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BOWRON. Joseph Bowron was born in Staindrop, England, and died at Champlain, New York, March 23, 1857, aged seventy-eight years. He came to America when a young man and located for a short time in North Carolina with two brothers, one of whom located finally in New York City, and the other in Peru, Clinton County, New York. About 1792 Joseph Bowron located at Champlain and bought a large tract of \wild land, which he cleared and cultivated. Besides his own farming he made a business of clearing land by contract in Champlain and vicinity. He was a Quaker in religion, and his letter of recommendation from England is still in the possession of the family; now of Mrs. James Dickinson. The latter reads:

"To The Friends of the Monthly Meeting of New York in America:

"Dear Friends:

"These may inform you that Joseph Bowron, a young man who was born of parents professing with us the people called Quakers, did some time since remove from within the compass of our Monthly Meeting and as understand hath settled somewhere in the vicinity of New York. We have therefore to certify on his behalf that he was deemed in membership with us, and left us so far as we know free from debt or marriage contract, as such we recommend him to your friendly care and oversight. Desiring he may walk in uprightness of life and conversation as becometh our holy professions, and remains your Friends and Brethren. Read in and approved by our Monthly Meeting of Staindrop, held at Staindrop the 28th of 8 month of 1792 and signed in and one behalf of the same by John Applegarth, John Dodshon, George Costes, Jr., Thos. Pearson, Caleb Wilson, Ralph Dixon, John Dixon, Caleb Bowron, Joseph Allison, George Dixon, Benjamin Boyns (?). William Applegarth and William Wigham (?)."

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He married October 1, 1798, Mary fox, born March 4, 1781, who came to this country from Cathermoorside, England. She had brothers and sisters: Ann Fox, born March 25, 1774; John Fox, April 10, 1776; Thomas, December 14, 1778; William Fox, July 16, 1780. Children of Joseph Bowron: 1. Sarah, born January 13, 1800; died March 16, 1871; married Deacon Cyrus Savage; children: i. Charlotte Savage, married John King, ii. Frances Savage, married F. P. Huntington, iii. Pamelia Savage, married Charles Evest, iv. El Savage, v. Sarah Savage, married E. G. Moore. 2. Anne, November 14, 1801, died in infancy. 3. Jacob, August 14, 1803, died February 16, 1883; married Polly Kellogg; child, Helen, married B. F. Woodward. 4. William, January 1, 1806, died August, 1838; married Phebe ---------; children: i. Cynthia, married Henry Chase, ii. Elizabeth, married William A. Crane, iii, Thomas, married Helen ---------, iv. Mary, married Henry Twist. 5. Henry, September 1, 1807; died June 21, 1885, married Helen Campbell; children, i. Henry C., ii. Niles, iii. Canie, died July 13, 1876, iv. Frances, died September 5, 1841; v. Frances, vi. Frederic, died March 8, 1857. 6. Thomas Fox, November 27, 1809; died young. 7. Joseph, mentioned below. 8. Benjamin, April 14, 1814; died January 28, 1836. 9. Mary, March 1, 1817; died March 7, 1849; married James Dodds. 10. Ann Eliza, November 24, 1818; died October 19, 1871. 11. Cynthia, April 29, 1822; died August 11, 1899; married William Shepard Woodward. 12. Martha, October 18, 1824; died September 11, 1898; married John Bigelow.

