The History of Otsego, NY 
Burlington Place Names


is located in the northwest part of the town, and contains three churches,--Methodist, Baptist, and Free-Will Baptist,--and the following business interests, viz., grist-mill, Edgar Bootman; tannery, Ellis C. Thompson; saw-mill, Bootman; wagon-shop, Wm. Cross; general stores, S. L. Kelsey, Alva Mayne, Mack & Arnold; grocery and drug-store, H. Arnold; physician, E. D. Hills; hotel, Joseph Furgeson; blacksmiths, William Cross, Dexter Wightman; shoe-shop, Asa Holcomb; cheese-factory, Sage & Co.; mill-wright, V. R. Hawkins; saw-mill, etc., I. C. & J. H. Chapin; milliners, Mrs. Mayne, Mrs. Heustis


is located near the centre of the town. It has two churches,--United Presbyterian and Baptist,--and the following business interests, viz., general store, Rutherford & Bolton; attorney-at-law, George S. Gorham; hotel, M. W. Denmark; grist-mill, Daniel A. Park; creamery, E. A. Sage; blacksmiths, D. N. Doran, William Rea; wagon-shop, William Rea and Mark Hall; cooper-shop, R. S. hall; shoe-shop, C. A. Bunnell; photographers, S.A. Fisher & Co.

This village at one time was a place of much more mercantile and manufacturing interest than at present, having a comb-factory, a hattery, two tanneries, an iron-foundry, a furniture-factory, three stores, two hotels, a cloth-dressing and wood-carding factory, and a card-factory.


as its name indicates, is located in the western part of the town, and has two churches,--an Episcopal and Baptist,--together with the following business places: general store, Bates & Pierson; groceries, M. Hitchcock; woolen-factory, J. B. Taylor; ladle-factory, F. W. Anderson; harness-shop, O. H. Fitch; cooper-shop, S. P. Bailey; hotel, M. A. Welch; blacksmith, S. Olive; carpenter, Lee Cushman; butcher, D. Cook; dressmaker, Mrs. H. Cook; justice of the peace, D. A. Bates, Esq.; postmaster, Lewis Breese.

The Good Templars have a lodge here, of which F. W. Anderson is W.C.T., Miss Slocum, W.V.T., and Dexter Parker, Secretary.

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