The History of New York State
Book III

Editor, Dr. James Sullivan

Online Edition by Holice, Deb & Pam


Chapter I:
#1 "History of Orange County,' Ruttenber, E. M.

Chapter II:
#1 "History of Rockland County," Cole, D.; "History of Rockland County," Green, F. B.

Chapter III:
#1 "History of Washington County," Gresham; "Washington County," Stone, W. L.

Chapter IV:
#1 "Olde Ulster Magazine," Brink, B. M.; "History of Ulster county," Clearwater, A. T.

Chapter V:
#1 "History of Columbia County," Ellis, F.; "Columbia at the End of the Century," Hudson Gazette."

Chapter VI:
#1 "History of Rensselaer County," Sylvester, N. B.; Landmarks of Rensselaer County," Anderson, G. B.; "Troy and Rensselaer County," Hayner, R.

Chapter VII:
#1 "Bi-Centennial History of Albany," Howell, G. R.
"Landmarks of Albany County," Parker, R. J.
"Early records of Albany," 3 volumes, Pearson, J.
"Albany a Place to Live," Chamber of Commerce.
"Albany City Compared with Other Cities," Chamber of Commerce.

Chapter VIII:
#1 "Our county and Its people," Anderson, G. B.; "Saratogian," Souvenir of 50th Anniversary.

Chapter IX:
#1 "History of Westchester County," Shonnard & Spooner, W. W.; "History of Westchester County," French, A. P.

Chapter X:
#1 "History of Greene County,' Beers and company; "Picturesque Catskills," DeLiser, R. L.

Chapter XI:
#1 "History of Putnam County," Blake, W. F.: "History of Putnam county," Pelletreau, W. S.

Chapter XII:
#1 "General History of the County," Smith, P. H.: "History of Dutchess County," Smith, J. H.; "Dutchess County in Colonial Days," Ackert, J. T.; "History of Dutchess County," Hasbrouck, F.; Publications of Dutchess County Historical Society.


The History of New York State, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., 1927

This book is owned by Pam Rietsch and is a part of the Mardos Memorial Library

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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