(II) Joseph (2) son of Joseph 91) Bowron, was born in Champlain, New York, February 8, 1812. He attended the district schools and learned the trade of carpenter in his youth and also became proficient in various other trades, being naturally of a mechanical turn of mind and skillful with all kinds of tools. He followed the trade of carpenter and builder most of his active life and also conducted a farm. After his death his widow remained on the homestead, and was cared for by her son Seth. He married, May 18, 1830, Martha Jane Ford, who died May 1, 1880, aged seventy-two years. Children, born at Champlain: 1. Benjamin William, September 6, 1837; married Franzilla Dickinson, October 18, 1870; she was born March 5, 1837, at Chazy, New York, daughter of Thomas and Nancie (Northrop) Dickinson, of Castleton, Vermont; child, Nancie D., October 3, 1873. 2. Freeman Hawkins, May 31, 1839; married Calla Earl; resides at aurora, Illinois. 3. Lyman Eastman; November 13, 1841; mentioned below. 4. Albert Gallatin, July 26, 1846; living in Kingman, Kansas; married Adaline Albee, children: i. Frank, ii. Florence, died September, 1900, iii. Thomas, born 1892. 5. Cyrus Dexter, 31, 1849; living in the State of Washington, town of Davenport. 6. Alice Catherine, November 7, 1851; married, December 18, 1880, James Dickinson. 7. Joseph Henry, December 14, 1856; married Emma Coasts; living in Missouri; children; i. Sarah Martha, April 2, 1885, ii. Joseph William.

(III) Lyman Eastman, son of Joseph (2) Bowron, was born at Champlain, November 13, 1841. He was educated in the public schools and in early life worked on the farm. After his mother died, he left home, and in the spring of 1860 located at Bangor, New York. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted in October, 1861, in Company D, Ninety-eighth New York Volunteer Infantry, for three years. At the end of two years he re-enlisted for another three years. He was wounded September 29, 1864, at the battle of Fort Harrison, by a gunshot would in the right elbow, necessitating the amputation of the arm. This disability caused his discharge from the service and in January following he returned to his home at Rouse's Point, New York, and entered the custom house service. A few years later he embarked in business in partnership with his brother, Benjamin W. Bow-

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ron, in conducting a general store at Rouse's Point, under the firm name of Bowron Brothers. For the next thirty years the brothers enjoyed a large and flourishing trade. In 1899 he bought out the interests of his brother and admitted to partnership his own son under the firm name of Bowron & Sons, continuing successfully until 1908, when they sold the business and retired. In politics Mr. Bowron is a staunch Republican. He was supervisor of the town seven years, from 1901 to 1908, and had a large influence in town and county affairs. He is occupied largely since he retired from business in the care of his real estate in the vicinity. He is one of the best known and most highly esteemed citizens of the town, of sterling character, strict integrity and great public spirit. He married (first) Nellie, daughter of John Walker, of Montreal, Canada. He married (second) Phebe, daughter of Bernard Leonard, of Rouse's Point, New York. He had by his first wife one child, 1. John Walker, born March 7, 1874; was a partner in his father's business until it was sold; was appointed postmaster of Rouse's Point in 1906 by President Roosevelt and had held the office since that time.

HUBBELL. The Hubbell family is probably of Danish original and the name is believed to have been derived from "Hubba," a Danish chief, who settled in Britain in the ninth century, and the Anglo-Saxon word "hill." From "Hubba's hill" the name Hubhill was derived, and from that the surname Hubbell. The family is largely represented in all parts of the United States.

(I) Richard Hubbell, the first of the name in America, was born in Great Britain in 1627-28. The exact date of his arrival in New England is not known, but it must have been between 1645 and 1647, because on March 7th, of the latter year, he took the oath of fidelity to the government of the New Haven colony. He was admitted a planter in Guilford, Connecticut, February 25, 1653-54, and lived there until 1664, when he and his family removed to Pequonnock, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He died October 23, 1699, aged about seventy-two years. In 1650 he married Elizabeth, daughter of John, and granddaughter of Vincent Meigs, of Dorsetshire, England. Children of first wife: 1. John, born about 1652. 2. Richard, 1654, mentioned below. 3. James, 1656. 4. Samuel, November 6, 1657. 5. Elizabeth, November 16, 1659. 6. Ebenezer. 7. Mary. 8. Martha. Children of second wife: 9, Samuel. 10. Abigail. 11. Sarah. 12. James. Children of third wife: 13. Joseph. 14. John, born April, 1691.

