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ARTHUR. (III) Joseph Arthur, son of Richard (q.v.) and Hannah (Bradford) Arthur, was born in Westfield, Massachusetts, December 18, 1786, died September 12, 1872. In 1802 he came with his mother's family to northern New York, settling in Martinsburg, Lewis County, where for more then a century the family have been prominent. Joseph Arthur settled on a tract of heavily timbered land, which he cleared and improved, erected buildings, and followed farming throughout the active years of his life. He was upright and honorable in all his actions, and gained and retained the esteem of his neighbors. He married, October 15, 1809, Sibyl Bush, born April 29, 1784, died February 8, 1681. Children: 1. Mary, born July 29, 1810, died September 11, 1834; married, February 12, 1832, Lorenzo R. Hills. 2. Egbert, born June 267, 1812, died October 16, 1858; married, February 29, 1846, Betsey Bosworth. 3. Cornelia, born February 17, 1814, died November 14, 1885; married, June 12, 1846, Frederick Ford. 4. Augustus, born May 8, 1815, see forward. 5. Julia Velonia, born July 1, 1817; died April 209, 1876; married Lyman Buckley, March 18, 1841. 6. Charles, born March 9, 1819, died July 27, 1902; married, September 13, 1847, Ann Allen. 7. Morris Holmes, born November 23, 1820, died October 3, 1833. 8. Edwin, born July 9, 1822, died August 8, 1822. 9. Abigail Shaler, born August 25, 1823, died September 13, 1823. 10. Horatio, born August 25, 1824, died January 25, 1903; married (first) November 4, 1845, Julia Finch, who died October 21, 1848; (second) May 4, 1862, Mrs. Eliza A. Carter, who is still living.

(IV) Augustus, son of Joseph and Sibyl Shaler (Bush) Arthur, was born on the homestead in Martinsburg, Lewis County, New York, May 8, 1815. He was reared to agricultural pursuits, and followed this line of work as a means of livelihood. He settled on a farm near the state road, which he cultivated to a high state of perfection, and ranked as one of the prosperous and industrious farmers of that section. He was a man of exemplary character, and his influence was felt throughout the community. He married, March 22, 1837, Catherine Searls, born June 26, 1837, daughter of Luke and Alma (Cook) Searls. Children: 1. Augusta, born October 13, 1838. 2. Maurice H., born July 26, 1841; served as a private during the Civil War. 3. Henry Clay, born June 7, 1844. 4. Helen A., born July 6, 1846. 5. Julia, born April 27, 1849. 6. William W., born June 12, 1851. 7. Florence N., born September 21, 1855. 8. C. Boin, see forward. 9. Eddie A., born July 8, 1850. 10, Lachloine, born September 22, 1863. Augustus Arthur, Sr., whose death occurred September 29, 1892, was an elder and trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years, a Republican in politics, and a member of the militia. His wife died February 11, 1879.

(V) C. Bion, son of Augustus and Catherine (Searls) Arthur, was born in Martinsburg, New York, April 2, 1857. He was educated in the common schools and Lowville Academy. Upon attaining the age for entering upon a business career he accepted the position of clerk for the firm of Fitch &Rogers, remaining for a period of two years. He then entered the tore of Stoddard & Mayers in the same capacity, and later engaged in farming, which occupation he has since followed successfully, making a specialty of dairying. He is progressive and enterprising in his methods, keeping a watchful supervision over every detail of his work, and is reaping substantial rewards from his labors. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur are members of the Patrons of Hus-

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bandry, affiliating with the state grange, and he has served as master of the grange two terms in addition to holding other offices. He has served as assessor of the town of Martinsburg four years, performing his duties in a creditable manner. He is a member of the Baptist Church, and a Republican in politics. Mr. Arthur married, October 15, 1879, Helen C., born February 16, 1867, daughter of John and Sarah (Gallup) Young (see Young.) Children: 1. Sarah Maud, born July 22, 1880; educated at Lowville Academy and Syracuse University. 2. John Y., born December 24, 1881; educated at Lowville Academy; engaged in farming with his father. 3. Elizabeth L., born January 28, 1887; educated at State Street School and Lowville Academy. Mrs. Arthur and her daughters are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

(The Young Line.)

