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COATS. William C. Coats was born in Devonshire, England, in 1828, and comes of an ancient English family of this name. He had a common school education in his native place, and when a boy went to sea. For many years he was a mariner and went to all parts of the world. In 1859 he came to New York City, and after a short time located at Fulton, Oswego County, New York, where he has made his home and followed farming for an occupation since 1860. In politics he is a Republican, in religion a Baptist. He enlisted and served three years in the Civil War in company F or I, Eleventh New York Cavalry. He took part in a number of important engagements, and was active in the work of clearing the country of raiders and bushwhackers that infested most of the southern states. He married, in 1847, Elizabeth Inchdon, born in Devonshire, England, in 1829, died in Fulton, New York, in 1904. Children: 1. Son, died infancy. 2. William Henry, mentioned below.

(II) William Henry, son of William C. Coasts, was born in Devonshire, England, January 24, 1851. He came to America with his parents when he was a child. He had some instruction under a private tutor in England, and attended the village seminary in Fulton, New York. He began teaching school when a young man, at first in the district schools in the vicinity of his father's home, afterward in Oswego County, and for eight years he was superintendent of schools in Fulton, New York, and for another eight years principal of the high school at Elizabethtown, Essex County, New York. 

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He was then in business at Plattsburgh, New York, for ten years. He came to Saranac Lake in 1907 a teacher of classics and languages in the high school, and is at present time filling this position. He was an prominent candidate for principal of the State Normal School at Plattsburgh, and was offered and declined the chair of mathematics in that institution. He is a Republican in politics. He married, in 1870, Emma M. Guersney, born January 4, 1852, in Broome County, New York, near the town of Lysle, a daughter of John L. and --------- (Nichols) Guersney. Her father was of English and her mother of Dutch ancestry. Children: 1. Herbert Philip, mentioned below. 2. William Henry. 3. Lucy E.

(III) Hon. Herbert Philip Coasts, son of William Henry Coasts, was born in Fulton, New York, September 1, 1872. He attended the public schools and graduated from the Elizabethtown high school of which his father was principal. He began the study of law in the office of Shedden & Booth, and continued in the offices of Weed, Smith & Conway, of Plattsburgh, and at the Albany Law School, from which he has graduated in the class of 1894, and was honored with the position of class orator at commencement. In the same year he was admitted to the bar and opened an office at Saranac Lake. Since then he has been in general practice in this town, and has taken a prominent position at the bar of the county. He is an active Republican and has served as attorney for the village of Saranac Lake continuously for fifteen years. He has for years taken an active part in nominating conventions of his party, and given to its candidates his hearty support. He was elected state senator in November, 1909, and was appointed to important committees in the present session of the legislature. In 1910 he was unanimously nominated to succeed himself as senator, the nomination being equivalent to an election. He was one of the organizers of the Adirondack National Bank. He was instrumental in securing the location of the Ray Brook Tuberculosis Institution of new York State in this vicinity. He is a member of the White Face Mountain Lodge, No. 789, Free Masons, and of Waneta Chapter, No. 291, Royal Arch Masons, of Saranac Lake, and was one of the founders of the latter; and is a member of Franklin Commentary, Knights Templar, of Malone, New York, and of Karnak Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Montreal, Canada. He married September 11, 1895, Bertha E. Roberts, of Plattsburgh. They have one son, Herbert Philip, Jr., born December 19, 1896.

WHEELER. Sergeant Ephraim Wheeler, immigrant ancestor and brother of Thomas Wheeler, Sr., of Fairfield, came from England in the company of the Rev. John Jones to Concord, Massachusetts, where he was made a freeman, March 13, 1639. In 1644, he came to Fairfield, also with Mr. Jones' company, and with a wife and possibly two children. He became a large landholder and leading citizen. In his will dated September 22, 1669, he mentioned his wife Ann, and sons Samuel, Timothy, Ephraim and Isaac, daughters Mary, Ruth, Rebecca, Judith and Abigail. To the first three sons he gave all his "lands and housings"; to Isaac, Mary and Ruth, they having already had their shares, ten pounds each, to Hannah, fifteen pounds, to Rebecca, Judith and Abigail his other estate. The inventory was taken October 28, 1670, and amounted to one thousand and twenty-six pounds, eighteen shillings, and six pence. In 1681 his widow paid tax on seven hundred and six acres of land. Children: 1. Isaac, born 1638,. died young. 2. Isaac, December 13, 1642, mentioned below. 3. Mary. 4. Ruth. 5. Hannah. 6. Rebecca. 7. Judith. 8. Abigail, died February 7, 1712. 9. Samuel, not twenty-one in 1669. 10. Timothy, 1660. 11. Ephraim, not twenty-one in 1669.

