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PUTMAN-PUTNAM. There are separate and distinct families in the United States bearing the above name, one of English Descent, the other of Dutch, both name sharing a common origin and being used interchangeably. The Putnams descending from John Putnam, of England, are found spelling their names sometimes Putman, while the descendants of Jans Pootman, of Holland, are sometimes found as Putnam. The origin of the name seems to be from the Low Dutch of Flemish word "Putte," a well, and "ham," a house or hamlet. The Danish word "putt" designates a well or spring. Neat Ghent in Holland is a village called Puttenheim, and in surrey, England, there is a place called Puttenham.

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(I) Jan or Johannes Putnam, of Schenectady, New York was the founder of the Putnams of the Mohawk Valley and northern New York. It is supposed he was born in Holland, in 1643. In 1661 he was sixteen years of age, and a resident of Albany. He married Cornelia, daughter of Arent Andriese and Catlynje (De Vos) Bratt. He and his wife were killed by Indians at the burning of Schenectady, February 8, 1690. On September 14, 1661, Jan Hendrickse Van Ball apprenticed Jan Putnam for three years to Philip Hendrickse Brouwen. Although but sixteen years old at the time he wrote his name "in a clear and beautiful manner," a somewhat unusual accomplishments for the time and place. When Brouwen went to Schenectady he took the boy Jan with him. In 1684 Mr. Brouwen died. Eighty gulden a year was the amount Jan Putnam received in lieu of outfit. Catlyntje De Vos had three husbands, first, Arent Andriese Bratt; second, Barent Jans Van Dilmar; third, Claas Van Bockhoven. Her second husband was killed at the Schenectady massacre of 1690, when Jan and Cornelia Putnam were killed. Children of Jan and Cornelia Putnam: 1. Arent, a weaver and a freeholder of Schenectady in 1720; married Lysbet Akkerman; children: i. Johannes, baptized 1711, ii. Lodewyck, 1713, iii. David, 1715, iv. Cornelia, v. Maritie, 1719, vi. Victor, 1721, vii. Sarah, 1728. 2. Maritse, married (first) Stephen Cofooy; (second) Stephen Bedent. 3. Captain Victor (see forward). 4. David, no trace after 1713. 5. Cornelis, was a freeholder of Schenectady, 1720; married, Jacomyntje, daughter of Teunis Viele; children: i. Cornelis, baptized 1713; ii. Teunis, 1716, iii. Elizabeth, 1717, married Cornelis Groot, iv. Johannes, baptized 1720, killed by Indians, 1747, v. Lowys, baptized 1722, vi. Calalyntje, 1722, vii. Maritje, 1724, married Johannes Van Vranken, viii, Catalyntje, 1726, ix. Jacob, 1729, x. Margarite, 1732, married Jacob Van Vraken, xi. Eva, born 1734, xii. Arent, baptized 1736, xiii. Gysbert, 1741.

The third generation of Putnams in the Mohawk Valley were firm and outspoken patriots, and it was common for the Tories and Indians to attack Putnam farms and home in preference to others. Many of them lost their lives through their well-known loyalty. Lodewyck Putnam and his son, Aaron, who lived near Johnstown, were killed in one of the raids of Sit John Johnson's men.

(II) Captain Victor, second son of John and Cornelia (Bratt) Putnam, was born in Schenectady, New York. In 1733 he is called Captain Victor Puttman. In 1715 he was a member of the Second Foot Company of Schenectady, the only Putman on the list, which included every able man between the ages of sixteen and sixty years. He married, in Albany, Grietje Mable. Children: 1. Cornelius, baptized 1707. 2. Antje, 1709. 3. Johannes, 1711, killed in Revolutionary War. 3. Pieter, baptized 1713. 4. Maritie, 1714. 5. Jacob, 1717. 6. Arent, 1719. 7. Catharina, 1721. 8. Cornelis, 1724.

(III) Arent, son of Captain Victor Putnam, was baptized at Schenectady, New York, February 14, 1719. He married, August 5, 1743, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacobus Peek. Children: 1. Margaretje. 2. Jacobus. 3. Victor. 4. Margarita, married Simon Vedder. 5. Cornelis. 6. Maria. 7. Johana. 8. Clarissa.

(IV) Jacobus, son of Arent Putnam, was baptized January 19, 1746. He is supposed to be the James Putnam who served in De Grass's Company, fisher's Regiment, in the Revolution. He had sons Aaron and John. This family left Montgomery County in 1816.

