Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 23, Part XIII

By Holice and Debbie


Peter Maloney, President; Wm. Landers, Vice-President; George Moore, Secretary; Joseph Nelson, Treasurer; Geo. Y. Hughes, J. A. Robson, John Baulch, Honorary Members.

P. Smith

L. Rhodes

F. Martin

W. H. Roberts

J. Nelson

H. Fraser

P. McManus

J. Weber

G. A. Moore

W. Sophers

H. Centmore

S. Bailey

W. H. Landers

M. Meyers

G. W. Bush

C. L. Miller

W. Brennan

P. Platt

G. C. Reener

J. F. Mulholant

E. Allen

J. H. Fisher

J. Quin

J. Stringer

J. Fair

T. J. Carleton

H. C. Hofman

E. T. Simpson

J. Bowen

E. McArdle

W. J. O'Neil

W. Kelley

W. H. Vance

W. McLarty

J. Peffers

J. Daly

J. Cooper

M. Dowd

W. J. Nicholson

G. Mesmer

P. Miller

J. Hartshorn

J. H. Bond

T. L. Warren

J. B. Forster

W. P. Marvell

T. Angliss

J. Riely

J. Hart

P. Conway

T. J. Smith

J. Shields

E. Looney

H. Close

W. Elliott

A. J. Reeder

P. Kline

J. Keating

C. W. Roberts

A. Bowe

H. Metz

T. A. Cleaver

M. Bindy

S. Haysman

C. Freck

J. McLarty

W. Donnelly

J. Hartman

J. Donohue

T. Caldwell

R. Williams

John Nelson

J. Dixon

J. Riley

M. Knapp

Geo. Fisher

J. Schriner

H. Young

H. B. Vitty

James Smith

A. Evans

J. Furlong

C. McMurray

John Miller

M. Dunn

W. Condit

W/ Barrett

B. H. Curran

C. H. Bowland

W. Dalton

A. Smith

Wm. Kelly

H. Voght

J. Gordon

J. Svigs

Wm. S. Hanno

S. Bayly

A. Wilbers

J. Messmer

Wm. Donley


Lieutenant-Colonel, T. F. Sheehan; Major, J. Van Duersen;

Quartermaster, F. W. Ritschey; Adjutant, P. Schaller;

Surgeon, E. R. Duffy; Senior Captain, F. L. Schaefer;

Junior Captain, John Miller.

G. W. Martin

J. Hawk

A. F. Caswell

J. M. Platt

Josh Hatch

W. Dowling

D. De Voe

A. Wetherbee

L. Meek

W. Miller

C. Dow

J. Tierney

G. Hack

M. McLaughlin

G. Schmidt

J. Miller

F. Kane

H. Collyer

G. W. lent

S. Lippencott

R. Conklin

W. H. Clarkson

J. Whalen

H. Hempstead

T. Gore

J. Crimmins

J. Roundtree

J. Smith

M. McCormack

Chas. Ferris

W. Carroll

C. Burnham

G. Reynolds

J. Barber

J. Ewing

J. Jacques

C. Walters

W. Pfeffer

P. Madara

J. C. Craft

C. Earl

G. Harvey

N. Hollenbeck

J. Morton

S. J. Lowell

C. McCahill

Jas. Burns

A. Kleiner

M. Clements

P. Lennon

W. Fox

H. Boyd

D. R. Wood

T. Demerest

J. Sharkey

J. Eder

J. Bevier

J. Scheidt

J. Mosher

J. Ryan

J. Festger

M. Kane

L. Dyer

J. Bock

J. O'Dwyer

J. Walters

T. McGiff

F. H. Vedder

W. Ferguson

J. F. Quinn

H. Duinin

M. Daly


C. H. Throckmorton, President.

M'Carthy Drum Corps.

W. Pardee

James Smith

H. B. McCarram

Frank Hoffman

A. Wilson

S. R. Williams

Charles Fellman

G. H. Walters

Jacob Schnatz

C. F. Canfield

E. J. Smith

W. L. Flack

Jacob Roberson

P. Wannamacher

C. F. smith

John Duafin

P. E. Ward

W. Wilmot

R. Wilson

J. Woods

J. E. Purdy

D. Claffy

D. Ryer

W. B. Brown

W. F. McCoy

P. Hickey

W. H. Eaton

William Harding

W. Gager

J. D. Burns, Jr.

F. E. Bloom

John Dailey

Charles McGrath

E. J. Blair

W. W. Williams

J. O. Roberson

J. Kadley, Jr.

George Cavanagh

W. H. Jones

G. W. Overton

E. W. Fenton

Peter M. Bevins

D. B. Sullivan

J. J. Ford

S. Van Wart

W. P. Evans

C. H. Kaighin

R. H. Nelson

J. S. Hickey

W. F. Ewing

D. Higgins

W. H. Coutrie

E. A. Johnson

H. McCaffery

C. Ryan

B. J. Loonan

A. Heffert

Charles Eaton

J. J. Pardee

William Smith

G. J. Carlton, Jr.

J. H. Strauss

William Forster

G. Ryer

E. Line

A. F. Gugel

Parry Payne

J. B. Lawrence

J. Dolan

J. Berry

L. J. Daly

S. F. Deacon

J. G. Dryant

W. Van Wart

A. Prentiss, Jr.

C. C. Parish

P. Schnatz

P. Hickey

J. B. Ewing

J. H. Cornwall

J. Willse

S. D. Ward

John Nichols


The remarkable rapidity with which horses were hitched to engines now-a-days astonishes the multitude, and especially foreign visitors who are familiar with the workings of the Fire Departments in European cities. Quick time is made by the New York Fire Department of 1886, but does it make better time than that made by Protection Engine Company 5.

The Firemen's Journal of February 10, 1855, says:

"At half past one o'clock on Monday morning a fire broke out in the third story of building No. 140 Fulton Street. The alarm was quickly given, and in five minutes from the discovery of the fire engine Company No. 5, supplied with water by Hose Company No. 20, who was first on the ground, had a stream on the fire."

This was rather quick work, considering the Honey Bees and the Humane boys did not have the aid of electricity and horses, but they got to the fire quickly all the same.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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