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GATES. Thomas Gates, Esquire, who lived in 1327, in Higheaster and Thursteubie, Essex, England, was the progenitor of the Gates family.

(II) William, son of Thomas Gates, was the father of children: 1. Sir Geoffrey, mentioned below. 2. Ralph. 3. Christopher.

(III) Sir Geoffrey, son of William Gates, married Agnes, daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Baldington, of Aldersbury, County Oxford, England, and had a son, William.

(IV) William (2), son of Sir Geoffrey Gates, married Mabel, daughter and heiress of Thomas Capdow, of Higheaster, Essex, England, and his wife Ann, daughter and heiress of Thomas Fleming, of Essex. Children: 1. Sir Geoffrey, mentioned below. 2. Anne, married Thomas Darcy, uncle to Thomas, Lord Darcy of Chick.

(V) Sir Geoffrey (2), son of William (2) Gates, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Clapton, Knight of Kentwell, Sussex, England. Children: 1. Sir John, married Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Denny. 2. Geoffrey, mentioned below. 3. Henry. 4. William. 5. Dorothy, married Sir Thomas Josselyn, of Josselyn Hall.

(VI) Geoffrey (3), son of Sir Geoffrey (2) gates, married a Pascall of Essex, England. Children: Geoffrey, mentioned below. 2. Henry. 3. John.

(VII) Geoffrey (4), son of Geoffrey (3) Gates, married Joan Wentworth and had one child, Peter, mentioned below.

(VIII) Peter, son of Geoffrey (4) Gates, was of London, England. He married Mary Josselyn and had a son, Thomas, mentioned below.

(IX) Thomas (2), son of Peter Gates, was of Norwich, Norfolk County, England. He had a son, Stephen, mentioned below.

(X) Stephen, son of Thomas (2) Gates, was born in England, and was the immigrant ancestor. He cam from Hingham, England, to Hingham, Massachusetts, in the ship "Diligent" of Ipswich, England, 1638. He was accompanied by his wife Ann (Hill) Gates, and two children. He removed from Hingham to Lancaster, Massachusetts, at the settlement of that town and was there in 1655, and subsequently went to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he died in 1662. He was admitted a freeman in 1653. His will, dated June 9, 1662, was proved October 7, 1662. Stephen Jr. received the house and lot in Lancaster, his wife and son Simon received the place in Cambridge and his son, Thomas, was to remain with them at his pleasure. Ann Gates, his widow, married (second) Richard Woodward, of Watertown, in 1663. Ann was known as Gates after the death of her second husband, and she died at Stow, February 5, 1682-83. Children: 1. Elizabeth, born in England, died August 3, 1704, at Hingham, married, November 29, 1647, John Lasell. 2. Mary, married, 1658, John Maynard, of Sudbury, who died December 22, 1711. 3. Stephen, born 1640. 4. Thomas, 1642, mentioned below. 5. Simon, 1645, died April 21, 1693, at Brookton, Massachusetts. 6. Isaac, baptized May 3, 1646, died September 3, 16551. 7. Rebecca, baptized may 3, 1646; died January, 1650.

(XI) Thomas (3), son of Stephen Gates,

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was born in 1642. He married, July 6, 1670, Elizabeth Freeman. They lived at Stow and Sudbury, Massachusetts. In 1703 they went to Norwich, Connecticut, in that part which afterwards became Preston. Children: 1. Elizabeth, born 1671, at Marlborough. 2. Sarah, 1673, at Marlborough. 3. John, 1678, mentioned below. 4. Joseph, March 16, 1680-81, at Sudbury. 5. Josiah, 1682, at Stow. 6. Deborah, 1684, at Stow. 7. Anna, 1686, at Stow. 8. Abigail, 1689, at Stow. 9. Joanna. 10. Ruth. 11. Caleb, died September 3, 1774.

(XII) John, son of Thomas (3) Gates, was born 1678, at Sudbury, and married -------------------. He settled at Stow, and is said to have been the first John among the descendants from Stephen. Children, born at stow: 1. Hezekiah. 2. Ephraim. 3. Samuel. 4. John, mentioned below. 5. Mary.

