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FULTON. William Fulton (The generations in Ireland were taken from a mss. Chart compiled by Sir Theodore Hope, K. C. S. J. C., J. E. of London, England.) of Kilkenny, Ireland, of Scotch ancestry, died in 1638. His widow Elizabeth was buried July 31, 1674 (List. Cath. Reg.) They lived at Diviaghy, Kilkenny. Children: 1. John, of Lisburn, born 1623, mentioned below. 2. Richard, of Lisburn, born 1624, buried September 26, 1711; married (first) Dorotie ---------, buried May 30, 1662; (second) Mary -------------, buried August 21, 1712; children: i. Matthew, ii. Richard, iii. William, iv. Isabel, v. Dorothy, vi. Thomas, vii. George. 3. James. 4. Thomas, born before 1638, and had son William, of Cork, Ireland. 5. William, born before 1638; father of William of Kilkenny; died 1771, believed to be ancestor of Robert Fulton, the steamboat inventor, whose father Robert settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

(II) John, of Lisburn, son of William Fulton, was born about 1623. In 1678 he held the lease of Belsize. He married (first) in 1647; married (second) Margaret Homer, of Lisburn; (third) December 13, 1676, Sarah Coslet, of Diviaghy. Children: 1. Paul. 2. Janet. 3. John, of Denaghy, born about 1653, married (first) Margaret English, December 18, 1667, of Blaris; (second) Margaret Carnac; in 1690; children: 1. Elizabeth. 2. Mary Ann. 3. James Carnac. 4. John. 5. Mary. 6. Margaret. 7. John 4. Robert, had son James and Thomas. 5. Hugh, born 1659, mentioned below. 6. Ann. 7. Thomas, of Blaris, born 1663, married, December 15, 1687, Ann Margaret, of Blaris, was Presbyterian minister of Lisburn in 1683.

(III) Hugh, son of John Fulton, was born about 1659; lived at Denaghy; married, February 20, 1681, Elinor Johnson, of Denaghy. Children: 1. William, baptized 1683, had son John, baptized 1709 at Diviaghy. 2. Robert, mentioned below. 3. Jane, baptized 1686. 4. James, baptized 1690. 5. John, baptized 1692. 6. Thomas, baptized 1694.

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(IV) Robert, son Hugh Fulton, was baptized in 1685. We find a Robert Fulton in Boston among the early Scotch-Irish settlers. His age, the names of his children and all other evidence obtainable, point to him as the Robert, baptized 1685. The fragmentary records of Boston make absolute proof impossible. Doubtless others of this family settled in Chester and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania. The name indicates relationship. Robert was called a laborer in two deeds, the only records found of him. His wife was Elizabeth. He bought of Arthur Savage and wife Rachel, as administrators of the estate of Mary Clough, daughter of James Clough, late leather dresser of Boston, house and land on Orange Street, then occupied by Daniel McKain and Elizabeth Wheeler, December 31, 1751, for one hundred and eighty-six pounds, thirteen shillings four pence (Book 80, p. 168). He sold half this place back to Savage, March 13, 1784, for ninety-five pounds (Book 84, p, 102). He sold more of this land to Joseph Greenleaf, distiller, March 19, 1754, bounded on land of Mary Clough, deceased. We find no record of death or probate of Robert Fulton. His children (probably): 1. John, about 1710; married by the Presbyterian minister at Boston, august 2, 1732, to Ann Wyer; left land on Essex Street, Boston, to son Robert and heirs of his son John, viz.: Sarah and John A. Fulton; widow Ann administered the settee under appointment dated August 15, 1760; her dower was set off June 18, 1762 (south half of the Essex Street house), son Robert was appointed administrator de bonis non February 19, 1793; Robert, the distiller, who was certainly a son of this john, was a soldier in the Revolution; died in Boston, 1808, leaving no sons; married (first) August 3, 1768; (second) December 27, 1783, Polly Orall, at Boston. 3. Samuel, married Elizabeth ------------- and had one son John, born at Boston, February 16, 1737; Samuel was a cooper by trade; died in 1764 in Boston; widow Mary, administratix, had quietus from the court, February 3, 1764. John settled in Medford, Massachusetts, was a soldier in the Revolution, died February 9, or 10, aged "fifty-five"; married at Boston, July 25, 1762, Sarah Bradley, who was living at Medford, according to the census of 1790, with one son and six females in her family; was buried November 13, 1835, at Medford; aged ninety-five years; had four daughters married at Medford and another who died there; another son of Samuel of the same name married at Boston (intention July 3, 1760), Mary Cornet.

