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CRAMER. John Cramer, ancestor of the line here under consideration, was born in Germany, from whence he subsequently removed to England, he married and had issue.

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(II) Zachariah, son of John Cramer, was born in Germany. When he was six years of age his father removed to England, and Zachariah remained there until he was twenty-one years old, when he emigrated to American, settling in Herkimer County, New York, where he married, October 24, 1775, Rebecca Schriver, and had issue.

(III) Henry, son of Zachariah and Rebecca (Schriver) Cramer, was born in Herkimer County, New York, February 23, 1799. He was a farmer by occupation. After his marriage he removed to Harrisburg, Lewis County, New York, and in 1835, accompanied by his family, removed to South Rutland, Jefferson County, where he spent the remainder of his life. He purchased and cultivated a farm of one hundred and fifty acres near the village of Tylerville. He married Lydia Bidleman, of Herkimer County, New York, born October 24, 1804, daughter of Robert and Sally (Briggs) Bidleman, and granddaughter Simeon and Nancy (Crouse) Bidleman.

(IV) Charles Henry, son of Henry and Lydia (Bidleman) Cramer, was born in Harrisburg, Lewis County, New York, August 7, 1829, died September, 1894. He married (first) in 1851, Olive Jane Bailey, born august 6, 1828, died February 30, 1867. She was the mother of seven children. He married (second) Mary Jane (Clement) Hazel, of South Rutland, who bore him two children: 1. Caroline Blanche, born December 22, 1870. 2. Robert Bruce, born June 25, 1873. His first wife, Olive Jane (Bailey) Cramer, was a daughter of Timothy and Sarah (Brown) Bailey, granddaughter of Silas and olive (Sweetland) Bailey, and great-granddaughter of Samuel and -------- (Clark) Bailey. Her mother, Sarah (Brown) Bailey, was a daughter of John C. and Zada (Mead) Brown, granddaughter of Caleb and Sarah (Elwell) Brown. Children of Charles Henry and Olive Jane (Brown (Bailey) Cramer, all born in South Rutland, New York: 1. Ida Louise, born August 30, 1853; was educated in the public schools of the village, Watertown high school and took special courses in literature and science at Cornell and Columbia universities; she is an instructor of wide experience and high reputation. She married, July 6, 1876, Dr. Oscar Herbert Merrill, of Pinckney, New York, son of John S. and Mary (Graham) Merrill, and grandson of Thomas Merrill Pinckney. Dr. Merrill died April 9, 1894. He was a graduate of the medical department of the University of new York, and practiced his profession in Corinna, Maine. He was a member of the Maine Medical Society, and a literary contributor to the "Medical Record" of Maine, and the author of many papers on medical subjects. Mrs. Ida Louise Merrill is a member of the Copenhagen Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. 2. William Henry, see forward. 3. Sarah Lucinda, born December 8, 1856. 4. Lansing J., see forward. 5. Charles Wallace, born March 19, 1861; married (first) Carrie Dean and had Harold Charles, born December 5, 1890; married (second) Bell Twining, and had Henry Nelson, born January, 1900. 6. Charlotte May, born June 14, 1864. 7. Nellie Ruth, born May 13, 1866.

(V) Dr. William Henry, eldest son of Charles Henry and Olive Jane (Bailey) Cramer, was born in South Rutland, New York, April 17, 1855. He was educated in the public schools of the town and prepared by reading and study for the profession of medicine. He matriculated at the University of New York, medical department, whence he was graduated M. D., class of 1883. He at once located his medical offices and home at Copenhagen, Lewis County, New York, and began the practice of medicine. In his twenty-seven years of successful practice Dr. Cramer has firmly established himself in the confidence of his community as a skillful practitioner, a trusted friend, and a desirable citizen. He is a member of the Lewis county Medical Society, and a prominent member of the Masonic order, affiliated with Orient Lodge, No. 238, Free and Accepted Masons, Copenhagen; Carthage Chapter, No. 259, Royal Arch Masons; Watertown Commandery, No. 11, Knights Templar, Media Temple, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of Mystic Shrine; Watertown Lodge of Perfection, Ogdensburg Chapter of Rose Croix, and Central city Consistory, Valley of Syracuse, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, thirty-second degree. 

