The History of Otsego, NY 
Names of Citizens


Carr, Farm

Dairy, and Hops, b. New York, s. 1813, p. o. add. Laurens.

Fields, W. C.

Retired Merchant, s. 1812, p. o. add. Laurens.

Fisher, E. S.

Carriage Manufacturer, b. New York, s, 1833, p. o. add. Laurens.

Herrick, E. C.

Grist-mill, b. New York, s. 1859, p. o. add. Laurens.

Harrison, Mrs. M.

(always lived on farm), b. New York, s. 1807, p. o. add. Laurens.

Hayward, Allen

West Laurens, Pastor of Christian Church, b. New York, s. 1838, p. o. add. West Laurens.

Kidder, Col. J. S.

Carriage Manufacturer, b. England, s. 1830, p. o..add. Laurens.

Keyes, H.

Mt. Vision, Farmer, (retired merchant), b. New York, s. 1804, p. o. add. Mt. Vision.

Peet, L. S.

dry goods, Groceries, Drugs, and Medicine, b. New York, s. 1851, p. o. add. Laurens.

Sleeper, Hudson

Dist. No. 2, Farm, Dairy, and Hops, b. New York, s. 1802, p. o. add. Laurens.

Tiffany, T.

Mt. Vision, Farm, Dairy, and mechanic, b. New York, s. 1798, p. o. add. Mt. Vision.

Tucker, Lee

West Laurens, Farmer and Conveyancer, b. New York. 1840, p. o. add. West Laurens.

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