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PROCTOR. The Proctor family originally settled in Yorkshire, and was established at Shawdon, at the beginning of the sixteenth century. William De Baeuchamp, cousin of John, Earl of Pembroke, who died 1375, held the manor of Tottenham, by virtue of a grant from him; and Ephraim Beauchamp had lands in the same Manor which afterwards vested in George Beauchamp Proctor, Esq., of Thetford, in Norfolk, by a bequest from his father, Sir William Beauchamp Proctor. The arms of the family were granted in 1436 as follows: Argent with two chevrons sable, between three martlets sable. There is evidence that John, Richard, George and Robert Proctor settled in Massachusetts, between 1635 and 1654. It is probable that some if not all of these

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four were descendants of the William above mentioned, and they may have been brothers.

(I) Robert Proctor, immigrant ancestor, was born in England and settled first in Salem, where he was admitted a freeman, May 10, 1643. He removed to Concord, and married, December 31, 1645, Jane Hildreth, eldest daughter of Richard Hildreth, of Concord and Chelmsford; he was the ancestor of many of the Hildreths in America. He was one of he twenty-five original settlers and founders of the town of Chelmsford, near Concord. He died April 28, 1697. Children, born in Concord: 1. Sarah, October 12, 1646. 2. Gershom, May 13, 1648, mentioned below. 3. Mary, April 20, 1650. 4. Peter, 1652. 5. Dorothy, 1654. 6. Elizabeth, December 10, 1656. 7. James, January 8, 1658. 8. Lydia, February 19, 1660. 9. John, August 17, 1663. 10. Samuel, September 15, 1665. 11. Israel, April 29, 1668. 12. Thomas, April 30, 1671.

(II) Gershom, son of Robert Proctor, was born in Concord, May 13, 1648, died November 8, 1714. He lived in Chelmsford. He married, July 4, 1690, Sarah Whitacre. In 1686 he bought of Major Henchman a strip of land on the Indian plantation west of the Concord River. Children, born at Chelmsford: 1. Gershom, April 7, 1691. 2. Jonathan, July 8, 1693. 3. Sarah, September 8, 1695. 4. Nathan, October 1, 1698. 5. Hannah, October 3, 1701. 6. Ebenezer, January 16, 1704. 7. Jane, March 10, 1706. 8. Israel, October 4, 1708, mentioned below. 9. Esther, October 25, 1710.

(III) Israel, son of Gershom Proctor, was born in Chelmsford, October 4, 1708, died June 15, 1755. He married, September 18, 1735, Sarah Raymond, of concord. Children: 1. Sarah, November 2, 1736. 2. Abigail, March 28, 1739. 3. Israel, March 2, 1742. 4. Hannah, February 2, 1744. 5. Mary, April 20, 1746; died January 2, 1751. 6. William, February 20, 1748, mentioned below. 7. Nathan, April 20, 1751. 8. Mary, February 15, 1753. 9. Lucy, baptized July 21, 1754; married Samuel Copeland.

(IV) William, son of Israel proctor, was born February 20, 1748, at Chelmsford, died February 19, 1846. He removed with his sister Hannah and brother Nathan to Washington, New Hampshire, in 1775. He settled near Millen Pond, but as his title was defective, he removed to another farm, where he lived many years. He was one of the petitioners for the incorporation of the town in 1776, and in July 1777, served in the Revolution under Captain Brockway. In 1780 and 1781 he was selectman, and in 1786 on a committee to build the meeting house. He was known as Captain Proctor, and was greatly respected. He spent the last part of his life with his children in the east part of the town, where he died. He married, May 11, 1769, Mary Proctor, born July 15, 1749, died September 22, 1845, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Parker) Proctor. Children: 1. Mary, April 6, 1770. 2. Sarah, February 6, 1772. 3. Israel, January 30, 1774, mentioned below. 4. Jesse, March 8, 1776, died young. 5. Raymond, October 2, 2778. 6. Isaac, October 2, 1780. 7. Lucy, February 2, 1783. 8. Martha, March 19, 1785. 9. Abigail, June 3, 1787. 10. William, May 24, 1789.