(V) Aaron, son of Jacobus Putnam, was born about 1780. He left Montgomery County in 1816 and is supposed to have gone north.

(VI) Peter, of whom is found no record.

(VII) Aaron J. D., son of Peter Putnam, was born in 1810, and died in 1871. He was a carpenter, joiner, millwright, and farmer of Lewis County, New York. He married (first) --------- Bronk; children: i. Andrew J., ii. Nancy, iii. Sarah, iv. Adam, v. Elizabeth, vi. Mary, vii. Altha. He married (second) Margaretta, daughter of Philip Smith; child: viii. Clarence Eugene.

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(VIII) Clarence Eugene. Son of Aaron J. D. Putnam, and his second wife, Margaretta (Smith) Putnam, was born in the town of Croghan, New York, August 31, 1860. He was educated in the public schools of Croghan and New Bremen. He worked with his father, and became expert in the trades of carpenter, joiner and millwright, at which he worked for ten years. This directed his attention to the industry which has principally occupied his attention. He formed a connection with a large lumbering company with timber interests in the Adirondacks, and has superintended this lumbering business ever since. He was for a number of years general superintendent for the Beaver river Lumber Company, and for eleven yeas has held the same position with the Carthage Lumber Company. Besides his lumbering interests, Mr. Putnam owns and cultivated a farm in the town of Croghan. He is a Republican in politics, and has taken an early interest in the councils of his party, his influence being largely felt. In 1899 he was elected to represent the town of Croghan on the Lewis County board of supervisors, serving in that capacity four terms, resigning said office in 1909 to accept the office of county superintendent of highways for Lewis County. He is a member of Natural Bridge Lodge, No. 128, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He married (first) in West Martinsburg, New York, April 28, 1884, Emma L. Streeter, born in Martinsburg, New York, died December 1884, daughter of Hervey and Caroline Streeter. Child; Clinton S., born March 15, 1883; married Edith Van Amber and had a daughter, Edna Putnam. Mr. Putnam married (second) November 7, 1888, Anna E., born in New Bremen, New York, January 1, 1861, daughter of Christopher and Madeline (Kirschner) Snyder. Children: 1. Ada M., born March 16, 1890. 2. Naomi M., born June 19, 1898.

CURTIS. Lebbeus Curtis, believed to be a descendent of the Connecticut family of this surname, settled at Johnsburg, Warren County, New York. He married Jerusha Morehouse.

(II) John, son of Lebbeus Curtis, was born, it is thought, at Johnsburg, and married Maria Morehouse, of Hebron, New York. He was a farmer. Children: 1. Phillinda, married Horace Morehouse, of Hebron, New York. 2. Eliza A., married Reuben Hopkins, of Johnsburg, New York. 3. William Lebbeus, mentioned below. 4. Norman W., married Eliza Millington, of Johnsburg. 5. Electra, married Norris Hopkins, of Johnsburg. 6. John, removed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where he married and died. 7. Jane, deceased.

(III) William Lebbeus, son of John Curtis, was born April 25, 1832, at Johnsburg, Warren County, New York. When a young man he was employed as a laborer in various lines of work in his own town and vicinity and in the State of Pennsylvania. Upon his return he and his brother Norman purchased a tract of land located about four miles north of the village or Oregon and one mile west of the east branch of Sacandaga River ion Warren County. Norman took the eastern section as his share and through his land flowed a tributary to the river; built a house and saw mill on the stream. William L. built his house a fourth of a mile west, just at the northern base of a prominent hill, cleared a goodly farm from which he used to cut thirty to fifty tons of hay. He was also engaged in the lumbering business. He was an industrious man and was held in high esteem by all who knew him. He died at his house, August 13, 1883. In religion he was Protestant. In politics, Democrat. He married Sarah Jane Lackey, born December 19, 1849, died January 1, 1900. Children: 1. Edmund Lebbeus, June 17, 1870; bookkeeper, Plantville, Connecticut. 2. Josephine Mansfield, August 11, 1872, lives in Chicago. 3. Joseph, born and died August 11, 1872. 4. Charles William, mentioned below.

