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Morris History

Organization - Geographical - Topographical - First Settlers and Their Locations - Initial Events - Incidents - First Town-Meeting -- Officers elected - Supervisors and town Clerks from Organization of the town to 1878 - Present Town Officials - Agricultural and General Statistics - Area - Equalized and Assessed Valuation -- Population from Organization of town to 1878.

This town was organized from Butternuts on the 6th day of April, 1849. It is one of the western tier of towns, and bounded as follows: on the north by Pittsfield and New Lisbon; on the east by New Lisbon and Laurens; on the south by Butternuts; and on the west by Butternuts and the Unadilla River which separates it from Chenango County. Butternuts Creek flows southwest through nearly the centre of the town, and divides its surface into two ridges or hilly uplands, which are well adapted to agricultural pursuits. The western ridge terminates in a steep bluff bordering on the Unadilla River. The soil in the valleys is a gravelly loam, very fertile, while on the uplands it consists chiefly of clay, and gravel.

The first settlements in Morris was made in about the year 1770.



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