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AGENS. The Agens family was founded in Lewis County, New York, by James Agens, who settled at comparatively an early day in the present town of Denmark. He was born in Ireland January 9, 1797. He married, in Ireland, Jane Reed, born there January 7, 1805, and together they south a new home in the United States. They were both young and full of hope and determination to win success in their new surroundings. James secured a tract of wild and wooded land in Denmark, and began at once to clear and build. Aided and encouraged by his faithful wife, the home was founded, and together they enjoyed what to a son of Ireland is the sum total of all earthly happiness--ownership of land and home. He was a man of most untiring energy, strict integrity, and rugged, uncompromising honesty. These qualities endeared him to his neighbors, who held both James and his wife in the highest esteem. Children: 1. John R., born April 22, 1826, died March 8, 1904; married Almira Campbell. 2. Eliza J., December 1, 1829, died December 29, 1903. 3. Isabella, May 18, 1831. 4. Thomas, August 15, 1833, died October 19, 1856; married Caroline Seymour. 5. William R., September 8, 1842, died October 4, 1909; married (first) Hattie A. Wakefield, and had a son, Ernest A.; married (second) Emma Williams. 6. Robert, see forward.

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(II) Robert, youngest child of James and Jane (Reed) Agens, was born in the town of Denmark, Lewis County, New York, May 10, 1844. He received a common school education, and grew up on the farm, where he was his father's faithful helper. When he reached the age of decision as to his own career, he decided to continue a farmer. In 2864 he had so far succeeded in this chosen vocation as to have the means to purchase a farm of his won. He chose a highly productive farm in Denmark, purchased it, and has since devoted all his energy to its development and operation, making a specialist of dairy farming and high-grade stock breeding. He is best known through northern New York as a breeder of fine horse and an expert horseman. He has raised and sold some of the best thoroughbred colts that ever went out of Lewis County. He has a well-known faculty for marching hoses to be used as gentleman's fancy road and driving teams that has brought him the friendship and patronage of horsemen near and far. His farm is well kept and attractive in appearance, while his methods are modern and show his progressive spirit. He is a supporter of Democratic principles and candidates. Her married, December 21, 1869, Lois, born June 4, 1848, daughter of Harlow and Lavina (Talcott) White. Children: 1. Nora L., born September 13, 1871; married E. B. Jones, of Boonville, New York, who died June 10, 1907; children: i. Robert Henley, born February 18, 1906, ii. Algina, June 3, 1907, died July 22, 2907. 2. Burdette H. J., November 3, 1875, died March 1, 1878. 3. John T., June, 1877, died November 7, 1901; married Romeyn J. Spalding; children: i. Emily Lois, born February 5, 1898, ii. Leona Belle, July 8, 1901. 4. Hattie A., May 19, 1879; married R. Bruce Hoyet; children: i. Harold Bruce, born August 16, 1904, ii. Lyle Agens, September 10, 1906. 5. Delbert F., May 12, 1883. 6. Lizzie B., October 20, 1885. 7. Victoria C., September 17, 1888.

FITZGERALD. The Fitzgerald family is of ancient and honorable lineage, and went from England to Ireland at an early date, where there are several branches of the family seated at Glin, Terry, Turlough and Adelphi. The coat-of-arms of the Glin family is: Ermine a saltier gules. Crest: A boar passant gules, bristled and armed or. Motto: Shanit a Boo. The arms of the various families in Ireland are similar. The Knights of Glin bear as supporters two griffins, collared and chained, and have a second crest: a castle with two towers, issuant from the sinister tower, a knight in armor holding in the dexter hand a key proper. The Glin family seat is at Glin, Glin Castle, county Limerick, Ireland.

(I) Otho, or Other, a Baron of England of Saxon descent, lived at the time of the sixteenth year of Edward the Confessor's reign.

(II) Walter Fitz-Otho was castellan of Windsor and appointed by William the Conqueror warden of all the forest in Berkshire. He married Gladys, daughter of Ryalk ap Conyn. Children: 1. Gerald. 2. Robert, Baron of Easton in Essex. 3. William, ancestor of Lords of Windsor and Earls of Plymouth.

