The History of Otsego, NY 
Names of Citizens
Cherry Valley


Clark, George

Groceries, Provisions, etc., b. Otsego Co., in 1827, p. o. add. Cherry Valley.

Furmin, Walter

Dry Goods, Carpets, Paper Hanging, etc., b. Montgomery co., s. 1871, p. o. add. Cherry Valley.

Ludlam, Samuel

Undertaker and furniture, b. Otsego Co., in 1837, p. o. add. Cherry Valley.

McLean, Charles

Publisher Cherry Valley Gazette 1834 to 1847, County Clerk, 1847 to 1849, Justice of the Peace since 1840, b. Oneida Co., s. 1813, p. o. add. Cherry Valley.

Merritt, George

Physician and surgeon, President of Village of Cherry Valley since 1860, Supervisor 1864, re-elected 1875, b. Otsego Co., in 1829, p. o. add. Cherry Valley.

Sawyer, J. L.

Publisher Cherry Valley Gazette, b. Compton Co., Prov. Quebec, s. 1863, p. o. add, Cherry Valley.

Walrath, Eph.

Groceries, Provisions, Paints, Oils, etc. b, Montgomery Co., s. 1864, p. o. add. Cherry Valley.

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