(V) Robert Fulton, believed to be son of Robert Fulton, of Boston, and brother of John and Samuel, was born about 1715-20, probably in the north of Ireland. He probably came from the north of Ireland with his father and brothers about 1735, and landed in Boston. He came to the Scotch-Irish settlement of Colerain about 1742. Colerain was a Boston grant bought by Joseph Heath, of Roxbury, Joshua Winslow, of Boston, and Hezekiah Ward, of Southborough, and Grafton, Massachusetts, and known first as Boston, No. 2. The name Colerain was used in the town records as early as 1744. The town was organized in 1738 in a way, elected regular officers, and kept records after January, 1741-42, but was not incorporated by the general court until 1761. The first record of Fulton at Colerain was the birth of his daughter, Sarah, September 21, 1743. Hew was elected a hayward or howard, February 11, 1746-47; hog constable or reeve, February 25, 1749; surveyor February 16, 1753; fenceviewer February 14, 1755; March 1, 1756.. He was on a committee to audit the accounts of the town; collector in 1757 and other years; was highway surveyor 1759 and fenceviewer, 1760; surveyor 1763; constable 1765; surveyor 1767; fenceviewer 1768; selectman 1766-69; constable 1770-72-73. 

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His first land was bought September 22, 1748, of the proprietors, Joseph Heath, Joshua Winslow and Hezekiah Ward, lot 54 in the first division, one hundred acres, one-sixtieth part of six thousand acres set off to settlers in the north part of the township. The conditions of the sale were that a settlement should be made on it before September 23 next--a year--and a dwelling house built, eighteen feet square and seven feet stud at least, and five acres fenced in and broken up for ploughing, or cleared and stocked with English grass. He bought also November 21, 1748, another lot in the first division, second range, lot 36, for five pounds of Joseph heath, Winslow, and Ward. He bought a third lot of the proprietors, November 2, 1748, fifty acres, on the North River, adjoining his other land, including a four-rod way on the west side and a three-rod way on the west side measured by Gershom Keyes to Hannah Ketley, May 4, 1741; also the right of one hundred acres of the second division in six thousand acres to sixty settlers. He sold lot 54 in the third range, fifty acres, August 27, 1750, to John Katley or Ketley, of Boston, for twenty pounds; also one hundred acres in common, one-sixtieth part of the six thousand acres. Robert singed this and other deeds with his mark, but he signed other deeds without mark and served in town offices that prove he was a man of some evidence. Katley deeded on hundred acres of the second division to Fulton, lot 50, November 27, 1751. Fulton bought ten acres of lot 35, second range, adjoining his land, of Mary Henry and others, May 8, 1754. He also bought lot 4, second range, fifty acres, of John Pennell, of Colerain. He bought fifty acres of first division land of John Mills, January 5, 1764. He sold fifty acres of lot 48, second division, to John Wallace, March 16, 1771. This deed was witnessed by Thomas Bell, Sr., and Thomas Bell, Jr., but not acknowledged. In the inferior court of common pleas, September 1, 1793, Thomas Bell, Jr., testified to the signing, sealing and delivery of the deed. Robert Fulton deeded a hundred acres of second division land to his son James, adjoining land of John Fulton and others, June 4, 1772. Robert bought of Oakes Angier, of Newton, Massachusetts, all his estate in Bernardson Gore (north of Colerain) two lots and a whole right. In this deed he was called to Bernardson. He lived at the extreme north of Colerain and was claimed b y both towns. Robert deeded lot 16, second division to his won William, and this deed also lacked acknowledgment and was proved like the other deed in court, November, 1780. Robert also deeded fifty acres of lot 36, second division, of Colerain March 29, 1776, to his son, William Fulton. On the same day he deeded five acres of lot 39 to his son Moses and fifty acres of lot 36, second range, and ten acres of lot 35 to his son William. He died before June 14, 1780, leaving a will but the document is not on record at Northampton, where it should have been proved, nor anywhere else, so far as can be learned. John, Robert and James were his executors, and they conveyed by deed as executors to John Morison, by Colerain, the west side of lot 44, second division, June 14, 1780. The deeds proved in court in November, 1780, also state that Robert was then deceased. Children of Robert and Hannah Fulton: 1. William, born about 1740. 2. Sarah, September 21, 1743. 3. John, August 10, 1746. 4. James, May 24, 1749, mentioned below. 5. Robert, as early as 1750. 6. Moses. Probably other daughters.

