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MOOERS. This is an early New England name and is found with various spellings in the pioneer records, such as Moors, Moores, Mooers, and Mores, also sometimes as Moore. It was identified with the settlement and development of several New England towns, and has taken no inconspicuous part in the making of northern New York. Its Revolutionary record is an honorable one, and its members had been no less worthy in civil life.

(I) Edmund Mooers, born about 1614, came from Southampton, England, to Boston, in 1638, and is found of record in Newbury, Massachusetts, as early as 1640, with his wife Anne. He died in Newbury, June 7, 1676. Children: 1. Martha, born December 12, 1643. 2. Jonathan, mentioned below. 3. Mary, November 30, 1648. 4. Edmund, died November 8, 1656. 5. Richard, born November 3, 1653. 6. Sarah, April 1, 1661.

(II) Jonathan, eldest child of Edmund and Anne Mooers, was born April 23, 1646, in Newbury, where he subscribed to the oath of allegiance in 1678. He was assessed jointly with his brother, Edmund, in 1688 for the following property: Two houses, fifty-two acres of land, two horses, one two-year-old; two oxen, three cows, four three-year-olds; eight sheep, one hog. He was a member of the military company, being promoted from corporal to cornet in 1689, and to lieutenant in 1690. Either he or his son bearing the same name was a soldier in 1707. He married, May 10, 1680, (this appears 1670 on Newbury Records, but is evidently an error), Constance Langhorne. Children: 1. Jonathan, mentioned below. 2. Richard, born July 24, 1683. 3. Samuel, February 20, 1686. 4. Thomas, November 6, 1688. 5. Dorothy, December 8, 1690.

(III) Jonathan (2), eldest child of Jonathan (1) and Constance (Langhorne) Moores, was born April 30, 1681, in Newbury and resided in that town, where he died April 8, 1745. The records of the town show that Jonathan and one of his brothers received twenty shillings as a bounty for killing a wolf in Bradford, "This last winter," vote March 13, 1722, by the town

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of Newbury. He married, January 17, 1714, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Wallingford) Poor. Children: 1. Joseph, born February 3, 1715. 2. Jonathan, April 4, 1718. 3. Edmund, August 24, 1722. 4. Benjamin, mentioned below. 5. John, October 15, 1726. 6. Samuel, November 5, 1728. 7. Amiruhama, November 17, 1730.

(IV) Benjamin, fourth son of Jonathan (1) and Mary (Poor) Mooers, was born January 20, 1725, in Newbury, and settled in Haverhill, Massachusetts, where he married (first) November 16, 1749, Abigail, born January 7, 1729, daughter of General Moses and Abigail (White) Hazen. She died in 1778 and he married (second), September 2, 1779, Widow Rachel Duston. He died April 25, 1799. Children born of first marriage: 1. Moses, died young. 2. Abigail, January 6, 1754. 3. Moses Hazen, April 26, 1756. 4. Benjamin, April 1, 1758. 5. & 6. John and William (twins), the former mentioned below, the latter died young. 7. Jonathan, September 26, 1764. 8. Betty, November 7, 1766. 9. Katherine, June 7, 1769. 10. Polly, August 26, 1772.

(V) General Benjamin (2), third son of Benjamin (1) and Abigail (Hazen) Mooers. Was born April 1, 1758. He was a distinguished citizen of Plattsburgh, who rendered valuable service tot h e colonies during the War of the Revolution. In the summer of 1776 he participated in the battle of Ticonderoga and in the following winter was appointed ensign in the First Congress Regiment, commanded by Colonel Moses Hazen. Soon after he was promoted to lieutenant and adjutant of the regiment, and continued in the service until the end of the war, being present at the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga and of Cornwallis at Yorktown. Immediately after the close of the struggle in 1783, with ten other members of his regiment, he went to Clinton County, New York, then a wilderness, and through the remainder of his life was one of the most active and useful citizens of the community. He was the first sheriff of Clinton County, was four terms a member of the state assembly and four years in the state senate, and for thirty-eight consecutive years was treasurer of Clinton County. He was prominent in the state militia, rising to the rank of major-general, and in that capacity served at the siege of Plattsburgh in 1814. He was president of the County bible society and of the County Temperance Society. He died at his house in Plattsburgh, February 20, 1838, near the chose of his eightieth year.

