The History of Otsego, NY 
Names of Citizens


Birdsall, W.

Farming, b. Otego, 1869, p. o. add. Otego

Birdsall, E. G.

Dairying and farming, b. Otsego 1839, p. o. add. Otego

Hale, G. A.

Merchant and Postmaster, b. Otego, 1853, p. o. add. Otego

Jennings, A.

Milling (highest market price paid for all kinds of grain), b. Montgomery Co., s. 1865, p. o. add. Otego

Northup, Stephen D.

Farming and Dairying, b. Otego Co. in 1834, p. o. add. Otego

Sliter, Wm. J.

Eagle Hotel (livery connected with hotel), Sample and Bathrooms, b. Chenango Co., s. 1876, p. o. add. Otego

Smith, S. E.

Appraiser in New York Customs House, ex-Member legislature, b. Otsego Co. in 1823, p. o. add. Otego

Smith, Chas. S.

Civil Engineer, b. Otego Co. in 1837, p. o. add. Otego

Spilker, Edw.

Farming and Dairying, b. Pymont, Prus., s. 1877, p. o. add. Otego

Sigabee, Celestia

Farming and Dairying, b. Delaware Co. s. 1842, p. o. add. Otego

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