Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 23, Part IX

By Holice and Debbie


Assistant Engineer WILLIAM HACKETT, Marshal.

Dodworth's Second Band.

Baxter Hook and Ladder Company No. 15.

Harry Howard Hose Company No. 55.

Mutual Hose Company No. 56.

Nassau Hose Company No. 56.

Paulding Hose Company No. 57.

New Jersey Brass Band.

M. T. Brennan Hose Company No. 60.

Forrest Hose Company No. 58.

Ion Hose Company No. 59.

Zephyr Hose Company No. 61.

Minute Hose Company No. 62.

North Carolina Band.


The City Authorities and their guests.

On the twenty-first of November, 1858, Hibernia Steam Engine Company No. 1, of Philadelphia, visited the city and were the guests of Americus Engine Company No. 6. The Exempt Firemen, called the "Old Guard," of which Mr. James L. Miller was president, gave the visitors a banquet at the St. Nicholas Hotel, at which Mayor Tiemann, Mr. W. T. Milliken, Mr. Morris Franklin, and Mr. R. H. Ellis spoke.

On Monday, October 17, 1859, the third Grand Triennial Parade of the Department took place. The engines had been brightened up, repainted, regilded, and decorated. A profusion of flowers adorned the engines and trucks and carriages. Early in the day a splendid banner was presented by the Common Council to the Department. Mayor Tiemann made the presentation speech, and Mr. Daniel Milliken responded.

By resolution the Board of Engineers recognized on parade "such companies disbanded by the Fire Commissioners as have been placed in service by the Common Council, unless previous to the parade the courts declare them legally disbanded, in which case they cannot parade." The uniform was as usual: fire caps, black pants, and firemen's red shirts. It was desired "that no invitation be extended to out-of-town companies for that day; but should any visiting companies appear, a place will be provided for them in the first division of the line."

Line of March.--The Department formed at ten o'clock A.M., on Fifth Avenue, right resting on Thirty-fifth Street, countermarched down Fifth Avenue to Fourteenth Street, to Eighth Avenue, to Bleecker Street, to Broadway; down Broadway, through the Park, to Chatham Street, to East Broadway, to Grand Street, to Bowery, to Fourth Avenue, to the Washington Statute (Union Park), marched around the statute and dismissed.

Invitations were issued to ex-chief engineers, ex-assistant engineers, Exempt Firemen's Association, Board of Fire Commissioners and Ex-Fire Commissioners, Exempt Engine Company, Board of Trustees of Fire Department, Board of Fire Wardens, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Fire Department, and all other officers of the Fire Department.

The Grand Marshal's special directions were:

Smoking in the line will be strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will cause the expulsion from the line of the person or persons so offending. In case of fire, the marshals of the several divisions will designate the companies to leave the line, and companies are directed to retain their positions until so ordered. Companies will be prohibited from taking their place in the line with more men then they are entitled to by law. Companies parading with steam engines are directed to take their place in the line without steam. No companies will be permitted to parade with more than one apparatus, except steamers who have tenders used in connection with their engines. * * * * the marshals will appear in dark clothes, red shirts, white comforters, brass trumpets, and their badges of office.

The line moved at noon in the following order, was three and one-half miles in length, and occupied more than one and one-half hours in passing a given point:


Assistant Engineer JOHN DECKER, Marshal.

Visiting Firemen of Volunteer Fire Department from other cities.


Assistant Engineer PETER N. CORNWELL, Marshal.

Colt's Hartford Band.

Open barouche with ex-Chiefs Uzziah Wenman, James Gulick, and Alfred Carson.

Ex-Assistant Engineers.

Association of Exempt Firemen.

Board of Fire Commissioners and Ex-Fire Commissioners.

Exempt Engine Company.

Officers and Trustees of the New York Fire Department.

New York Fire Department Banner, in charge of Harry Howard Hook and Ladder Company No. 11.

Grand Marshal and Special Aids.

Whitworth's Band.

Eagle Hose Company No. 1.

Hudson Engine Company No. 1.

Mutual Hook and Ladder Company No. 1.

Shelton's Drum Corps.

Excelsior Engine Company No. 2.

Niagara Hose Company No. 2.

Independence Hose Company No. 3.

Troy Cornet Band.

Niagara Engine Company No. 4.

Marion Hose Company No. 4.

Protection Engine Company No. 5.


Assistant Engineer Elisha Kingsland, Marshal.

Turner's Band.

Americus Engine Company No. 6.

New York Hose Company No. 5.

Croton Hose Company No. 6.

Yonkers Band.

Lexington Engine Company No. 7.

City Hose Company No. 8.

Chelsea Hook and Ladder Company No. 2.

Ringgold Band.

Ringgold Hose Company No. 7.

Columbian Hose Company No. 9.

Sing Sing Band.

Manhattan Engine Company with Tender, No. 8.

Liberty Hose Company No. 10.

Water Witch Engine Company No. 10.


Assistant Engineer WILLIAM T. MAWBEY, Marshal.

Sixth Regiment Band.

Marion Engine Company No. 9.

Phoenix Hook and Ladder Company No. 3.

Tompkins Band.

Oceanus Engine Company No. 11.

Minute Hose Company No. 12.

Gulick Band.

Gulick Hose Company No. 11.

Knickerbocker Engine Company No. 12.

Eagle Hook and Ladder Company No. 4.

Middleton Band.

Eagle Engine Company No. 13.

Jackson Hose Company No. 13.

Governor's Island Band.

Columbian Engine Company No. 14.

Tompkins Hose Company No. 16.

Eighth Regiment Drum Corps.

Atlantic Hose Company No. 15.

Chatham Engine Company no. 15.


Assistant Engineer TIMOTHY L. WEST, Marshal.

National Guard Band.

Excelsior Hose Company No. 14.

Clinton Hose Company No. 17.

Wannamaker's Band.

Mohawk Engine Company No. 16.

Franklin Hose Company No. 16.

Union Band.

Union Engine Company No. 18.

Lafayette Engine Company no. 19.

Liberty Band.

East River Engine Company no. 17.

Lafayette Hook and Ladder Company No. 6.

North Carolina Band.

American Hose Company No. 19.

Humane Hose Company No. 20.

Washington Band, Newark.

Washington Engine Company No. 20.

Hudson Hose Company No. 21.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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