(V) John, fourth son of Benjamin (1) and Abigail (Hazen) Mooers, was born April 30, 1762, in Haverhill, and was, like his distinguished brother, a soldier of the Revolution. He served under Captain Pope in the fourth regiment from 1777 for a period of three years, and in 1780 again enlisted and marched June 29 to the reinforcement of the Continental Army, being discharged December 15 of the same year. For his first enlistment he received a bounty of $50. He married, November 28, 1786, in Haverhill, Susanna Morrill. It is possible that she was the firth daughter of Archelaus and Hannah (Kimball) Morrill, though he could have been but little more than sixteen years old at the time of the marriage. No other Susanna Morrill appears who could be identical wit this bride. She was born august 15, 1770, in Salisbury, Massachusetts, a twin of Israel Morrill. No record of John Mooers' children appears in Haverhill. For a short time he lived in Corinth, New Hampshire, and in 17893 he settled in Plattsburgh, New York, where he died.

(VI) Dr. Benjamin J., son of John and Susanna (Morrill) Mooers, was born -------------, 1787, in Haverhill, and died at Plattsburgh. He was but six years of age when he removed with his parents to Plattsburgh, and there grew up. He studied medicine and began the practice of his profession at Plattsburgh in 1810, so continuing until his death, May 20, 1809. He married

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Mary Platt, born July 15, 1796, in Plattsburgh, died April 8, 1869, daughter of Deacon William Pitt and Hannah (Kent) Platt. Children: 1. Eliza, born July 24, 1815; married Amherst Douglas Fouquet. 2. Susan, died young. 3. Hannah Maria, November 27, 1821; married (first) Theodore Platt Cady, of Plattsburgh, and (second) DeWitt Clinton Boynton. 4. William Pitt Platt, mentioned below. 5. John Henry, mentioned below. 6. Moses Kent, died young. 7. Romain, died young. 8. Sophia Whitside, July 26, 1829, married William Denning Morgan. 9. Robert, born 1836, settled at Decorah, Iowa, was captain of a company in the Fifth Minnesota Regiment during the Civil War and was killed at the battle of Corinth, Mississippi, in 1862.

(VII) William Pitt Platt, eldest son of Dr. Benjamin J. and Mary (Platt) Mooers, was born January 9, 1824, in Plattsburgh, and died in that town January 1, 1894, almost seventy years of age. He was a merchant in that city, was a member of the assembly in 1878-80, treasurer of Clinton County, 1855-57, was treasurer of the Whitehall and Plattsburgh Railroad Company, 1864-66, and for nearly thirty years director of the First National Bank of Plattsburgh. He was for many years a member of the board of education and a part of the time its president. He married, January 27, 1846, Marian Catherine, daughter of Captain John and Rebecca (Smith) Boynton, born august 16, 1823, died June 16, 1904. Children: 1. John Boynton, died young. 2. Moss Platt, born 1850, died at the age of twenty-seven. 3. William Boynton, mentioned below. 4. Catherine Maria, born 1860, married Andrew Mount Platt. 5. Mary Helen, 1870.

