Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 52, Part VIII

By Holice and Debbie


Foreman-Hook and Ladder Co. No. 7

On the twenty-fourth of march, 1884, rescued Mrs. C. M. Maxwell, from a third story window, and carried her by a ladder to the street.


Private-Engine Co. No. 43

At the foot of West Eighteenth Street, on the fourth of April, 1884, jumped into the North river ands saved a boy, Henry J. Whittaker.


Privates-Hook and Ladder Co. No. 3, and,



Private-Engine Co. No. 5

At the St. George Flats, Nos. 223 and 225 East Seventeenth Street, on April 7, 1884, distinguished themselves conspicuously. The official record relates that "Upon arriving at the scene of the fire, Louis Castaigne, the elevator boy, was discovered at on of the seventh story windows calling for help, the fire having extended to rapidly as to make it impossible for him to come down the stairway. Being ordered by the company commander to scale the front of the building to rescue the imperiled boy, Binns at once proceeded to do so, followed by Graham and Barrett, while they were ascending from story to story by means of the scaling ladders, the long extension ladder of the company was raised to its full height, reaching to the sill of the sixth story windows. Private Binns, having reached the fifth story y means o the scaling ladder, stepped from thence to the extension ladder, carrying his scaling ladder with him, which he then hooked into the in window of the seventh story, and ascending it, found the boy in an exhausted and excited condition; he reassured and quieted him, and passed him down safely to his comrades below. Binns then made as thorough a search as practicable of the upper part of the building; descended to the fifth floor, where he was joined by Private Mulhare, of Hook and Ladder company No. 3, and found Robert W. Lockwood cut off from means of escape, who was aided to the street by way of the extension ladder. In recognition of the courage, agility, and good judgment so prominently displayed by private Binns on this occasion as well as of his other qualities, he was successively promoted assistant foreman and foreman. In the meantime it was learned that other occupants, who were seen at the upper windows on the side of the building, were in danger, and Private Mooney succeeded in rescuing Mrs. J. L. Lockwood, an invalid son, Louis Lockwood, aged nine years, and Jennie Wilson, a servant, from their perilous situation."


Private-Hook and Ladder Co. No. 9

At 20 and 22 Pell Street, on the twenty-fourth of April, 1884, proved himself a true hero. Walls had fallen, and fireman David H. Soden, of Engine Co. No. 11, was buried. At first only his cries would be heard. Presently he could be seen in danger of roasting alive from burning debris, and held down by wood, iron and bricks. Banta volunteered to cut his way to Soden and save him, and while comrades propped and held up the truck, Banta, with a saw, crow-bar, and axe, worked two hours before an ambulance surgeon could get near Soden to give him aid, stimulants having after the first hour been administered with a sponge.


Private-Engine Co. No. 24

At no. 2333 Bleecker Street, on the thirteenth of July, 1884, to rescue Mary E. Lane, who was appealing for aid from third story window, climbed to a second story window from a booth, and then, by a projection, to where the woman was. He tranquilized the woman until a ladder was raised, and carried her to the street. The smoke was so dense tht they could not be seen from below.


Fireman-Hook and Ladder Co. No. 8

At No. 374 Second avenue, on the seventeenth of May, 1884, endangered his life by dense smoke and intense heat to save an infant, Mary McDonald , who had been left in a room on the second story, and was insensible.

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