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HALE. The surnames Hale, Heald, Haild, and Haile are identical in origin in this country. Families of these names have a common ancestor in John Heald, or Hale, of concord. The name is also spelled Held, Helde, and Halde. According to tradition, John Heald was from Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumderland, England. A representative of the family who visited this place about 1890 was unable to find any trace of the Healds there. "It is probable," writes Professor Charles A. Torrey, of the Chicago University, "that the tradition is incorrect." Heald settled in concord, Massachusetts, at an early date, probably in 1635. He was admitted a freeman June 2, 1641. He lived also at Roxbury and Cambridge. He died May 24, 1662, in Concord. His autograph will made a short time before that date is found at the East Cambridge probate office (Middlesex County), and his handwriting is remarkably good. In his will he mentioned his wife Dorothy, sons John and Timothy, and daughter Hannah, besides "five younger children." Children: 1. John, born in England; married, June 10, 1661, Sarah Dean. 2. Timothy, settled in Suffield, Connecticut. 3, Hannah, married John Spaulding. 4. Dorcas, born May 22, 1645, died 1650. 5. Gershom, mentioned below. 6. Dorothy, born October 16, 1649. 7. Timothy, born January 10, 1651; married, at Hadley, November 18, 1675, Priscilla Markham; ancestor of Enfield family; proof not complete. 8. Isaac, settled in Stow. 9. Israel, born July 30, 1666; married Martha Wright.

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(II) Gershom Hale, or Haile, son of John, was born March 23, 1647, at concord, Massachusetts. He married, May 6, 1673, Ann Vinton, and settled in Springfield, Massachusetts. He lived pervasively at Concord and Stow. In later years his name was spelled Hale. He had a grant of land on the West Side of the Agawam River, March 11, 1700-01, upon Feeding Hill. He died at Springfield, May 13, 1717. His wife, Ann died there September 4, 1698. Children: 1. Dorothy, born March 9, 1773-74. 2. John, March 24, 1775-76. 3. Hannah, October 10, 1776. 4. Dorothy, May 19, 1778. 5. Dorcas, April 14, 1779; married Obadiah Cooley. 6. Ann, January 5, 1681-82. 7. Gershom, February 5, 1684, mentioned below. 8. Benjamin, born at Springfield, August 17, 1698.

(III) Gresham (2), son of Gershom (1) Hale, was born in Concord, February 5, 1684. He and his father lived in West Springfield, and took part in the first town meeting, April 19, 1720. His father had the third lot of ten acres in a division of the proprietary in 1721. His brother Benjamin had the fourth lot; he also shared in the division. In a list of men over twenty-one in Springfield (West) April, 1707, he and his brother John and their father are mentioned. He was elected hogreeve in 1715-16, an honor reserved generally for newly married men. His brother John was similarly honored in 1714. He married Mercy ---------. Children: 1. Gershom, born at Springfield, June 13, 1711; mentioned below. 2. Israel, born 1713. 3. Mercy, June 22, 1716.

(IV) Gershom (3), son of Gershom (2) Hale, was born at Springfield, June 13, 1711. He lived at West Springfield, and had a son Gershom.

(V) Gershom (4), son of Gershom (3) Hale, was born about 1732. He settled early in Orwell, Addison County, Vermont, with his son Gershom, and John, probably also his son. He was a soldier in the Revolution, in Captain Zadock Everest's Company, Colonel Ira Allen's Regiment, in 1781, and again the 1782. His only son, Gershom, mentioned below, was in the same company.

(VI) Gershom (5), son of Gershom (4) Hale, was born about 1754, at West Springfield, and was in the same company with his father in a Vermont regiment in the Revolution. Both he and his father were among the seventy-one who took the freeman's oath.