(XIII) John 2), son of John (1) Gates, was born at Stow, and married Mary --------------. Children, born at Stow: 1. Hannah, September 6, 1737. 2. Josiah, March 24, 1739. 3. Dorothy, December 11, 1740. 4. Damaris, January 9, 1745-46. 5. John, September 12, 1748. 6. Caleb, July 14, 1751, mentioned below. 7. Mary, April 25, 1753. 8. Thomas, June 5, 1755.

(XIV) Caleb, son of John (2) Gates, was born July 14, 175?, a---, --- and married, March 10, 1776, M-------- Oak, or Oaks, of Bolton, Massachusetts. She was born March 23, 1746, died November 22, 1826. He died August 11, 1827, at Acton, Vermont. Children, born at Stow: 1. Achsah, march 8, 1777. 2. Artemas, April 25, 1780. 3. Josiah, mentioned below.

(XV) Josiah, son of Caleb Gates was born October 9, 1783, at Stow, and married, January 8, 1803, Sabra Holden. She was born December 23, 1782, died December 10 or 13, 1815. They removed to Acton, Vermont, and then to Reading, Vermont. He died at Reading, March 10, 1812. Children: 1. Artemas, born February 14, 1803, at Acton. 2. Josiah, August 31, 1805, at Acton. 3. John Davis, February 26, 1806, at Acton. 4. Caleb, mentioned below. 5. Emery.

(XVI) Caleb (2), son of Josiah Gates., was born at Reading, January 26, 1811. His father died when he was a year old, and he received no education except what he obtained through his own efforts. He was bound out as a boy, and came to Gouverneur, New York, and the surrounding section when fifteen years old. He worked for George Parish for a time. He was a carpenter and millwright, and part of his life had a farm in Gouverneur. In politics he was a Republican, and in religion a Baptist. He married, in 1857, Harriet Miller, born in 1837, died in 1897. He died September, 1890, at Massena Springs, New York, where he had gone for his health. Children: 1. Abram Caleb, born March, 1840, mentioned below. 2. Cornelia Sabra, November 8, 1843, married Jarvis M. Sparks, born in England; children: Jay Sparks, Edward, Harriet E.

(XVII) Abram Caleb, son of Caleb (2) Gates, was born in Gouverneur, New York, March, 1840. He was educated in the town schools, and at Wesleyan Seminary. He afterwards worked on a farm till twenty-one years old. He then bought a farm, and still has large farming interests. He was in the meat business with Mr. Sparks, his brother-in-law, for about five years, and in the grocery business for three years. He also bought and dealt in butter and cheese. From 1880, for four years, he was keeper at Dannemora Prison, and was active in the duties of the prison. He was appointed superintendent of the poor at St. Lawrence County in 1905.d since that time has lived at the county buildings at Canton, New York. He has charge of the county farm of some three hundred acres. He has served as school trustee at Gouverneur, and as president of the corporation. He was postmaster at Gouverneur for four years under President Harrison,

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and has always been active in the interest of the town and of the Republican Party. He is a member of Gouverneur Blue Lodge, No. 217, Free and Accepted Masons; Gouverneur Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Marble City Commandery, No. 63, Knights Templar,; Media Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., Watertown; St. Lawrence Lodge of Perfection at Norwood, New York. He married, July 14, 1881, Fannie, daughter of James Johnson, of Gouverneur. Child: 1. Nettie Harriet, born in 1882, at Gouverneur.