(I) Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, born A. D. 742, married Hildegarde, third wife and has (II) Louis I, King of France, married Judith the Fair, and had (III) Charles II, King of France, married Ermentrudis, and had (IV) Louis II, King of France, married Aaheid, and had (V) Charles III, King of France, married Princess Edgiva, granddaughter of Alfred the Great, King of England, and had (VI) Louis IV, King of France, married, a. D. 939, Princess Gerberga De Saxa, daughter of Henry the Fowler, Emperor of Germany, and had (VII) Charles, Duke of Lorraine, eldest son, excluded from the throne of France, who married (first) Borrel, daughter of Godefroi d' Ardenne, and had (VIII) Gerberge, Countess of Lorraine, who married Lambert I, Count of Mons, and had (IX) Lambert II, Count of Mons, who married Ode, daughter of Gothelon, Count of Lorraine, son of Duke Charles, son of Louis IV, and had (X) Henry II, Duke of Brabard, married Adela, of Thuringia, and had (XI) Godfred I, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Brabard and Lother, married Ida, daughter of Albert III, County de Nauner; married (second) Sophia, daughter of Henry IV, Emperor of Germany; his daughter (XII) Adelicia, the Fair Maid of Brabard, second wife and widow of Henry I, King of England, who married (second) William d' Albini, Earl of Sussex and Arundel, and had (XIII) William, second Earl of Arundel, who married Maud St. Hilliaris, widow of Roger de Clare, Earl of Hertford, and had (XIV) William, third Earl of Arundel and Earl of Sussex, who married Mabel de Meschines, daughter Hugh de Cybelisk (Wales), fifth Earl of Chester, and had (XV) Lady Mabel d; Albini, who married Robert de Tattershall, and had (XVI) Emma de Tattershall, who married Osbert de Cailly, son of Adam de Cailly, lord of the Court Manoes, and had (XVII) Sir Hugh de Cailly, Lord of Owby Manor, who married Agnes, daughter of Hamo de Hamsted, and had (XVIII) Sir William de Cailly, Lord of Osby Manor, who married Catherine, and had (XIX) John de Cailly, Lord of Owby Manor, High sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, who married Maud------------, and had (XX) John Cayley, Lord of Normantown, who had (XXI) William Cayley, Lord of Normantown, who had (XXII) Jennet Cayley, sole heir, who married John Lake, Lord of Manor of Normantown, and had (XXIII) John Lake, of Normantown, who married Jane, daughter of Robert Drake, of Yorkshire, and had (XXIV) John Lake, of Normantown, who had (XXV) Laucelot Lake, of Normantown, who married Margaret, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Tuisleton, and had (XXVI) John Lake, of Normantown, who married Catherine, daughter of John Peeke, of Wakefield, and had (XXVII) Laucelot Lake, of Normantown, who married Emma, daughter of Robert Northend, of Halifax, Yorkshire, and had (XXVIII) John Lake, of Erby, Lincolnshire, who married Osgarby, and had (XXIX) Richard Lake, of Erby, who mar-

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ried (second) Anne Morelly, of Claxby, Lincolnshire, and had (XXX) John Lake, of Erby, who married Margaret, daughter of Colonel Edmond Read, of Wickford, Essex, and had (XXXI) Hannah Lake, who married Captain John Gallup, Jr., of Stonington, Connecticut, and had (XXXII) Nathaniel Gallup, who married and had (XXXIII) Nathaniel Gallup, Jr., of Stonington, Connecticut, who married (third) Hannah Burrows, widow of Silas Burrows; her maiden name was Gore; daughter of Samuel Gore, of Roxbury. They had (XXXIV) Samuel Gallup, who married Enos--and had (XXXV) John Enos Gallup, who married Betsey Chipman, and had children, among whom was

(XXXVI) Elias Gallup, who married Sally Brewster, and had Sarah, see forward; Enos, married (first) Jane Humphrey; (second) Mrs. Mary Lewis; she survives, and is now Mrs. Moses Lang Copenhagen; Betsey married David Roberts; she is still living in Harrisburg, the only survivor of the family; she has three children living; Mrs. Truman Chickering, Arthur Roberts and Charles Roberts; Elias Chipman married Sarah Jones, who is living in Iowa, and her daughter lives in Oregon.