(VIII) William Boynton, only surviving son of William Pitt Platt and Marian C. (Boynton) Mooers, was born August 11, 1855, in Plattsburgh, and received his education in his native place. He served an apprenticeship at the plumbing trade, and at an early period in life began business on his own account in Plattsburgh. This he continued until February 1, 1910, conducting a large establishment, dealing in stoves and kindred wares, and carrying on a general plumbing and steam and gas fitting business . He has always taken an active interest in the welfare of the city and was for a period of ten years a member of its board of education, being five years secretary of the board. This position he resigned in 1907, in which year he was elected mayor for a term of two years, which he filled acceptably. He was appointed postmaster of Plattsburgh, New York, December 21, 1909. He had previously served in various capacities as a town officer. He is a member of the Masonic order, being a past master of Clinton Lodge, No. 155, and is affiliated with Plattsburgh Chapter, No. 39, Royal Arch Masons, and De Sota Commandery, No. 49, Knight Templar. Mr. Mooers has always been a Republican in political principle. He married, in Plattsburgh, April 26, 1883, Jean M. McCain, of that city, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Hooker) McCain. Children, born in Plattsburgh: 1. Benjamin N., January 27, 1884. 2. John H., October 7, 1885. 3. Stephen Boynton, December 28, 1886. 4. Elizabeth M., October 30, 1892.

(VII) Dr. John Henry, second son of Dr. Benjamin J. and Mary (Platt) Mooers, was born November 27, 1827, in Plattsburgh, where he grew up and prepared for a practice of medicine, and became an assistant surgeon of the Sixteenth New York Regiment in the Civil War. Later he became surgeon of the One hundred and eighteenth Regiment, New York Volunteers, in which he served to the end of the struggle. Subsequently he participated in the expedition against the Indians, under Colonel Forsythe, in 1868, and was mortally wounded in an engagement about the twentieth of September, dying on the twenty-third. He married Helen

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M. Boynton, born December 15, 1927, in Plattsburgh, died March 10, 1872, at the age of forty-four years.

(VIII) John Boynton, only child of Dr. John Henry and Helen M. (Boynton) Mooers, was born February 9, 1857, in Saranac, New York, and was brought up on the old Boynton farm in Plattsburgh, where his parents located soon after his birth. He has continued to make his home on this place to the present time. At the time of the battle of Lake Champlain this was occupied by the American army and the buildings used for a hospital. Mr. Mooers is among the successful farmers of Clinton County and for the past nine years has been parole officer at the state prison at Danemora. He married, April 21, 1899, in Plattsburgh, Adeline, born in Beekmanton, daughter of John and Lydia (Allen) Banker.

NYE. The name Nye was first found in the middle of the thirteenth century in the Sjelland section of Denmark. In the Danish the name signifies new or newcomer, used as a prefix. The name was not adopted as a surname until after the family settled in England, on the adoption of surnames. The coat-of-arms: Azure a crescent incresent argent. Crest: Two horns couped counter argent azure and argent. The name of Nye is closely allied to that of Noyes.

(I) Lave was a son of a descendant of Harold Blautand, who died in 985, through his daughter, who married one of the most famous of the Swedish heroes, Styrbiorn, son of Olaf, King of Sweden. He became a man of prominence and in 1316 was Bishop of Roskilde.

(II) Sven was heir of Lave in 1346.

(III) Marten was declared heir of Sven in 1363.

(IV) Nils was mentioned in 1418 as owning land in Tudse.

(V) Bertolf was mentioned in 1466 as a son of Nils, and had sons James and Randolf. James had a duel and was obliged to flee to England accompanied by his younger brother, mentioned below.

(VI) Randolf Nye settled in Sussex, England, in 1527, and held land in Uckfield. His heir was William, mentioned below.

(VII) William Nye married Agnes, daughter of Ralph Tregian, of county Hertford. He studied for the ministry, and became rector of the parish church of Ballance-Horned before his father's death.

(VIII) Ralph Nye became heir to his father in Uckfield, and Balance in 1556. He married, June 18, 1555, Margaret Merynge, of St. Mary, Woolchurch. Children: 1. Thomas mentioned below. 2. Edmundus, lived in Somersetshire and was buried there March 9, 1594. 3. Ralph, married, August 30, 1584, John Wilkshire. 4. Anne, married August 6, 1616, Nicholas Stuart. 5. Mary, married April 24, 1621, John Banister.

