Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY
Reuben Hale Biography

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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The subject of this sketch was born in Franklin, Delaware Co., Sept. 21, 1822. He was third child in a family of four children (two sons and two daughters) of Levi Hale and Emily Mills. The former was a native of New Hartford, Conn., born Sept. 6, 1791. Left Connecticut in the year 1805, ame to Franklin, and settled there with his father, Reuben Hale. Was married Sept. 8, 1818. Remained in that town as a farmer until 1844, and removed to the town of Otsego, Otsego co., where he died Aug. 16, 1866, and his remains are buried on the homestead now occupied by his son Reuben.

The Hale family, representing the line to which the subject of this memoir belongs, is descended from Samuel Hale, who emigrated from England, and settled in Weathersfield, Conn., 1635 Many of the first men of the nation have sprung from this family, and to-day represent many positions in connection with the affairs of state in the United States, viz., the late Reuben C. hale of Philadelphia, quartermaster-general of the State of Pennsylvania during the Rebellion; Rev. Charles Reuben Hale, of the Episcopal church, residing in New York city; Rev. Sr. Albert hale, of Springfield, Ill., and Rev. George Hale, of Philadelphia, both of the Presbyterian church; and the wife and mother of the late Secretary of the Navy, Hon. Gideon Welles, who now resides at Hartford, Conn. The latter Emily Mills, was born in Great Barrington, Conn., June 5, 1801, and was supposed to be of English descent. She died June 2, 1873.

Of Levi Hale’s family only two children survive; Celestia, wife of Nicholas Sigabie, of Otego, and Reuben. Eunice became the wife of George Scramling, and died July 24, 1840. Albro A. Hale died young.

Reuben worked at home on the farm with his father, and since his father’s death has owned and occupied the homestead first settled upon in coming to Otsego County, a view of which, with the portraits of Reuben Hale and his wife, will be found on another page of this work.

At the age of thirty-one, and in the year 1853, Feb. 22, she married Miss Helen Ann (born May 31, 1835), daughter of Hon. Harvey Hunt and Louisa Scofield of Otego; the former was a son of Ransom Hunt, one of the first settlers of the town, and who came here in the year of 1800; and what is now Otego for many years was called "Huntsville." The latter was only three years of age when she came to Otego with her parents from Troy, N. Y. She died in March, 1843, leaving a family of six children, mostly small.

Reuben Hale is among the representative farmers of the town in which he lives. In politics a Republican, has represented his town as a supervisor one term, and was connected with the railroad interest as town commissioner, which offices have been filled with honor to himself and satisfaction to his constituents.

To Mr. and Mrs. Hale have been born four children: George, at present postmaster of Otego; Emma Louise, wife of W. S. Fleming, of Otego; John P. (died at the age of five years), and Celestia Alice. (The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878)