Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 48, Part IX

By Holice and Debbie

John Decker turned over to the new commissioners the following property:

Thirty four steam fire engines

Two hundred eighteen broken chairs.

Thirty six engine tenders

Two hundred and eighty six lanterns

Twenty five hand engines

Three hundred pails

Forty nine hose carriages

Two hundred twenty six brooms

Thirty nine jumpers

One hundred and forty five scrub brushes

Twenty one crabs

Ninety three Chamois

Eighteen hook and ladder trucks

One hundred thirty six axes

One thousand one hundred and ninety-seven lengths of leather hose. (59, 850 feet)

Two hundred six hooks in good order

One hundred and fifty-two and a half lengths of rubber hose. (7,625 feet)

Forty broken hooks

Four hundred and twenty eight feet Croton hose

Forty two picks

Eighty five and a half lengths of suction

One hundred and twelve ladders

Ninety nine brass pipes

One hundred fourteen sponges

Two copper pipes

Two hundred thirty eight mops

One hundred and fifty six leather pipes

Three hundred cans

Two thousand two hundred and forty six chairs in good order.

One hundred twenty eight hoisting apparatus

Ten striking apparatus

Seventy nine tables

Five wash basins

Five hundred fourteen wrenches

One iron safe

Fifty six screw wrenches

Ten field glasses

Eighty seven loads of wood

Eleven spy glasses

Twenty eight and a half tons of coal

Twelve pounds of cotton waste

Two hundred sixty chandeliers

One hammer

Eight hundred and six brackets

Seven spittoons

One hundred thirty six burners

One gas stand

Six hundred twenty three globes

Seven closets

Thirty two stoves and pipes

Fifteen dust brushes

Ninety four hose washers

Twelve clocks

One hundred eight jacks

Twenty seven coal scuttles

One hundred twenty four signals

Eleven monkey wrenches

Eight gallons of oil

Nineteen crowbars

Fifty one pitchforks

Fifteen decks

Five pipe holders

Seven hub wrenches

Two hundred and six straps

Six cap wrenches

Two hundred and seventeen ropes

One poker

One hundred ninety five and a half pendants

Seventy two side lamps

Fourteen benches

Twelve nozzles

Five oil feeders

Seven reducers

Two extra sets of wheels

Four extra tongues

One length hemp hose

Twenty four shovels

Two extra valves

Five slates

fourteen alarm bells

One book

Three eyelet punches

Ten water coolers

Three oil clothes

One extra lever

One mirror slab

Eight tool wrenches

Three shoemakers' seats

Five dust pans

Four hundred feet of hose butts

Fifteen mats

Two hose benches

Eight tin boilers

One platform scale

Three carpets

Ten bars of soap

One lounge

Sixteen pairs of hose butts

One large closet with pigeon holes

One windlass and fall

One letter press

Two work tubs.

Two screw chairs


Transcribed by Holice B. Young

HTML by Debbie

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