Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments

Chapter 54, Part VII

By Holice and Debbie

The companies represented and their representatives, members of the Board, are as follows:


James M. Halstead, President; David Adee, Secretary; W. H. Crobies, Assistant Secretary.

American Exchange

William Raynor, President; Thomas Clarke, Secretary; Robert L. Young, Assistant Secretary.


Hiram M. Forrester, President; E. B. Magnus, Secretary.


F. P. Furnald, President, B. T., Rhode, Jr., Secretary.


James M. McLean, president, E. A. Walton, Vice-President, Frank M. Parke, Secretary.


Samuel Townsend, President, D. J. Blauvelt, Secretary, A. L. Hyde, Assistant Secretary.


George T. Patter, Jr., President, C. E. W. Chamber, Secretary.


H. H. Lamport, President; F. C. Moore, Vice-President ; Cyrus Peck, Vice-President and Secretary; A. M. Kirby, Secretary Local Department; C. H. Dutcher, Secretary Brooklyn Department.


A. J. Clinton, President; Thomas J. Gaines, Secretary.

Empire City

Lindley Murray, Jr., President; David J. Burtis, Secretary.


Richard C. Combes, President; G. W. Montgomery, Secretary.


J. F. Halstead, President; Samuel Darbee, Secretary.


John W. Murray, Vice-President; James A. Silvey, Secretary.


Rudolph Garrigue, President; Hugo Schuman, Secretary.


Alfred A. Reeves, President; E. A. Holley, Secretary.


William C., Thompson, President; Walton K. Paye, Secretary.


D. D. Whitney, president; D. D. Leeds, Secretary.


B. S. Walcott, President; J. R. Lane, Vice-president; and Secretary; C. L. Roe, Assistant Secretary.


Charles J. Martin, President, D. A. Heald, Vice-president; J. H. Washburn, Vice-President and Secretary; T. B. Green and W. L. Bigelow, Assistant Secretaries.


Henry A. Oakley, President; Charles A. Hall, Vice-President and Secretary; George H. Allen, Assistant Secretary.


Samuel E. Belcher, President; William B. Flowery, Secretary.

King's County

William E. Horwill, President; E. S. Terhune, Secretary; C. J. Wolf, Assistant Secretary.


William W. Albro, President; S. D. Leverich, Vice-President; William B. Hodson, Secretary.

Long Island

Jonathan Ogden, President; Henry Blatchford, Secretary.

Manufacturers' and Builders'

Edward V. Low, P{resident; J. J. Nestell, Secretary.


William H. Hale, Vice-President; Walter Nichols, Secretary.


William A. Anderson, President; C. W. Parmelee, Secretary.


J. H. Morris, President; Isaac S. Mettler, Secretary.


D. F. Fernald, president; George F. Malby, Secretary; George Gill, Assistant Secretary,


Edward A. Moen, President; P. B. Armstrong, Secretary.


Thomas B. Jones, President; W. T. Lane, Secretary.


Henry T. Drowne, President; F. J. Walton, Secretary.

New York

David J. Underhill, President; A. Colson, Secretary.

New York Bowery

J. A. Delaney, Jr., President; Charles A. Blauvelt, Secretary.

New York Equitable

John Miller, President; Charles L. Gunn, Secretary.


Peter Notman, President; Thomas F. Goodrich, Vice-President; West Pollack, Secretary.


T. F. Jeremiah, President; Frank T. Stinson, Secretary.


William Jaffray, President; William Valentine, Secretary.


Frederick V. price, President; A. C. Milne, Secretary.

Peter Cooper

Nathan C. Ely, President; William H. Riblet, Secretary.


Stephen Crowell, President; W. R. Crowell, Vice-President; Philander Shaw, Secretary.


E. B. Fellows, President; Joseph Hanford, Secretary.


William M. ST. John, President; Robert H. Meyers, Secretary.


