Otsego Town, Otsego, NY
Military Record


The town clerk of Otsego for the year 1865 failed to compile a list of those who entered the Rebellion from the town, as directed by the legislature of that year; consequently there is no record in existence showing either the names or number of men furnished by this town. It is very difficult at this distance of time from the Rebellion to compile a perfect list, although we have endeavored to do so, and were ably assisted by Leonard W. Baldwin, of Oaksville.

DeWitt C. Niles

enl in Co. D, 16th US Inf.

Horace Ingalls

enl in Co. K, 14 US Inf.

M. J. Eldred

enl in Co. F, 114th Regt.

E. Butts

enl in Co. F, 121st Regt.

Will Landon

enl in Co. A, 43rd Regt.

D. Salisberry

enl in Co. A, 10th Regt.

A. F. Clark

enl in Co. A, 1st L. Art.

Ira W. Wright

com-sergt, enl in Co. F, 121st Regt.

Leonard W. Baldwin

enl in Co. G, 152nd Regt.

David Lindsay

enl in Co. G, 152nd Regt.

T. M. Doubleday

enl inCo. G. 152nd Regt.

Geo. Johnson

enl in Co. G 152nd. Regt.

D. F. Van Court, MD

enl in Co. G 34th Regt.

Roswell Stephenson

enl in Co. H 152nd Rrgt.

D. B. Kimball

enl in Co. H 152nd Regt.

Frank Davidson

enl in Co. G 121st Regt.

N.. Merkwell

enl in Co. F121st. Regt.

Clark Story

enl in Co. A 152nd Regt.

Harlow Pickens


Emmet Irons

enl in Co. K 125th Regt.

John Thornton

enl in Co. K 76th Regt.


enl in Co. A 1st NY L. Art.

Ephraim Rexford

enl in Co. A 1st NY L. Art.

James Brown

Ambrose Hadsell


Delos Lake


Hosea Williams, enl in Co. F 44th Regt.

A. Arnold


James Bowmaker

enl in Co. G 152nd. Regt.

Edward Townsend

enl in Co. G 152nd Regt.

Morell Cheesebrough

enl in Co. M 3rd Cav.

Stephen Cheesebrough

enl in 164th Regt.

Herman Hoses

enl in Co. G 152nd Regt.

Elliott Irons


Frederick T.Jarvis

enl in Co. I 152nd Regt.

Frank Jarvis


John Lasher

enl in Co. H 152nd Regt.

Geo. Cooperhall

enl in Co. H 152nd Regt.

Charles Colton

enl in 1st NY Eng.

Pomeroy Austin

enl in Co. F 121st Regt.

John Bristol

enl in Co. F 121st Regt.

Charles Metcalf,

corp, enl in Co. F, 121st. Regt.

James F. Clark,

2d Lieut, enl in 121st. Regt.

Pomeroy Austin

121st Regt; lost an arm at Salem church, VA.

Ambrose Hadwell

43rd Regt.

Ephraim Rexford

Bates' Battery.

Charles Smith,

enl in the artillery; was in many battles.

The following are deceased:

Lyman Williams

Co. F 121st. Regt.

Henry Gartson

Co. F 43rd Regt.

Solomon Townsend

Co. F 121st Regt.

Freeman W. Alger

Co. F 121st Regt.

James Lindsay

Co. F 121st. Regt.

Daniel Baldwin

Co. F 121st. Regt.

Albert Post

Co. A 43rd Regt.

Fitch Metcalf

Co. A 43rd Regt.

A. McDaniels

Co. A 76th Regt

Eugene Lewis

Co. F 121st. Regt.

Quartus Colton

Co. A 43rd Regt.

Matthew Flandsbargh

Co. E 121st. Regt.

Cephus Irons

Co. E 121st Regt.

Eugene Alger

Co. F 121st. Regt.

George Taylor


Harley Williams


Josiah Hinds

1stLieut, Co. G. 152nd Regt.

Fairfield Wilson

Lewis Shelman

Co. F 142nd Regt.

Wm. Griffin


Parker Coats

Co. G 152nd Regt.

*From The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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