(V) Israel (2), son of Captain William Proctor, was born January 30, 1774, at Chelmsford, died at Washington, New Hampshire, March 31, 1839. He resided there most of his life. He married, March 7, 1798, Lydia Reed, of Acton, Massachusetts, born October 28, 1781, died March 30, 1864, daughter of William Reed. Her father was a captain in the Revolution in a Massachusetts regiment from May to December, 1775, and a captain in the Twenty-third Regiment, Continental Infantry from January 1, to December 31, 1776. Children: 1. Israel, April 5, 1799, died March 6, 1803. 2. Roxanna, born at Windsor, Vermont, March 12, 1801. 3. Lydia, born at Washington, March 27, 1803, died June

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4, 1803. 4. Martha, August 14, 1804. 5. Moses D., January 5, 1807. 6. Israel, March 25, 1809, mentioned below. 7. Isaac, May 18, 1811. 8. Lydia, October 37, 1814. 9. Elizabeth, August 17, 1816, died August 19, 1851. 10, Lucy, June 27, 1819, died March 20, 1836.

(VI) Israel (3), son of Israel (2) Proctor, was born March 25, 1809, died April 10, 1888. He lived at East Washington, New Hampshire, and passed the last years of his life at the home of his son, William L., in Ogdensburg. He was a farmer. He married, June 3, 1835, Mary, born April 13, 1813, died January 17, 1878, daughter of Eber and Mary (Adams) Barnes, and granddaughter of Gideon Adams, of Heniker, New Hampshire, and the great-granddaughter of Captain Aaron Adams, who was in the Revolution. Children: 1. Daughter, born and died April 5, 1836. 2. William Lawrence, March 26, 1837, died November 19, 1897. 3. Lucy, February 25, 1838, died September 16, 1840. 4. Emily C., January 25, 1841, died June 29, 1860. 5. Alfred G., December 1, 1842, died November 6, 1874. 6. Mary E., April 8, 1845. 7. Henry Israel, April 6, 1847, mentioned below. 8. Lucelia, November 5, 1848. 9. Lucy B., March 7, 1852, died July 30, 1863. 10. Charles d., February 22, 1856.

(VII) Henry Israel, son of Israel (3) Proctor, was born at East Washington, New Hampshire, April 6, 1847. He attended the public school of his native town and Tubs Union Academy at Washington Center, New Hampshire. He went to Ogdensburg, New York, January 21, 1863, and was employed for a time for C. and D. Whitney, Jr. He then entered the employ of the Skillings, Whitney & Barnes Lumber Company and held the position of foreman for that concern until 1871, when he resigned to embark in business on his own account. He manufactured doors, sash, blinds, builders' hardware, making a specialty of cabinet work of various kinds. His factory and mill was on River Street. He built up a large and prosperous business in a few years. In 1895 his business was incorporated under the name of the Proctor Manufacturing Company, of which he is president, and his son Charles E. is secretary and treasurer. Mr. Proctor occupies a leading position among the business men of the city, and has a large influence in financial and commercial affairs. He is a prominent member and has for many years been a trustee of the Baptist Church. Was for many years a member of the Ogdensburg club.

He married, February 16, 1870, Fannie E., born June 13, 1851, daughter of Captain Edward Nathan and Mary M. (Burditt) Persons, of Ogdensburg, granddaughter of David and Malinda (Kirk) Burditt. (See Persons VII). Children, born at Ogdensburg: 1. Mary Fannie, November 16, 1870; married, Herbert Howard, of Ogdensburg, superintendent of contracting department of the Proctor Manufacturing Company; children: (twins) George E. and Porter W. Howard. 2. Grace Emily, December 25, 1872, married Dr. Franklin Daniels Earl, of Ogdensburg. 3. Charles Edward, March 1, 1875; secretary and treasurer of the Proctor Manufacturing Company; married Elizabeth P. Como, children: Elizabeth Como and Lois. 4. Henry Brownlow, March 2, 1887; superintendent of the lumber yard of the Proctor Manufacturing Company.

(The Pearson (Persons) Line).

This surname is variously spelled in the early records Pearson, Pierson, Person, Persons, Persuns, and is at present spelled both Pierson and Pearson by descendants of the same pioneer. There were several of the name in New England before 1630. Rev. Abraham came to Boston before 1640 and soon removed to Southampton, Long Island, then to Branford, Connecticut, and finally to Newark, New Jersey; "was a godly, learned man", "a Yorkshire man,

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pious and prudent". Bartholomew Pearson settled at Rowley before 1643; was a prominent citizen and town officer; deacon of the church; died about 1693-94; has a numerous posterity.