(IX) Thomas, son of Ralph Nye, married, September 9, 1683, at St. Andrew, Hubbard, Katherine Poulsden, of Horley, county Surrey. He sold to his wife's brother, William Poulsden, a tenement builded with a croft adjoined, containing sixteen and a half acres in Bidlenden, county Kent. For this he received an annuity of four shillings arising from said lands. Children: 1. Henry, graduate at Oxford, 1611, and in 1615 was vicar of Cobham, Surrey; rector of Clapham Sussex, in 1630. 2. Philip, graduate of Oxford, 1619; rector of St. Michael's Cornhill, and Acton Middlesex; a celebrated preacher in Cromwell's time. 3. John. 4. Thomas, mentioned below.

(X) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) Nye, was a haberdasher of Bidlenden, county Kent. He married (first) ----------------, and (second), June 10, 1619, Agnes Nye, aged thirty-nine, widow of Henry Nye. On July 4, 1637, he granted to his youngest son, Thomas, land in Bidlenden, and stated

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in the deed "my eldest son Benjamin, having gone to New England." Children: 1. Benjamin, born May 4, 1620, mentioned below. 2. Thomas, September 16, 1623; married Margaret Webster, and left descendants in Bidlenden.

(XI) Benjamin, son of Thomas (2) Nye, was born May 4, 1620, at Bidlenden, county Kent, England. He came in the ship "Abigail" to Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1635, and settled in 1637 in Sandwich. He was on a list of those able to bear arms in 1643. In 1654 he was one of a number to contribute towards building a mill, and in 1655 contributed for building the meetinghouse. He took the oath of fidelity in 1657, and held many important positions in public service. He was supervisor of highways in 1655; on the grand jury in 1658 and at other times; constable in 1661 and 1673; collector of taxes 1674. He received in 1669 twelve acres of land from the town, because he built the mill at the little pond, and was granted other land afterward. The town voted August 8, 1675, to give permission to Benjamin Nye to build a fulling mill on spring Hill River. It is said that the ruins of the old saw mill are still extant at Spring Hill, just west of East Sandwich. He married, in Sandwich, October 19, 1640, Katherine, daughter of Rev. Thomas Tupper, who came over in the same ship. Children: 1. Mary, married, June 1, 1670, Jacob Burgess. 2. John, born in Sandwich. 3. Jonathan, November 29, 1649, mentioned below. 4. Ebenezer. 5. Mercy, April 4, 1652; married, Matthais Ellis. 6. Caleb. 7. Nathan. 8. Benjamin, killed by the Indians at the battle of Rehoboth, in King Philip's War, March 26, 1676.

(XII) Jonathan, son of Benjamin Nye, was born November 29, 1649. He lived in East Sandwich, and was on the grand jury in 1681, and selectman in 1698. He took the oath of fidelity July 4, 1678. His will was dated July 7, 1744, proved May 13, 1747. He married (first) Hannah -------------, and (second) Patience Burgess, who survived him. Children of first wife: 1. Jabez. 2. Sarah, married John Bodfish. 3. Joanna, born January 16, 1686. 4. Ichabod, May, 1689. Children of second wife: 5. Jonathan, November, 1691. 6. Patience, November, 1693; married Benjamin Freeman. 7. Joseph, November 16, 1695. 8. Benjamin, October 16, 1697. 9. Thomas, August, 1699. 10. Abigail, September 2, 1702. 11. Isaac, (twin), September 2, 1702, mentioned below. 12. Mary, married, march 7, 1728, John Fuller. 13. David, born July 1, 1706. 14. Zerviah, July 1, 1706 (twin); married Ebenezer Burgess, Jr.

(XIII) Isaac, son of Jonathan Nye, was born September 2, 1702, in Sandwich, died in Plymouth, March 12, 1779. He served in the French and Indian War. He resided in Middleborough a few years, and removed to Plymouth. He married, February 7, 1725-26, Sarah, born December 6, 1703, died in Carver, June, 1786, daughter of Edward and Sarah Freeman. Children: 1. Meribah, born in Middleborough, April 11, 1726. 2. Son, born June 1, 1729, died young. 3. David, born in Plympton, 1731. 4. Isaac, April 1, 1733. 5. Joseph, October 4, 1735. 6. Mary, May 10, 1738; married Jonathan Orcutt. 7. Sarah,. June 3, 1741. 8. Philip, 1744. 9. Jonathan, June 21, 1746. 10. Elias, mentioned below.