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(IV) Charles William, son of William Lebbeus Curtis, was born in Johnsburg, Warren County, New York, at the Curtis homestead, about four miles north of the village of Oregon, May 12, 1878. He was educated in the public schools of Glens Falls, New York, and is a mechanical engineer by profession. He worked in the mills of Glens Falls in his younger days, and for a time was superintendent of the Adirondack Graphite Mills, at Whitehall, New York. He came to Ticonderoga, New York, in 1905, as gas engineer and machinist for the machine works of the Ticonderoga Pulp and Paper Company and was soon afterward appointed to his present position as general fireman of the plant. He is a Republican in politics, Methodist in religion. He is a member of Mount Defiance Lodge, No 704, Free and Accepted Masons, of Ticonderoga, and of the Modern Woodmen of America. He married, December, 1903, Helen, born October 3, 1883, daughter of Frederick Lavery, of Olmstedville, Essex County, New York. Children: 1. Florence May, born at Whitehall, New York, September 28, 1904. 2. Walter F., born at Ticonderoga, New York, September 2, 1905. 3. Arthur E., born April 17, 1908.

CURTIS. The first Curtis of whom we have record is Captain Chester Curtis, a New England sea captain. He left the sea and settled in Jefferson County, New York. He married and had issue.

(II) Silas, son of Captain Chester Curtis, was born Chemount, Jefferson County, New York. He was a farmer, belonged to the Methodist church, and acted with the Republican Party. He married Caroline Smith. Children: 1. Vernelia. 2. Chester. 3. Adelbert A.

(III) Adelbert A., son of Silas and Caroline (Smith) Curtis, was born in Limerick, Jefferson County, New York, July 12, 1854. He was a farmer. He is an ardent Republican and served as highway commissioner four years. He married, December 25, 1874, Frances Wright, born January 9, 1853, daughter of David and Julia Wright. Children: 1. Vernelia, born July 14, 1877; married, September, 1890, George Coleman: children: i. Vida, ii. Thelma, iii. Bernard, iv. Mildred Coleman. 2. Ernest W., born December 7, 1879. 3. Edwin R., May 30, 1886. 4. Floyd, May 30, 1892.

(IV) Ernest W., son of Adelbert A. and Frances (Wright) Curtis, was born in East Rodman, Jefferson County, New York, December 7, 1879. He was educated in the commons schools of the town, and was reared on the farm. He followed farming as a business until 1906, when he removed to Lyons Falls, Lewis County, New York, where he opened a furniture store and an undertaker's establishment in the Gafney Block. He remained on that location until 1909, when he purchased the Rasmussen block and removed both branches of his business there. He is a popular and successful merchant, and his prosperity has been well earned and deserved. He prepared for the undertaking business at the Renonard School of embalming, graduated, has a diploma, and is a licensed embalmer. The business in Lyons Falls, is an association with his father, under the name of A. A. Curtis & Son. Ernest E. Curtis is a Republican in politics, a member of Rodman Lodge, No. 506, Free and Accepted Masons, and of the Forest Presbyterian Church. He married at Orwell, Oswego County, New York, September 1, 1906, Bertha, daughter of Henry and Julia (Stowell) Van Auken.

MARSDEN. The progenitor of the Marsden family of Lyons Falls, New York, was John Marsden, of Overdarwin, England, who married at that town, Mary Briggs.

(II) John (2), son of John and Mary (Briggs) Marsden, was born at Overdar-

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win, England October 14, 1816. He as engaged in the culture of flowers, a business in which he was rated among the best, his knowledge of plant life and the care of flowers having been obtained through a wide and varied experience. He came to the United States and settled at Clark's Mills, Oneida County, New York. He married, September 4, 1844, Ann Finley, born at Glasgow, Scotland, December 6, 1826. Children: 1. James F., born May 9, 1846. 2. Mary Ann, November 6, 1848. 3. Thomas William, February 2, 1851. 4. Frances Jane, January 9, 1854. 5. Phoebe Elizabeth, April 30, 1857. 6. Charles Herbert, August 5, 1859. 7. John A., (see forward). 8. Grant Graham, March 23, 1864.

(III) John A., seventh child of John (2) and Ann (Finley) Marsden, was born at Clark's Mills, New York, October 4, 1862. He was educated in the public schools of Oneida County. Early in his life he went west, where he was engaged in railroad construction through Montana and British Columbia, working on the Northern & Canadian Pacific railroad construction. He was at Hinkley, New York, for about five years, first engaged in the erection of the sulphite mill, and later in the manufacture of saltpetre. For one year he was at Perceville, New York, in the employ of the International Paper Company, later going to Lyons Falls, where he was with the Gould Paper Company, becoming a superintendent. He later engaged in his present business, cement block manufacture. His operations cover all forms of plain and ornamental cement work, a form of building construction rapidly growing in public favor. He is independent in politics, now serving as trustee of the village, elected in 1907. He is a past noble grand of Port Leyden Lodge, No. 849, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and member of the Forest Presbyterian Church, at Lyons Falls.