(II) Richard (2), son of Richard (10 Hubbell, was born in 1654, at Guilford, Connecticut. He married (first), November 5, 1685, Rebecca, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Morehouse. She died April 2d, 1692. He married (second) Hannah Silway or Sillman, of Malden, Massachusetts, October 12, 1692. Children of first wife: 1. Peer, born august 10, 1686, mentioned below. 2. Ebenezer, September 19, 1687. 3. Elizabeth, October 23, 1689. 4. Jonathan, March 25, 1692. Children of second wife: 5. Zechariah, August 25, 1694. 6. Richard, October 20, 1696. 7. Hannah, July 7, 1698. 8. Eleazer, August 15, 1700. 9. Nathaniel, August 11, 1702. 10. Margery, January 17, 1704-05. 11. Abigail, ?September 19, 1709.

(III) Peter, son of Richard (2) Hubbell, was born August 10, 1686, in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married (first) Katherine wheeler, of Stratfield Parish, Fairfield County, January 19, 1709. She died March 16, 1742. He married (second) Sarah -----------, who died in 1780. Children of first wife: 1. Ephraim, born December 21, 1712. 2. Peter, April 15, 1715. 3. Ezra., February 28, 1717. 4. Sarah, February 27, 1719. 5. Jedediah, August 22, 1720. 6. Matthew, September 4, 1723, mentioned below. 7. Gideon, April 28, 1726. 8. Comfort, November 10, 1729. 9. Kath-

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erine, July, 1732. 10. Enoch, august 10, 1735. 11. Silas, February 24, 1738. Children of second wife: 12. Rhoda, May 31, 1745. 13. Mary, November 21, 1746. 14. Phebe, December 21, 1748.

(IV) Matthew, son of Peter Hubbell, was born September 4, 1723. He married, December 6, 1743, Abigail Hawley. In 1770 he moved to Lanesborough, Massachusetts, from Woodbury, Connecticut. Children: 1. Ann, baptized December 28, 1744. 2. Annah, baptized December 28, 1740. 3. Silas. 4. Wolcott, born 1754, mentioned below. 5. Matthew, 1762. 6. Sarah. 7. Calvin. October 29, 1764.

(V) Wolcott, son of Matthew Hubbell, was born in Woodbury, Connecticut, in 1754. When about fifteen years of age he removed with his father to Lanesborough, Massachusetts. He fought at the battle of Bennington, in the Revolution; was afterwards state senator, and for many years judge of one of the courts of Berkshire County. At the age of twenty he married Mary, daughter of Major Thaddeus Curtis. Children; 1. Silas P. 2. Wolcott. 3. Julius Caesar, born April 17, 1787, mentioned below. 4. Loring Curtis, April 1, 1798. 5. Algernon Sidney, born about 1800. 6. Eunice. 7. Elizabeth. 8. Mary,. 9. Nancy.

(VI) Julius Caesar, son of Wolcott Hubbell,, was born at Lanesborough, Massachusetts, April 17, 1787, died at Chazy, New York, aged ninety-three years. At the age of fifteen yeas he walked from Lanesborough, Massachusetts, to Burlington, Vermont; there took a oat and rowed to the mouth of Champlain River, now the Big Chazy River, and walked to Champlain, where his brother, Silas P. Hubbell, was practicing law, he having gone there some years previous. There he studied law with his brother, serving some seven years, the last three years doing most of the office business. He later walked from Champlain to Chazy, where he established himself in the profession of law, which e continued successfully until his death. He married Anna, daughter of Judge Pliny Moore, of Champlain, New York (see Moore). Children; 1. Pliny Moore, born October 29, 1812, died November, 26, 1827. 2. Mary Caroline, born May 28, 1814, died April 22, 1831. 3. Martha ann. June 24, 1816. 4. Susan Catharine, April 19, 1823, married Henry C. Seymour. 5. George, died young. 6. George Wolcott, October 12, 1828, died young. 7. John Wolcott, mentioned below.