(VII) Benjamin, son of Gershom (5) Hale, was born at Orwell, November 18, 1786, and died at Canton, New York, and January 8, 1853. (There is an unexplained discrepancy as to the age of Benjamin Hale. The dates of birth and death as they appear in the text would make his age at death 66 years one month twenty days. But the gravestone has: "Benjamin Hale, died Jan. 8, 1853, 68 yrs." This stone was erected by his son, Gershom Hale, who had a most accurate memory. Under this date of August 2, 1907, Commissioner of Pensions Warner wrote to a grandson of Benjamin Hale: "In the soldier's application for bounty land, made in St. Lawrence County, New York, is the statement in 1851 that he was then sixty-six years of age." This statement is in harmony with the inscription on the gravestone.) He was a private in Captain Scovell's Company (mounted), Vermont militia, War of 1812, and his widow was awarded a bounty land certificate on account of his services under the Act of congress of March 3, 1855. He married Judith Thompson, daughter of Festus Thompson (reputed to have come from the Island of Guernsey), January 28, 1806; she died at Canton, March 25, 1859. Children, all born in Orwell: 1. Savilla, November 17, 1806. 2. Winthrop, September 2, 1708, died January 14, 1809. 3. Horace Winthrop, May 13, 1810, see forward. 4. Festus Thompson, March 29, 1813; died in Illinois. 5. Mary, April 26, 1815; died in Illinois. 6. Oramel B., November 8, 1817, died December 2, 1893, in Chapin, Illinois. 7. Esther, June 22, 1819; married John C. Bush, May 4, 1846; died June 7, 1886, in Lisbon, New York. 8. Martha, April 28, 1821. 9. James Riley, June 14, 1823; student at Amherst College, class of 1852 and at Andover Theological Seminary 1852-54; graduated at Union Theological Seminary, 1855; Presbyterian or Congregational clergyman at DeKalb and Massena, New York, and York, Pennsylvania, till 1861; enlisted as private in United States Marine Corps, June 28, 1861, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was honorably discharged July 20, 1865, at Brooklyn, New York, as corporal. 10. Clarissa E., May 6, 1827, died at Lisbon, New York, in 1902.

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(VIII) Horace Winthrop, son of Benjamin Hale, was born in Orwell, May 13, 1810, and died at Canton, January 14, 1870. He was educated in the public schools of his native county and fitted for college. Mr. Hale taught school in Addison County, Vermont, for a time, and in 1833 was appointed teacher of the village at Canton. Two years later his father came to Canton with his family and located on a farm two miles south of the village. Horace continued to teach school winters and to help his father on the farm. He succeeded to the homestead and lived upon it until December, 1879. He was a strong Abolitionist, in his youth, and cast his first vote with the Free-soil party. He was a Republican from the organization of the party, though he voted with the Greeley Republican in 1872. He was active in public affairs and honored with many offices of trust and responsibility. He was president of the board of education; for nine years a town assessor; four years supervisor, and a factor in county politics; and commissioner of United States Deposit Fund for some fifteen years. He was a prominent member and earnest supporter of the Baptist Church of Canton. He married, in 1845, Betsey Russell Lewis, born in Cornwall, Addison County, Vermont, November 20, 1814, died at Canton, July 19, 1907, daughter of Alanson and Polly (Russell) Lewis.

(IX) Ledyard Park, son of Horace Winthrop Hale, was born in Canton, May 17, 1854. He spent his youth on his father's farm, and attended the district schools and the old Canton Academy. He entered St. Lawrence University, from which he graduated in the class of 1876. He studied for his profession in the law school of the University of Wisconsin, receiving his degree in 1878. He was admitted to the bar in Wisconsin in 1877, and for three years after graduation practiced law at Madison, Wisconsin. Then he returned to New York, where he was admitted to the bar in 1881, and since then he has had his office in his native town. He was appointed assistant district attorney, January 1, 1882, and held that office six years. He was president of the village of Canton in 1886-87; supervisor of the town of Canton four years (1990-93), and took an active part in preventing the removal of the county seat to Ogdensburg when the court house was burned in the winter of 1893, and was on the building committee of the new court house. He was elected district attorney in November, 1893, and re-elected in 1896. In October, 1902, he was appointed county judge by Governor Odell to fill a vacancy for the full term of six years. Between 1881 and 1905, except when he was supervisor, he served n the board of education and was its president for many years. He has been a trustee of St. Lawrence University since 1884, and a member of the executive committee of the board since 1885.

He was appointed commissioner of the State Board of charities from the Fourth District by Governor Hughes in May, 1907. He was appointed counsel to the Public Service Commission for the Second District in April 1908, and resigned as county judge and member of the State Board of Charities. His office is in Albany. He is a member of Canton Lodge of Free Masons, and of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

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He married, May 21, 1879, Ettie Bacheller, born March 21, 1856, daughter of Charles L. and Amelia (Brownell) Bacheller, of Pierpont, New York. Children; 1. Irma, born in Canton, August 8, 1881; graduated from St. Lawrence University, class of 1903; grate student at University of Wisconsin, 1904-05; took B. S. degree in home economics at Clarkson School of Technology in 1906; married, June 23, 1909, Carl Frederick Pfund, a real estate broker at Madison, Wisconsin. 2. Horace Charles, born February 6, 1888, in Canton; prepared for college at Phillips Exeter Academy, 1903-06; graduated A. B. at St. Lawrence University, 1909; student at Harvard law School.