(The Pearson (Persons) Line). He was a proprietor of the town as early as 1644, and was admitted a freeman, May 26, 1647. He was earlier of Lynn, and in 1639 was among the founders of the town of Reading, formerly a part of Lynn. He held various town offices. He deposed April 2, 1661, that his age was about forty-five years. His wife Madeline (sometimes spelled Maudlin), deposed in 1669 that she was fifty years old. Children: 1. Mary, born June 20, 1643. 2. Bethia, September 15, 1645. 3. Sarah, January 20, 1647-48. 4. John, June 22, 1650, mentioned below. 5. James, November 2m 1652. Later two were born in Reading.

(II) Captain John (2) Pearson, son of John (1) Pearson, was born in Reading, June 22, 1650, died 1720. He resided in reading and Lynnfield, whither he removed about 1689, though the births of his children are all recorded at Lynn. He represented Lynn in the general court from 1702 to 1710. Was a deacon and captain. He married (first) Tabitha Kendall, who died July 17, 1711, daughter of Thomas Kendall. He married (second) at Lynn, Mrs. Martha Gooddin, of Boston (intentions dated November 13, 1714). Children of first wife: 1. James, November 28, 1680. 2. Tabitha, October 16, 1681. 3. John, born and died 1682. 4. John, February 17, 1684. 5. Rebecca, April 12, 1686. 6. Kendall, May 3, 1688, mentioned below. 7. Susanna, August 10, 1690. 8. Mary, November 10, 1692. 9. Thomas, November 3, 1694. 10. Ebenezer, December 29, 1696. 11. Sarah, February 26, 1698-99. 12. Abigail, December 30, 1700, died April 17, 1701. 13. Abigail, February 16, 1702. 14. Elizabeth, May 4, 1704.

(III) Kendall Pearson, son of Captain John (2) Pearson, was born May 3, 1688, died February 2, 1767. He resided at Lynn, Woburn and Wilmington. He married (first) March 30, 1709, Lydia Boardman, who died July 10, 1737; (second) March 29, 1738, Mary Smith; (third) Mrs. Lydia Jacques, who died May 19, 1770. Children of first wife: 1. Thomas, December 25, 1709. 2. Lydia, June 3, 1712. 3. Kendall, 1714, died 1715. 4. Sarah, July 7, 1716, died March 2, 1717. 5. Kendall, August 3, 1717. 6. Sarah, October, 1719. 7. William, March 15, 1722. 8. John, January 21, 1723. 9. Nathan, August 14, 1725, mentioned below. 10. Mary, January 2, 1728.

(IV) Nathan Pearson, son of Kendall Pearson, was born at Woburn, August 14, 1725, and his will, dated August 8, 1787, was proved March 12, 1788. He married (first) January 16, 1746, Mary Wilson, who died April 23, 1765, aged forty-three; )second) October 21, 1766, Rebecca Tay, of Woburn. Children of first wife: 1. Nathan, born 1746, mentioned below. 2. Moses, November 6, 1750, died April 25, 1751. 3. Moses, whose birth is not recorded; married (first) Hepzibah Jones, November 27, 1781; (second) Lois Holt, of Andover, January 4, 1785. 4. Thomas, February 18, 1752. 5. Mary, January 16, 1756; married Jacob Flinn. 6. William, April 6, 1759. 7. Hepzibah, May 4, 1761. Child of second wife: 8. Aaron, August 22, 1767.

(V) Nathan (2) Persons, son of Nathan (1) Pearson, was born in 1746, died October 2, 1795. He married, September 3, 1765, Ann, daughter of Edward and Mary Morrow; she died August 22, 1802. Children: 1, Edward, born May 3, 1766. 2. And 3. (Twins) June 23, 1768. 4. Ann, June 29, 1770. 5. And 6. (Twins) Fannie and Tabitha, the former born September 29,

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1773, and the latter, September 30, 1773. 7. Nathan, January, 1775, died young. 8. Kendall, July 6, 1777. 9. Polly, November 23, 1778. 10. Nathan, March 13, 1781, mentioned below. 11. Kevet, November 3, 1783. 12. Clara, June 22, 1787. 13. Ruel, married (first) Rhoda -----------; (second) Widow Morrow.

(VI) Nathan (3) Persons, son of Nathan (2) Persons, was born March 13, 1781. He married, April 17, 1804, Betsey, born November 28, 1786, died March 13, 1856, daughter of Daniel Hardy. Children: 1. Elvira, born February 24, 189 2. Lavinia, August 24, 1806. 3. Salina, June 20, 1808. 4. Christopher Greenleaf, May 2, 1810. 5. Sophronia, December 22, 1812. 6. Edward Nathan, August 30, 1814, mentioned below. 7. Alonzo E., April 28, 1818. 8. Elihu B., July 28, 1820. 9. Sophronia E., July 25, 1823.

