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ELLSWORTH. The surname Ellsworth is derived from that of a small village a few miles from Cambridge, England. . The village is on a small stream once remarkable for its eels, hence the name of the village, place of eels. The name is spelled in various ways--Elswort, Elesworth, Elsworth, Ellesworth, and Aylesworth.

(I) John Ellsworth, said to have been a descendant of Edward III, resided in Cambridgeshire, England. This conjecture is derived from Mr. John Ellsworth, a respectable merchant of London early in the nineteenth century. The latter stated that it was a tradition in his family, which had long re-

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Sided in Yorkshire, that a member of it had formerly removed to foreign parts; that he was a young man when he left and never returned. This young man is believed to have been Josias, son of John, mentioned below.

(II) Sergeant Josias, son of John Ellsworth, was born in 1629. He was in Connecticut as early as 1646. In 1654 he b ought a house and lot in Windsor, south of the rivulet near the old mill, on what was afterwards known as the Gillet Place. In 1655 he bought the property afterwards known as the Chief Justice Ellsworth place. He was a juror in 1664; admitted a freeman May 21, 1647. His wife was admitted to the church in Windsor about 1663, and he contributed three shillings to the Connecticut relief fund for the poor of other colonies. He died August 20, 1689, leaving an estate valued at 655 pounds. He married, November 16, 1654, Elizabeth Holcomb, who died September 18, 1712. Children: 1. Josias, born December 5, 1655. 2. Elizabeth, November 11, 1657. 3. Mary, May 7, 1660. 4. Martha, December 7, 1662. 5. Sergeant Thomas, September 2, 1665. 6. Jonathan, June 28, 1669, mentioned below. 7. Lieutenant John, October 7, 1671. 8. Captain Job, April 13, 1674. 9. Benjamin, January 16, 1676; died April 14, 1690.

(III) Captain Jonathan, son of Sergeant Josias Ellsworth, was born in Windsor, June 28, 1669, according to the family record. He resided in Windsor, where he kept a tavern and a small store of West India goods, and was engaged in many small business ventures. He was a man of sterling good sense, but was of such wit and humor that he went by the name of "Doctor Ellsworth." He was tall and strong. His death was caused by his being thrown from a horse, September 13, 1749, when eighty-one years old. He married, October 26, 1693, Sarah Grant, born September 19, 1675; died November 9, 1755, daughter of Tahan Grant. Children: 1. Jonathan, born March 11, 1695-6. 2. Sarah, January 8, 1698-9. 3. John, 1701. 4. Giles, August 6, 1703. 5. Mary, March 1, 1706-7. 6. Esther, March 9, 1708-9. 7. David, August 3, 1709. 8. Hannah, September 10, 1713. 9. Jonathan, August 22, 1716, mentioned below. 10, Ann, August 2, 1719.

(IV) Jonathan (2), son of Jonathan (1) Ellsworth, was born August 22, 1715, at Windsor, and died there April 1, 1775. He married Sarah Allyn, who died January 25, 1707. Another account gives her name as Abigail, daughter of Jonathan Allen, a merchant of Scotland. (See Stiles' Windsor history) Children, born at Windsor: 1. Sarah, born September 16, 1739. 2. Jonathan, born May 28, 1742. 3. Alexander, born June 9, 1747.

(V) Jonathan (3), son of Jonathan (2) Ellsworth, was born at Windsor, may 28, 1742, baptized May 29, 1743. He was a soldier in the Revolution, a corporal in Captain John Skinner's company, Major Sheldon's light horse regiment, new Jersey in 1676. He married (first) Jerusha -----------; (Abigail, who died January 25, 1801, aged seventy-nine years, was wife of Jonathan, evidently an old Jonathan, however). .Jerusha died, aged sixty, May 8, 1804. Children, born at Windsor: 1. Grove, mentioned below. 2. Hannah, July 11, 1767, married Samuel Stiles. 3. Jerusha, March 6, 1770, married Ethan Barker. 4. James, November 14, 1772, married Ursula Phelps. 5. Jonathan, June 8, 1775. 6. Charles, January 8, 1779. 7. Allen, November 1, 1781. 8. Elizabeth, August 15, 1784. 9. Abigail, April, 1792.