(XIV) Elias, son of Isaac Nye, was born March 25, 1752, in Plympton, died December 17, 1838. He was an officer in the Revolution in Captain Isaac Gray's Company, Jonathan Brewster's Regiment, in 1775, enlisting from Hardwick. As a member of the same company and regiment he had an order for a bounty coat for eight months' service in 1775. He was also in the same company and regiment with his resident given as Plympton. He lived in Plympton, Carver, Boston, again in Plympton, and later removed to Burlington, Vermont, where he died. He married (first) Ruth Shurtleff; (second) in 1786, Elizabeth Bartlett, of Plymouth, born October 21.

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1738, died May 17, 1825 (see Bartlett). Children, born in Plympton: 1. Ruth, born April 5, 1787, died October 15, 1880. 2. Margaret, born in Carver, December 1, 1788, died young. 3. Freeman, November 2, 1791. 4. Elizabeth Bartlett, born in Boston; married Robert Hyde. 5. Isaac, born in Plympton, 1794, died April 1, 1870. 6. Bartlett, mentioned below. 7. Thomas, 1807, died May 15, 1877.

(XV) Bartlett, son of Elias Nye, was born January 8, 1799, in Plympton, died at Champlain, New York, December 1, 1857. When a young man he went to Burlington, Vermont, and soon afterwards removed to Champlain, New York. he bought large tracts of land and engaged extensively in lumbering and kindred business. He erected many buildings in that town and became one of the most substantial citizens of the community. In many of his enterprises he was associated with his brother. Both were typical self-made men of their day. He built many schooners and freight boats used on the lakes. The General Scott, then the largest schooner on Lake Chaplain, was launched from his shipyard. He was a director of the Union national Bank of Troy for many years. He married (first), September 25, 1839, Matilda Moore, who died April 4, 1841, daughter of Noadiah and Maria Caroline (Mattocks) Moore. He married (second), at Penn Yan, New York, October 31, 1642, Laura Maria Moore, sister of his first wife, born March 17, 1825. Child of his first wife: 1. Elizabeth Matilda, born November 8, 1840; married Charles W. McLellan. Children of second wife: 2. Caroline Maria, born December 1, 1843, died January 13, 1846. 3. Margaret Barnes, January 1, 1846; married in 1870, Sergeant Prentiss Stearns, of Newark, New Jersey; children: i. Charles Freeman Nye Stearns, born September 10, 1871, ii. Grace Nye Stearns, October 23, 1874, iii. Sergeant Prentiss Stearns, September 1, 1878. Iv. Margaret Prentiss Stearns, November 29, 1881. 4. Ellen Rose, November 9, 1847; member of the Mayflower Descendants, Colonial Dames of New York and other patriotic societies. 5. Charles Freeman, October 3, 1849; graduate of Harvard College in 1870 and of Columbia Law School; was a literary man of some note and a leading citizen of Champlain; associated in business with his brother Bartlett; member of the Presbyterian Church and superintendent of its Sunday School; director of the First National Bank of Champlain and president of the Glenwood Cemetery Association, member of the University Club, and others of New York City, of the Society of Colonial Wars and member of the Mayflower Descendants; died unmarried in 1905. 6. Grace Cornelia, November 21, 1851, died March 16, 1871, unmarried. 7. Watson Dyer, of Portland, Maine; children: i. Laura Dyer and ii. Isaac Bartlett Cabot Dyer. 8. Bartlett, mentioned below.