BROWN. Thomas Brown, the immigrant, was born in England, in 1609, according to his deposition made in 1670, that his age was sixty-one. He came to concord in 1638, and was one of the original proprietors of Sudbury who were given authority by the general court to begin the plantation September 6, 1638. He was admitted a freeman, March 14, 1639, and the general court, October 7, 1640, granted him two hundred acres of land for the twenty-five-pound "adventure" (subscription) of Mrs. Anne Harvyes. He was a proprietor in Sudbury in 1640, but within a year was back in Concord. He bought land in concord, May 20, 1635, in 1661, being called a resident in Concord in each deed. He removed to Cambridge, however, and was a town officer there in 1660-63-68; was admitted to the Cambridge Church, May 18, 1666. He served on a committee to divide Concord property March 26, 1676, and November 20, 1680, in a deed of land to his son, Thomas Brown, Jr., he calls himself "late of Concord, now of Cambridge". It has been proved, however, that there was but one Thomas Brown to whom all the records refer. He married Bridget ---------------, who died at Cambridge, January 5, 1681; he died November 3, 1688. He filed, May 11, 1681, a list of the lands that he had given his son Boaz. Children, born at Cambridge: 1. Boaz, mentioned below. 2. Jabez, born in 1644; lived in Concord, and Sudbury until Stow was founded. 3. Mary, March 26, 1646; married (first) John Woodhead, of Chelmsford; (second) John Gove, of Cambridge. 4. Eleazer, July 6, 1640; married February 9, 1674-75, Dinah Spaulding. 5. Thomas, 1651. Thomas and Edmund Brown, his brother, cam e form Bury St. Edmund, England, whence came many of the Sudbury settlers. Edmund was the first minister at Sudbury. On Page 123 of the first edition, page 171 of the second edition of "Soldiers in King Philip's War", by Charles Madison Bodge, is a list of wounded and slain, and among the wounded is the name of Thos. Browne of Concord. (See Mass. Archives, vol. 68, page 104).

(II) Boaz, son of Thomas Brown, was born at Concord, February 14, 1642, died there April 7, 1724. He married (first) November 8, 1664, Mary, daughter of Edward and Jane Winship. He married (second) at concord, October 10, 1716, Abigail (Ballard) Wheat, widow. Children, born at Concord, all by first wife: 1. Boaz, July 31, 1665. 2. Thomas, mentioned below. 3. Mary, October 31, 1670. 4. Edward, March 29, 1672-73. 5. Mercy. 6. Mary, May 24, 1678. 7. Jane, born at Stow, September 4, 1684.

(III) Thomas (2), son of Boaz Brown, was born at Concord, May 14, 1667. He married at Concord, May 13, 1690, Rachel Poulter. Children, born at Concord: 1. Rachel, February 16, 1691-92. 2. Molly, March 20, 1692-93. 3. John, September 18, 1794, mentioned below. 4. Rachel, March 10, 1695-96. 5. Jonathan, July 30, 1698. 6. Thomas, June 14, 1700. 7. Hannah, June 5, 1702. 8. Abigail, March 12, 1703-04. 9. Dinah, February 12, 1705-06. 10. Thomas, December 24, 1707. 11. Mercy, April 22, 1710. 12. Lydia.

(V) John, son of Thomas (2) Brown, was born at Concord, September 18, 1694, died there March 6, 1750. He married there, February 23, 1714, Elisabeth Potter,

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of an old Concord family. Children, born at Concord: 1. John, December 1, 1715. 2. Elizabeth, September 4, 1718. 3. Grace, February 5, 1720-21. 4. John, July 1, 1724. 5. Hannah, March 25, 1727. 6. Josiah, December 30, 1729; died young. 7. Joseph, died February 11, 1731-32. 8. Joseph, born November 12, 1733. 9. Rebecca, October 4, 1736. 10, Josiah, mentioned below.