(VI) Grove, son of Jonathan (3) Ellsworth, was born at Windsor, February 23, 1765, died March 10, 1805. He married Sarah Pinney. Children, born probably at Windsor, given thus in the Windsor history. 1. Grove, February 15, 1784, mentioned below. 2. Sally, April 14, 1790. 3. Ann, October 21, 1798, married Quartos Searl, of Lowville, Lewis County, New York.

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(VII) Rev. Grove (2) Ellsworth, son of Grove (1) Ellsworth, was born at Windsor,

Connecticut, February 15, 1784. He was educated in the public schools and studied for the ministry. He was one of the pioneers in Lewis County, New York. The Windsor history mentions two wives: the family gives Sarah Parry, as the name of the first wife, but no children are mentioned. He married, December 14, 1809, at Windsor, Eunice Phelps, died November 3, 1816. He married again, July 2, 1818, Anna Bailey. Eunice Phelps was a descendant of William and Mary (Dow) Phelps, who came from England in the ship "Mary and John," and settled at Dorchester, removing to Windsor with the pioneers in 1636. Children of Rev. Grove and Eunice: 1. Rev. John Phelps, born October 27, 1810, at Windsor. 2. Elizabeth Brown (Bailey?), November 9, 1813; married Jonathan Lanpher. (See Lanpher) Children of Rev. Grove and Anna (Bailey): 3. Rev. Caleb Bailey, born July 22, 1819; married November 8, 1849, Angelina Maria Foote; resided at Maspeth, Queens County, New York. 4. Loren Leonard, February 2, 1822.

KELLOGG. This family can be definitely raced from England, covering two generations before the emigration to America. The name is found in many sections of the United States, honorably identified with the learned professions and with the forces that make for progress and enlightenment. It has been connected from an early period with the development of this section, and is to-day borne by many leading citizens.

(I) Phillippe Kellogg, probably a son of Thomas and grandson of Nicholas Kellogg, of Debden, (Records show that Nicholas Kellogg of Debden married Florence, daughter of William Hall) was the first in England from whom the line is positively traceable. He first appears in Bocking, Essex, a parish adjoining Braintree, when his son Thomas was baptized September 15, 1583. Two years later his son Robert was baptized in Great Leighs, which was probably his place of residence at the time. His daughter Annis was buried there May 25, 1611. It is presumable that most of his children except the two named were born and baptized after his location at Great Leighs, where records extend back to 1558. The name of Kellogg does not appear there until the baptism above referred to, and no documentary evidence appears to show connection with the Debden family, but many evidences point to their identity, also with those of Bocking, Marsden, Braintree, and Thaxted, in all of which localities the principal occupations were spinning and weaving. O record of Phillippe's death appears in Great Leighs, and it is probable that he removed elsewhere, perhaps before other children were born. While the vital records of Great Leighs are quite full, those of Braintree do not extend back of 1660. The first appearance of the name in Braintree is in 1623, when the will of Moses Woll mentioned Phillippe Kellogg's son Robert. Children of Phillippe Kellogg: 1. Thomas. 2. Annis. 3. Robert. 4. Mary. 5. Prudence. 6. Martin. 7. Nathaniel. 8. John. 9. Jane. 10. Rachel.

(II) Martin, third son of Phillippe Kellogg, was baptized November 23, 1595, in Great Leighs, died in Braintree, England, between May 20 and September 20, 1671, the respective dates of making and proving his will. He was a weaver or cloth worker, and resided in his native place and Braintree, appearing in the latter place for the last time when his son Daniel was baptized, 1630. He received the surrender of a tenement in Braintree, May 22, 1632. He married, October 22, 1621, in St. Michael's Bishop's Stortford, county of Hertford, Prudence, daughter of John bird, of Bishop's Stortford, who died before May 20, 1671, when his will was made. Children: 1. John. 2. Nathaniel. 3. Joseph. 4. Sarah. 5. Daniel. 6. Samuel. 7. Martin.