(XVI) Bartlett (2), son of Bartlett (1) Nye, was born in Champlain, New York March 23, 1856. He was educated at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. He engaged in lumbering and other enterprises in partnership with his brother, Charles Freeman Nye, and continued with marked success until 1905, when his brother died. Since then he has continued the business alone. He has extensive lumber yards and saw mills at Champlain and owns much valuable real estate there. He owns large tracts of timber land in Canada, as well as in the vicinity of Champlain, and has a large stock farm. He has taken an active and prominent part in municipal affairs and for a number of years was trustee of the village and member of the board of education. He is a Republican. He is past master of Champlain Lodge, Free Masons, and is a member of Plattsburgh Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, and De Sota Commandery of same place. He resided from 1890 to 1900 in Montreal, Canada, where he represented the Equitable Life Insurance Company as superintendent of agents. While there he

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was a member of St. James Club. He is a trustee of the Presbyterian Church of Champlain; trustee and vice-president of Glenwood Cemetery. He married (first) in 1882, Julia Day, who died April 15, 1890, daughter of Sherwood S. Day, of Catskill, New York, president of the Farmers' National Bank of Catskill, New York. He married (second) April 25, 1906, Edith Bertha Rae, born at Montreal, Canada, daughter of Jackson Rae, manager of the Merchants' Bank of Montreal. Her mother, Emma (Price) Rae, born in Montreal, was daughter of John Banner and Ann Maria (Jones) Price. Ann Maria Jones was the first white child born in what was then called Montreal. Jackson Rae was son of Dr. Archibald Rae, M.D., of Scotch parentage, who practiced in Canada; married Margaret Elizabeth Wray, of Irish ancestry. John Banner Price was a general in the British Army. Mr. Bartlett Nye and wife have one child, Patience B., born April 15, 1909.

(The Bartlett Line.)

Robert Bartlett, immigrant ancestor, came to New England in the ship "Ann" in 1623. He was a cooper by trade and settled at Plymouth. He was admitted a freeman in 1633, and served on the jury and as a town officer. His will was proved October 29, 1676, in which he bequeathed his whole estate to his wife. He married, in 1628, Mary, daughter of Richard Warren. Her marriage portion was confirmed to him March 7, 1636. Children: 1. Benjamin, born 1638. 2. Joseph, 1639, mentioned below. 3. Rebecca, married, December 20, 1649, William Harlow. 4. Mary, married, (first), September 10, 1651, Richard Foster, of Plymouth, and (second) Jonathan Morey. 5. Sarah, married, December 23, 1656, Samuel Rider, of Plymouth. 6. Elizabeth, married, December 236, 1661, Anthony Sprague, of Plymouth. 7. Lydia, born June 8, 1647, married James Burnaby, and John Nelson. 8. Mercy, March 10, 1650; married, December 25, 1668, John Ivey, of Boston.

(II) Joseph, son of Robert Bartlett, was born in 1639, in Plymouth. He married Hannah, daughter of Gabriel Fallowell. Children: 1. Joseph, mentioned below. 2. Robert, born 1663. 3. Elnathan. 4. Benjamin. 5. Hannah, married Joseph Sylvester. 6. Mary, born 1673; married John Barnes. 7. Sarah, married Elisha Holmes.

(III) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) Bartlett, was born in Plymouth. He married, in 1692, Lydia Griswold. Children: 1. Joseph, born 1693. 2. Samuel, 1696. 3. Lydia, 1698; married Lydia Morton. 4. Benjamin, 1699; married (first) Francis LeBaron; (second) Joseph Swift.

(IV) Joseph (3), son of Joseph (2) Bartlett, was born in 1693. He married, in 1717, Elizabeth Bartlett. Children: 1. William, born 1718. 2. Sylvanus. 1719. 3. Jerusha, 1722; married Jonathan Parker. 5. Zacheus, 1725, mentioned below. 6. Betty, 1727; married Benjamin Rider. 7. Joseph, 1729; married Lydia Cobb.