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(II) Deacon Isaac, son of Ephraim Wheeler, was born December 13, 1642, in Concord. February 12, 1673, he received from the town of Fairfield a building lot and pasture lot, laid out on the west side of what is now Park Avenue and the vicinity of State Street, where he made his home. He received from his father and mother a large quantity of land, and was a well-to-do farmer. He was one of the first nine members of the Stratford Congregational Church. His will was proved April 11, 1712. The name of his wife is unknown. Children: 1. Isaac. 2. Samuel, mentioned below. 3. Sarah, married John Odell. 4. Rebekah, married Benjamin Sherman. 5. Mary, married Henry Jackson. 6. Experience, married Samuel Sherman. 7. Mercy, married Captain David Sherman.

(III) Sergeant Samuel, son of Deacon Isaac Wheeler, married Hannah, daughter of Sergeant John Wheeler, of Black Rock. The inventory of his estate was taken March 8, 1707-08. Children: 1. Samuel, born 1700, mentioned below. 2. Hannah, 1702, married (first) Dr. John Wheeler; married (second) Robert Chauncey. 3. Maria, baptized July 24, 1708, married John Fairchild.

(IV) Samuel (2), son of Sergeant Samuel (1) Wheeler, was born in 1700, and settled in Weston, Connecticut.

(VI) Dimond, grandson of Samuel (2) Wheeler, was born April 20, 1762, in Weston, Fairfield County, Connecticut. (Family record--the town record is lost.) In 1790, according to the first federal census, he was head of a family consisting of himself, a son under sixteen and two females. Other descendants of Samuel Wheeler in that town, heads of family in 1790, were Ezra, Ephraim, John, Gideon, Eliphalet, Calvin, Jabez, and Nathan. He went from Connecticut to Prescott, Canada, and afterward to Ogdensburg, New York, where he conducted a hotel. His last days were spent in Canton, New York, with a daughter, at whose home he died. He married (first) -------------; (second) Amy Plumb, born August 22, 1782, died January 4, 1875. Child of first wife: 1. Isaac, settled in Monroe, formerly Stratfield, Connecticut. Children of second wife: 2. Silvia. 3. Pauline. 4. Eliza. 5. Martha. 6. Maria. 7. Charles, mentioned below.

(VII) Charles, son of Dimond Wheeler, was born at Ogdensburg, New York, March 22, 1812, died at Ticonderago, New York, March 22, 1886. He was a shoemaker by trade, and lived at Canton, New York. In addition to making shoes he owned a shoe store there for several years. He was for a number of years keeper of the state's prisons at Dannemora, Sing Sing and Auburn. He was an officer at Auburn for five years. He came to Ticonderoga, New York, in 1857, as agent of Edward Ellis, an Englishman, who owned some fifteen thousand acres of land in this section. His appointment to this important position was due to George Parish, of Ogdensburg. In 1863 Mr. Wheeler bought the property of Mr. Ellis. This estate included all the valuable water power privileges of this section and the graphite mines. He was an active, enterprising and successful man of affairs and was in business until shortly before his death. In politics he was a Democrat, in religion a Episcopalian. He married, in 1841, Mercy, born at Plainfield, New Hampshire, august 18, 1823, now living at Ticonderoga, a daughter of Thomas S. and Elizabeth (Chapman) Stevens. Children: 1. Stephen L., deceased. 2. Charles T., born September 7, 1844, mentioned below. 3. Evelyn, married (first) Dr. W. P. Gannaon; (second) Thomas E. Bailey, deceased.