(III) Lieutenant Joseph, third son of

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Martin and Prudence (Bird) Kellogg, was baptized in April, 1626, in Great Leighs, and came to America soon after attaining his majority. He is found at Farmington, Connecticut, in 1651, being among the early resident of that town. His home lot, consisting of four acres, was purchased from John Andrews, from whom he also secured twelve acres of plowing land, curiously called "Nod Land." with his wife he was "joined to the Church" October 9, 1693, and he served several terms as selectman. He sold his property in February, 1655, and about 1657 removed to Boston, where "Joseph Kelog, weaver, late of Farmington, in the colony of Connecticut, now of Boston," bought of Peter Oliver, October 15, 1659, "their dwelling house fronting to the street leading to Roxbury for one hundred and forty pounds sterling." This land is now partly covered by the Advertise Building, on Washington Street, one of the most valuable parcels in the city. He sold it to John Witherdon, June 13, 1661, and removed to Hadley, where he was one of the original proprietors. In that year the town made an agreement with him whereby he was to maintain a ferry between Hadley and Northampton, and he built his house on a "home lot" which had been reserved by the town for a "ferry lot." In January, 1675, a committee appointed by the court made an agreement with him which required that he have a boat for horses and a canoe for persons, and receive for man and horse eightpence in wheat or other trade, or sixpence in money; for a single person, threepence, and when more than one, twopence each; provided that n lecture days, people passing to and from lecture, if six or more went over together, they were to pay one penny each. His first wife, Joanna, whom he probably married in England, died in Hadley, September 14, 1666, and he married (second) Abigail, born September 21, 1646, in Windsor, Connecticut, died between May 209, 1714 and October 21, 1726. (Stephen Terry was born August 25, 1608, in Stockton, Wiltshire, England.) Children of first wife: 1. Elizabeth. 2. Joseph. 3. Nathaniel, died young. 4. John. 5. Martin. 6. Edward. 7. Samuel. 8. Joanna. 9. Sarah; of second wife: 10. Stephen. 11. Nathaniel. 12. Abigail. 13. Elizabeth. 14. Prudence. 15. Ebenezer. 16. Jonathan. 17. Daniel, died young. 18. Joseph. 19. Daniel. 20. Ephraim. The first three were born in Farmington, all of the second wife's children in Hadley, and the others in Boston.

(IV) John, son of Lieutenant Joseph Kellogg, was born in Farmington, Connecticut, 1656. He owned one of the largest estates at Hadley, and succeeded his father to the ferry. He married and among his children were Samuel, see forward.

(V) Captain Samuel, son of John Kellogg, was born in Hadley, about 1714. He removed to Westfield, where he died in 1761. He married and among his children was John, see forward.

(VI) John (2), son of Captain Samuel Kellogg, known as Captain John Kellogg, was born in July, 1729. His house in Westfield is still standing. He was a soldier in the French and Indian War, and served in the Revolution at Lexington, at the capture of Dorchester Heights, and at the Ticonderoga. He married, and among his children was Josiah, see forward.

(VII) Josiah, son of John (2) Kellogg, was born at Westfield, where he resided until his death in 1814. He married, and among his children was Collins, see forward.

(VIII) Collins, son of Joseph Kellogg, was born at Westfield, Massachusetts, February 17, 1802. Later he removed to Turin, New York, where he was engaged in farming and transportation, and subsequently removed to Cleveland, where he died in 1881. He married and was the father of three children: 1. K. Collins, see forward. 2. Halsey E., see forward. 3. Hester, see forward.