(XXXVII) Sarah, daughter of Elias Gallup, married John Young, March 11, 1846. John Young was son of Elnathan and Sarah (Cottrell) Young, the former born in Hopkinton, Rhode Island, and the latter in Stonington, Connecticut; they were married in Petersburg, Rensselaer County, New York; two children were born there; Lebius and Sarah born January 6, 1811. In October, 1812, they moved to a farm north of Copenhagen, where nine children were born, among whom were: 1. Charlotte Jane. 2. Mary. 3. John. 4. Elmira. 5. Elnathan. 6. Alanson. John and Sarah (Gallup) Young had

(XXXVIII) Helen Charlotte Young, who married C. Boin Arthur, as aforementioned. Children of John and Sarah (Gallup) Young: 1. Charles e., born September 12, 1848. 2. Sarah Elizabeth, born July 31, 1850; died November 4, 1875. 3. John Brewster, born July 19, 1854. 4. Helen Charlotte, born February 19, 1857, see above. 5. J. ER., born June 14, 1859. 6. Ada J., born November 8, 1862, died October 14, 1865. 7. Elmira, born October 26, 1864, died September 30. 1865. 8. Manon, born March 25, 1872, died February 12, 1878.

(For preceding generations, see Bartholomew Arthur I)

ARTHUR. (III) Russell Arthur, son of Richard Arthur, came with the family to Lewis County, with his mother and brothers. He married and among his children were George W., see forward.

(IV) George w., son of Russell Arthur, was born at Martinsburg, New York March 29, 1811. He married (first) Lucy Searls; (second) Susan Vorce. Children of first wife: 1. Russell, born December 11, 1834. 2. George Madison, May 29, 1837, died June 20, 1887. 3. Howard W., August 5, 1840; died January 29, 1865. Children of second wife: 4. Lucy M. December 1, 1842. 5. Charles A., November 22, 1844; died October 19, 19867. 6. Edwin B., mentioned below.

(V) Edwin B., son of George W. Arthur was born April 5, 1850, died October 27, 1907. He was educated in the public schools of his native town and at Lowville Academy. After leaving school he settled on the old homestead where he was born, and devoted his life to farming. He took especial interest and pride in his cattle and horses, and his life has been said to have been one of perfect content. He loved and enjoyed his home and made every effort to make it the pleasantest place on earth for his family. as a citizen he performed his duties conscientiously. He was a Republican in politics. In religion, he was a Methodist. He married, February 14, 1872, Alice M.,

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born in Pinkney, December 8, 1852, daughter of Ralph and Celestia (Wakefield) Weller. Children; 1. Nettie L., born September 7, 1873; married October 20, 1903, Michael Scheer, child, Gladys Scheer, April 5, 1905. 2. Charles H., mentioned below. 3. Burdette E., September 15, 1876. 4. Estella N., May 21, 1878. 5. Warren R., January 14, 1883; see forward. 6. Leroy D., May 23, 1886.