(VII) John Wolcott, son of Julius Caesar Hubbell, was born at Chazy, New York, April 28, 1830. He was educated in the public schools of his native place and at Keeseville, New York. He then attended school at the Williston Seminary, East Hampson, Massachusetts, and at Manchester, Vermont, where he finished his studies. He then returned home to Chazy, and engaged in farming. He assisted his father in his office for some time, and has been a notary public for many years, he was station agent for seven years, from 1877. He was a member of ------------ Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and a Democrat in politics. He married Margaret Louise, born in Plattsburgh, New York, daughter of Judge George M. and Hannah Elizabeth (Mooers) Beckwith, the latter of whom was the daughter of General Benjamin Mooers. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbell are the parents of eleven children, all born in the house where he now resides. Children; 1. Anna Moore, born December 5, 1857; married C. H. Jones; child, Daisy. 2. Elizabeth Beckwith, born august 31, 1859; married N. W. Fisk, of Isle La Motts. 3. Mary Caroline, born May 26, 1861; married John W. North; child, Edgerton. 4. Julius Caesar, born June 4, 1863; banker and real estate operator of Ellensburgh, Washington; member of state legislature; married Carrie E. Loomis, of ST. Albans, Vermont; children: Wolcott, Frances. Beckwith and Ruth. 5. George Loring, born October 18, 1865; resides in Garden City, Long Island, manger of estates; married Eliza S., Platt, of Poughkeepsie, New York; children:

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John, Loring, Sheridan, Margaret and Elizabeth. 6. Margaret Susan, born January 18, 1868; married Alaric Start; child, Cedric H. 7. Martha Ann, born March 11, 1871; married Dr. J. S. Stetson, of New York; children: Helen and Martha Ann. 8. Lucy S., born September 17, 1873. 9. John Stuart, born February 1, 1875; mechanic. 10, Jennie, born December 25, 1877, died aged one year, eight months and six days. 11. Richard Wolcott, born May 30, 1880; assistant cashier of Sherman Bank, New York; married Lucy Embury.

FAIRBANK. Jonathan Fairbanks or Fairbank, immigrant ancestor, was born in England before 1600, and came to Boston with his family in 1633. He remained there about three years, then settled in Dedham, where he was pioneer, and a signer of the Dedham convenant. His house is still standing in Dedham, and is now owned by the family association, having been occupied to the present time by Jonathan and his lineal descendants. He was a town officer, and died December 5, 1668. He married Grace Lee, who died December 28, 1673. Children: 1. John. 2. George. 3. Mary. 4. Susan. 5. Jonas, mentioned below. 6. Jonathan.

(II) Jonas, son of Jonathan Fairbanks, was born in England and came to Dedham with his parents. He signed the covenant in 1657, and March 7, 1659, became one of the fathers of the town. He was a farmer and believed to be a carpenter also. In 16752 he was fined for wearing great boots, not being worth two hundred pounds, the amount of wealth prescribed by the laws of the colony, in 1651 to suffice for men who could lawfully wear great boots. He removed to Lancaster in 1657. There he met his death in the assault by King Philip and fifteen hundred warriors, February 10, 1675, 76. Some fifty persons were slain that day, including Joshua Fairbanks, son of Jonas. Jonas Fairbanks married, May 28, 1658, Lydia Prescott, born in Watertown, August 15, 1641, daughter of John Prescott, who came from Sowerby, Halifax, England, the English home of the Fairbanks family. she married (second) Ellis Barron, of Watertown, Groton and Lancaster. Children: 1. Marie. 2. Joshua. 3. Grace. 4. Jonathan. 5. Hazadiah. 6. Jabez, mentioned below. 7. Jonas.

(III) Captain Jabez, son of Jonas Fairbanks, was born at Lancaster, January 8, 1670-71, and settled there after the war. He died March 2, 1758. He was a very efficient soldier and officer in the Indian War, and was no doubt incited to heroic exploits by the massacre of his father and brother in 1676, and of his only surviving brother in 1697, during a raid on the town. At the time his brother Jonathan and one of his children were killed, Captain Jabez was the means of saving a garrison and perhaps many lives, including that of his little son Joseph. Twenty-one persons were killed this raid, two were wounded, and six carried off captives, of whom five were ransomed later, including the wife of Jonathan Fairbanks. In 1700 Jabez Fairbanks had land granted him on both sides of the brook above Thomas Sawyer's sawmill. This site was the homestead of Jabez and his descendants for a hundred years. He was deputy to the general court in 1714-21-22-23. He married (first) Mary wilder, who died February 21, 1718, in her forty-third years, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Houghton) Wilder. He married (second) March 25, 1719, Elizabeth Whitcomb, who died May 11, 1755, aged about eighty years. Children of first wife: 1. Joseph. 2. Jabez. 3. Elizabeth. 4. Jonas. 5. Thomas, mentioned below. 6. Abigail. 7. Jonathan. 8. Grace. 9. Joshua. 10. Anna.