He married, in Utica, New York, October 14, 1896, Elizabeth Schaffer, born at Hawkensville, May 3, 1982, daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Wagoner) Schaffer. Children: 1. Stanley J., born November 24, 1897. 2. Len Elizabeth, October 12, 1900. 3. Florence Katherine, June 25, 1905. 4. Harry Arthur, August 17, 1907. 5. Robert Thomas, September 14, 1908.

BAILEY. John Bailey, immigrant ancestor, is first heard of as being shipwrecked at Pemaquid (now Bristol) Maine, in the great storm of August 15, 1635. Owing to this terrible experience he never recrossed the ocean. He came from Chippenham, England, and was a weaver by trade. He settled first at Newbury, Massachusetts, in the vicinity of Parker River. In 1637 he went further into the forest, and established a solitary home beyond the Merrimac, near the mouth of the Powow River. Here he built a log cabin, and with one man, William Scholar, made a living by fishing, and cultivating the soil. The sole right of fishing in the Powow River was granted to him, but a certain proportion of the fish taken were to be given to the town. In 1639 the settlement of Colchester, afterwards called Salisbury, began, and on the list of names of those who had lots granted to them in the first division is the name of John Bailey, Sr. It had been shown by old deed that his homestead lot was situated on the banks of the Merrimac, running to that river on the westerly side, and to the Powow on the northerly side. It was triangular in shape, and comprised about fifty acres. John Bailey left a wife, son Robert, and two or more daughters in England. a son John came with him, and a daughter Johanna, either came with him or joined him soon after. In 1651 he was sentenced by the court to return to England by the next vessel or send for his wife to come over to him, but the order was never obeyed, as he died soon after. His will was proved April 13, 1652. He left his home in Salisbury to his son John during his lifetime, then to the latter son John. He gave to his daughter Johanna, wife of William Huntington, the home and five acres of land which he had bought of Mr. rowel; to his son Robert and his daughters ten pounds apiece if they came over to New England, five pounds if they did not. He died November 3, 1651. Children: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Johanna, married William Huntington, of Amesbury, 1640. 3 Robert, remained in England. One or more daughters remained in England.

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(II) John (2), son of John (1) Bailey, was born in England, in 1613, and came to New England with his father, in 1635. He married Eleanor Emery, sister of John and Ann Emery. He settled in Newbury, Massachusetts, in 1650, on the plain, about a mile from Deer Island, and opposite Carr Island. Before that he had lived in Salisbury. Children: 1. Rebecca, born 1641. 2. John, May 18, 1643, died July 22, 1663. 3. Sarah, August 17, 1644. 4. Joshua, died April 7, 1652. 5. Joseph, born April 1, 1648. 6. James, September 12, 1650. 7. Joshua, February 20,m 1652, died 1663. 8. Isaac, July 22,m 1654, mentioned below. 9. Joshua, April 20, 1657. 11. Judith, August 13, 1668.

(III) Isaac, son of John (2) Bailey, was born July 22, 1654, in Newbury. He married (first) June 13, 1683, Sarah, daughter of John and Nary (Shatswell) Emery. She died April 1, 1694. He married (second) Rebecca Bartlett, September 3, 1700. He died April 26, 1740. Children: 1. Isaac, born December 30, 1683. 2. Joshua, October 30, 1685, mentioned below. 3. David, December 12, 1687. 4. Judith, February 14, 1689. 5. Sarah, February 11, 1691.

(IV) Joshua, son of Isaac Bailey, was born October 30, 1685, in Newbury. He was a farmer in his native town, and died October 6, 1760. He married, February 4, 1706; Sarah Coffin, who died November 27, 1768. Children: 1. Stephen born March 1, 1708. 2. Joshua, mentioned below. 3. Abner, January 15, 1715. 4. Enoch, September 20, 1719. 5. Sarah, February 14, 1721. 6. Judith (twin), February 13, 1724. 7. Abigail (twin), February 13, 1724. 8. Jacob, July 19, 1726. 9. John, May 4, 1729.

(V) Lieutenant Joshua (2), son of Joshua (1) Bailey, was born April 7, 1712, in Newbury. He married, August 17, 1734, Elizabeth Chase. April 1, 1769, he and his wife were dismissed and recognized in the second church of Newbury (the first church of West Newbury). June 26, 1770, he was chosen deacon of the latter church, and accepted the position March 2, 1771. He died September 29, 1786, and was buried in Rocksbridge Cemetery, West Newbury. Children: 1. Sarah, born February 7, 1742. 2. Bettie, June 2, 1750. 3. Anna, August 17, 1753. 4. Elizabeth, October 26, 1755. 5. Joshua, march 17, 1759. 6. Rhoda, March 7, 1759. 7. Paul, July 16, 1763. 8. Ebenezer, March 3, 1766.