(V) Captain Josiah, son of John Brown, was born at concord, January 30, 1742. He settled in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, and lived there more than fifty years. He settled in what was then a wilderness near Flat Mountain. The family had not only to struggle with nature in clearing the land, but against wolves and other wild beasts, then numerous in the forest. He was a sergeant in Captain Thomas Heald's company from New Ipswich and marched April 20, 1775, on the Lexington Alarm and served thirteen days. He was also first lieutenant of Captain Ezra Towne's company (fourth), colonel James reed's regiment of New Hampshire, serving two months and twenty-seven days from May 10, 1775. This regiment was engaged at the battle of Bunker Hill, where the company of Captain Towne, says history, "did sharp execution, being good marksmen and having the wind in their favor. They were the last company to leave the field, and Lieutenant Brown believed that he fired the final shot before the retreat." Brown was also captain of a company detached from Colonel Enoch Hale's regiment of New Hampshire Militia, and marched to reinforce the Continental Army at Ticonderoga, May 6, 1777, and June 29, 1777. (See New Hampshire State Papers, vol. xiv, p. 34, p. 38, and vol. xv, p.1, 20-22, 92-94). In the life of Rev. Nathan Brown, the missionary (p. 20), one learns that Captain Josiah Brown's "resolute right hand wore the blue mitten once famous in New Ipswich town meetings. It became a common saying in regard to undecided voters that they always waited till they saw the blue mitten go up." Nathan Brown, the Baptist missionary to Tokio, Japan, and William Goldsmith Brown, author of the famous war lyrics "A Hundred Years to Come", "Roanoke", "Before Petersburg", etc., were grandsons of Captain Josiah Brown.

A century ago Captain Josiah Brown bought land in what is now the town of Lewis, Essex County, New York, and there his son, Deacon Levi Brown, and two of his daughters, Rebecca, who married Nathan Perry, and Abigail, who married Deacon Asa Farnsworth, settled. The history of New Ipswich says of him: "He was a robust, energetic, persevering man; was impulsive and had a very strong will. He was a religious and benevolent man, always ready to do his share for the support of religious institutions and for the relief of the poor and suffering. His experiences, which were written down by his grandson, are quite curious. His mind seems to have been deeply affected by reading Bunyan's Pilgrim, and it no doubt had a great influence informing his opinions and character. For a few years previous to his death he was lame and nearly blind." He was first deacon of the Baptist Church at new Ipswich. He died in 1831 at the advanced age of eighty-seven.

He married October 31, 1765, Sarah Wright, born 1744, died 1821. They had fourteen children, of whom twelve lived to maturity. Children, all born at New Ipswich: 1. Josiah, October 1, 1766, died January 20, 1858; married Mellicent Wright. 2. Joseph, October 10, 1767, died March 2, 1827; married Sophronia Preston. 3. Jonas, March 4, 1769, died February 23, 1836; married Lois Russell. 4. Sarah, November 22, 1770, died April 20, 1822; married Reuben Brown. 5. Aaron, December 8, 1772, died February 15, 1828; married Hannah Brown. 6. Amos, September 11, 1774, died May 10, 1863; married Sarah Tarbell. 7. Abner, July 27, 1776, died April 4, 1824; married Polly Jaquith and

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Polly Ayer. 8. Rebecca, July 5, 1778, died June 9, 1853; married Nathan Perry. 9. Levi, August 6, 1780, mentioned below. 10. Nathan, July 25, 1782, died January 21, 1862; married Betsey Goldsmith. 11. Heywood, July 2, 1784, died March 2, 1867; married Sally Wolcott. 12. Betsey, February 7, 1787, died July 11, 1793. 13. Abigail, June 22, 1790, died April 24, 1864, married Asa Farnsworth.

(VI) Levi, son of Captain Josiah Brown, was born at New Ipswich, august 6, 1780, died September 10, 1840. He removed to Lewis, Essex County, New York, and settled on land of his father there. He was an active and prominent citizen, a well-to-do farmer, deacon of the Baptist Church. He commanded a company at the battle of Plattsburgh in War of 1812. He married, May 15, 1803, at New Ipswich, Betsey Temple. Children: 1. Eliza. 2. Elewisa. 3. Sally. 4. Phebe. 5. Betsey. 6. Levi DeWitt, mentioned below. 7. Benjamin.