(VII) Edward Nathan Persons, son of Nathan Persons, was born at Henderson, Jefferson County, New York, August 30, 1814, and died August 27, 1903. For fifty years he was a river navigator, and sailed into Chicago when it was a town of but three hundred inhabitants. He witnessed, and was an active participant in all the wonderful development of lake craft, from the canoe to the palatial steamer of to-day. He married (first) March 16, 1841, Mary Guile, who died March, 1842; (second) January 21, 1846, Mary M. Burditt. Child of the first wife: 1. Byron, March 4, 1842. By second wife: 2. George Ransom, August 14, 1848; married September 7, 1886, Mary Louise Kruse, who died March 26, 1908; had Mary Louise, Edna Gertrude, George Kruse and Dorothy E. 3. Fannie Elizabeth, June 13, 1851; married February 16, 1870, Henry I. Proctor. (See Proctor VII). 4. Charles Edward, August 14, 1853; died February 9, 1907. 5. Joseph Kirk, March 10, 1858, married June 25, 1889, Bessie James and had Lois, Marion, and Mildred Kirk. 6. Alice Marion, March 17, 1868. Died August 8, 1868.

BENTON. The name has been conspicuous in American history from the early settlement of he New England colonies, and was intimately associated with leading events in the pioneer days of Jefferson County. It has furnished a United States Senator, prominent in the national councils during several decades, a most useful and respected citizen. The annals of every walk of life have been honored by this name and those who represent it to-day move among the best circles of social and business activity.

(I) the town of Guilford, Connecticut, was settled in 1639, by a colony from the vicinity of Guilford, England. It included two brothers, Edward and Andrew Benton, both of whom were influential members of the colony, Puritans who left civilization to found homes ina savage wilderness in order that they might enjoy freedom of conscience. Andrew Benton moved to Hartford about 1660, and died there in 1683. By his first wife he was the father of Andrew, Samuel, James, Mary and Dorothy. His second wife bore him Ann, who died in 1686, Ebenezer, Lydia, and Hannah.

(II) James, third son of Andrew Benton, resided in Hartford, where he married, February 10, 1698, Sarah, daughter of Bevil Waters, of that city.

(III) James (2), son of James (1) and Sarah (Waters) Benton, was born 1699 in Hartford, and moved to Guilford, where he died August 30, 1785, aged eighty-six years. he married, March 1, 1719, Experience, daughter of Edward Stocking, of Lyme, Connecticut.

(IV) James (3), son of James (2) and Experience (Stocking) Benton, was born in 1720, died June 22, 1801, in Guilford. He married, September 27, 1736, in Guilford, Margaret Naughtye, of that town, in which they resided. They had two sons (possibly others), Bethel and Beza, the latter born January 18, 1753.

(V) Bethel, son of James (3) and Margaret (Naughtye) Benton, was born De-

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cember 14, 1750, in Guilford, and removed to Ashfield, Massachusetts, 1767. The name of his brother, Beza, is found ina list of inhabitants of Ashfield between 1773 and 1798, and on a list of voters in the last named year. In that year Bethel Benton removed from Ashfield to Seneca, Ontario county, New York, where he continued to reside until his death at the age of ninety-six years. When over ninety he walked to Geneva to purchase a present for his granddaughter on the occasion of her birthday. He was a soldier of the Revolution, enlisting from Ashfield at three different times. He first enlisted for a period of eight months in May, 1775, as a private in Captain Murray's Company of colonel Woodbridge's Regiment of Massachusetts troops; again in January, 1776, for one month, under Captain Barns, of Colonel Sargent's Regiment; lastly, at the expiration of that term, for twelve months, in Captain Israel Chapin's Company of Colonel Porter's Regiment. He participated in the battle of Bunker Hill, and was granted a pension August 28, 1832.