(VI) Joshua (3), son of Lieutenant Joshua (2) Bailey, was born May 11, 1757, in Newbury. He married there, December 4, 1779, Sarah or sally, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Stewart) chase. She was born January 10, 1761. They lived at Newbury, Vermont, until 1790, and then removed to Berlin, Vermont. He died March 15, 1809. Children: 1. Cyrus, March 8, 1781, died May 10, 1783. 2. Betsy, September 19, 1782. 3. Cyrus, May 21, 1784. 4. Sally (twin), February 4, 1786. 5. Anna (twin), February 4, 1786, died young. 6. Joshua, November 19, 1787. 7. Mary, October 7, 1789. 8. William, February 28, 1793. 9. Emma, June 14, 1794. 10, Samuel, May 6, 1796. 11. George Washington, July 27, 1798, mentioned below. 12. Hannah, July 8, 1800. 13. Joseph, November 20, 1802. 14. Sophia, April 2, 1805. 15, Almira, April 7, 18081.

(VII) George Washington, son of Joshua (3) Bailey, was born July 27, 1798, in Berlin, Vermont, died in Middlesex, Vermont, August 19, 1868. By occupation he was a farmer. He was also a politician, a Whig, and then a Republican, and held many town offices. 

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He was representative to the State legislature, state senator, and probate judge of Washington County, Vermont. He was president of the Vermont Mutual Life Insurance Company and held that position at the time of his death. He served in the War of 1812. He married Rebecca, daughter of Joel Warren, of Berlin, Vermont. She was born there, April 9, 1802, and died in Elmore, Vermont, April 24, 1886. Children: 1. Rosamond, born April 10, 1822. 2. Joel Warren, May 1, 1824, died April 21, 1880. 3. George W., November 17, 1825, died August 26, 1831. 4. Ednah, November 5, 1827, died January 25, 1829. 5. Charles /Wesley, February 4, 1831, died September 23, 1876. 6. George W., April 6, 1833, died July 17, 1865. 7. Dr. James H., mentioned below. 8. Theron Osborn, June 14, 1838. 9. William Edward, August 31`, 1843, lives in Chicago.

(VIII) Dr. James H., son of George Washington Bailey, was born in Elmore, Vermont, May 1, 1835. He was educated there in the district and select schools, and entered the medical department of the University of Vermont at Burlington, graduating in 1857, with the degree of M. D. He then accepted the appointment of physician on a packet ship to Liverpool. Upon leaving this position he was located for a year at Waukegan, Illinois, In November, 1863, he enlisted in Company K, Eighth Vermont Regiment of Volunteers, and went into the service as surgeon. After six months he was obliged to resign on account of ill health. He served in the Red River Campaign in Louisiana. After recovering his health he resumed the practice of medicine at Barre, Vermont, and remained there two yeas. In 1867 he came to Ticonderoga, New York, where he continued in practice for a period of forty years. Since 1907 he has been retired. He was formerly a member of the Vermont Medical Association. In politics he is a Republican and has held various offices of trust and responsibility. He is a member of the Mount Defiance Lodge, No. 794, Free and Accepted Masons, of Ticonderoga, and is a past master of the lodge. He married July 25, 1860, Persis Pamelia, born at Willianstown, Vermont, daughter of Deacon Orcutt and Mary (Davis) Abbott. Children: 1. Georgiana, born at Williamstown, Vermont, died aged thirty. 2. Charles Edward, born at Ticonderoga; killed on the railroad at the age of twenty years.

ESTES. Joseph Bright Estes was born in 1817, and died in January 1867. He lived at Bangor and Brasher, New York. He was educated in the public schools, and was a carriage builder by trade. For a number of years he was employed in the Brasher Iron Works. He was a member of the Methodist Church, and took an active part in its work. He married, Abigail L. Lawrence, for his second wife. She died in 1888.