(III) Gerald Fitz Walter de Windesor was castellan of Windesor, and married Nesta, daughter of Rhys ap Tudor Mawr, King of South Wales. Children: 1. Maurice Fitzgerald. 2. William, ancestor of Carews (See Burke's "Landed Gentry") and of Raymond, who went to Ireland and was ancestor of the Grace's Baronets, and the Fitzmaurices, Earl of Kerry.

(IV) Maurice Fitzgerald went to Ireland in 1168, being sent with ten knights, twenty esquires, and one hundred archers, to assist Dermot MacMurrough, king of Leinster. He died September 1, 1177, and is buried in the friary of the Grey Friars at Wexford.

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Children: 1. Gerald Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald, justice of Ireland, who built the castle of Sligo and is ancestor of the Dukes of Leinster. 2. William, Baron of Naas, county Kildare, and ancestor of the present Viscount Gormanston. 3. Thomas.

(V) Thomas Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald married Elinor, daughter of Jordan de Marisco, and sister to Herve de Monte Marisco, constable of Ireland, and of Geoffrey de Marisco, Lord Justice of Ireland in the reign of King John. He died in 1207.

(VI) John Fitz-Thomas Fitzgerald married (first) Margery, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Fitz-Anthony, Lord of Decies and Desmond. These domains were confirmed to him by Prince Edward in 1260. He married (second) Honora, daughter of Hugh O'Connor, of Kerry. By his first wife he had a child: 1. Maurice Fitz-Thomas Fitzgerald, who was Lord of Decies and Desmond, and ancestor of the Fitzgeralds, Earls of Desmond, who ranked among the most powerful nobles of Ireland for more than two centuries. Children of the second wife: 2. Gilbert Fitz-John, ancestor of the White Knight. 3. Sir John Fitz-John, mentioned below. 4. Maurice Fitz-John, ancestor of the Knight of Kerry. 5. Thomas Fitz-John, ancestor of the Fitzgerald of the Island of Kerry. John Fitz-Thomas Fitzgerald, by virtue of his royal seignoiry as a Count Palatine, created three of his sons by the second marriage, knights; and their descendants have been so styled in act of parliament, patents under the great seal, and all legal proceedings, up to the present time. He founded the monastery of Tralee, and was buried there in 1260.

(VII) Sir John Fitz-John, Knight, was the first Knight of Glin, and had from his father the castles of Glincorbury and Beagh, county Limerick, Ireland. Children: 1. John Fitz-John mentioned below. 2. Gerald Fitz-John, ancestor of the family of Clenlish and Castle Ishen, county Cork, Baronets.

(VIII) Sir John Fitz-John del Glin was succeeded by his son.

(IX) Sir Thomas Fitz-John del Glin, Knight, "custos pacis in partiibus O'Connyll," in the twentieth year of the reign of Edward IIII, 1346, who gave hostages for his fealty in 1345.

(X) Sir John Fitz-Thomas del Glin, Knight, was living in 1331, hostage for his father's fealty in 1345. Children: 1. Thomas. 2. Philip, who left a son Thomas, who succeeded his uncle.

(XI) Philip Fitz-John del Glin had a son Thomas, who succeeded to the estate of his uncle Thomas.

(XII) Sir Thomas Fitz-Philip Fitz-John, son of Philip, succeeded to the estate of Glin. He had a son, Edmond, mentioned below.

(XIII) Edmond Fitz-Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, married Mary, daughter of Thomas, Lord Kerry, and died 1503.

(XIV) Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, styled sometimes Knight of the Valley, was seized of the manors of Glin and Castleton Beagh, and was attained in eighteenth year of Henry VIII, and again in eleventh of Elizabeth's reign.

(XV) Thomas Fitzgerald was attained with his father and executed in the eleventh year of the reign of Elizabeth, leaving a daughter, Ellen, wife of Sir Edmond Fitz-Harris, Knight, and a son, his successor.

(XVI) Edmond Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, was pardoned and restored to his estates June 13 in the thirteenth year of the reign of Elizabeth. He married Honora, daughter of Owen McCarthy Reagh.

(XVII) Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, had livery of his lands December 18, 1628. He surrendered those estates and had them regranted June 22, 1635. He married Joan, daughter of James, Lord Dumboyne, widow of Edmond Fitz-Gibbon, son of Edmond Fitz-Gibbon, the White Knight.

(XVIII) Gerald Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, made a deed of settlement of his estates December 5, 1672. He married Joan, daughter of ------------ O'Brien, and died before 1700. Children: 1. Thomas, mentioned below. 2. John. 3. Honora, married Henry Fitzgerald, of Bremore, county Kerry.