(VI) Charles H., son of Edwin B. Arthur, was born at Lowville, New York, December 3, 1874. He was educated there in the common schools and at Lowville Academy. He assisted his father during his boyhood and when a young man learned the trade of carpenter and studied architecture. He engaged in business as a builder and contractor, and has been very successful, having had many important contracts which he has performed with the utmost credit. Courteous and hearty in manner he makes friends of all who do business with him. Active, energetic and enterprising, he has fairly won the rewards that have come to him in the course of business. He is a member of Lowville Lodge No. 134, Free and Accepted Masons, and of the Masonic Club, and is interested in the public affairs of the town. In politics he is a Republican; he and his family are active members of the Methodist Church. He married, January 24, 1900, Ella Staring, born July 6, 1874, daughter of George H. and Julia M. (Schumwag) Staring. Children of George H. and Julia M. Staring: 1. Ella, mentioned above. 2. Mary, born June 23, 1876; married, November 1, 1899, Herbert Higby. 3. William L.., November 14, 1880; married, January, 1909, Nellie Shaw. 4. Florence E., September 28, 1882. 5. George H., December 28, 1884. 6. Rae A., November 22, 1886. 7. E. Vern, June 1, 1888. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur had one child, Theodore Edwin, born May 5, 1909.

(VII) Warren R., son of Edwin B. Arthur, was born at Lowville, New York, January 14, 1883. He was educated in the common schools and at Lowville Academy. After leaving school he took charge of the homestead, Pleasant View Farm, which he has since conducted. The farm is pleasantly located in Lowville, not far from the village, and is well cultivated and productive. Mr. Arthur gives the business of farming his personal attention, and makes a specialty of his dairy, and has a herd of thoroughbred and graded Holstein cattle. He keeps pace with the progress in agriculture, and is enterprising, industrious and thrifty. Courteous, of pleasing personal, he makes friends readily, and is popular and influential in the community. In politics he is a Republican, and he takes a lively interest in the affairs of the town, county and state. He and his family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Lowville. He married, November 8, 1905, flora A., born January 4, 1883, daughter of Perry D. and Mary (Lyman) Weller. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur have one child, Ada M., born June 29, 1908.

(For preceding generations, see Bartholomew McArthur I)

ARTHUR (III) Elisha Arthur was born in Westfield, Massachusetts, about 1784, a son of Richard and Hannah (Bradford) Arthur. He came with his mother's family in 1802, settled in Martinsburg, Lewis County, New York. he was a ship carpenter by trade, which he followed in connection with clearing and improving a farm. He died October 30, 1859. He married Martha Moore, born in Simsbury, Connecticut, March 17, 1783, came to Lewis County, New York, when a young girl with her brothers. She died October 30, 1859. Children: 1. Joel, born November 18, 1806. 2. Marilla, February 18, 1808. 3. Squire, June 2, 1810. 4. William, November 9, 1811. 5. Susannah, December 30, 1813. 6. Flavius, November 10, 1815. 7. Sukey Ann, August 29, 1817. 8. Emeline, September 28, 1819. 9. Dwight, August 18, 1821. 10. Elizabeth, April 16, 1823. 11. John F., May 20, 1824. 12. Rodexsa, September 1, 1829.

(IV) John F., son of Elisha Arthur, was born at Martinsburg, Lewis County, New York, May 20, 1824. He was educated in the public schools. He worked on the farm at Martinsburg during his boyhood. He left home at the age of fourteen and served an apprenticeship at the trade of harness-maker. Afterward he engaged in business on his own account in Lowville as a maker and dealer in harness and continued with marked success for a period of seventeen years. His health suffered from the confinement of his trade, so he sold out and purchased a farm in the town of Martinsburg and devoted the remainder of his life to farming. He was progressive and prosperous both in business and farming. He was a member of the Baptist Church. Before the Civil War he was a Democrat, but after the war began he supported the Republican Party. He died November 25, 1801, aged sixty-seven years, six months, five days. He married Roxanna Johnson, born September 7, 1828, died July 2, 1902. Children: 1. Frank W., mentioned below. 2. Ella M., born February 25, 1852, died March 28, 190-. 3. Fred J., May 27, 1857. 4. Helen, April 27, 1861, died September 29, 1899. 5. John M., mentioned below.

