Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 53, Part III

By Holice and Debbie


The city is subdivided into thirteen districts, bounded as follows:

First District

Battery, North River, Chambers Street, and East River.

Second District

Chambers Street, North river, Houston Street, South Fifth avenue, and West Broadway.

Third District

Chambers Street, West Broadway, South Fifth Avenue, Houston Street, Crosby to Howard, to Elm, to Reade, to Centre, and Chambers Streets.

Fourth District

Chambers Street, Centre to Reade, to Elm, to Howard, to Crosby Streets, Houston Street, and East River.

Fifth District

Houston Street, North River, Twenty-third Street, and East River.

Sixth District

Twenty-third Street, North River, Fifty-ninth Street, and East River.

Seventh District

Fifty-ninth Street, North River, One hundred and Tenth Street, and Fifth Avenue.

Eighth District

Fifty-ninth Street, Fifth Avenue, One Hundred and Tenth Street, and East River.

Ninth District

One Hundred and Tenth Street, North River, Spuyten Duyvil Creek, Harlem River, and Eighth Avenue.

Tenth District

One Hundred and Tenth Street, Eighth Avenue, Harlem and East Rivers.

Eleventh District

East and Harlem Rivers, Kingsbridge and Fordham Roads, and Pelham Avenue, and Bronx River.

Twelfth District

Pelham Avenue, Fordham and Kingsbridge Roads, and Spuyten Duyvil Creek, North River, Westchester County, and Bronx River.

Thirteenth District

Governor's, Bedloe's and Ellis' Islands in the Bay, used and controlled by the United States Government for military purposes; Blackwell's, Ward's, Randall's, and North Brothers' Islands in the East River, used for charitable, correctional, and sanitary purposes by the city


No. 1

165 West Twenty-ninth Street.

No. 2

530 West Forty-third Street

No. 3

417 West Seventeenth Street

No. 4

39 Liberty Street

No. 5

340 East Fourteenth Street.

No. 6

100 Cedar Street.

No. 7

22 Chambers Street.

No. 8

165 East Fifty-first Street.

No. 9

55 East Broadway.

No. 10

8 Stone Street

No. 11

437 East Houston Street.

No. 12

261 William Street.

No. 13

99 Wooster Street.

No. 14

14 East Eighteenth Street.

No. 15

268 Henry Street.

No. 16

223 East Twenty-fifth Street

No. 17

91 Ludlow Street.

No. 18

132 West Tenth Street. (Fuel Depot No. 4)

No. 19

355 West Twenty-fifth Street (Fuel Depot No. 12)

No. 20

47 Marion Street.

No. 21

216 East Fortieth Street.

No. 22

East Eighty-fifth Street. (Fuel Depot No. 14)

No. 23

235 West Fifty-eighth Street.

No. 24

78 Morton Street (Fuel Depot No. 14.)

No. 25

342 Fifth Street.

No. 26

220 West Thirty-seventh Street.

No. 27

173 Franklin Street.

No. 28

604 East Eleventh Street.

No. 29

193 Fulton Street.

No. 30

253 Spring Street.

No. 31

116 Leonard Street

No. 32

108 John Street.

No. 33

15 Great Jones Street.

No. 34

440 West Thirty-third Street.

No 35

223 East One Hundred and Nineteenth Street.

No. 36

2333 Fourth Avenue.

No. 37

83 Lawrence Street.

No. 38

Tenth Avenue, between One Hundred and Fifty-fourth and One Hundred and Fifty-fifth Streets.

No. 39

159 Easy Sixty-seventh Street.

No. 40

Sixty-eight Street, between Tenth Avenue and Boulevard.

No. 41

501 North Third Avenue.

No. 42

Fulton Avenue, between One Hundred and Sixty-seventh and One Hundred and Sixty-eighth Streets.

No. 43

Floating Engine-Pier 1-North river.

No. 44

221 East Seventy-fifth Street.

No. 45

Division Street, near Boston Road.

No. 46

Morris Street, between Madison and Washington Avenues

No. 47

Tenth Avenue, between Ninety-seventh and Ninety-eighth Streets.

No. 48

Thomas Avenue, near Kingsbridge Road.

No. 49

Blackwell's Island.

No. 50

One Hundred and Sixth-sixth Street, between Washington and Third Avenue.

No. 51

Floating Engine-Pier 42-North River.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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