HALE. Samuel Hale, or hales, immigrant ancestor, was born in 1610. He was an early settler of Wethersfield, Connecticut, and was there in 1637. He served in the Pequot War and received a grant lf sixty acres of land for his services in that war. In 1639 he was in Hartford where he owned a lot on the east side of the river. In 1642 he returned to Wetherfield, and was selectman there in 1647. He was one of the first proprietors of Norwalk, in 1654, and was deputy to the general court from that town from 1656 to 1659. In 1660 he returned again to Wethersfield, and leased the estate of Governor Welles, on the east side of the river. In 1670 he was chosen on committee of three to repair the meeting house. He died at Glastonbury, November 9, 1693. He married Mary ---------, who died January 19, 1711-12. Children: 1. Martha, born October 2, 1643. 2. Samuel, February 12, 1644-45. 3. John, February 21, 1646-47. 4. Mary, April 29, 1649. 5. Rebecca, October 29, 1651. 6. Thomas, 1653, mentioned below. 7. Ebenezer, July 29, 1661. 8. Dorothy.

(II) Thomas hale, son of Samuel Hale, or Hales, was born in 1653, died in Glastonbury, December 23, 1723. He married, October 30, 1679, Naomi, born 1656, died May 17, 1735, daughter of John and Naomi Kilbourn. Children; 1. Naomi, born September 30, 1680. 2. Mary, November 20, 1682. 3. Thomas, September 17, 1684, mentioned below. 4. Timothy, 1692. 5. Nathaniel, 1694. 6. Ruth. 7. Eunice.

(III) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (10 Hale, was born in Glastonbury, September 17, 1684, and resided there. He was killed by lightning, July 4, 1750. He married, January 11, 1721-22, Susanna, daughter of Nathaniel and Esther Smith, of Hartford. Children: 1. Susanna, born March 21, 1722-23. 2. Mercy, November 3, 1724. 3. Thomas, July 25, 1726. 4. Moses, June 29, 1729, mentioned below. 5. Jerusha, August 8, 1730. 6. Mabel, July 17, 1732. 7. Nathaniel, August 30, 1734. 8. Ashbell, April 6, 1737. 9. Naomi, May 13, 1739.

(IV) Moses, son of Thomas (2) Hale, was born in Glastonbury, June 29, 1729. He married, July 29, 1752, Mary Edwards, of Cromwell, Connecticut. He removed to Lanesborough, Massachusetts, 1758, and thence to Rutland, Vermont, 1770, and was one of the first settlers of that town. He died there at the age of ninety-one years. In the census of 1790 three of his sons were heads of families at Rutland, Asa, who had a son of sixteen and five females in his family; William, who seems to have been living along, perhaps on the homestead, and Thomas, who had a son over sixteen two under that age and five females in his family. Moses and son Asa were both soldiers in the Revolution in Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys. Children; 1. Asa, married Dorcas Mead; their daughter Mary married Rev. Chever Felch, and their daughter, Sarah Felch, married Asa H. Hale, who is mentioned below. 2. William. 3. Thomas. 4. Moses, who is mentioned below.

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(V) Moses (2), son of Moses (1) Hale, was born about 1760. He removed from Rutland, Vermont, to St. Lawrence County, New York, about 1830, with seven adult sons, and all except Asa H. lived in the town of Stockholm and Norfolk. He died at Stockholm, New York. Children: 1. William. 2. Moses. 3. Aaron. 4. Alvin. 5. Luther. 6. Emma. 7. Nancy. 8. Asa Hilan, who is mentioned below.