(V) Frank W., son of John F. Arthur, was born at Lowville, September 30, 1849. He was educated there in the public schools and at Lowville Academy and Whiteston Seminary. He taught school for several years in the vicinity of his native town. he purchased the homestead of his father, and since then has followed farming and has been eminently successful with his dairy especially. He is a member of Lowville Lodge, No. 134, Free and Accepted Masons; of the local grange, patrons of Husbandry, and of the Methodist Church. In politics he is a Republican. He married, November 8, 1883, mary, born at New Bremen, Lewis County, New York, February 3, 1860, daughter of August and Catherine (Altmine) Mattis. Her father was born in Lorraine, France. Children: 1. May, died aged three years. 2. Esther, died aged four years. 3. Nina, born May 12, 1885, married Charles Rice. 5. Ethel, March 25, 1887. 6. F. Wayland, June 24, 1889.

(V) John M., son of John F. Arthur, was born at Lowville, New York, December 7, 1806. He attended the public schools of his native town and the Lowville Academy. He worked on his father's farm during his youth and chose farming for his vocation when he came to manhood. He settled on the farm on which he is now living in Martinsburg on the state road nest the village of Lowville. He has made a specialty of his dairy and takes rank among the most prosperous and enterprising farmers of the town. He is a member of Lowville Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and of the Baptist Church. In politics he is a Republican. He married, October 31, 1900, Lettie I., born at Harrisburg, Lewis County, New York, March 20, 1878, daughter of James McLane. Child, Gertrude Roxana, born June 15, 1904.

ARTHUR. In 1789 four brothers, Reuben, Augustine, Joshua N. and Thomas Arthur, went from Sunken Meadow, Long Island, to Clinton County, New York, and settled in Keeseville as pioneers. At that time there was a scarcity of tillage land on Long Island, and as these young men were desirous of establishing themselves upon farms of their own, they found it necessary to seek them elsewhere. They accordingly journeyed to Keeseville, and impressed with that locality they purchased a tract of wild land containing four hundred and twenty-five acres, lying between that settlement and Peru, paying one dollar per acre. This tract they divided equally, each brother having about one hundred acres. The roads were so laid out that the farms were situated upon corners opposite to each other, and this locality has ever since been

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known as Arthur's Corners. The brothers were accompanied to Keeseville b y their sister Elizabeth (or Betsey), and they had another sister, Nancy. Both are again mentioned.

Reuben Arthur, the eldest, was born at Sunken Meadow, Long Island, August 1, 1762; died in Keeseville, February 10, 1830. He married Levira Vail, of Ferrisburg, Vermont. Children: 1. Sarah, born may 24, 1791. 2. Phebe, February 26, 1793; married Job Stafford. 3. Nancy, June 27, 1795; married a Mr. Stiles. 5. Deborah. 6. Louis. 7. Augustine. 8. Reuben.

Augustine Arthur was born at Sunken Meadow, October 28, 1764; died I Keeseville, March 3, 1809. He married Sally Webb, a native of Vermont, and has two children, both of whom died in infancy.

Joshua B. Arthur, born May 13, 1767, will be again referred to.

Betsey Arthur, twin sister to Joshua B. Arthur, married, Charles Waterman. She died in Keeseville, April 4, 1813. Her children were: 1. Fanny Waterman; married Dr. Garlick, and had two children. 2. Eliza Waterman, married Alexander Chase. 3. Clara Waterman, born January, 1802, died at advanced age. 8. (?) Anna Waterman, married Luther Adgate.

Nancy Arthur was born at Sunken Meadow, May 13, 1769; died December 4, 1792, while on her way from Long Island to Keeseville. She married Jonah bishop, of Long Island, and left one son, Harvey Bishop, who married and had a family of five children: 1. Henry. 2. Thomas, an infant, who died unnamed. 3. Another infant. 4. Ann Eliza, born august 18, 1829; married Henry F. Lewis, January 18, 1854, and had two children, and 5. Fanny Bishop.

Thomas Arthur, the youngest of the Arthur brothers, was born at Sunken Meadow, May 15, 1772; died in 1813. The maiden name of his wife does not appear in the records at hand. His children were: !. Lyman Arthur. 2. Azel, married Juliette Reynolds. 3. Charles, married Sally Waterman. 4. Minerva, married Daniel Adgate. 5. Martha, married Azel Arthur.