(VIII) Charles T., son of Charles Wheeler, was born at Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York, September 7, 1844. He attended the common schools, but was largely educated through his own study and reading, especially in mathematics in which he had something of a gift. As a boy he was a clerk ina dry goods store in Canton. 

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He was fourteen years old when he came to Ticonderoga with his father, and he has lived there ever since. He was engaged for many years in the lumber business in New Hampshire and with George C. Weed, of Ticonderoga. He is now retired from active business. In politics he is a Democrat and he has been highway commissioner of the town. he married (first) in 1861, Jennie E., born at Ticonderoga in 1845, died January 31, 1906, daughter of George C. and Jane (Smith) Weed, granddaughter of Joseph Weed, who was born in Milton, Saratoga County, in 1792, died at Ticonderoga, March 1, 1860. He married (second) in 1908, Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds, a widow. Children: 1. George W., mentioned below. 2. Herbert, vice-president and manager of W. J. Smith Lumber company; son, Stephen. 3. Anna J., a trained nurse, New York City. 4. Charles A., lives in Ticonderoga. 5. Frank A. died in infancy.

(IX) George Weed, son of Charles T. Wheeler, was born in Ticonderoga, September 25, 1865. He received a common school education. For twenty-five years he has been in the employ of the International paper company and its predecessors in the pulp mill as a paper finisher and takes rank among the most skillful artisans of that concern. He has a farm at Lake George and owns considerable real estate in Ticonderoga, and is now occupied in the care and improvement of this property. He is an Episcopalian in religion and vestryman of the church at Ticonderoga. He married, October 22, 1886, Katherine, born at North Argyle, Washington County, New York, daughter of George H. Young, who was a soldier in the Civil War, and of Katherine (Humphrey) Young. Children: 1. May Katherine, born November, 1889, died April 7, 1909. 2. Marion, 1895, died May 1, 1897.

(IX) Herbert Wheeler, son of Charles T. wheeler, was born in Ticonderoga, New York, April 9, 1867. He was educated in the schools of his native town and at the Troy Conference Academy at Poultney, Vermont, also at Troy Business College. For six years he worked for his grandfather, George C. Weed, in the lumber business, and was employed in the hardware store of William Hooper in Ticonderoga, from 1885 to 1902. In the latter year the W. J. Smith Lumber Company was incorporated in Ticonderoga and Mr. Wheeler was made vice-president and manager and has since devoted his time to the interests of the company. In addition to this he has farming and real estate interests. He makes a specialty of Holstein cows and is laying the foundation for a pure bred herd. In politics he is a Democrat. He is a member of Ethan Allen Lodge, No. 630, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of Ticonderoga, and is also a member of the local grange. He married, in 1893, Kate L., daughter of John and Ellen Roach Haveron, born in Montreal, Canada. Child: Stephen Herbert, born April 3, 1900, in Ticonderoga.

WHEELER. George wheeler was an early settler of Concord, Massachusetts. He came probably in 1635, and was there in 1638. His name appears often on early petitions to the general court for various petitions and on the town records down to the time of his death. He was a selectman in 1660 and held many other offices of trust and honor, and served on many committees. He owned land in every part of the town, Brook Meadow, Fairhaven Meadow, the Cranefield, by Whalen, Goose and Flint Ponds, in White Pine Road, on the Sudbury line, etc. He died between 1685 and 1687; his will being dated January, 1685, and offered for probate, June 2, 1687. He married Katherine -----------, who died at concord, January 2, 1684-85. They had eight children, five of whom were not recorded and were probably born in England: 1. Thomas, married October 12, 1657, Hannah Harrod.

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2. Elizabeth, married, October 1, 1656, Francis Fletcher. 3. William, married, October 30, 1659, Hannah Buss. 4. Ruth, married, October 26, 1665, Samuel Hartwell. 5. Hannah, named in will as daughter of Hannah Fletcher. 6. Sarah, born March 30, 1640, at Concord. 7. John, March 19, 1642-43, mentioned below. 8. Mary, September 6, 1645.