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He is also a member of Copenhagen Chapter, No. 437, Order of the Eastern Star. Dr. Cramer married, October 25, 1876, Eunice Waite, of Rutland, New York, daughter of Charles M. and Martha J. (Edwards) Waite, granddaughter of Dennis M. and Eunice (Smith) Waite, of Rodman, New York. They have no issue. Mrs. Eunice (Waite) Cramer is a member of the Copenhagen Order of the Eastern Star.

(V) Dr. Lansing J., second son of Charles Henry and Olive Jane (Bailey) Cramer, was born at South Rutland, New York, January 24, 1859. He was educated in the public schools of the village, prepared for college by reading and studying; entered the medial department of the University of New York, and was graduated with honors M. D., class of 1887. He at once began the practice of his profession in his native town, South Rutland, where he continued in practice until 1902, when he took advantage of a promising opening and located at Castorland, Lewis County, New York, where he has built up a fine practice. He is a very successful and popular physician; his air of cheerfulness makes his very presence in the sickroom a tonic. He is a member of the Court Belden, No. 1246, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of South Rutland; Grange No. 535, Patrons of Husbandry, and Pomona Grange of Lewis County. He is a Republican in politics. Dr. Cramer married, September 26, 1894, Maud Zervah Fish, of Watertown, New York, daughter of Merrit Andrews and Zervah (Gotham) Fish, granddaughter of Jenery Taft and Caroline (Hutchinson) Gotham, and great-granddaughter of John Gotham, a large land-owner of Watertown, New York, died 1840.

DENCE. The grandfather of the present generation of the Dence family was David Dence, who married Margaret De Wandler.

(II) John De Wandler, son of David and Margaret Dence, was born in Fonda, February 16, 1829, died June 29, 1898. He was a farmer of Lewis County, a prominent Republican in politics, and actively interested in all matters that pertained to the welfare of the community in which he lived. He married, in Jefferson county, New York, October 14, 1867, Harriet, born in that county, October 16, 1831, died September, 1905, daughter of Zalaman (2) and Harriet (Prindle) Pool, granddaughter of Zalaman (1) and Mary (Corp) Pool, on the paternal side, and granddaughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Joy) Prindle, on the maternal, and great-granddaughter of Moses and Christine Prindle. Moses Prindle was born in 1742 in Massachusetts, and did in Herkimer County, New York, in 1785. Christine, his wife, was born 1726, died in Herkimer County, October 20, 1817. Joseph, son of Moses Prindle, was born in Massachusetts, March 7, 1771, died in Herkimer County, New York, August 13, 1861. He married Elizabeth Joy, November 15, 1785. Joseph and Elizabeth (Joy) Prindle came from Massachusetts to Herkimer County on horseback, settled on a tract of land and built the first frame barn ever built in the town of Russia, of that county. Harriet, born at Russia, Herkimer County, New York, November 24, 1790, died July 29, 1872, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Joy) Prindle, born in Oneida County, New York, September 26, 1783, died September 26, 1866, at Theresa, Jefferson County, New York. He was one of the first supervisors Pool (1), was born august 25, 1767; married Mary Corp, born in Oneida County, New York, February 26, 1769. John De Wandler and Harriet (Pool) Dence had children: 1. Lillian, born February 20, 1865; married George B. Hollbrook, February 24, 1886, and died in March, 1902. 2. John D., see forward.