(V) Zacheus, son of Joseph (3) Bartlett, was born in Plymouth in 1725. He married, in 1753, Margaret Barnes. Children: 1. George. 2. Zacheus, born 1765. 3. Isaac. 4. Maltiah, married Patty Bartlett and ---------- Cushman. 5. Phebe, married Daniel Perry, of Sandwich. 6. Elizabeth, married Elias Nye (see Nye XIV). 7. Joseph. 8. Mary.

MOORE. This name is found in the early records with many spellings, such as More, Moor and Moors. It was among those early brought from England and has borne no inconsiderable part in the development of New England, of New York and the entire country. The origin of the name may be attributed to some one who lived on or near the moor, which fact led to its adoption as a surname in England five hundred years ago.

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(I) John Moore came from England about 1631, and was among the founders of the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts, where he died January 6, 1673. He had land there in 1642 and in September of that year purchased from Edmund Rice a house and land in the east part of the town, now in the southern part of Wayland. He subscribed to the oath of fidelity July 9, 1645, and in the same year bought John Stone's house, land and meadow. He subsequently became interested in the town of Lancaster and "eleventh of first month, 1653," at time of first grant in that won, received forty acres. He was a prosperous farmer and prominent in the town of Sudbury. He married (first) Elizabeth, daughter of Philemon and Elizabeth Whale, and had children: 1. John. 2. Lydia. 3. Jacob. 4. Joseph. 5. William. 6. Benjamin. 7. Mary. 8. Elizabeth. He married (second) Ann, daughter of John Smith. In his will, made August 25, 1668, and proved April 7, 1674,m he signed his name More.

(II) Jacob, second son of John and Elizabeth (whale) Moore, was born April 16, 1645, in Sudbury, and died there, dying March 23, 1716. He married, May 29, 1667, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry and Hannah (Brewer) Loker, of Sudbury. Children: 1. Jacob. 2. Richard. 3. John. 4. Elizabeth. 5. Nathaniel. 6. Hannah. 7. Sarah. 8. Daniel. 9. Samuel.

(III) Daniel, fifth son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Loker) Moore, was born April 13, 1687, in Sudbury, where he died April 18, 1753. He married, February 1, 1709, Mary, daughter of John and Mary (Hapgood) Whitney, born March 27, 1689. Their first child died unnamed. The others: 2. Abigail. 3. Daniel. 4. Hannah. 5. Edwin. 6. Israel. 7. Elizabeth. 8. Mary. 9. Samuel 10. Sarah.

(IV) Daniel (2), eldest son of Daniel (1) and Mary (Whitney) Moore, was born April 2, 1716, in Sudbury, where he lived till late in life, when he joined his sons in Warwick, Massachusetts, and died there. He married, in June, 1742, at Acton, Elizabeth White, who died September 4, 1806, aged eighty years. Children: 1. Jonathan. 2. Mark. 3. Daniel. 4. Job. 5. Elizabeth. 6. Samuel.

(V) Captain Mark, second son of Daniel (2) and Elizabeth (White) Moore, was born May 4, 1749, in Sudbury, and died in Warwick, Massachusetts, March 27, 1832. He was a soldier of the Revolution, enlisting first September 22, 1777, as a private in Captain Reuben Petty's Company of Colonel Phineas Wright's (Sixth Hampshire) Regiment, and was discharged October 18 of the same year. He also served one months and three days in the northern department, and was credited with travel of seven days (one hundred and forty-eight miles) on his return home. The roll was returned from Warwick, which shows that he was than a resident of that town. He was a member of the Congregational church at Warwick, when Rev. Preserved Smith was ordained as its pastor, October 12, 1814, and when Mr. Smith preached a sermon there on the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination, he referred to Mr. Moore as "The substantial friend of good order." His title of captain was probably received in the militia service after the Revolution, and appears in the record of his death. He married (first) February 9, 1774, Lucy (town records), daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (Clark) Stone, of Framingham, Massachusetts, born January 1, 1742, died May 20, 1788. Children: 1. William. 2. Elizabeth. 3. Daniel (died young). 4. Lucy. 5. Daniel. 6. Mark. Captain Moore married (second) in Petersham, February 17, 1790, Sarah Briant, of that town ([Petersham records). Children: 7. Wilder. 8. Sally. 9. Samuel. 10. Asa. 11. Lucetta. 12. Mary and 13. George W.