(II) Sergeant John, son of George Wheeler, was born at concord, March 19, 1642-43, died there September 27, 1713. He married, March 25, 1663-64, Sarah Lakin or Larkin, who died at Concord, August 12, 1725. He was constable in 1684, when Robert Blood was fined ten pounds for assaulting him and admitted a freeman in 1690. His house lot was south of the mill pond, between the corner of Main Street and the almshouse, and adjoined Robert Merriam's now the site of the Trinitarian Meeting House, and Joseph Wheeler's house, now owned by Nathan B. Stow. Children, born at Concord: 1. John, February 6, 1663-63, mentioned below. 2. Samuel, July 6, 1664. 3. Sarah, December 12, 1666. 4. Edward, July 17, 1669. 5. Joanna, December 21, 1671. 6. Mary, September 15, 1673. 7. Lydia, October 27, 1675. 8. Esther, December 1, 1678. 9. Joseph, January 27, 1679-80. 10. Ebenezer, June 3, 1682. 11. Thankful, twin of Ebenezer. 12, Sarah, November 11, 1686. 13. Abigail, December 29, 1689.

(III) John (2), son of Sergeant John (1) wheeler, was born at Concord, February 6, 1663-64. He married there, March 8, 1711, Dorothy Hosmer. Children, born at Concord: 1. John, September 21, 1713, mentioned below. 2. Dorothy, February 19, 1716, died March 27, 1716. 3. Josiah, March 29, 1718. 4. Dorothy, January 11, 1720-21.

(IV) John (3), son of John (2) Wheeler, was born at Concord, September 21, 1713. He married Deborah ------------. He settled at Templeton, and all his children appear to have lived there. He died there in 1772. Children, born at concord: 1. Beulah, April 7, 1740, died at Templeton, 1820, aged seventy-nine years; may have been wife of Jonathan wheeler. 2. Lois, August 17, 1741; married, 1772, at Templeton, Samuel Taylor. 3. John, August 20, 1743; lived at Templeton. 4. Eunice, June 25, 1745, died august 7, 1745. 5. Lucy, June 8, 1746; married at Templeton, Israel Lamb. 6. Thomas, April 25, 1748, mentioned below. 7. Sarah, October 16, 1751.

(V) Thomas, son of John (3) Wheeler, was born at Concord, April 25, 1748. He was a soldier in the Revolution in Captain Joel Fletcher's Company of minute-men, Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment, from the Lexington alarm till late in the year 1775. He married (intention dated December 22, 1771) Mary Childs, of Westminster, Massachusetts. He married (second) May 27, 1783, Lucy Hagar. Children, born at Templeton: 1. Polly, September 17, 1772. 2. Abel, December 31, 1774. 3. Ruth, baptized April 2, 1778. 4. Edmund, born August 31, 1779. 5. Nathan, died at Phillipston, aged twenty-two years, November, 1804. 6. George Washington, born May 20, 1784. 7. Lucetta, baptized July, 1798.

(VI) Abel, son of Thomas Wheeler, was born December 31, 1774, at Templeton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He married, in 1798, Thankful Osgood. They moved to Waterville, Maine, in 1798. They had one son, Erastus Osgood, mentioned below.

(VII) Erastus Osgood, son of Abel Wheeler, was born in Templeton, September 15, 1798. He was very young when his parents removed to Waterville. He was brought up in Waterville and educated there in the public schools. He followed the trade of a millwright. He married Ruth Marston, born 1803, died 1879. He died in 1854. Children, born at Waterville: 1. Abel C. T., married Adelaide Marston, and has four children: i. Howard, ii. Mabel, iii. Harry, iv. Adelaide, lives in Providence, Rhode island. 2. Sarah, deceased, married Henry Blaisdell, of Augusta, Maine, one child, Cora, married Edgar S. Turner, one child, Erldon. 3. William H., mentioned below.

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(VIII) William H., son of Erastus Osgood wheeler, was born at Waterville, Maine, September 16, 1842, and is now living at Oakland, Maine. He was educated in the public schools and at Kent's Hill Seminary, Maine. He learned the carpenter's trade and in 1882 engaged in the business of undertaker and furniture dealer at Oakland, and has continued in that line of business to the present time. In politics he is a Republican; in religion a Universalist. He is a member of the Blue Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Oakland, of the Royal Arch Chapter, and of St. Omer Commandery, Knights Templar, of Waterville. He married, in 1805, Eliza, born in 1845, daughter of Alfred and Eliza (Crowell) Winslow. Children, born at Oakland: 1. Alfred Winslow, mentioned below. 2. Dean E., born 1883; educated in Oakland public school, graduating from the high school; now associated with his father in the furniture and undertaking business at Oakland under the firm name of W. H. Wheeler & Son.