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(III) John Doig, only son of John De Wandler and Harriet (Pool) Dence, was born in Lowville, Lewis County, New York, July 25, 1873. He was educated in the Lowville public schools, and was graduated from Ives Seminary, at Antwerp, New York, class of 1891. He began his business life soon after his graduation, entering the employ of V. L. Waters & Company, at Lowville, as salesman, remaining with them about four years. He then associated himself with Leroy Crawford and assumed the position of manager of his general store at Chase's Lake, New York. He has made a successful efficient manager, and still occupies that position with Mr. Crawford. He is a Republican politically and represents the town of Watson on the Lewis County board of supervisors, receiving his first election in 1907, and a re-election in 1909. He is a member of Lowville Lodge, No. 134, Free and Accepted Masons; Lowville Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Watertown Commandery, Knights Templar, and the Lowville Club. He married in Lowville, New York, June 28, 1898, Mary E., born in that town, August 26, 1868, daughter of Michael and Ellen (McGrath) Phalon. Michael Phalon is a veteran of the Civil War, enlisting in 1862 in Company L, Fifth Regulars, New York Heavy Artillery. Ellen McGrath was born in Tipperary, Ireland, near the village of Golden, June 5, 1840. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Phalon: 1. John Edward. 2. Mary E., married John D. Dence. 3. Elizabeth, married Burnham L. Schermerhorn.

(The De Wandler Line)

The De Wandlers settled in New Jersey at an early date, coming from Holland. They later came up the Hudson River to Port Orange, Albany, where they were among the first settlers, Johannes De Wandler, from Leyden, Holland tradesman; Sara Schepmoes, of New York, March 17, 1672. He bought and sold lots in Albany, and was a man of importance.

(II) Johannes (2), son of Johannes (1) de Wandler, had a house in Albany, corner of Broadway and Maiden lane. He also owned land in Schaghticoke, which he sold to the city of Albany in 1718, for two hundred and forty pounds. He married Lysbeth Gansevoort and had a large family.

(III) Pieter, son of Johannes (2) De Wandler, married (first) Ariaitje Van Vetchen; (second) Anna (Bogardus Van Vetchen, a widow.

(IV) Johannes (3), son of Pieter De Wandalear, married Gerritza Gansevoort, May 15, 1777. They had sons, Pieter (20, and Harmen, the latter born September 10, 1781. It is a daughter of one of these sons that married David Dence.

SPENCER. There were early settlers of the name at Kittery, Maine, in 1663, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1631-34, Ipswich, 1634, and in other places. The Jefferson County, New York family of Spencer descend from William, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1631, who was an influential citizen of that town. he was a member of the committee to raise funds by the sale of common stock to erect a building for the meetings of the house of representatives, and was deputy in 1634-38. He was lieutenant of the militia, and one of the founders of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, his name being fourth on the list named in their charter. In March, 1639, he removed to Hartford, Connecticut, and the same year was representative, also in 1840. He died in 1640. His will, proved March 4, 1641, names wife, Agnes, son, Samuel, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth. Samuel, the only son named in the will, was born in England.

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In 1640 he was under twenty years of age. He inherited one-third of the estate. Had a wife, Sarah, and children: 1. Samuel. 2. Sarah. 3. Caleb. 4. Elizabeth. 5. Rachel. 6. Mary. 7. Abigail. 8. Agnes. Samuel Spencer died in 1716; Sarah, his wife, April 24, 1706. Through Samuel the line descends and for two generations the links connecting cannot be found. The family settled in New York State in several places and showed a marked partiality for the profession of medicine, generation after generation producing a skillful physician. This is especially noticed of the Jefferson County family.

(V) The great-grandfather of Dr. Ira D. Spencer was Emmons Spencer, who married and had issue.

(VI) Edward, son of Emmons Spencer, married Polly, daughter of William and Lucy (Balcom) Maynard. Children: 1. William. 2. Louise. 3. Darius. 4. Nancy. (See Maynard VI.)