(VI) Asa Hilan, son of Moses (2) Hale, was born in 1814 at Rutland, Vermont, died at Norwood, New York, 1898. He had a common school education in his native town. He learned the trade of show maker in Vermont. He came from Vermont to Stockholm, New York, whence he went to Batavia and Rochester, New York. Later he went to Ogdensburg, New York, for a short time, locating finally in Norwood. He worked at his trade in all these towns. He married in western New York, 1839, Sarah, born 1817, died 1893, daughter of Rev. Chever and Mary (Hale) Felch, granddaughter of Asa Hale, of Rutland, great-granddaughter of Moses hale, mentioned above. Nathan Felch, father of Rev. Chever Felch, was a soldier in the Revolution on the Lexington Alarm and later in the Massachusetts Line in Westchester County, New York. Dorcas (Mead) Hale, mother of Mary (Hale) Felch, was daughter of Colonel James Mead, of Rutland, who commanded a regiment of Vermont troops during the Revolutionary War. From this family Charles Mead Hale is named. Children of Asa H. Hale:

1. Mary, lives in Brooklyn, New York. 2. Edward W., employed in the sub-treasury in New York City; married Min Field; children: i. Frank S.. ii. Alice L., iii. Ella C., iv. William Asa. 3. Frances H., lives in Brooklyn, New York; widow of David Z. Brockett. 4. Agnes L., graduate of Potsdam Normal School, teacher of higher mathematics in the Girls' High School of Brooklyn, New York. 5. Elizabeth, principal of public school No. 98, Manhattan, New York. 6. Charles Mean, mentioned below.

(VII) Charles mead, son of Asa Hale, was born in Ogdensburg, New York, June 26, 1858. He was about a year old when his parents moved to Norwood, and he was educated in the public schools of that town. he studied law in the office of Stillman Foote in Ogdensburg. After four years, he was admitted to the bar. He opened an office and began to practice in Madrid, New York. After nine years he removed to Gouverneur, New York, where he practiced for eight years, being also clerk of the surrogate's court of St. Lawrence County. He removed to Canton, the county seat, in 1900, and has been clerk of the surrogate's court since then. For twenty-five years he was clerk of the board of supervisors of St. Lawrence County. For six years he was bookkeeper for the county treasurer while at Gouverneur, and for the past four years has assisted the county treasurer in the same capacity; he was police justice in Gouverneur for several years. He is an active and loyal Republican. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge, of Gouverneur, and of the lodges of Odd Fellows and Independent Order of Foresters. He married, June 26, 1895, Grace E., daughter of Thomas M. and Jeanne B. Robinson, of Gouverneur. She was educated at the Gouverneur Weslayan Seminary; she studies law and was admitted to the bar in St. Lawrence County. Obed Robinson, her grandfather, was born in Swanton, Vermont, 1801, son of Amos, a native of Connecticut, and ------------ (Butler) Robinson; he came to Gouverneur, New York, 1820, went thence to Hammond, New York, where he died in 1870; married Charlotte Purdy. Thomas M. Robinson was born in Hammond in 1836, removed to Gouverneur in 1881, and his since resided there; married Jeanne B. Reddell, a native of Glasgow, Scotland.

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HALE. Jonathan Hale was born October 12, 1780; died May 12, 1857, at Pierrepont, New York. His school education was limited, and from an early age he was employed in the lumbering business in the Mohawk Valley, rafting timber. When he was twenty years old he came to Canton, New York, where he worked on a farm. In 1839 he settled at Pierrepont, where he spent the remainder of his days. He was a well-to-do farmer and a useful citizen. Though he had little schooling he was a student of the bible and read many books. He married (first) Madina Farwell; (second) Abigail Waterman (Wood) Hayward, born in Barnard, Vermont, January 29, 1799, died March 24, 1877, daughter of Samuel Wood and widow of Charles Hayward, by whom she had one son. Children of first wife: 1. Esther, married Tyler Brown. 2. John F., married Lydia Brown. 3. Abigail B., married Lewis Richardson, of Nicholville. 4. Elizabeth. Children of second wife: 5. Mary Ann, born March 15, 1827, died March 16, 1827. 6. Lavinia, June 13, 1828, died February 1, 1835. 7. Jonathan A., mentioned below.