(IX) Alfred Winslow, son of William H. Wheeler, was born at Oakland, April 8, 1874, and was educated there in the public schools, taking a preparatory course at Westbrook Seminary, and later entered Tufts College. He entered the Medical School of Columbia University and received the degree of M. D. in 1902. He was appointed intern at the State Hospital at Ogdensburg and remained there a year. In 1903 he located in Norfolk, New York, and has devoted himself since then to the practice of his profession in that town. In politics he is a Republican and he has served the town as a school trustee and as health officer. He is a member of the Independent Order of Foresters and of the Modern Woodmen of America. He married, in April, 1905, Frances, born October 22, 1878, daughter of Edward P. and Mary (Sweeney) Lewis, of Dannemora, New York. They had one child, Helen W., born April 13, 1904, died in infancy.

WESTBROOK. Jonathan Westbrook, immigrant ancestor, was an officer in the army of the protector, Oliver Cromwell, and on the restoration of Charles II in 1660 he came to this country. He was one of the early settlers of Rochester, Ulster County, New York, and is the ancestor of the Westbroeck or Westbrook family at Kingston and vicinity. He probably married a Dutch wife, for the names of his children were Dutch, and his descendants continued for generations to attend the Dutch churches, speaking the language and using the Dutch baptismal names. Many of them were baptized in the Dutch church at Mackackemeck (Deer Park), near Kingston. Jonathan may have had a Dutch ancestry, but it is likely that he sought a Dutch rather than an English settlement for fear of the avenging hand of King Charles. He took the oath of allegiance to the king with the other settlers in 1689. Children: 1. Derck, mentioned below. 2. Johannis, married Magdalena Jansen (Lena Dekker). (His will with names of children is filed in Ulster County records.)

(II) Derck, son of Jonathan Westbrook, born about 1675-80, lived in Ulster County, New York. The records reveal very little about him.

(III) Jonathan (2), son of Derck Westbrook, was born about 1700-10. He married, July 24, 1748, Jannatje, daughter of Frederick Wandemark and Geertje Task. Children, born at Rochester, Ulster County: 1. Annatje. 2. Derck, had two sons under sixteen and four females in his family in 1790; married Gertrude Brodhead, daughter of Wessel. 3. Jonathan, had two sons under sixteen and two females in his family in 1790; married Sarah Dayo; children: Jonathan, Frederick, Jacob and Derck. 4. Frederick, mentioned below.

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(IV) Frederick, son of Jonathan (2) Westbrook, was born at Rochester, Ulster County. In 1790 he and brothers Derck and Jonathan were the heads of families in Rochester. Frederick had a son under sixteen and a female (white) in his family, according to the first federal census. Frederick and Derck were executors of the estate of Petrus Schoonmaker, doubtless a relative, under his will dated at Rochester, May 1, 1788.

(IV) General Frederick (2), son of Jonathan (2) Westbrook, was born about 1760. He was a prominent citizen in public affairs and the militia. In the war of 1812 he formed a brigade of five hundred men from Ulster County and marched to the defense of New York in 1814. He married Sarah Deputy. He was one of the appraisers of the estate of Petrus Edmundus Osterhout, late of Rochester, Ulster, 1788. He had one son, Cornelius D., mentioned below.

(V) Rev. Cornelius D. Westbrook, D. D., son of General Frederick Westbrook, was a clergyman, having pastorates at Peekskill and Kingston. He married (first) Hannah, daughter of Isaac Van Wyck, of Fishkill, New York. He married (second) Sarah, daughter of Tjerck Beekman. He had four children of each marriage: those by the second marriage were: 1. Beekman, 2. Meodric, 3. Charles, and 4. Cornelius.