(VII) Darius, youngest son of Edward and Polly (Maynard) Spencer, was born in Champion, New York, 1826. He was a farmer in Jefferson County, New York, a member of the "Church of the Disciples" and lifelong Democrat. He married Cornelia Ann, daughter of James and Martha Bockus Duley, who had other children: William, Philip, James, Andrew, George, Edna, Celeste and Francis Duley. Cornelia Ann was the fourth child and eldest daughter. Children of Darius and Cornelia Ann Spencer: 1. Andrew Jackson, born March 2, 1849. 2. Winfield Scott, June 16, 1851. 3., De Witt Clinton, August 6, 1853. 4. Mary Louisa, August 9, 1857. 5. Nettie Matilda, December 2, 1860. 6. Ira Darius, mentioned below. Darius Spencer died 1874; his wife, Cornelia Ann, in 1876.

(VIII) Dr. Ira Darius, fourth son and youngest child of Darius and Cornelia Ann (Duley) Spencer, was born in the town of Wilna, Jefferson County, New York, October 12, 1867. His early education was obtained in the public schools and at Utica Business College. Deciding upon the profession of medicine, he entered the Eclectic Medical College, of New York City, from which he was graduated M. D., March 13, 1889. He at once located in Crogham, Lewis County, New York, where he established a medical practice that has grown and increased until it requires his constant, unremitting attention. His skill as a physician and surgeon is recognized throughout the section, and brings him well deserved reward. He was appointed United States pension examiner by President Cleveland, holding under his administration. He is examining physician for the Independent Order of Foresters, and the K. O. T. M., and holds membership in both orders. He as health officer of Crogham for fourteen years. He is a Democrat and in 1902 represented Crogham on the Lewis County board of supervisors. In 1908 he was a delegate to the Democratic State convention, held in New York City. He has served several terms as village trustee. He married, October 5, 1893, at Crogham, New York, Virginia Adella, daughter of Augustine and Sarah Elizabeth Simonet. Augustine Simonet is a druggist and pharmacist, established in the drug business at Crogham. He married Sarah Elizabeth Giblin, and has children: 1. Lauretta Estella. 2. Virginia Adella. 3. Mary Catherine Simonet. Dr. and Mrs. Ida D. Spencer have a son, Gerald Darius, born May 5, 1896.

(The Maynard Line)

The Maynard history in America begins with John Maynard, immigrant ancestor, born in England in 1600, died at Sudbury, Massachusetts, December 10, 1672. In early records his name is spelled Mynard, Minor and Maynard. He settled first at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1634. He was one of the first settlers of Sudbury, Massachusetts, in 1638, and one of the forty-seven who shared in the division of the Meadow canals, along the Sudbury River, in 1639. He was admitted a freeman in 1644, and was selectmen in 1646 and held other offices. By trade a malster. He married (first) in England, and probably brought his wife to America with him, but this can only be conjecture as the records are silent. He married (second) June 14, 1646, Mary Axtell, either daughter or widow of Thomas Axtell. His will left bequests to wife, Mary; children: John, Zachary, Mrs. Elizabeth Graves, Lydia Moore and Mary Maynard. He was successful throughout his entire life, and he left a goodly estate for distribution among his heirs.

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(II) John (2), second son of John (1) Maynard, was born in England, in 1625, died at Marlborough, Massachusetts, December 22, 1711. He removed to the latter town about 1657. John Maynard was one of the original petitioners and grantees of the town, but it is not clear whether it was John fist or John second. He married, April 5, 1648, Mary, daughter of Stephen Gates, one of the early settles in Hingham, Lancaster and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her mother was Anna Gates. Children of John Maynard: 1. Elizabeth. 2. Hannah. 3. Mary. 4. John. 5. Elizabeth (2). 6. Simon David. 7. Zachariah. 8. Sarah. 9. Lydia. 10. Joseph.

(III) Zachariah, son of John (2) and Anna (Gates) Maynard, was born October 27, 1672. He married Hannah Goodrich, and had issue.