(II) Jonathan A., son of Jonathan Hale, was born in Canton, March 15, 1836. He went to Pierrepont, with his parents when he was three years old, and was educated there in the little log schoolhouse. He assisted his father on the farm when a boy, and continued to follow farming in his later years. He succeeded to the homestead after his father died. To the original one hundred and thirteen acres he added from time to time until he owned some seven hundred acres of land. He retired and came to Potsdam to live in 1871, and since that time has lived on a seven-acre place in the village. He has been a trustee of the school district in Pierrepont. He is a member of Racquette Lodge, No. 213, Free and accepted Masons, to which he has belonged since 1869. He is a member of Potsdam Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. He married (first) in February, 1853, Harried L., born March 24, 1836, daughter of timothy and Sally (Bradley) Shurtleff, of Pierrepont. He married (second) Eliza E. (Smith) Brown, widow of Tyler Brown. Children of Tyler and Eliza E. Brown: Allen L., Harmony and Orrin Brown; the latter is deceased. Children of Jonathan A. and Harriet L. Hale: 1. Alvinza Hayward, born 1853, died August 23, 1865. 2. Harry J., December 28, 1855, farmer in Pierrepont; married Luella Zoller; children: i. Florence, ii. Erwin, iii. Iva. 3. Charity L., married George H. Sackett, farmer at Potsdam; children: i. George, ii. Harley H. Sackett. 4. Abigail W., married Elmer E. Kimball, farmer, residing at Haswell, Colorado. 5. James E., lives on the old homestead in Pierrepont; married Isabelle Benson; child, Elmer, student in the Potsdam high school. 6. Minnie Elizabeth, married James A. Magnan, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, now part of Boston.

HARTWELL. The Hartwell family in England is traced back to the days of William the conqueror, who allotted land to one of his followers in Normandy by then name of Hartwell, perhaps the progenitor of all the English families of that name. He must have been born as early as 1050 A.D. Although the American progenitor's ancestry is not definitely known, he is probably a descendant of this ancient family, and he is undoubtedly the ancestor of all the American families of that name.

(I) William Hartwell, immigrant ancestor, was born in England about 1613. He was among the first settlers of Concord, in New England, in 1636, and was admitted a freeman, May 18, 1642. He signed a petition for the grant of Chelmsford in 1653. He was commissioned a corporal in 1671, and a quartermaster in 1673. He had a homestead in Concord, a mile eat of the common on the road to Lexington, lately occupied by E. W. Bull. In 1666 he owned two hundred and forty-seven acres of land, and was among the largest taxpayers of the town. He died March 12, 1690, aged seventy-seven yeas. His wife Jazan deposed May 11, 1675, that she was sixty-seven years old, which would fix her birthday in 1608. She died August 5, 1695. Children: 1. Sarah, died July 8, 1674; married, April 18, 1661, Benjamin Parker, of Billerica. 2. John, mentioned below. 3. Mary, born about 1643, died February 13, 1695-96; married Jonathan Hill. 4. Samuel, born March 26, 1645. 5. Martha, born May 25, 1649, died before 1690.

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(II) John, son of William Hartwell, was born December 23, 1640, at Concord, Massachusetts, died January 12, 1702-02. He was a soldier in King Philip's War under Captain Thomas Wheeler, and was in the fight at Brookfield, Massachusetts. He was admitted a freeman, March 21, 1689-90. He married (first) June 1, 1664, Priscilla, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Wright. She died March 3, 1680-81. He married (second) August 23, 1682, her sister, Elizabeth Wright. Children of first wife, born in Concord: 1. Ebenezer, February 28, 1665-66. 2. John, April 15, 1667, mentioned below. 3. Samuel, October 9, 1673. 4. Sarah, February 22, 1678. 5. Joseph, January 16, 1690. 6. William. Children of second wife: 7. Elizabeth. 8. Jonathan. 9. Edward, 1689.

(III) John (2), son of John (10 Hartwell, was born at concord, April 15, 1667. He settled in Lebanon, Connecticut, buying a farm in the south part of the town on Saw Mill Road. He married, June 7, 1697, Sarah Shepard, of Concord. Children: 1. John, born July 9, 1698, had a grandson, Dr. Thomas, it is thought, of Hoosick Falls, New York. 2. Sarah, July 28, 1702. 3. Mary, December 23, 1705. 4. Hepsibah, September 2, 1709. 5. Peter, mentioned below.

(IV) Peter, son of John (2) Hartwell, was born in concord, July 16, 1712. He removed from Lebanon, Connecticut, after 1738 to Carmel, then in Dutchess County, now the county seat of Putnam County, New York, and died there about 1750. Winchell, historian, says he had a seconds wife. He certainly married, April 22, 1736, Mary Coleman, of Colchester, born April, 1718, Children: 1. Abraham, mentioned below. 2. Ebenezer, died April 2, 1813, aged sixty-seven; moved to Castleton, Vermont, in 1786, was in Revolution. 3. Mary, lived in Carmel. 4. Peter, lived at West Granville,. 5. Sarah, died March 8, 1836. 6. James, mentioned below.