(IX) K. Collins, eldest son of Collins Kellogg, was born in Westfield, Massachusetts,

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March 26, 1823. He received his education in the common schools, supplemented by a course in the Collinsville Institute at Turin, New York. In March, 1840, at the age of seventeen years, he entered the employ of William L. Easton, and A. G. Dayan, merchants of Lowville. In 1846 he received an interest in the business of his employer, William L. Easton, and was very successful in the mercantile business. He was afterwards owner and proprietor of the hotel known as the "Kellogg House," built on a large business block in Lowville, and he was also one of the greatest hop growers of the county. In his church relations he was a Presbyterian. He married, June 13, 1855, Eliza, youngest daughter of Garret and Dolly Boshart, who were among the earliest settler of Lowville. Mr. Kellogg died September 28, 1908, and his wife died December 28, 1891.

(IX) Halsey E., second son of Collins Kellogg, was born in Turin, New York, July 24, 1824. About 1850 he engaged in the wholesale oyster business with Albert Millerm, making weekly trips from Albany into Canada, over the old state road. later he was engaged in the hotel business in Constableville, then in farming in Collinsville, and a few years later he removed to Denmark, and there purchased a farm. At the time of his death, July 28, 1896, he was interested with his brother K. Collins Kellogg, in farming and hop growing in Lowville. He married Mary Thankful, born in Rome, New York, March 4, 1830, daughter of Albert Kidder who was born in Foxboro, Massachusetts, September, 1803, and Laura (Edwards) Kidder, who was a descendant of Richard Edwards., an Englishman; Laura Edwards was born in Dutchess County, New York, where the family removed to Ridge Mills, where she met Mr. Kidder.

(IX) Hester Ann, only daughter of Collins Kellogg, was born July 29, 1825. She married Sylvester W. Stimpson, of Leyden, and died November 26, 1849.

(X) K. Collins (2), eldest son of Halsey E. Kellogg, was born October 20, 1851. His education was received in the common schools. In March, 1870, he entered the employ of his uncle, K. Collins Kellogg, where he remained until 1881. Thence he went to Utica, where he was in the employ of Robert Frazier, a dealer in dry goods. In 1901 he returned to Lowville and engaged in the dry goods business for himself, which line he pursued until this death, which occurred in October 3, 1908. Mr. Kellogg married (first) Susan B., born August 29, 1857, daughter of Frank B. and Jane (Leonard) Morse. One son, Kinsley Collins, was born to them, he died when nine years of age. Mrs. Kellogg died January 19, 1905. He married (second) April 18, 1906, Maude, born June 22, 1883, daughter of Daniel McFall, of Potsdam. They had one son, Halsey D., born March 19, 1908.

(X) Albert H., second son of Halsey E. Kellogg, was born November 16, 1853, died August 10, 1874.

(X) Jesse J., youngest son of Halsey E. Kellogg, was born in the town of Denmark, New York, April 9, 1856. He received his education in the common schools and at Lowville Academy. In early life he resolved to make farming his lifework, in which he has been very successful. He married, October 23, 1888, Minnie G., born August 1, 1862, daughter of john and Emily J. (Winchall) Pfister. Children: 1. Born January 18, 1890. 2. Nary E., March 1, 1897. 3. J. Kermit, September 5, 1902.

(X) Hetta M., daughter of Halsey E. Kellogg, was born in Martinsburg, New York, November 9, 1868. She married, June 15, 1892, Fay C. Snyder, born January 18,m 1867, a successful druggist of Lowville. They have one daughter, Dorothy C. L., born February 6, 1893.

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NEFSEY. Only two generations of the Nefsey family can claim the United States as their home, yet they have attained a position and standing in Lewis County, New York, that is enviable. The Emerald Isle was the family home of the family while England was the mother country.