(IV) Zachariah (2), son of Zachariah (1) and Hannah (Goodrich) Maynard, was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where he died February 11, 1823. He married Zabella or Arabella ------------, and had issue.

(V) William, son of Zachariah (2), and Zabella Maynard, was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, died February 14, 1827. He served in Revolutionary War. August 20, 1772, at Antwerp, New York, he was married to Lucy Balcom. Children: 1. Thaddeus. 2. Sally. 3. Henry. 4. Nancy. 5. Lucy. 6. Elizabeth. 7. Rhoda. 8. Jane. 9. Polly.

(VI) Polly, youngest child of William and Lucy (Balcom) Maynard, married Edward Spencer, (See Spencer VI). Children: William, Louise, Darius, and Nancy.

VAN AERNAM. The earliest record of this family in the Mohawk Valley, or in America, is Jan Janse Vanarheim, of Holland, who married Hester Fonda, October 14, 1696, in Rensselaerwyck. He died April 1, 1708. Children baptized: 1. Sarah, August 15, 1697. 2. Abraham, April 28, 1700. 3. Rebecca, March 25, 1702. 4. Isaac, May 7, 1704. 5. Rachel, November 17, 1706. 6. Jan Dirk, October 17, 1708. The spelling in this generation seems to have been Van Arnhem, but later was usually spelled Van Aernam, to which form this record will be confined.

(II) Jan Dirk, youngest son and child of Jan Janse and Hester (Fonda) Van Aernam, was baptized October 17, 1708. He married Elizabeth Lansing, a descendant of Gerrit Lansing, "the Founder." Children baptized: 1. Hester, February 14, 1735. 2. Hendrick, July 2, 1738. 3. Abraham, September 28, 1740. 4. Isaac, February 26, 1744, died in infancy. 5. Isaac Janse, August 25, 1745. 6. Abram, November 19, 1749.

(III) Isaac Janse, son of Jan Dirk and Elizabeth (Lansing) Van Aernam, was baptized August 25, 1745. He married, August 24, 1768, Catherine Van Wie. Children: 1. Alida, born October 9, 1769, died in infancy. 2. Alida (2), born April 18, 1771, died in infancy. 3. Alida (3), born July 5, 1776. 4. Jan Dirksen, January 30, 1779. 5. Andries, born August 18, 1791.

(IV) Jan D. (John), son of Isaac and Catherine (Van Wie) Van Aernam, was born January 30, 1779, in Albany County, New York. He married Polly Crouse and had issue.

(V) William C., son of John and Polly (Crouse) Van Aernam, was born June 27, 1810, in Columbia County, New York, died June 14, 1906, aged ninety-six years. He settled in Lewis County, New York, in 1829. He owned a farm of three hundred acres, and was a millwright and lumberman. He was assessor and prominent in town affairs. He married (first) Mary Sand. Children: 1. Isaac, born January 18, 1836, died in infancy. 2. Mary Catherine, born August 27, 1838, married, September 17, 1862, Wessel Gallup. 3. John Henry, see forward. 4. Mary S., born June 10, 1843; married George Delmorah; married (second) Lida Gould, and had issue. 5. Ann S., born September 28, 1844, died December 24, 1900; married George A. Graves. 6. Christopher, born September 24, 1846; married Josephine Graves. 7. William J., born May 14, 1848. 8. Archibald W., born June 20, 1849; married Ella Norton. 9. Ellen M., born August 13, 1852; married Lafayette Turner. 10, Grace A., born March 31, 1854; married Frank Warren. 11. George C., born September 23, 1855. 12. Agnes A, born October 28, 1857; married Horace Miller.