(VII) Levi DeWitt, son of Deacon Levi Brown, was born at Lewis, Essex County, New York, June 1, 1814, died in Elizabethtown, February 4, 1866. He received a common school education in his native town. he worked on his father's farm during boyhood and made farming his occupation in later years. In politics he was an active Democrat. He was for many years a deputy sheriff, and was for a time in charge of the county jail; he was supervisor of the town during the trying period of the Civil War. He was active in raising troops for the Union Army, and was captain of a local company of militia. He was one of the organizers of the Elizabethtown and Westport Plank Road Company. He was a member of the local lodge of Free Masons. In religion he was a Baptist. He married Lovina Kneeland, born November 24, 1920. She is living at Elizabethtown, New York. "All the children were born in Elizabethtown and brought up largely on a farm, being bred to live religious, temperate, industrious lives, both parents being Baptists. That the escutcheon of the Brown family has never been tarnished b y any act of her children and that not one of then has ever brought reproach to her fair name, a kind and loving mother can now say, in her old age, without fear of contradiction". Children: 1. Augusta Prudence, born April, 1843; married Edward J. smith; she died at Fort Ann, New York, in 1877, and was buried there; their son, Edward Levi, and daughter, Minnie A., lived in Maryland. 2. Friend Abner, born March 20, 1846; married Hila E. Partridge and lives on a farm in the Boquet Valley. 3. John Kneeland, born June, 1850; married Lizzie N. James; they have one daughter, Mrs. Fred A. Marvin, of Elizabethtown. 4. Walter Scott, born January 9, 1854, superintendent of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve; married Mary L. Pond, and has one daughter, Mary Elizabeth. 5. George Levi, mentioned below.

(VIII) George Levi, son of Levi DeWitt Brown, was born at Elizabethtown, Essex County, New York, January 12, 1866. He was educated there in the public schools. He has been editor and manager of the Elizabethtown Post, a weekly newspaper of high standing, since January, 1900. In politics he is a Democrat. He was appointed postmaster by President Cleveland in 1893 and served until 1898, the office being raised from fourth to third class during his term of office. He has been a member of the board of education for two years. He was instrumental in organizing the Elizabethtown board of trade, and served as a member of the Hudson-Fulton celebration commission in 1909. He is a charter member of the New York State Geographic Society, and one of the thirty general; councillors of that organizations. He has served as trustee of the Baptist church for fifteen years. He was one of the organizers of the Elizabethtown Terminal Railroad Company. He is

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the author of a valuable history of Elizabethtown. He married, November 6, 1895, Edith Marty Durand, born at Elizabethtown, April 29, 1874, daughter of Alembert and Mary (Wilcox) Durand. Children, born at Elizabethtown: 1. Edith Lovina, August 15, 1896. 2. Analita Augusta, February 27, 1899. 3. Thomas Augustus, May 8, 1902. 4. Helen Durand, May 6, 1907.

TEFFT. John Tefft, immigrant ancestor, settled in Portsmouth, King's Town, Rhode Island, where he became a freeman in 1655. In 1648 William Tefft, of Boston, died, and in his will gave to the eldest child of his brother, Tefft, "least steer Calf." William may have been a brother of John. John Tefft is next mentioned in 1662, November 22, when he and his wife Mary sold seven acres of land to Robert Shink, of Newport, May, 1671, his name is recorded as an inhabitant of Pettaquamscott. His will was dated November 30, 1674, and mentioned son-in-law, Samuel Wilson; wife Mary; sons Samuel and Joshua, and daughter Tabitha. January 26, 1676, his death is mentioned in a letter from Captain James Oliver (written at the house of Richard Smith in Narragansett). Captain Oliver says first that Joshua Tefft had married a Wamponag squaw, then that he had shot twenty times at the English in the Narragansett, and was captured and executed at Providence and declares that he was "a sad wretch, he never heard a sermon but once these fourteen years,. His father, going to recall him, lost his head and lies unburied (1676)." November 19, the widow singed in satisfaction of her third, her signature being witnessed by Tabitha Gardiner. She died in 1679. Children: 1. Daughter; married Samuel Wilson. 2. Samuel, born in 1644, mentioned below. 3. Joshua, died January 18, 1676, executed by the English. 4. Tabitha, 1653; died 1722.

