campbell (1831 and 1924)

"History of the Mohawk Valley," by nelson Greene (1925)

"Old New York Frontier," by Halsey

"Schenectady in the Revolution," (1925)

"The Northern Invasion of October, 1780," F. B. Hough, Ed.

"Orderly book of Sir John Johnson During the Oriskany Campaign, 1776-77" (W. L. Stone and others, Albany, 1882)

"The Mohawk Valley," by W. M. Reid (1901)

"The Battle of Oriskany," by Ellis H. Roberts

"The Frontiersmen of New York," by J. R. Simms (1882-83)

Western New York--Sullivan's Expedition: "Journals of Sullivan's Expedition against the Six Nations" (Compiled by Geo. S. Conover, under direction of F. C. Cook, Sec. Of state, 1887.)

"Sullivan's Campaign," by A. Tiffany Norton

"The Indians and the Border Warfare of the Revolution," by A. M. Davis, in Winsor's "Narrative and Critical History," Vol. VI

Seaver's "Life of Mary Jemison"

Publications of buffalo Historical Society



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