(V) Abraham, son of peter Hartwell, was born June 2, 1743, died August 24, 1820. He married, April 2, 1761, Mary Lawrence of the town of Northeast. He was a soldier in the Revolution, with the rank of captain, in the sixth Dutchess County Regiment, and his name appears on the land bounty lists. In 1790 he was the only head of family of this surname living in the town of Northeast, Dutchess County, New York. James, presumably a brother, lived in 1790 in the town of Southeast, same county, and had a family. Peter lived in Washington County in 1790. The only other Hartwell heads of families were David and Thomas, in other parts of the state. Children of Abraham: 1. Mary, born February 7, 1762. 2. Chloe, February 13, 1764. 3. Charlotte, May 8, 1767. 4. Clarissa, November 10, 1768. 5. Abraham, July 29, 1772, lived in Northeast. 6. Lawrence, October 29, 1779. 7. Mills, Judy 29, 1782, died December 1, 1793. 8. Thirza, May 7, 1765. 9. Nathaniel, September 29, 1787, died October 10, 1827.

(V) James, son of Peter Hartwell, was born about 1750. He settled in Dutchess County, New York. In 1790, according to he first federal census, he had two sons over sixteen, four under sixteen, and two females in his family.

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(VI) William, son of James Hartwell, was born in Dutchess County, New York, in 1777. He went thence to Denmark, in 1814 with wife and four children. He was one of the early settlers there and cleared his farm, enduring the hardships and suffering the privations of the pioneers. He married Elizabeth cooper, who died January 6, 1871, aged ninety-two years, at Denmark. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and after his death his widow received a soldier's land bounty. He died September 18, 1845. Children, born in Dutchess County: 1.Ransom, 1797. 2. Hannah, 1799, died April 10, 1800. 3. Morris, July 18, 1801, died August 25, 1800. 4. Abigail L., July 12, 1803. Born at Denmark: 5. William, Jr., September 12, 1806. 6. Laurie, July 27, 1808. 7. James, 1810. 8. Almon, 1812. 9. Charles a., 1814. 10. Benjamin D., mentioned below.

(VII) Benjamin D., son of William Hartwell, was born at Denmark, New York, December 11, 1817, died January 15, 1881. He was educated in the common schools and in the Denmark Academy. He was for some years employed as clerk in the general store of Bent & Decker at Denmark. He resigned to accept a position with the company which was about to try the experiment of using packet boats on the Erie Canal to carry mail and passengers, and he had the distinction of being captain of the first boat of this kind plying between Albany and Rome, New York. He afterwards went to Illinois and was superintendent of a hardware business owned by his brother. For a period of twenty-three years after that he was in the employ of a transportation company in New York City. He was well and favorably known to the shippers of the metropolis,. On account of ill health he left New York City and returned to Lewis county. In 1876 he was appointed keeper of the Lewis County almshouse and asylum and manager of the county farms, and held that position for three years to the entire satisfaction of the authorities and others concerned. In every position that he filled, indeed, he exhibited those qualities that command success, faithfulness, consideration of the opinion of others and marked executive ability. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity. In politics he was a Democrat, in religion a Universalist.

He married, December 20, 1858, Anna Falcona Bent, at Denmark. She was educated at Denmark Academy and ranked high in scholarship. She began to teach school at the age of fourteen, and was the first teacher in the town of Montague. She completed her schooling at the Clinton Seminary. In 1884-85 she taught at Winfield, Kansas. She married (second) a Mr. Edwards, who died shortly afterward. She was a daughter of Abel and Sally (Bedell) Bent, born July 29, 1838, at Denmark, New York, granddaughter of Peter and Hannah (Farwell) Bent. Peter Bent came to Denmark, from Mount Holly, Vermont, and was one of the early settlers. Abel was the second white child born in the town. He was born July 1, 1802, died at Deep River in 1880. Sally (Bedell) Bent was born in 1799, died in 1860. Abel Bent studied law when a young man, and devoted much of his time to that profession. He was a lifelong student, and his mind was stored with a wealth of general knowledge. Benjamin D. and Anna F. (Bent) Hartwell had children: 1. Abe Arlington, born January 20, 1860, died April, 1860. 2. Anna Virginia, February 28, 1861. 3. Benjamin Vernon (twin of Anna V.), died September, 1861. 4. Harry Arthur, born April 1, 1863. Anna Virginia Hartwell married Frank A. Dexter in 1883; children: Vera Lavinia Dexter, born February 13, 1887; Frances Alberta Dexter, November 22, 1898; Lorna Antoinette Dexter, April 17, 1900.


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