(VI) James, son of Robert Fulton, was born May 24, 1749, in Colerain, and died there March 20, 1834. He married Hannah, daughter of Richard Ellis, the first settler of Ashfield, Massachusetts. The Scotch of Worcester, Pelham, Ashfield, Palmer, Blandford, Massachusetts, and Londonderry, New Hampshire, were closely related and there were many intermarriages. 

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James was the only son not known to have fought in the war. He bought land of Joseph Stebbins, of Deerfield, fifty acres of lot 47, second division, Colerain, March 9, 1779. He was highway surveyor of Colerain in 1773. He inherited land from his father and sold lot 5, second division, one huddled acres, March 6, 1792, to James White; and fifty acres of the north end of lot 48, second division, to his son James, Jr., April 28, 1798. James died at Colerain, March 20, 1834 (private record). His widow Hannah went to live with her eldest son Robert at Thetford, Vermont. Robert, as administrator, sold the farm of his father at Colerain to Aaron Franklin, Jr., July 8, 1835, ninety-seven acres. Children: 1. Robert, born May 23, 1773; children: i. Henry, of Thetford, ii. Stephen, of Thetford, iii. Jesse, of Boston, iv. Elijah, of Portland, Maine. 2. James, Jr., of Champion, May 7, 1775; soldier in War of 1812; married Sally Choat; children: i. Samuel, 1801, died 1881, ii. George, 1803, died 1879, iii. Richard, 1807, died 1871, iv. Jesse, of Watertown, New York, 1812. 3. Caleb, May 11, 1777, mentioned below. 4. David, of Jefferson County, New York, December 25, 1779; married Jennie Taggart; children: i. John, ii. David, Jr., of Belleville, new York, 1817, died October 9, 1886, married Sarah Ellis, iii. Luke. 5. Daniel, march 21, 1784; settled in Jefferson County, New York; died in 1875 in Ohio, wood carder by trade; married Polly Wood; children: i. Hiram, of Champion, New York, died 1876; married Polly Jones, ii. Elijah, of Antwerp, New York, 1811, clothier; married Betsey Heald, iii. Robert, of Pittsfield, Ohio, married Lois Vaughan, iv. Ruel, a soldier in Civil War; married Mary Humphrey, v. Gaylord, of Ohio, died about 1885. 6. Elijah, of Jefferson County, New York, February 2, 1788, died about 1829, woolen manufacturer; married Phebe Bennett, Horatio G. Newcomb was appointed guardian of his children when his father's estate was settled; children: i. Sylvia, ii. Bennett, deceased, iii. Harriet, deceased, iv. John. 7. Nathan, of Iowa, April 25, 1790, died about 1844; woolen manufacturer; married Phillena Hastings; son Harry, of Keokuk, Iowa. 8. Jesse, of Colerain, July 25, 1792, died March 12, 1834; farmer; married Sophronia Franklin; children: (guardian appointed for five youngest March 18, 1835); Aaron, Jr., Robert, Eunice, Sophronia, Jesse, Leroy.