(II) Fayette B. Estes, only child of Joseph Bright and Abigail L. (Lawrence ) Estes, was born in Bangor, New York, January 23, 1866. He was educated in the public schools and at the Potsdam State Normal School. He was then clerk in the Brook store at Potsdam, new York, for seven years. After taking a course in the Rochester Business College he embarked in business as a general merchant in the firm of Lawrence & Estes. At the end of four years he sold his interest in the business to his partner and went to work for the Aetna Life Insurance Company. He was unusually successful in this line of work, and in 1898 was appointed manager for Northern New York of the business of the Aetna Company. He had an office at Malone, New York, and established a flourishing real estate agency there. He is secretary and treasurer of the Lawrence Land company, and president of the Porter-Estes Realty Company of Malone. Mr. Estes is one of the substantial business men of Malone, and a factor in real estate and financial affairs. 

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He is a treasurer and manager of some large real estate enterprises in the borough of Queens, New York City. He is well known in Masonic circles in northern New York, a member of Northern Constellation Lodge; of Northern Constellation Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; of Franklin Commandery, Knights Templar; of Media Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Watertown, New York; of Neshoba Lodge of Odd Fellows; Neshoba Encampment; of Wheeler Camp, Woodmen; of the Knights of Maccabees; and the Independent Order of Foresters. He also belongs to the Malone club. In religion he is a Presbyterian, and in politics, Republican. He married, December 5, 1894, Sarah A., daughter of Sanford A. and Esther (Keeler) Childs. Child: Marion, born October 31, 1896.

MYERS. John Myers was born in Ireland, but early in life enlisted in the British Army and came to Canada with his regiment. After his term expired he made his home in this country. He was for many years agent of the Champlain Transportation Company and also agent for the Champlain & St. Lawrence Railroad, which is now part of the Grand Trunk Railroad system. He was located at Rouse's Point, new York. he formerly lived at Burlington, Vermont. He was widely known as an active, enterprising and capable railroad man. He married (fist) Anne O'Brien; (second) in Burlington, Anna Tague; (third) Alice McCormick. Child of fist wife: 1. Patrick Henry, lived at Rouse's Point; married Catherina Weldon; child: Henry S., now at Rouse's Point. Children of second wife: 2. Francis William, born July 30, 1837; mentioned below. 3. William, died in infancy. 4. Dr. John T., served three years in the Union Army in the Civil War; mustered October 19, 1861, as assistant surgeon Ninety-first New York Regiment; discharged July 23, 1863, to become surgeon of the Fifty-ninth New York Regiment, and was breveted captain of New York Volunteers; was in the hospital service in New York City for a time after the war, and was afterward contract surgeon for the United States Army at Key West, Florida, where he died unmarried. 5. Mary Josephine, born April 1, 1842, died October 22, 1888; married, 1866, Michael B. McDonough, born October 16, 1842, died March 9, 1906; children: i. John Francis McDonough, born January 5, 1869, at Burlington, Vermont, married Mary E. Collopy. 6. Mary Loretta McDonough, born June 19, 1871; married Herbert A. Trombly. Child of third wife: 7. Alice H., born 1860, at Rouse's Point; married John H. Moffitt, of Plattsburgh, New York.

(II) Francis William, son of John Myers, was born July 20, 1837, at Burlington, died August 7, 1908, at Rouse's Point. He was educated in the public schools, and when a young man became a railroad conductor. In 1860 he embarked in the custom-house brokerage business at Rouse's Point and was very successful in his business career. He was an active and useful citizen, of high character and public spirit, kindly and charitable to the unfortunate, and was one of the best known men of his day in this section. He married, July 16, 1861, at St. Johns, Canada, Margaret M. Rossiter, born at St. Johns, in 1835, died March 12, 1907, daughter of John and Margaret (Monaghan) Rossiter, of St. Johns. Children: 1. Annie B., born July 2, 1862, died July 4, 1902; married, June 23, 1885, Robert M. Casey; children: i. Joseph C., May 16, 1886, ii. Margaret A., June 5, 1887, iii. Alice M., March 13, 1889, iv. J. Francis, August 14, 1891, v. William Rossiter, January 8, 1893, vi. Robert E., April 24, 1895. 2. John Rossiter, mentioned below.

(III) John Rossiter, son of Francis William Myers, was born January 16, 1864. He received his early education at Rouse's Point and Malone, New York, in the public schools. He then entered the employ of his father and in 1882 was admitted to partnership. Since his father's death he has continued in the brokerage business alone, with continued success, doing business under the old firm name. 

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He has taken an active part in public affairs and was at one time supervisor of the town. He has also been a school trustee and is now a trustee of the public library. In politics he is a Republican. He married, January 19, 1886, at Rouse's Point, Anna Hinman, born at Weedsport, New York, daughter of George Humphrey. They have no children.


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