(VI) Daniel (3), third son of Captain Mark and Lucy (Stone) Moore, was born February 12, 1857, in Warwick, and died September 12, 1857, at Rouse's Point, New York. He removed from Warwick early in life and lived for a time in Pownal, Vermont, when he went to Rouse's Point,

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and was long engaged there in the tanning business. He married, April 10, 1811, Mercy, daughter of Esek and Martha (Brown) Angell, born March 1, 1788, a descendant of Thomas Angell, early at Providence, Rhode Island, coming in 1631 in ship "Lyon." Captain Pierson, and died December 1, 1852, at Rouse's Point. She was also a descendant of Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island and Providence. Children: 1. Mary, born January 25, 1812, died January 28, 1891. 2. Allen Milton, mentioned below. 3. Russell, December 26, 1814, died April 3, 1882. 4. Martha Maria, July 14, 1817, died February 13, 1886. 5. Perley Daniel, April 24, 1819, died February 14, 1884. 6. Lucy Ann, November 22, 1821, died July 25, 1823. 7. Alanson, September 3, 1823, died October 4, 1890. 8. Alvira, August 20, 1825, died September 27, 1826. 9. Melancthon, January 13, 1827, died December 30, 1879.

(VII) Allen Milton, eldest son of Daniel (3) and Mercy (Angell) Moore, was born January 25, 1813, at Rouse's Point, and died January 30, 1894, at Plattsburgh, New York. He early engaged with his brothers in the tanning business and continued this at various points in northern New York, and at Swanton, Vermont. He settled in Plattsburgh in 1853, continuing in the tanning business until 1883, when the business was closed out. He was a charter member and director of the First National Bank of Plattsburgh, and was deeply interested in the Home for the Friendless in that place, largely contributing the land and building for the purpose. He married, January 25, 1843, Susan Gager, of Niles, Michigan, who died February 12, 1846, in her native place, leaving only one child that grew to maturity, Edwin G., mentioned below. Mr. married, January 7, 1849 in Plattsburgh, Filura Tracy, who bore him a daughter, Martha Elizabeth, born December 2, 1878, and has two children, Allen and Helen.

(VIII) Edwin Gager, only living child of Allen Milton and Susan (Gager) Moore, was born May 26, 1845, in Niles, Michigan, and grew up in Plattsburgh, where he is one of the leading business men of the present time. From 1868 to 1883 he resided in Boston, Massachusetts, engaged in the hide and leather business. He then returned to Plattsburgh. He is president of the First National Bank and head of the wholesale house of E. G. Moore & Company, dealers in shoes, gloves and kindred wares. Like his father, he is a promoter of the city's welfare; he served as vice-president and trustee of the Samuel T. Vilas Home for Aged and Infirm Women of Plattsburgh, one of the advisory board of Home for the Friendless; trustee and director of the Young Men's Christian Association, and trustee of Champlain Valley Hospital. He is a member of Plattsburgh Lodge, No. 828, F. and A. M.; Plattsburgh Chapter, No. 39, R. A. M.; De Soto Commandery, No. 49, K. T.: and A. A. S. R., of Rochester. He is a member and elder of the Presbyterian Church. He married (first) June 12, 1873, in Champlain, New York, Sarah Martha, daughter of Cyrus and Sarah (Bowron) Savage, born October 26, 1845, died January 6, 1899. Children: 1. Elmira May, born May 31, 1875, in Cambridge, Massachusetts; wife of Charles J. Vert, a successful attorney of Plattsburgh. 2. Allen Cyrus, born February 2, 1879, died October 25, 1892. Mr. Moore married (second), January 19, 1910, Eliza, daughter of Claudius F. and Mary E. (Bowerson) Beatty, of Brooklyn.


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