(I) Patrick Nefsey, founder in New York State, was born in county Mayo, Ireland, 1819, died in Lewis County, New York, June 17, 1869. He remained in his native county until he reached the age of twelve, when he was sent to England to be educated. He attended the English schools and obtained a good education, which was finished in 1830, when he came to American settling in Canada. He spent two years in that country, then crossed into the Untied States, and settled on a farm in the town of Harrisburg, Lewis County, New York, where he cultivated the remainder of his days. He was successful in his undertakings, and of high standing in that agricultural community. He was a Democrat in politics. He married, in 1850, Mary Cochran, a native of county Mayo, Ireland, who died December 26, 1897. When a child her parents emigrated to the United States, but both died while on the voyage across the seas. The children were cared for by friends and finally reached Lewis County, New York, where Mary married Isaac Chamberlain, and bore him a daughter, Emily Jane, who married John Brady, of Harrisburg, New York. After the death of Mr. chamberlain, she married Patrick Nefsey. Children: 1. James, see forward. 2. Maria, married Eli Simmons. 3. Henry P., of Harrisburg, New York. 4. John S., of Champion, Jefferson County, New York.

(II) James, son of Patrick and Mary (Cochran-Chamberlain) Nefsey, was born at Harrisburg, Lewis County, New York, March 30, 1852. He was reared on the farm and educated in the public schools. He became a farmer of his own acres and an extensive dealer in live stock. For many years he has been extensively engaged in shipping a high grade of draft and driving horses from the west, and while he has made the industry profitable for himself, he has been a public benefactor as well in Lewis County and vicinity, for in no locality will there be found as high grade and universally good horses, and the credit is due almost entirely to the good judgment and enterprise of Mr. Nefsey. He has been successful in life, and is possessed of a large estate consisting of well stocked, profitable farms. He is a man of influence in his community, and connected with important county institutions. For twenty years he has been a director of the Lewis County Agricultural Society, and for ten years on the board of managers. He is Independent in his political views and not bound by party ties. He is a member of the Episcopal Church and a liberal supporter of all worthy objects. He is a Master Mason of Lowville Lodge, No. 134; a Royal Arch Mason of Lowville Chapter, No 223; a Knights Templar of Watertown Commandery, and a Shriner of Media Temple; also belongs to he Lowville Club. He married, January 3, 1876, Mary, born in Lowville, September 5, 1857, only child of Chester and Electra (Lanpher) Chadwick. (See Chadwick VI). The farm which was the homestead of Mrs. James Nefsey's great-grandfather and first cleared and cultivated by him, is still in the family and owned by her. She is a member of the Episcopal Church. They have no children.

(The Chadwick Line.)

The English family of Chadwick, from which the American Chadwicks are descended, springs from a hamlet named Chadwick in Rochdale, Lancashire, William de Chadwyk, the first of the name, was born about 1355, and in 1413 was called "Senior," then having a son William of age. His descendant, John de Chadwyk, of a few generations later, was progenitor of the Chadwicks; the Chadwick of

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Healey Hall and of Mavewyn, Ridware, the Chadwicks of Pudleston Court, Herefordshire, late of Swinton Hall, Lancashire.

The arms of the Chadwicks of Chadwick; Gules an escutcheon within an orle of martlets argent. Crest: a lily argent stalked and leaved vert. The Swinton Hall family bears the same arms. Motto: In candore decus. Crest: In front of two crosses crosslet fitchee in saltire the flower and stem of a white lily slipped proper. A branch of the family in Cornwall spells the name sometimes Chadock, and bears similar arms, slowing relationship. Crest: On a ducal cornet or martlet. The similarity of names indicate that the Healey branch of the family is that from which the American family given below is descended, though all the American Charwisks, Chadocks, and Shattucks are undoubtedly from the original stock at Chadwick, Lancashire.

(I) Jordan Chadwick, younger brother of Henry de Chadwick, of Chadwick, and second son of John de Charwyk mentioned above, married Elianore, daughter of Christopher Kyrkeshoge, of Hundersfeld.

(II) John Chadwick, son of Jordan Chadwick, married Alice Okeden, daughter and co-heir of Adam Okeden, bringing into the family the Healy estates, Lancashire, that have descended in the Chadwick line to the present generation. Adam Okeden descended from Adam Okeden, who married Havise, heir of Thomas de Keley.

(III) Thomas Chadwycke, son of John Chadwick, lived at Heley.

(IV) Robert Chadwick, Esq., grandson of Thomas Charwycke, rebuilt with stone the old mansion at Hely, (Heley or Healy).