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(XIX) Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, seized of an estate entailed under the deed of settlement of 1672, married Mary, daughter of Edmond Fitzgerald. Children: 1. Edmond, his successor. 2. Richard, who succeeded his brother. 3. Thomas, who succeeded his brother Richard. 4. Catherine, married Robert Fitzgerald.

(XX) Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, third son, succeeded to the estate. He married Mary, daughter of John Bateman, Esquire, of Oak Park, county Kerry. Children: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Gerald. 3. Elizabeth. 4. Frances. 5. Catherine. 6. Jane. His will was dated September 17, 1781, and proved February 18, 1801, showing that he died between those dates.

(XXI) John Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, married Margaretta Maria, daughter of John Fraunceis Gwynn, Esquire, of Lord Abbey, county Devon.

(XXII) John Fraunceis Fitzgerald, only son, was Knight of Glin, and was born June 28, 1791, and died at Glin Castle in 1853. He married, July 28, 1812, Bridget, fifth daughter of Rev. Joseph Eyre, of Westerham, county Kent, England. Children: 1. John Fraunceis Eyre, born May 26, 1813. 2. Edmond Urmston McLeod, mentioned below. 3. Geraldine Anna. 4. Margaret Sophia.

(XXIII) Edmond Urmston McLeod Fitzgerald, son of John Fraunceis Fitzgerald, was born at Glin Castle, in 1817, and died in Ireland. He was a large land holder with an entailed estate. He married Ellen Sullivan, born in Ireland, 1822, died in Ogdensburg, New York, December, 1895. Children, born in Ireland: 1. Edmond Urmston, deceased. 2. Richard, mentioned below. 3. John Fraunceis, living in Ogdensburg. 4. Margaret, 5. Gerald, who died in Ireland.

(XXIV) Richard Fitzgerald, son of Edmond Urmston McLeod Fitzgerald, was born at Glin, Ireland, April 11, 1848. He attended a private school in Glin, county Limerick, and came to America with his mother in June, 1857. He attended the public schools in Ogdensburg, New York, where they settled, and when sixteen years old enlisted, in August, 1864, for the Civil War in Company D, One Hundred and Sixth New York Volunteers Infantry. He served until the close of the war under Generals Sheridan and Grant. He was in the battles of the Shenandoah Valley and at Petersburg, and was at Appomattox court house when Lee surrendered. In June, 1865, he returned to Ogdensburg, and was employed on the Northern Transportation Company steamers between Ogdensburg and Chicago, as office, until 1874. He then went to Buffalo and was appointed master of the steamship "India," the finest passenger vessel on the Great Lakes at that time, owned by the Anchor Line of Pennsylvania. He remained in this position until 1880. He is a master mariner, also Lloyd's inspector and marine surveyor, with an office in Ogdensburg. He is a Democrat in politics, and chairman of the Park board. He is a member of the Century Club, and of Ransom Post, Grand Army of the Republic. He married, January 8, 1874, Sarah Jane, daughter of Arthur and Mary (Pyncheon) McConville, of Ogdensburg. Children: 1. Richard Edmond, born in Ogdensburg, November 19, 1874; graduated from Ogdensburg Academy, and later attended Harvard University. He was admitted to the bar in New York and practiced in Ogdensburg, served as city recorder two terms; died June 3, 1906. 2. John Arthur, born December 5, 1876; attended Montreal College, and graduated from Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1897, with degree of A. B., represents the National Cash Register Company of Dayton, Ohio, as manager, in Vancouver, B. C. 3. Gerald, born January 31, 1881; graduated from St. Mary's academy in Ogdensburg, in 1898, and is now engaged in the theatrical business. 4. Henry Conroy, born February 11, 1884; attended St. Mary's Academy and Montreal College. 5. Mary Geraldine, born September 22, 1886; attended St. Mary's Academy, and graduated from Villa Maria Convent, Montreal, Canada, in 1905.

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GARLOCK. John Christian Garlock was born in Germany in the Palatinate on the Rhine, and came with the Palatine pioneers to the Schoharie Valley and thence to the Mohawk Valley, New York. He was the head of what was called Garlock's Dorf in Schoharie. The name is variously spelled Gerlach, Gaerlach, Goerlach, and Gurlogh.