(II) Samuel, son of John Tefft, was born in 1644, died in 1725. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Esther (Ballard) Jencks. She was born in 1658 and died 1740. In 1677, he was admitted a freeman (Providence). May 12, 1679, he was fined twenty shillings or not attending jury, but March 12, 1680, his fine was remitted by the assembly, as he had had no warning by the general sergeant. September 6, 1687, he was an inhabitant of King's Town, and was taxed there. June 28, 1709, he and twenty-six others bought the tract of land called Swamptown, part of the vacant lands of Narragansett, march 20, 1721, he called his age about seventy-seven years, and October 29, 1722, his wife, Elizabeth called her age seventy years, though other evidence maker her not quite so old. His will was dated March 16, 1725, and proved December 20, 1725. In it he mentioned his wife Elizabeth, sons John, Samuel and Joseph, daughters Elizabeth Carpenter, Esther Mumford, Mary Newton, Susanna Crandall and Mercy Tefft; also children of Sarah Witter, deceased. The inventory was one thousand and ten pounds, two shillings, eight pence. His wife's will was dated July 4, 1738, and proved May 12, 1740. Children: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Samuel, died 1760. 3. Peter, died 1725. 4. Sarah, married Ebenezer Witter. 5. Elizabeth, died 1759. 6. Esther, died 1726. 7. Mary, married ----------- Newton. 8. Tabitha, unmarried. 9. Mercy, unmarried. 120. Susanna, married Peter Crandall.

(III) John (2), son of Samuel Tefft, died in 1762. He married Joanna, daughter of Jonathan and Mehitable (Holbrook) Sprague. He lived in south Kingston, Rhode Island, June 28, 1709, he was among those engaged in Shannock Purchase. His will was dated January 5, 1754, codicil December 22, 1757, and proved January 21, 1762. He mentioned in it his wife, Joanna, sons John, Joseph, Samuel, James and Nathan, daughters Mary Barber, Mercy Rogers, Mehitable Rogers, Tabitha Tefft and Sarah Brown, and six grandchildren. The codicil mentioned the decease of his

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wife, in 1757, and gave the five hundred pounds formerly left to her to the five daughters, and forty-eight pounds, sixteen shillings, three pence. Children; 1. John, December 4, 1699. 2. Joseph, mentioned below. 3. Samuel. 4. James, April 21, 1715. 5. Nathan, mentioned below. 6. Daughter. 7. Mary. 8. Mercy. 9. Mehitable. 10. Tabitha. 11. Sarah.

(IV) Joseph, son of John (2) Tefft, was born about 1705, and settled at Richmond, Rhode Island. He married Esther ---------------. Children, born at Richmond: 1. Elizabeth, December 20, 1730. 2. William, February 29, 1732; mentioned below. 3. Joseph, March 19, 1737. 4. Ruth, March 27, 1739. 5. Benjamin, June 3, 1741. 6. Esther, August 6, 1743. 7. Thomas, November 10, 1745; settled in Washington County, New York, and mentioned in the census of 1790. 8. Sarah, August 24, 1747. 9. Samuel, August 29, 1749.

(IV) Nathan, son of John (2) Tefft, settled at South Kingston, Rhode Island; married there, September 16, 1742, Isabel Stanton, of Westerly, Rhode Island; Thomas (3), Joseph (2), Thomas (1). Children born at South Kingston: 1. Stanton, July 9, 1744; was living in Washington County, New York, in 1790. 2. Isabel, March 14, 1745. 3. Mercy, August 14, 1749. 4. Nathan, August 28, 1752; was in Washington County, New York, 1790. 5. John, March 24, 1756. 6. Mary, May 2, 1758. 7. Sarah, August 1, 1762.

(V) William, son of Joseph Tefft, was born at Richmond, February 29, 1732. He married, Mary Kenyon. Children, born at Richmond: 1. Hezekiah, December 16, 1753. 2. Pardon, January 27, 1755. 3. Thankful, March 21, 1757. 4. David, April 19, 1760. 5. William, May 21, 1763. 6. Mary, March 13, 1766. 7. John, May 18, 1767. 8. Mary, April 22, 1769.