The Arthur brothers were mainly instrumental in fostering the early growth of prosperity in Keeseville, and in addition to developing the agricultural resources of that locality they were for many years closely identified with its civic affairs, holding all of the important town offices. The following extracts relative to their public services are taken from the town records of Peru:

"Offices held by the four Arthur brothers, 1793 to 1819." "At the first town meeting in the new town of Peru, held April 2d, 1793, Reuben Arthur was elected constable and collector. April 1st, 1794, town meeting was held in his house and he was re-elected to the same office. (He lived ina log house valued at $25.), April 7, 1795, Reuben was elected assessor and Joshua constable. April 5, 1796, Reuben elected town clerk and Augustin overseer of highways. (In that year Augustin was taxed five days' work on the road, and each of his brothers four days.) April 4, 1797, Reuben re-elected, and also one of the three commissioners of schools. Augustin, constable and collector, April 3, 1798, Reuben elected supervisor, Augustin supervisor. April 2, 1799, Reuben, commissioner of highways, Augustin assessor. Thomas, constable, April 1st, 1800, Augustin assessor and Thomas constable. April 7, 1801, Reuben commissioner of highways. April 5th. 1802, Augustin elected town clerk and re-elected 1803; in 1804-05, Reuben, commissioner of highways; 1805, Augustin, assessor. 1806, Augustin commissioner of highways, 1807, Reuben commissioner of highways and overseer of poor. Augustin, town clerk. 1808, Reuben commissioner of highways. 1810, Reuben assessor, Thomas constable. 1811-14-18-19, Reuben constable."

Note.--The years that Reuben and his brothers held the offices of town clerk they

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both spelled their brother's name Augustin. When Reuben was one of the Federal assessors in 1798, the name was written Augustus, but the writing may have been done by Beaumont, Nichols or a clerk.

"In 1798 a federal assessment was made of all real estate in the Untied States, and Reuben Arthur, who was that year supervisor of the town of Peru, was one of the three assessors for the county of Clinton, the other two being William Beaumont, who was supervisor of Champlain, and Caleb Nichols of Plattsburgh. The assessment roll differed from the ordinary town assessment roll, telling the kind of house and its value, the size of barn, and the name of the neighbor who owned adjoining land."

Extract from Federal Assessment Roll dated October 1st, 1798: "Thomas Arthur, 100 acres on a public road joining Joshua Arthur, one log house ($20), 1 log barn 30 X 20 $630. Joshua Arthur, 106 acres on a public road joining Augustus Arthur, one log house ($12), 1 Log Barn, 25 X 25, $672. Augustus Arthur, 106 acres on a public road joining Joshua Arthur, one log barn, 30 X 20, $730. Reuben Arthur, 96 acres on a public road, joining Robert Moor, one log house ($25), 1 log barn, 30 X 18, $820."

In a separate list of lots not exceeding 2 acres, and in value not less than $100, the Federal assessors put the following: "Arthur, Augustus, on a public road joining Joshua Arthur, one wood house, new, part finished. 80 perches. . . . .$150." The $150 put with the $730 of his farm made his total assessment more then either of his brothers, which accounts for his having to work a day more on the road." (Note--Joshua's farm was the one now owned by J. I. Arthur. Augustin's farm is now owned by L. B. Arthur. Thomas Arthur's farm joined Joshua's, and must have been where D. J. Dwyer's now is, and Reuben's lay north of the road and joining the farm now owned by Francis Clark.) N. V. --Although the descendants of the Arthur brothers are somewhat distributed, quite a number are residing in Clinton County, and one of the most prominent representatives of the family is Dr. Charles Winslow Arthur, of Plattsburgh, who is a grandson of Joshua B.

