Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 24, Part I

By Holice and Debbie



All Men of "Character and Undoubted Respectability." -- Chiefs whose names are household Words. -- The Pride and Boast of the Old fire Department. -- Their Term of Services and Deeds of heroism. -- An Unbroken succession of Leaders of the Old Volunteers.

There have been fourteen Chief Engineers of the Old Department but, owing to the meager records kept at the close of the last century, but little is known of the four first who were technically known as "Overseers." These men, without exception, had the very highest reputation for integrity and fitness. The remark of Mr. Carlisle Norwood is well worth quoting. Here it is:

"Every chief engineer was a man of character and of undoubted respectability."

The following is a tabulated list of those officers:

Anthony Lamb

1732 to 1736

Uzziah Wenman

1828 to 1831

Jacob Turk

1736 to 1761

James Gulick

1831 to 1836

Jacobus Stoutenburgh

1761 to 1776

John Ryker, Jr.

1836 to 1837

William J. Ellsworth

Combined term of

Cornelius V. Anderson

1837 to 1848

Thomas Brown

service-1791 to 1811

Alfred Carson

1848 to 1857

Thomas Franklin

1811 to 1824

Henry H. Howard

1857 to 1860

Jamieson Cox

1824 To 1828

John Decker

1860 to 1865


Assistant engineers in 1762

Samuel Bell and Jasper Ten Brook

Assistant Engineers in 1783

John Balthasar Dash, George Stanton, Francis Dominick, Jeronimus Alstyne, and George Waldegrove

Assistant Engineers in 1793

Isaac Mead, John Stagg, John Quackenboss, Thomas Hazard, Francis Bassett, and Ahasuerus Turk

Assistant Engineers in 1796

John Stagg, Isaac mead, Ahasuerus Turk, Thomas Hazard, John Post, and George Warner.

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