N. C. Miller, President; J. R. Smith, Vice-President; James M. Hodges, Secretary.


S. P. Patterson, president; G. B. Rhodes, Secretary.

United States

W. W. Underhill, President; Samuel craft, Vice-President; George e. Cook, Secretary.


G. R. Crawford, president; John O. Underhill, Secretary.

Williamsburg City

Edward Driggs, President; N. W. Mesrole, Secretary, F. H. Way, Assistant Secretary.



E. F. Bedell, manager; William W. Henshaw, Assistant Manager.


H. E. Bowers, Manager.

Norwich Union

Charles P. Frame, and J. M. Hare, Managers.


E. Harbers, Manager.

Phoenix of London

A. D. Irving, Manager; E. B. Clark, Assistant Manager.

London Assurance

B. Lockwood, Manager.

Liverpool, and London, and Globe

J. E. Pilsford, Manager; H. W. Eaton, Deputy Manager

Commercial Union

Alfred Pell, Manager; Charles Sewall, Assistant Manager.


E. Litchfield, Manager; George Pitchard, Assistant Manager.


J. A. McDonald, Manager.

London and Lancashire

James Yerance and J. Beavan, Joint Managers.

North British and Mercantile

Samuel P. Bladgen and Charles E. White, Managers.

Fire Association of London

A. B. M. Roome and Frank Lock, Joint Managers.


F. O. Affeld, Manager.

Sun of London

R. C. Rathbone, Agent.

Northern of London

H. H. Hall, Manager.


James A. Alexander

Aetna of Hartford

David Adee

Equitable and Merchants', of Providence

George M. Coit

Hartford of Hartford, Springfield and Franklin, Philadelphia

R. O. Glover

Mercantile and American of Boston

J. S. Hollinshead

Insurance Co. of State of Pennsylvania and Insurance Co. of North America, of Philadelphia

David L. Kirby

American and Firemens' of Newark

John Mulville.

American Central and Citizens', of St. Louis, Detroit and Michigan, of Detroit, and Farmers Mutual of York, Pa,

William. B. Ogden

Merchants' and Newark, of Newark, N. J.

Charles M. Peck

Imperial and City of London, London, Firemens' of San Francisco, Reliance, Fire Association, and United Firemen's of Philadelphia

T. J. Temple

New Hampshire, of Manchester, Citizens' of Pittsburgh, and Buffalo German.

E. A. Walton

Albany, of Albany.

John M. Whiton

St. Paul, of St. Paul

E. R. Kennedy and Samuel R. Weed

California, of San Francisco, Various Boston Underwriters, County and Spring Garden, Of Philadelphia, and marine, of St. Louis.

George H. Pell and E. Dwight, Jr.

Firemen's. of Baltimore, and People's and Boatmen's of Pittsburg..

John C. Mills and Charles H. Ford

Commercial, of San Francisco, and Traders', of Chicago.

N. L. Roosevelt, and William DeL. Boughton

Commerce, of Albany, Union, of San Francisco, Security, of New Haven, Firemen's, of Dayton, Ohio, and Atlantic, of Providence.

Edmund Driggs and F. H. Way

Sun, of San Francisco

Edward Rowell and R. G. Hone

Orient, of Hartford, and British America, of Toronto

George T. Patterson, Jr.

Concordia, of Milwaukee

Henry Honig

Gerard, of Philadelphia

Charles H. Post and J. T. McCurdy

Washington and Prescott, of Boston.

W. K. Lathrop and W. A. Scott

Lion and Scottish Union and national, of England, Providence, Washington, of Rhode Island, and Connecticut, of Hartford.

Peter Deye

Pennsylvania, of Pittsburg, and Citizen's, of Dayton

Frame & Hare

Pennsylvania and American, of Philadelphia, Manufacturers' and Merchants' and Western, of Pittsburg.

A. C. Quackenbush

Falls City, Kentucky and Jersey City of Newark.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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