(I) Joshua Barber Arthur was born at Sunken Meadow, May 13, 1767. From 1789 until his death, which occurred at Arthur's Corners, October 25, 1844, he resided in Keeseville, and he was a successful tiller of the soil. He married Chloe Gage, a native of Vermont, and their children were: 1. Henry, born in 1797, died in infancy. 2. Maria, born May 25, 1800, married David Day. 3. Hannah. May 9, 1802, married Arza Kinney; had one son, Wallace, and three daughters. 4. Platt, June 18, 1806, married Fanny Irish, died December 24, 1891, had two children, Elkanah Watson and Louis. 5. Alex, April 30, 1808; married Sarah Sutherland. 6. Johnson V. R., see forward. 7. Louis, married Boadicia Bishop; children: Harry, Lucina, married ------------ Horsford; Minerva, married E. C. Barr, Clinton, Fred, Leland, married ------- Cain. 8. Betsey. February 6, 1811; married Louis Day. 9. Chloe Ann. 10. Wallace, married Ann (or Mary) Thompson. 11, Ransom.

(II) Johnson Van Rensselaer, fourth son and sixth child of Joshua B. and Chloe (Gage) Arthur, was born in Keeseville, September 18, 1810. Leaving home at the early age of twelve he became a raftsman and for a number of years was employed in driving logs down Lake Champlain and the Hudson River to New York City. When a young man he established himself in the hotel business at Keeseville, and he maintained a dock in connection with his hostelry, which served as a convenient lodging place for boats. He also owned and carried on a farm in Valcour, New York. He was an upright, conscientious man, his word being considered equivalent to a bond, and

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he was held in the highest estimation by the entire community. After the death of his father he disposed of his property, including the farm in Valcour, and purchasing the homestead at Arthur's Corners, he resided there for the remainder of his life, which terminated at the age of seventy-three years. This property, known as the Johnson Arthur farm, continued in the family's possession until 1908, when it was sold. He married Elimira Lake, born in Rochester, New York, died in Keeseville, in 1901, aged seventy-seven years. They had a large family of children, several of whom died of diphtheria during an epidemic of that disease which prevailed at Keeseville in 1856-57. Those now living are: 1. Dr. Charles W., the eldest. 2. Joshua I., the youngest. The latter was born at the homestead, July 1, 1867; married Jessie Garfield, of Keeseville, and has a large family.

(III) Dr. Charles Winslow Arthur, eldest son of Johnson V. R. and Elmira (Lake) Arthur, was born in Valcour, February 26, 1844. His early education was acquired at the district schools, and at the Keeseville Academy. At the age of seventeen he began the study of medicine with Dr. Cole, an able physician of Peru, later matriculated in the medical department of the University of Vermont, and was graduated in 1865. He began the practice of his profession in Lawrence, St. Lawrence County, New York, but subsequently removed to Hillside County, Michigan, where he practiced successfully for six years, and while residing there he was married. Ill health compelled him to return to New York State, and locating in Saranac he shortly afterward became the regularly authorized physician at the mines at Lime Mountain. Some five years later the rapidly increasing population at the mines necessitated his removal from Saranac to Lime Mountain, where he resided for thirteen years, and after retaining the post of physician there for a period of eighteen years in all he resigned. In December, 1892, Dr. Arthur established his residence in Plattsburgh, where he has built up a large practice, and in point of service he is one of the oldest physicians in that locality, having to his credit a practical experience of forty-five years. For the past five years he has served with marked ability upon the Plattsburgh board of education. He is a member of the medical board as well as the hospital staff of the Champlain Valley Hospital. He is a member of the Clinton County Medical Society, and the Masonic Order. He is a member of the Episcopal Church. Dr. Arthur married charlotte Hart, a native of Michigan. Their children:

(I) Susie E., born in Saranac; a graduate of Cornell University and now a teacher in the Plattsburgh High School. 2. Truman S., born in Saranac; now resident of Sackatoon, N. W. Canada. 3. Grace E., born at Lime Mountain; a graduate of Cornell University. 4. Chester W., born at Plattsburgh; graduate Poughkeepsie Business College; clerk in Lozier Works. 5. Harry, born at Plattsburgh; clerk in pulp mill.


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