(IV) Deacon Thomas, son of Captain Jabez Fairbanks, was baptized in Lancaster in 1708, died February 10, 1791. He was sentinel in Captain Josiah Willard's company in the Indian War, June 3, to November 10, 1725. He was also a soldier in Captain Ephraim Wilder's company, Colonel Sam-

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Willard's regiment, in July, 1748, called our to rescue John Fitch, his wife and four children, who had been captured by the Indians. He married, April 24, 1729, Dorothy Carter, baptized February 4, 1710-11, died September 13, 1784, daughter of Samuel and Dorothy (Wilder) Carter. Children: 1. Corporal Samuel, killed at Lake George, September 8, 1755. 2. John, mentioned below. 3. Jonathan. 4. Thomas. 5. Dorothy. 6. Joseph. 7. Ephraim. 8. Mary. 9. Silas. 10. Oliver.

(V) John, son of Deacon Thomas Fairbanks, was born in Lancaster, May 4, 1731, and was a soldier in the Colonial Wars. He removed to Athol after 1757. He married, (first) July 10, 1751, Relief Houghton; (second) December 15, 1796, Mrs. Tabitha White, born December 30, 1747, daughter of Josiah and Tabitha (Howe) Carter, of Leominster. Children, born in Lancaster: 1. Relief. 2. Nahum. 3. John, mentioned below. 4. Samuel, born in Athol. 5. Benjamin. 6. Dorothy. 7. Ephraim. 8. Rhoda. 9. Parney.

(VI) Major John (2), son of John (1) Fairbanks, was born in Lancaster, May 6, 1755. He removed with his parents to Athol, and in 1790 to northeastern New York, then called "The Chazy." He died at the home of his son, Warren C. Fairbanks, October 30, 1830. He was a soldier in the Revolution and his name appears on the coat rolls. He was right months in 1775 in Captain Ichabod Dexter's company, Colonel Woodbridge's regiment; two months and twenty days from September 1, 1777, in Captain Thomas Lord's company, Colonel Cushing's regiment, in the miscellaneous militia service, and spent a hard winter at Valley forge, His dwelling in New York, on the border of Canada, was the scene of a conflict between Captain Mayer's company and Forsyth's riflemen, during the War of 1812, the family taking refuge from the short in the cellar. His teams were pressed into drawing baggage on the invader's way to Plattsburgh. His son John, a lad of considerable spirit, drove his ox-team; he objected to his load, but was ordered forward, when he upset the cart on the road; his objections were then heeded. Major John Fairbanks married, in Athol, July 16, 1780, Fanny Kelton, who died July 10, 1847. Children: 1. Reuben. 2. Asa. 3. Lydia. 4. Malinda. 5. Frances. 6. John H. 7. Warren Calvin, mentioned below. 8. Lorenzo.

(VII) Warren Calvin, son of Major John (2) Fairbanks, was born in Rouse' Point, September 15, 1801, died September 6, 1872. He was a farmer. Although never very robust physically, he was a man of strong character, firm and determined, changing his ind, when once made up, only for the best of reasons. He married, December 25, 1839, Sarah Ann Stearns, born February 22, 1813, died January 27, 1890 (see Stearns VI). Children: 1. Clark Stearns, born November 18, 1840; married, February 13, 1873, Ann Celia Lansing. 2. Marion Helen, March 23, 1847, died February 23, 1851. 3. Alexander Warren, December 19, 1852, mentioned below. 4. John Calvin, born January 1, 1855, mentioned below.

