Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 19, Part II

By Holice and Debbie

On motion of Prosper M. Wetmore, it was finally resolved that the member, of the two Boards of the Common council be ex offico members if the committee to be appointed. The committee, the names of whose members are well-known to-day, was then announced as follows:

Cornelius W. Lawrence

Albert Gallatin

Preserved Fish

Samuel Hicks

Benjamin L. Swan

Dudley Selden

Jonathan Goodhue

Saul Alley

Prosper M. Wetmore

John T. Irving

John Pintard

George Newbould

Samuel B. Ruggles

Jas. G. King

William B. Astor

George Griswold

Enos T. Throop

Samuel Cowdrey

Thomas J. Oakley

George Wilson

Wm. T McCown

John G. Coster

Walter Bowne

James F. Boorman

Louis McLane

Jacob Lorillard

John S. Crary

Jacob Harvey

Reuben Withers

Ogden Hoffman

Charles King

Edward Sanford

John W. Leavitt

Adam Treadwell

John Leonad

Geo. G. Robbins

Wm. Neilson

Stephen Whitney

Joseph Bouchand

Jacob Morton

Mordecai M. Noah

Philip Hone

Wm. L. Stone

Rensselaer Havens

Charles W. Sanford

W. Van Wyck

D. F. Manice

John Kelly

H. C. De Rham

Isaac Bronson

Campbell B. White

John A. Stevens

James Lee

Geo. Douglas

Stephen Allen

John Fleming

John B. Lawrence

Wm. B. Townsend

Charles H. Russell

James Heard

Charles Graham

Geo. Ireland

John Y. Cobra

Samuel Jones

Charles Augustus Davis

Robert C. Wetmore

James D. P. Ogden

Andrew Warner

David Hall

James Conner

Robert White

Richard Parnell

Joseph Blunt

Samuel Ward

F. B. Cutting

John H. Howland

John Lang

Daniel Jackson

J. Palmer

Richard Riker

James Roosevelt, Jr.

Jas. Munroe

Richard McCarthy

Isaac S. Hone

Peter A. Jay

Amos Butler

Joseph D. Beers

David Bryson

Samuel Swartwout

Walter R. Jones

Philo L. Mills

Morris Robinson

Benjamin McVickar

John Haggerty

Charles Dennison

Geo. W. Lee

Wm. Churchill

Geo. Lovett

A. G. Worth

Edwin Lord

B. L. Woolley

Wm. Mitchell

Burr Wakeman

Wm. Leggett

James B. Murray

Peter A. Cowdrey

John L. Graham

Geo. D. Strong

Jonathan Lawrence

Cornelius Heyer

James Lawson

Samuel S. Howland

James Watson Webb

Wm. M. Price

John Delafield

Jas. McCride

M. M. Quackenboss

B. M. Brown

Wm. B. Crosby

G. C. Verplanck

Wm. Beach Lawrence

Joseph L. Josephs

S. H. Foster

T. T. Kissam

Robert Bogardus

Wm. Howard

Luman Reed

Robert Smith

M. Ulshoeffer

Samuel Thompson

Robert C. Cornell

P. G. Stuyvesant

David Hadden

Benjamin Strong

Wm. P. Hall

Isaac Townsend

Charles P. Clinch

Rufus L. Lord

J. R. Satterlee

David S. Jones

David Austin

Seth Geer

Robert Lenox

Perez Jones

Wm. Turner

- -

Scarcely had this committee been appointed, when a communication was received from the president of the Board of Trade announcing the names of a committee from that body to co-operate in the objects of the meeting. On motion of Mr. P. M. Wetmore it was resolved that the following gentlemen, deputed from the Board of Trade, be added to the above committee

Gabriel P. Disosway Robert Gaffrey Silas Brown
N. H. Weed George Underhill D. A. Cushman
Meigs D. Benjamin Marcus Wilbur Thomas Denny

An investigation was commenced on December 23 (Wednesday) and carried on in the grand jury room on Monday, before Col.Murray, the Chairman of the Committee of Citizens, aided by Justice Lownds, and Messrs. Ward and Jordan, of the Fire committee of the Board of Assistant Alderman, relative to the origin and cause of the fire. From a mass of testimony received from numerous merchants, clerks, and others, under oath, it appeared to be incontrovertibly established that the fire originated in the store No. 25 Merchant Street, and that it was seen simultaneously in the first and fourth stories of that building, occupied by Messrs. Comstock & Andrews, the two intermediate stories occupied on the Pearl Street side by Mr. Henry Barbaud, that a report like an explosion of a gas pipe was heard in No. 25 to proceed from No. 28, and soon after the flames seemed to have been enkindled on the first floor, and shot up with the rapidity of lightning through the scuttles in the several floors to the upper most story and through the roof. It was the opinion of the committee that it must have been produced by the bursting of a gas pipe, and the distribution of the gas, until it came in contact with the coal in the stove or grate, by which it was ignited. The store No. 25 had been closed a little after five o'clock, and the fires well secured to guard against any accident or injury therefrom. This was the result of a long and critical investigation, and proved that no blame attached to any one.

The Board of Assistant Aldermen held a meeting on the seventieth of December, 1835. There were present Messrs. Clark, Cleavland, Townsend, Curtis, Brady, Paulding, Whitney, Clinch, Stewart, Power, and Ward.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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