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(VI) John H., son of William C. and his first wife, Mary (Sand) Van Aernam, was born in the town of Greig, Lewis County, New York, October 7, 1837. He was educated in the public schools and was reared on the farm. His inclinations were strongly for a business life, and he left the farm and entered the employ of the Hartford Sewing Machine Company, and was so successful that he was made general agent for Northern New York, and for several years continued in that position. He was also interested in real estate, wild and improved, buying and selling a great many properties. He as for a time in mercantile life in the village of Glenfield, where he had built a large business block and had real estate interests. He prospered in his varied undertakings. In 1898 he disposed of his Glenfield interests and with his family went south, settling at Fitzgerald, Georgia. He purchased a farm there which he cultivated, and in addition dealt in real estate. He remained in the south until 1907 when failing health caused his return to his north home in Glenfield, where he died January 9, 1908. He led a busy, useful and eventful life. He fought and won life's battles through sheer energy and perseverance, coupled with a fine, well-balanced business judgment. He was a Republican in politics, and a member of the Methodist Church. He married, March 27, 1861, Zada A. Smith, born November 7, 1843, daughter of George R. and Martha (Bowen) Smith, and granddaughter of Benjamin and Lucy (Beebe) Smith, who came to Lewis County from Columbia County, New York, in 1836. He married, February 14, 1838, Martha Bowen, died March 13, 1892. They settled in the town of Martinsburgh, where George E. died January 22, 1902. Children of George R. and Martha (Bowen) Smith: 1. Lucy Ann, born August 14, 1839, died July 27, 1872; married J. Frank Graves, September 9, 1863. 2. Zada A., married John H. Van Aernam. 3. Charlotte, born April 21, 1847; married N. J. Corwin, born July 4, 1876, died June, 1902. 4. Seymour, born August 17, 1848, died July 28, 1850. 5. Celestine, born August 17, 1848, died September 19, 1861. Children of John H. and Zada A. (Smith) Van Aernam: 1. Frederick E., see forward. 2. George W., born July 30, 1863; married, January 22, 1884, Rose Connell, of Des Moines, Iowa. 3. Jennie M., born July 30, 1865; married, August 29, 1892, Wallace Casler; they reside in Lubback, Texas. 4. Grant W., born March 29, 1867; married Emma Wombolt, October 13, 1891; they reside at Dayton, Ohio. 5. Jessie F., born May 29, 1873; married, April 7, 1897, Charles Millington. 6. Gertrude J., born January 22, 1876; married Henry Bryn, August 4, 1898; they reside in Lubback, Texas. 7. Frank, born May 23, 1879; married Raphia Rugar, they reside at Cincinnati, Ohio. 8. Reba, born August 17, 1888.

(VII) Frederick E Vanaernam, son of John H. and Zada A. (Smith) Van Aerrnam, was born in the town of Greig, Lewis County, New York, February 8, 1862. He was educated in the public schools, and first began business life in his father's store in Glenfield, where he remained five years. 

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Mercantile life was not congenial, and he resigned his position in the store. He purchased a good farm in Glenfield, and has ever since followed the occupation of a farmer, a calling to which he is devoted and well adapted. He conducts his farm as a fruit and dairy enterprise, with some space devoted to market gardening. His herd are graded Holsteins, and his farm, pleasantly located within full view of the Adirondack foothills, is known as "Smith's Farm." Mr. Vanaernam is painstaking and thorough in his methods, and has made a success of his undertaking. He is a strong Republican in politics, and a member of Glenfield Grange, P. of H., also of Lewis County, and the State granges. He is financial secretary of Glenfield court, Independent Order of Foresters, and with his family attends the Methodist Episcopal Church. He married, February 26, 1885, Mary C. Hess, born November 30, 1865, at Glenfield, daughter of Frederick and Catherine (Burdick) Hess, and granddaughter of Conrad and Lena (Strong) Hess. Children: 1. Walla, born February 14, 1886, died in infancy. 2. Edith J., born December 19, 1888; married, September 25, 1908, Duncan F. Pidgeon, and has Frederick W. Pidgeon, born January 28, 1909. 3. Maud L., born May 20, 1892. They also have an adopted son, Clarence M., born May 22, 1901.


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