(VI) Charles Ruggles, son of Rev. Dr. Cornelius D. Westbrook, was born at Kingston. He was a prominent lawyer practicing in the city of New York. He married Sarah, daughter of Isaac Seymour, of New York, first president of the Bank of North America, vestryman of Trinity Church. Children: 1. Charles S. 2. James. 3. Mary B., wife of Charles Churchill, of Oswego, New York. 4. Philip, deceased. 5. Edward S., a resident of Omaha, Nebraska.

(VII) Charles Seymour, son of Charles Ruggles Westbrook, was born in the "old Senate House" in Kingston, February 15, 1857. He was educated in the public schools of Ogdensburg and at Hellmuth College, London, Ontario. He engaged in the business of iron mining at Rosse, New York, when a young man, and has followed it ever since. In 1890 he made large investments at San Vicente, Mexico, and conducted the lines in person until 1900 when he sold them to a New York concern, who are continuing the development, Mr. Westbrook filling the position of general manager. He continues to reside near the mines in Mexico. In 1889 he established the St. Lawrence Wholesale Grocery Company at Ogdensburg, and has been president of the corporation from the first. In politics he is a Republican. He is a member of the order of Free and Accepted Masons, Royal Arch Masons, Knights Templar, and of St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church of Ogdensburg. He married, October 20, 1881, Harriet Electra, born September 15, 1856, daughter of Amos Snyder Egert (Egert II). She and her family reside at the homestead in Ogdensburg. She was born in Gouverneur, New York, and educated in the public schools of that town, at Prescott, Ontario; Montreal, Toronto, Canada; and New York City. Children: 1. Julie Egert, married Richard S. Lord, who was for a time of New York. 2. Gertrude Ruggles. 3. Lois Seymour, wife of Dr. Walter Allen Bell. 4. William Egert, graduate of the Hotchkiss School, and of Hobart College. 5. Charles Ruggles, graduate of Dr. McKenzie's School at Dobbs Ferry.

(The Egert Line).

Martin Egert, founder of this family, was an early settler in Pennsylvania. The only man of the name in that state, according to the first federal census of 1790, was Charles Egert, of Bucks County. He had one son over sixteen, one under that age and three females in his family.

(I) Jacob Egert, doubtless son of Charles Egert or Eghart, of the Pennsylvania family, located at Trenton Falls, New York, and followed farming there during his active life. He married Sarah Delafield. Children: 1. Charles. 2. Amos. A., mentioned below. 3. Mary. 4. Sarah. 5. Hannah.

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(II) Amos Snyder, son of Jacob Egert, was born at Trenton, New York, October 2, 1825, died in Ogdensburg, New York, in 1888. He was educated in the district schools, and at the age of fourteen began his career in business as clerk in the employ of his uncle, James G. Averill, in Ogdensburg. He had an excellent training and acquired a thorough knowledge of the business, and in the course of time was admitted to partnership. He moved to Gouverneur and had charge of the business of the firm at that place for many years. Afterwards he formed a limited partnership with J. P. Wiser, and conducted a distillery in Prescott, Ontario, living there for a time. He returned to Ogdensburg and purchased the grain and feed business of Mr. James s. Bean and conducted it with marked success. Two years before he died he retired and spent much of his time in travel abroad. He was one of the most substantial and influential men of his day, highly respected for his integrity and ability. He declined many places of trust and honor, having no inclination for public life. In politics he was a Democrat, but inclined to conservatism and independence in political action. His influence in party affairs, however, was strong and wholesome. Of even temper, sound judgment, earnest and sympathetic, he made many friends in all walks of life. He was a prominent member of the St. John's Episcopal Church of Ogdensberg. He married, in 1852, Lois A. Rhodes, of Gouverneur, New York, born 1632, died in February, 1898, daughter of John Rhodes. Children: 1. William, died at the age of Thirty, cashier of the Ogdensberg Bank, administrator of the Bean estate, city treasurer, vestryman of the Episcopal Church and a citizen of great usefulness, prominence and promise; married Elizabeth Atherton; children: Ethel Atherton and Hannah. 2. Harriet Electa (twin), born September 15, 1856, married October 20, 1881, Charles Seymour Westbrook (see Westbrook VII).


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