(VI) DR. Abner, son of Bethel Benton, was born May 16, 1786, in Ashfield, Massachusetts, and was six years old when his parents moved to Seneca, this state. He was educated at Fairfield Seminary for a physician, studied under Dr. Anable, of Cayuga County, and began his professional career at Fabius, this state. Dr. Benton married, Janaury 29, 1807, Hannah, fourth daughter and fifth child of John and Susanna (Howell) Cooper. About 1818 they moved to the village of Ox Bow, town of Antwerp, where Mrs. Benton's brother was a leading citizen. Dr. Benton at once took a leading part in the progress of affairs, for which he was amply fitted by nature and education. He was the first postmaster at Ox Bow, appointed in 1818, upon the establishment of an office there, and continued to fill that position for several years. Like his ancestors and some of his descendants he was a man of large frame and great muscular power, standing six feet in height and weighing two hundred pounds. He was the leading physician of his section, and was widely known as both citizen and professional man. His death occurred February 6, 1845, from the rupture of a blood vessel, caused by lifting. He became impatient with some men who were planning to unload a barrel of cider at his door, and lifted it along by chains with his fingers. His wife was born November 5, 1788, and survived him nearly twenty-seven years, passing away April 19, 1875, at Ox Bow. They were the parents of four sons and two daughters. Zebulon Howell, the eldest, was a prominent mining promoter of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died at the age of ninety years, May 16, 1893, at Ox Bow. He married Joseph Bonaparte's only daughter. Charlotte, the second, married Henry Howell, and resided at Sag Harbor, Long Island. Erasmus Darwin, married Cornelia B. Hinchman. Sophie died unmarried at Ox Bow. John H., born February 8, 1823, was successful physician and practiced thirty-one years at Ogdensburg, where he died August 31, 1885.

(VII) Dr. Charles Carroll, fourth son of Dr. Abner and Hannah (Cooper) Benton, was born August 20, 1828, in Ox Bow, New York, died October 3, 1890, at Ogdensburg. When a young man he studied medicine, about three years, in Watertown, New York, and also spent four years in study of that science under Professor Gibson, of the same city. He became a graduate physician in 1850 and in 1854 made an extended tour of Europe, in which trip he spent some time visiting the famous hospitals of Paris, London, and Edinburgh. Upon his return, late in 1854, he settled at Ox Bow, Jefferson County, New York, and there practiced his profession until 1875, when he removed to Ogdensburg and practiced there until a short time before his death. He was an able physician and won a high pace in his profession. He belonged to the state and local medical societies, and was a member of the Masonic fraternity at Ogdensburg. Dr.

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Benton married, 1854, Sarah, born Philadelphia, 1833, died Ogdensburg, 1891, daughter of John and Euphemia West, both natives of England. Children: 1. Mary Euphemia, born 1862, Ox Bow, New York; married Frank Huntress, 1885; died in the same year, leaving one son, Carroll Benton. 2. John West, M. D.

(VIII) Dr. John West, only son of Dr. Charles Carroll and Sarah (West) Benton, was born November 15, 1864, Ox Bow, New York, and received his early education in Ogdensburg. Later he graduated from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania, and immediately thereafter, 1886, commenced the practice of his profession at Ogdensburg, where he has since remained. He is one of the leading physicians of the city, and has built up a large and lucrative practice. Dr. Benton stands high in his profession, and is highly esteemed and respected by all classes. He is benevolent and charitable, and is fairly well known in social circles. Dr. Benton takes a commendable interest in public affairs, and politically is an adherent of the Democratic party. He is a city health officer, and belongs to the Democratic and Ogdensburg clubs. He is of the Catholic faith. He is member of St. Lawrence County Medical and State Medical associations. DR. Benton is pleasing and courteous of manner, and has a host of friends; his culture and refinement are apparent, and he is well informed on the leading questions of the day.

Dr. Benton married, 1903, Harriet E., daughter of Charles G. and Mary (Perkins) Egert; children: 1. Edward Perkins, born September 2, 1903. 2. John W., June 25, 1905. 3. Louis Joseph, October 2, 1906. 4. Philip Eglin, July 20, 1908.

HAWKINS. William Hawkins, immigrant ancestor, is found in Providence, Rhode Island, as early as December 20, 1638, when he received land. The date and place of his birth are unknown. July 27, 1640, he with thirty-eight others, signed an agreement for a form of government. January 27, 1645, he bought of Hugh Bewett his home share of land. September 2, 1650, he was taxed thirteen shillings, four pence, and a somewhat later date was admitted a freeman, February 2, 1673, he deeded to his son William two house lots, and the housing thereon, also a six-acre lot, some shares in meadow, etc., and June 25, 1683, to his son Edward certain rights in lands between Pawtucket and Pautuxet rivers, which he had bought twenty years before of John Sayles. He is mentioned as one of those "who staid and went not away" in King Philip's War, 1676, and as a result had a share in the disposition of the Indian captives whose services were sold for a term of years. In 1679 he was taxed seven and one-half pence. His wife was Margaret -----------. He died in 1699. Children: 1. John, died 1726. 2. William, mentioned below. 3. Edward, died May 24, 1726. 4. Mary, died February, 1724. 5. Madeline.