(VI) Oden Tefft, son or nephew of William Tefft, was born in Washington County, Where at least four of this family settled. He was a successful builder and contractor. He removed from Washington County, to Clintonville, Clinton County. He married ------------ Briggs, of Washington County, and had nine children.

(VII) Walter, son of Oden Tefft, was born at Sandy Hill, Washington County, where Stanton, Thomas, William and Nathan Tefft were heads of families in 1790. He removed with his father's family to Clintonville,. Clinton county, where he was educated in the common schools. He entered the employ of the Peru Steel & Iron Company and learned the trade of bloomer, of which he worked for a period of twenty-two years. Then he came to Mineville, Essex County, New York, and settled on a farm, which he bought. He also took contracts for teaming from the mining company there. From 1856 to the time of his death in 1886 he had charge of the mines of Witherbee, Sherman & Company. When he took charge the mines were in their infancy, and he took a prominent part in the development of the property. He was an honest, capable, useful citizen, respected of all men, bearing heavy responsibilities with credit and performing all the duties of business and citizenship thoroughly. He was for three years an excise commissioner of the town, elected on a high license platform against the low-license ticket. He was a founder and active member of the Presbyterian Church at Mineville. He was a member of Morning sun Lodge, No. 142, Free Masons, of Port Henry. He died in 1886, aged sixty-three. He married Jane, daughter of Edward Stanton. Her father settled in Plattsburgh, New York, was a soldier in the War of 1812. Children: 1. William H., mentioned below. 2. Ella, married Henderson Stone; their daughter, Aura is living at Moriah, New York; he is a farmer at Moriah, New York.

(VIII) William H., son of Walter Tefft, was born at Mineville, in the town of Moriah, April 7, 1850, died there in 1898. He was educated in the public schools and at

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Fort Edward Academy. In politics he was a Republican and he held various offices of trust and honor in the town, including that of president of the board of education. He was for many years in partnership with A. J. Stiles, of Moriah, in the firm of Tefft Stiles, dealers in meats and provisions. After he sold his interests, Mr. Tefft became assistant superintendent of the mines of Witherbee, Sherman & Company, and continued in this position for fourteen years. When his father died, he succeeded him as superintendent. He resigned in 1892, and signed a contract with the Port Henry Ore Company to take charge of their mines at Fisher Hill. He held this position until he retired shortly before his death. He was a member of Morning Sun Lodge, Free Masons, of Port Henry; of Cedar Point Chapter, No. 269; Royal Arch Masons; of Iron Ore Lodge, No. 583, Off Fellows, of Mineville, and was a charter member, going to Saratoga to join the order. In religion he was a Presbyterian. He married, July 4, 1872, Hannah Clydesdale, born at Mineville, in 1858, and is now living there, daughter of Robert and Mary Campbell (Brown) Clydesdale, who were both natives of Scotland. Children: 1. Robert, died in infancy. 2. Nellie, died in infancy. 3. Florence J., born in 1872, lives in Mineville, 4. Walter C., mentioned below. 5. Clara L., born in 1880; married Lewis La Pointe; children: Clydesdale and Stanley La Pointe.

(IX) Walter Clydesdale, son of William H. Tefft, was born at Mineville, April 13, 1875. He attended the public schools of his native town, the Port Henry high school and the Eastman Business College at Poughkeepsie. He entered there in the class of 1899. After teaching school for a time he took charge of the Ticonderoga Sentinel in 1903. Upon the death of the owner, William T. Bryan, in 1904, Mr. Tefft purchased the newspaper and printing business and since then has conducted it. The Sentinel is a weekly newspaper of wide influence in this section. Mr. Tefft is a member of Mount Defiance Lodge, Free Masons, of Ticonderoga; Ethan Lodge, Odd Fellows, of Ticonderoga; of the local grange, Patrons of Husbandry. In religion he is a Presbyterian. He married, August 1, 1900, Mary Ellen, daughter of William T. and Mary A. (Hogle) Bryan. Children: 1. William Robert, born January 16, 1903. 2. John Bryan, November 25, 1906.


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