The History of New York State
Book 12 Chapter 21, Footnotes 

Editor, Dr. James Sullivan

Online Edition by Holice, Deb & Pam



Atwood, Willard Van Marter, The Country Newspaper.

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Cortissoz, Royal, Life of Whitelaw Reid.

Crockett, Albert Stephens, When James Gordon Bennett was Caliph of Bagdad.

Dana, Charles Anderson, Art of Newspaper Making.

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Hudson, Frederic, Journalism in the Untied States, 1690-1872.

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Martin, C. M. and B. E., the New York Press and Its Makers.

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Payne, George Henry, History of Journalism in the United States.

Seitz, Don Carlos, Horace Greeley; Life and Letters of Joseph Pulitzer; Training for the

Newspaper Trade.

Soltes, Mordecai; The Yiddish Press.

Stone, Melville E., Fifty Years a Journalist.

Stone, W. L., Colonial Newspaper Press; Early Newspaper Press of Boston and New York.

Sullivan, Mark, National Floodmarks.

Thorpe, Merle, The Coming Newspaper.

Villard, Oswald Garrison, Some Newspapers and Newspapermen.

Watterson, Henry, Marse Henry.

White, Will Allen, the Editor and his People.


The History of New York State, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., 1927

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