(II) Adam, born in 1733, died in 1822, son of John Christian Garlock. He lived in what is now Montgomery County, formerly Tryon County. He was a soldier in the Revolution and has land bounty rights. His brothers, William and George, were in the Revolution also and William was ion the same Company, Captain Copeman's, First Regiment. He was also a private in Captain House's Company, Colonel Klock's Regiment (page 378 Roster of State Troops of New York). According to the census of 1790 Adam had three males over sixteen, one under sixteen, and five females in his family, in Montgomery County.

(III) John, son of Adam Garlock, was born in what was then Montgomery County. He married Mary Beatty. Among their children was John, mentioned below.

(IV) John (2), son of John (1) Garlock, was born in what was then Montgomery County. He lived in Manheim, Hew York, now part of Herkimer County, New York. He married Elsie Ann, daughter of Elisha Cramer. They had a son Nelson, mentioned below, and seven other children.

(V) Nelson, son of John Garlock, was born in Manheim, Herkimer County, New York, June 8, 1835. He was a farmer. He married, June 7, 1854, Catherine Yoran, born February 26, 1831, daughter of Jacob Yoran and Mary Timmerman or Zimmerman, as it is sometimes spelled, granddaughter of Jacob and Catherine (Snell) Yoran, and great-granddaughter of Jacob Yoran, who came when he was a young child from Germany with his step-father. He was a soldier in the Revolution, (see New York in the Revolution, page 190). Jacob Yoran, father of Catherine, was supervisor of Manheim for several terms. Catherine (Snell) Yoran was a daughter of Joseph Snell, a soldier in the Revolution, killed at the battle of Oriskany with three of four sons, who were there with him (see Hardin's Hist. Of Herk. Co., pages 328-29). Johann Jost Snell, father of Joseph Snell, was one of the original patentees of the Snell and Timmerman grant in the town of Manheim. Mary Timmerman, wife of Jacob Yoran, was a daughter of John Timmerman, and granddaughter of Henry Timmerman, who was a lieutenant in the Revolution in a Tryon County militia regiment (New York in Revolution, page 187), and the father of Henry was Jacob Timmerman, of the Snell and Timmerman patent. The grandmother of Catherine (Yoran) Garlock was Margaret Timmerman, daughter of Conrad or Conrath Timmerman, as it was sometimes spelled, of the Snell and Timmerman patent. Conrad Timmerman once killed an Indian with his long-range rifle when the savage supposed himself out of range (see Simm's Frontiersmen of New York). Conrad Timmerman was an ensign in the Revolution in colonel Klock's regiment to Tryon county militia (see New York in Revolution, page 187). Conrad married Mary Magdalen Snell, when she was but sixteen years old. he made her acquaintance while assisting her inputting out a fire started by the Indians in her home. She was a cousin to Catherine Snell, who married Jacob Yoran. According to family traditions handed down, seven of the eight great-great-grandfathers of William D. Garlock were in the battle of Oriskany. There were no Tories.

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(VI) Dr. William D., son of Nelson Garlock, was born in Manheim, April 2, 1855.  He attended the publics schools there; entered the Little Falls Academy in 1870, and afterward took a three-year course in Hungerford Collegiate Institute at Adams, New York, graduating in 1874. In 1876 he entered Cornell University, taking a special course for two years, and in 1878 entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, graduating with the degree of M. D. in the class of 1881, and has continued to the present time, winning distinction as a physician and also as a useful, intelligent and progressive citizen. He was president of the Herkimer County Medical Society in 1890; president of the First Branch of the New York State Medical Association in 1892. He is a member of the American Medical Association; the Clinical society of St. Luke's Hospital of Utica, New York; secretary of the Fifth Branch of the Medical Society of the State of New York, 1909-10. In religion he is a Presbyterian. He belongs to various social and benevolent societies. He married, November 22, 1881, Mary Gertrude Bidleman, of Manheim, daughter of Major Morgan and Ann (Windecker) Bidleman, granddaughter of peter Bidleman. Children: 1. Morgan Bidleman Garlock, a lawyer in active practice in Utica and Little Falls, New York; married September 12, 1897, Jessie, daughter of G. F. and Georgianna (Sprague) Girvan, and they have a son, Sprague Girvan, born September 21, 1908. 2. Louise Garlock. 3. Gertrude K. Garlock.


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