(V) John Chadwick, son of Robert Chadwick, was of Healy Hall; married Catherine only daughter and heir of Lewis Chadwicke, of Mavesyn Ridward, county Stafford, who was colonel in the parliamentary army in the Civil War.

Mary, mother of Catherine, was daughter and heir of Anthony Bagot, of Colton. Lewis Chadwick was eldest son of John Chadwick, Esq., and wife Joyce, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Cawarden, Esq., of Mavesyn Ridware, sixth in descent from Sir John Cawarden. Children: 1. Charles, baptized March 3, 1637; married Anne Sacheverell. 2. John, vicar. 3. Jordan, of Oldham. 4. Lewis. 5. Robert.

The arms are the same or very similar to the original arms of the Chadwicke. Motto: Stans cum rege.

Charles Chadwick, first of the name to settle in New England, was admitted a freeman of Watertown, Massachusetts, May 18, 1631; was town officer and deputy to the general court; died April 10, 1682, aged eighty-six. His will dated June 30, 1681, bequeathed to his wife Elizabeth, who died February 22, 1684-85; kinsmen, Thomas and John Chadwick; to the eldest son of Thomas Chadwick, to Charles, the eldest son of John Chadwicke. Jeremiah Norcross, of Watertown, mentions "brother Charles Chadwick."

John Chadwick, Sr., of Malden, was there as early as 1648; his will dated December 1, 1680, proved April 5, 1681, devised to sons John, James and Samuel, daughter Hannah, and three married daughters.

(I) Thomas Chadwick, kinsman of Charles Chadwick, mentioned in his will, was probably a nephew. That will proves that all the New England Chadwicks are related. A branch of the family also settled in New Jersey, perhaps not closely related to these of New England. Thomas was born in 1655, and settled early at Newbury, Massachusetts, but removed to Watertown in 1679. He married, April 6, 1674-75, Sarah Walcott. Children, born at Newbury: 1. Sarah, October 3, 1675. 2. Thomas, 1677. Children, born at Watertown: 3. John, November 20, 1680. 4. Elizabeth, October 31, 1682; died age twelve. 5. Lydia, March 22, 1785, died age nine. 5. Richard, April 20, 1687. 7. Daniel, January 20, 1689. 8. Jonathan, April 4, 1691. 9. Elizabeth, October 14, 1695.

(II) Edmund, son or nephew of Thomas Chadwick, was born about 1695. He set-

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tled in Bradford, Massachusetts, and a Mary Chadwick died there June 18, 1724, aged seventy-two years. He married, at Bradford, December 11, 1718, Mary Kimball. Children, born at Bradford,: 1. Abigail, November 5, 1722. 2. Samuel, March 1, 1723. 3. Samuel, March 1, 1726-27. 4. Samuel, March 1, 1727-28, mentioned below. 5. Sarah, May 8, 1729. 6. William, June 13, 1731. 7. Dorothy, July 28, 1738.

(III) Samuel, son of Edmund Chadwick, was born at Bradford, March 1, 1727-28, died February 6, 1803, at Bradford. He married there, June 1, 1756, Mary Kimball. Children, born at Bradford: 1. Ebenezer, December 5, 1757. 2. James, January 3, 1760. 3. Mary, January 24, 1762. 4. Betty, May 3, 1764. 5. William, October 8, 1766; mentioned below. 6. Samuel, October 5, 1771.

(IV) William, son of Samuel Chadwick, was born at Bradford, October 8, 1766. In 1700 William Chadwick was living in Vermont, according to the federal census, and had a wife and 5 children. He came to northern New York and settled in 1808.

(V) Joseph, son of William Chadwick, was born in 1794. He was a farmer in New York State.

(VI) Chester, son of Joseph Chadwick, was born August 20, 1827, at Lowville, New York. He was a farmer at Lowville. He married Electa Lanpher, descendant of an old Rhode Island family, daughter of Nathan Lanpher. Their only child Mary, born September 6, 1857, married James Nefsey. (See Nefsey II.)


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