(VIII) Dr. Alexander Warren Fairbanks, son of Warren Calvin Fairbanks, was born December 19, 1852, at Rouse's Point, New York. He attended the public schools and the Academy in Champlain, and afterwards the Franklin Academy in Malone, New York. After teaching school in the office of Drs. G. G. and L. C. Dodge, of Rouse's Point, and in the spring of 1871 attended medial lectures in the Albany Medial College. In the fall of 1872 his father died, which prevented his attending college that year and during the winter he devoted his time to teaching, reading, rolling bandages and dressing minor wounds in the office of Dr. Dodge. He returned to college in 1873-74, graduating December 22, 1874, at the age of twenty-two. He established an office in Chazy, New York, May 5, 1765, ten miles from Rouse's Point, where he has since remained in active practice, and has built up a good business. He is the con-

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sulting physician to the St. Lawrence Hospital. For twenty-one years he was a member of the board of education at Chazy, and chairman of the board of trustees of Chazy Public Library from its organization to the present time. He is a director of the First National Bank of Champlain, New York, serving since 1890, and is loan commissioner of Clinton County. He is a member of the Northern New York Medical Society, State and American Medical associations, and the County Medical Organization. He is a member of the Northern Light Lodge, No. 505, Free and Accepted Masons; Plattsburgh Chapter; De Soto Commandery, Plattsburgh; Oriental Temple, Troy, New York. he married, June 19, 1877, Evelyn , born September 22, 1853, daughter of Willard Wetherly and Mary Ann (Wait) Little, of Chazy, New York. Children: 1. Bertha Evelyn, born September 26, 1879; married September 26, 1907, Paul W. Towner, of Waverly, New York. 2. Warren Little, December 24, 1882. 3. May Augusta, April 26, 1886.

(VIII) John Calvin, son of Warren Calvin Fairbanks, was born January 1, 1855. He is a farmer at Rouse's Point, New York, his farm consisting of one hundred and thirty-two acres, which he devotes to dairying and general farming. He takes an active interest in the affairs of the community, and served on the board of assessors seven years. He is a member of Chaplain Grange No. 883, of which he was a charter member; he filled the chair of master of the County Grange four years, and is now deputy to the State Grange. He married, November 27, 1877, Clara M. born at Port Hope, Canada, daughter of Francis and Mary (Farrow) Van Buskirk.

(The Stearns Line).

The surname Stearns, Sternes, Starns, etc., are undoubtedly corruptions or variation of the English family name Sterne, a well-known name in the counties of Nottingham, Berks, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridge, England. Of the Stearns family, the oldest coat-of-arms is: Or, a chevron between three crosses flory sable. Crest: a cock startling proper. These arms were borne by the archbishop of York (1604-83). Other families of the name had devices slightly varied from this one.

(I) Isaac Stearns, immigrant ancestor, lived probably in the parish of Nayland, Suffolkshire. He sailed for America, April 8, 1630, in the ship, "Arabella," in which came also Rev. George Phillips, Sir Richard Saltonstall and family, and Governor Winthrop. Four ships sailed together, from Yarmouth, England, the "Arabella," arriving at Salem, Massachusetts, June 12. But the pioneers were not pleased with that point, and proceeded to what is now Charlestown and Watertown, where most of them settled. Stearns had a homestead at Watertown in 1642. He was admitted a freeman, May 18,m 1631, and was selectman several years. In 1647 he and Mr. Biscoe were appointed by the selectmen, "to consider how the bridge over the river shall be built, and to agree with the workmen for doing it, according to their best discretion." This is the first mentioned of a bridge across the Charles River at Watertown. He acquired a large estate for his day, leaving fourteen parcels of land amounting to four hundred and sixty-five acres. He died June 28, 1671. He married Mary Barker, who died April 2, 1677. Children, born in England: 1. Mary, baptized January 6, 1626, at Nayland. 2. Hannah, baptized October 5, 1628. Born in New England: 3. John. 4. Isaac, January 6, 1633. 5. Sarah, September 22, 1635. 6. Samuel, April 24, 1638, mentioned below. 7. Elizabeth, 1640. 8. Abigail, married Deacon John Morse.