(VII) Caleb, son of James Fulton, was born May 11, 1777. He went from Colerain to Wilna, Jefferson County, New York, in 1810. There he took up fifty acres of land and built a log house on road 62. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He married Polly Barnes. Children: 1. Simeon. 2. James, mentioned below. 3. Elisha. 4. Fanny. 5. Mary. 6. Sally. 7. Lydia. 8. Philura. 9. William.

(VIII) James (2), son of Caleb Fulton, was born April 17, 1816, died June 21, 1868. He married Caroline Nichols in November, 1843, and lived at Wilna, New York. Children: 1. John c., mentioned below. 2. Francis, born February 1, 1846, died December 13, 1886; married and had one child, Lucy. 3. Simeon, June 6, 1848, died September 23, 1864; unmarried. 4. Mary, March 8, 1851; married a Mr. Wilkinson, children: i. Claudo, ii. Frank, iii. Larissa, iv. Eva Wilkinson. 5. Larissa, February 15, 1853, died June 9, 1871, unmarried.

(IX) John C., son of James (2) Fulton, was born at Wilna, New York, August 14, 1844. At an early age he evinced a determination to secure an education and become a lawyer. He began to teach school when only sixteen years of age. He attended Lowville Academy and began to study law in the offices of Starbuck & Sawyer of Watertown. He was admitted to the bar and began to practice law in Philadelphia, New York, where he met with signal success. He married, at Philadelphia, New York, Mary Louise Woodward. About a year after his marriage he removed with his family to Carthage, New York, where he resumed the practice of his profession. 

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For a time he was in partnership with Allen E. Kilby, under the firm name of Fulton & Kilby, and the firm took a leading place in the bar of the county. Mr. Fulton became one of the most prominent and successful lawyers of northern New York. He died at Carthage, September 8, 1889. Children: 1. Carrie E., born December 2, 1870. 2. Edwin W., October 20, 1872. 3. Mabel A., September 29, 1874. 4. Beth W., October 23, 1880, died August 14, 1889. 5. Herbert F., December 6, 1883, died August 12, 1889.

(X) Edwin W., son of John C. Fulton, was born October 20, 1872, at Carthage, Jefferson County, New York. He attended the public schools and the Carthage High School. At the age of sixteen he was obliged to cut short his schooling on account of the death of his father. He entered the employ of Ryther & Pringle, machinists and iron founders, and served an apprenticeship of three years. He remained with the company as a journeyman for four years. In 1896 he entered the employ of Bagley & Sewall, manufacturers of paper machines and vises at Watertown, New York, continuing most of the time there until the summer of 1905, when he came to Lowville, New York, and organized the Fulton Machine & Vise Company, buying the machine and foundry business form the late Lafayette Wetmore. The company was organized for the purpose of manufacturing swivel wises of Mr. Fulton's invention. The entire plant was destroyed by fire, May 19, 1907, causing a loss of $22,000, of which $10,000 was not covered by insurance. Arrangements were immediately made to rebuild. A new two-story modern concrete factory was erected and equipped with the latest machinery and tools, and business resumed in the new plant, October 1, 1907. In June the capital stock of the corporation was increased from $30,000 to $50,000 in order to provide for the new plant and increased volume of business. The company is now making a large assortment of high-grade vises and pumps, and find a market for the product in all parts of the world. To the ability, energy and enterprise of Mr. Fulton the success of the concern is due. In politics Mr. Fulton is a Republican. He is an active member of the Baptist Church, and takes a keen interest in the work of the society. He married, at Philadelphia, Jefferson County, June 30, 1896, Myrtle L., born June 24, 1877, at Philadelphia, Jefferson County, New York, daughter of George and Ada (Massey) Strickland. Her father was a farmer.


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