(II) William (2), son of William (1) Hawkins, married, June 14, 1678, Lydia Gardiner, widow of George Gardiner, and daughter of Robert and Susanna Ballou. She died in 1722. In 1678 he was made deputy; in 1685 he had thirty acres laid out in the right of his father William, and January 9, 1691, received a deed of twelve acres of land in Newport from Joseph Gardiner of that town. In 1704-05-06 he was again deputy. July 25, 1704, he deeded to his son Stephen fifty acres of land a dwelling house; September 27, 1708, he deeded land to Stephen and John; January 28, 1721, he sold to William Hopkins a salt cover which has been left him by his father. His will was made March 17, 1722, and proved October 22, 1723. To his two grandson, Elijah and Joseph, sons of his son William, deceased, he left the remaining part of his homestead farm, also other land. His children had already received their share. He died July 6, 1723. Children: 1. William, mentioned below. 2. Stephen,

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died March 11, 1711. 3. John, died March 25, 1755. E. Sarah, died 1722.

(III) William (3), son of William (2) Hawkins, lived in Providence. He married, December 14, 1704, Elizabeth Arnold. After his death, October 5, 1712, she married (second) June 3, 1718, Israel Smith. She died July 11, 1758. On December 9, 1712, the administration of his estate was given to his widow. Children: 1. Elijah, born September 12, 1705. 2. Uriah, July 30, 1707. 3. Joseph, March 29, 1709. 4. Ruth, March 4, 1711-12. 5. Deborah, May 15, 1713.

(III) John, son of William (2) Hawkins, was born in Providence, died there March 25, 1755. Children: 1. Stephen. 2. Isaiah. 3. Jeremiah. 4. Zepheniah. 5. Lydia. 6. Abigail, married September 2, 1742, Richard Salyes, Jr. 7. Martha. 8. Sarah, married November 23, 1757, William Paine. 8. Mary.

(IV) Zephaniah, son of John Hawkins, settled at Smithfield. He married there, November 26, 1752, Mary Marvell. His sisters married and settled in Smithfield.

(V) Jabesh, whose father came from Smithfield, Rhode Island, it is said, was descended from the family as given above. He was born in Vermont, February 11, 1798, died in Moira, New York, July 3, 1870. He followed farming throughout his active life. He married Lydia Stetson, born August 10, 1801, died August 17, 1868. Children: 1. Henry Oralnado Allen. 2. Sarah Matilda. 3. Emeline Malinda. 4. Julius (twin). 5. Julia (twin). 6. Luther Everett, mentioned below.

(VI) Dr. Luther Everett, son of Jabesh Hawkins, was born in Moira, New York, August 28, 1841, died in Brushton, New York. He was educated in the pubic school of his native town. He began to study medicine under the instruction of Dr. Poland, of Lawrenceville, New York, and graduated from the Albany Medical School. He began to practice at Lawrenceville, New York, but about 1880 removed to Brushton, where he continued in his profession until shortly before his death. In politics a Republican. He was a member of North Star Lodge, No,. 107, Free and Accepted Mason. In religion he was an Episcopalian. He married (first) October 8, 1863, Sarah A. Packard, who died July 1, 1873. He married (second) March 11, 1875, Maty Ella Bristol, born at Brasher Falls in 1849, died in 1900. Child of first wife: 1. Frank H., born 1865. Child of second wife: 2. Howard Huxley, mentioned below.

(VII) Howard Huxley, son of Dr. Luther Everett Hawkins, was born in Lawrenceville, December 3, 1878. He was educated in the public schools of Brushton, whither he went with his parents in early childhood. In 1890 he went to work for the Hyde Drug Company at Malone, New York, and having much practical knowledge of the business he entered the Albany College of Pharmacy to complete his education, graduating from that institution in 1903. He worked for two years, 1903-05, for P. K. McMann, whose business he bought in 1905 and has continued with marked success since then. In politics he is a Republican. He is a member of North Star Lodge, No. 107, Free and Accepted Masons. In religion he is an Episcopalian. He married, December 2, 1902, Winnie Ferris, of Brandon, New York, daughter of Fernando and Catherine Ferris. Children: 1. Reginald Luther, born September 5, 1903. 2. Ella Louise, born and died in 1906. 3. Clara, born July 22, 1907.


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