(II) Corporal Samuel, son of Isaac Stearns, was born April 24, 1638, died August 3, 1683. He married, February 1, 1662-3, Hannah, born June 21, 1642, died February 26, 1723-24, daughter of William and Dorothy Manning. Children; 1. Samuel, born May 4, 1664. 2. Hannah, Decem-

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ber 8, 1660. 3. Nathaniel, December 13, 1668, mentioned below. 4. Sarah, April 23, 1671. 5. Samuel, march 29, 1673. 6. Isaac, December 31, 1674. 7. John, June 24, 1677. 8. Mary, April 15, 1679. 9. Abigail, April 16, 1680. 10, Joseph, December 11, 1682.

(III) Nathaniel, son of Samuel Stearns, was born in Watertown, December 13, 1668, died August 24, 1716. In the division of the estate he received the farm which had been the homestead of his grandfather, Isaac Stearns. He was selectman of Watertown in 1716. He married (first) in 1694, Elizabeth, born December 4, 1671, died June 16, 1712, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Barnard) Dix. He married (second) October 29, 1713, Sarah Nevinson, born July 22, 1672, who married (second) April 24, 1718, Samuel Livermore, as his third wife. Children, born in Watertown: 1. Nathaniel, October 8, 1694, died December following. 2. Nathaniel, January 18, 1696. 3. Elizabeth, September 26, 1697. 4. Hannah, 1699. 5. Daniel March 1, 1701. 6. Lydia, November 2, 1702. 7. Isaac, July 24, 1704. 8. David, August, died October, 1706. 9. Ebenezer, April 22, 1708 (twin). 11. Deborah, November 5, 1709. 12. Phebe, February 11, 1711.

(IV) Ebenezer, son of Nathaniel Stearns, was born in Watertown, April 22, 1708, and was a clothier in Worcester. He was killed there in September, 1777, by being thrown from a horse. He was a grantee in 1735 in Paris, Maine.

Ebenezer Stearns married, April 12, 1737, Mary, born November 20, 1709, died October, 1798, daughter of John and Joanna Spring, of Newton. Children; 1. Mary, born July 24, 1738. 2. Ephraim, January 10, 1740. 3. Ebenezer, October 3, 1741, mentioned below. 4. Nathaniel, October 26, 1743. 5. Simeon, June 10, 1745. 6. Joanna, April 7, 1747. 7. Betsey, May 7, 1750. 8. Lucretia, July 7, 1752. 9. William, August 5, 1754.

(V) Ebenezer (2), son of Ebenezer (1) Stearns, was born October 3, 1741. After the birth of three children in Worcester, he removed to Warwick, Massachusetts, where he died, August 4, 1828. He married, April 6, 1769, Martha Holbrook, born in Sherborn, May 30, 1743. Children; 1. James, born January 8, 1770. 2. Clarke, October 17, 1771, died July 24, 1773. 3. Martha, September 8, 1773. 4. Eleazer, July 19, 1775. 5. Ebenezer, August 6, 1777. 6. Clarke, December 21, 1779, mentioned below. 7. Sarah, January 12, 1782.

(VI) Clarke, son of Ebenezer (2) Stearns, was born December 21, 1779, died October 4, 1867. He was a farmer of Rouse's Point, New York, where he was a prominent member of the Methodist Church. He was one of the pioneers of the town of Champlain, New York. He married, June 4, 1807, Hannah Leonard, born March 31, 1778, died January 27, 1859. Children: 1. Alexander, born April 17, 1808. 2. Clarke Chandler, July 28, 1809. 3. Sarah Ann, February 22, 1813; married Warren Calvin Fairbanks (see Fairbanks VII). 4. Ebenezer Holbrook, January 8, 1815, married Mary Yale. Children: Helen, born December 4, 1855; Hannah Octavia, May 24, 1859. 5. Moses Leonard, November 7, 1820; married, June 22, 1848, Columbus Smith, two children.


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